Erika The Citizen Reporter and No Apologies discuss the DOD Pentagon cloud bid to private corp

July 23, 2019

gee a few weeks ago maybe maybe not even that long very concerned as I think everyone will be by the end of the stream very concerned about a story that was recently in the New York Times I'm going to screen share this with the audience so we can all follow along but the headline reads Amazon and Microsoft are two finalists for 10 billion dollar Pentagon contract now I didn't quite understand the significance of this at first but then Erica cute me into some very important kind of inside baseball as to who runs Microsoft where Microsoft is located things like that so Erica welcome back to the program how are you doing this evening I'm good Josh thanks for having me back absolutely I see you've made some friends – I don't know if it was through this show but with Jen and will and that will group yes yes I've come across their their stuff it's very interesting I enjoy my myself you know going over there and learning new things and it's it's a great group yeah I think I didn't get to watch all of it excuse me but I think you were debating or talking to will about freewill yeah we actually we started out there trying to explain to me quantum mind yeah and I'm like okay I'm gonna need a little bit more time on this and then yeah will and I were discussing the freewill aspect and I'd like to have another shot at that I think you know I did pretty well was late at night and I'm trying to follow along with what he's talking about I'm like well you know so yeah it was fun it was fun yeah it's me I'm not totally I haven't kind of modeled the quantum Minds idea for myself yet but they're they're a smart fun group of people glad to see that different hubs of the Internet are kind of connecting with one another but anyway welcome back glad to have you won't you tell us I'm gonna screen shared this New York Times article you sent me one you tell us a little bit um what's happening with Microsoft well Microsoft is now based in Israel and if you go in and I'm not trying to you know like take viewers away from you or anything but if people want to get in depth about this information Brendan O'Connell has been doing an outstanding job and the details I mean he goes into detail on the history and all this so I would have to refer to him as far as like the nitty gritty but the the bottom line is for years Microsoft basically the United States our government has been allowing Israel to not just build but to actually design these Microsoft Intel chips and what they're doing is they're putting backdoors into these into the hard drives and software so that they could get in at any given time so and I know that there's rumors saying like the Fukushima accident was really no accident if you if you catch my drift or you know if they want you know airplane to fire this guy all they have to do is you know which few buttons get into the back doors and you know they could shut down power grids they can shut down nuclear reactor facilities you know and that this has been going on for decades and what they're also doing is they're selling our defense Intel and other tech to China and Russia and a lot of people don't know about that but this has been going on for decades as well and we're on the verge of losing our entire tech sections or sector to Israel because they're they're moving all of the business from California to New York and not just New York but then over to Israel so the people need to really be aware of this I'm really happy and glad that you took the time to do a show about this because this is the next step into securing the United States fall especially with their economy in the tech edge I almost said Fukuyama not the same thing what done could you elaborate on the point about the the Fukushima reactor this was like this almost 10 years ago or maybe less exceptin something like that within the last decade it was a they said there was an earthquake that caused the failure of the Japan's nuclear reactors but P other people are saying no that wasn't the case it was the their cooling cores had failed and it had nothing to do with the earthquake and that it was a software issue or something and you know so some people are speculating that Japan was not willing to go along with certain plans and so they sabotaged it I'm not you know I don't know obviously don't have proof on that it's just something I heard but it's very you know like the Stuxnet virus I don't know if anybody has heard about the Stuxnet virus this was over 10 years ago it's a virus that we created that we gave to Israel to pass along and try to infiltrate into Iran's nuclear reactors to make them not fail but not work correctly and it worked however Israel changed the virus so that I wouldn't self-destruct and now that virus has gone worldwide and this was actually they did an update on this about five years ago and at that point in time this virus was worldwide all over and you know many many different countries computer systems whatnot so that's the story yeah that sounds pretty serious what where would you recommend you know concerned citizens go to with with with their worries about this what what would you what kind of action would you push people to take well what I did is I contacted my local news station and I'm gonna follow up to make sure that they really did pass the information along and I contacted the DoD myself and I spoke with the lady I don't have the email up in front of me but I did put it in the description of my video and it should be in this one as well if they want to you know to look at my video that we're doing right now you could see you know what I wrote to them so if they want to take that as a sample email and then they could see their response and then they also sent a place here let me send it to where you could you could send your concerns to the DoD itself did I give you that link for that in Twitter yeah I do have yeah and I sent it there and also you know contact a representative as well because I'm not sure if they can or cannot do anything but I say leave nothing to chance I mean it's it's a five-minute email or a five-minute phone call and you know try to spread the spread the word try to hit the bigger YouTube channels so that maybe they'll perhaps do a show on this to let people know and I you know like I said I went right to the DoD they were very nice you know they weren't threatening at all and you know so people don't need to be scared about their safety or anything like that and I think you know as Americans we have a right to say you know this is a major security issue you know first of all I and I said there's two issues I have with this the first is that this Pentagon cloud you know like how we have a cloud for our computers and phones well the pentacon defense he has the same thing they've got this cloud contract and so all of their information is going to be in the cloud well you know I I think as Americans we hit we should have a say in the security of our nation and you know so it subcontracted to his private company I I think is a terrible idea even if they were based here in the United States and then secondly if Microsoft does get this contract and they're based in Israel we know Israel at least from the 1996 probably from post-world War two actually they've been they're very well known for espionage here on our government and that that's just a well-known fact so you you put those two together and I see nothing but disaster is there anything that can be done about kind of the infiltration and you know one local worth the right word for it is but selling US intelligence secrets selling US military secrets kind of like back-engineering reverse engineering US military technology what I don't want to I don't want to freaking put it out or Blackpool the audience or de motivating anybody but it does seem like we're pretty far down this path what what some what meaningfully what what can the average person do meaningfully that might reverse this trend other than as you said before you know sending an email to the DoD or something like that right I would you know I'm I'm actually gonna print out in Brendan O'Connell also and I do have the copies of Flyers that he has made they're really beautiful real nice beautiful Flyers excuse me and I'm gonna bring them to my town meetings I'm gonna pass them out we have to make we have to make ourselves seen and heard by our representatives because they're the ones who are cooperating or not cooperating with AIPAC and all the other groups that basically work for Israel so you know if we're just gonna sit back and do nothing well then you're giving permission you know in in you don't you never know when you try and I want to in I just I'm the type that says regardless of what the outcome is I'm still gonna try because I want to look at myself in the mirror and say you know what I did everything I could do so you know I've named you know what three four things that we could do and we have to be be consistent with this we have to be all we we all have to be advocates and activists for our families in or for our country because this gonna impact our children and our grandchildren not just us and you know and it starts there it's a grassroots efforts you know I'm looking to to network with numerous people and you know brainstorm and come up with the next plan but I mean those are three four really good moves that people can start making and we need to talk about it and keep the pressure on we can't just do one email or won't phone call and expect you know all right well then the world's gonna change no we have to make the time I mean they're just that there is no more excuse though and we as tired as you are or overwhelmed you we just have to do it I'm thinking as you were talking especially the last point about perseverance and the importance of commitments maybe it was this last week or two weeks ago where you had Jewish groups kind of protesting ice facilities these people are very we could learn something from them they're very very dogged and and they're not there there's no amount of like external pressure that will stop these people from agitating for for their goals right and we have to be the same way what's up go ahead sorry no it's just agreeing with you that we you know we have to be the same way I mean it's this is not something that is you know a temporary thing and when I mean I don't know how much you've looked into the news and all that but I'm sure you know you're probably right there along with me where we're seeing a lot more than the average person and what we see who puts a chill down your spine so and unfortunately I mean you know it's the longer we wait the worse that's gonna get I agree I agree what does it done what does it say to you that Josh Holly has been in the news recently he was at the nationalist conserve its conservative nationalist nationalist conservative conference in DC a week ago he seems to be like the new hot you thing in DC you know the great white hope who's there to make constitutionalists panties kind of moist and but but he tweeted out recently like I will never back down from my dedication to the beautiful State of Israel and their amazing people oh and America but let it be done I mean this is when we're saying talk to you representatives talk to representatives what does this say to you that's seemingly some of the most based people that come around are almost routinely the most ardent Zionists right there all pro-israel well you know and that's what they're there for they're there to derail any kind of true grassroots movements like you and I I would say we're pretty grassroots you know we're we're not extremists you know we're not running around saying stupid extremist things and we don't believe in that kind of thing and in it there's a lot of propaganda and yeah I mean it's it's a fight it's an uphill it's an uphill battle but if not you and I did a video on this and I titled it if not you then who and you know we just gotta keep keep asking keep getting out there and pretty soon somebody will come across someone and and you know that can help or maybe know more people I mean I'm brand new into this and I've already made a lot of contacts and I've been doing this less than a year it is remarkably easy I think to specially in this online little hub it is remarkably easy to reach people who are like-minded and to network with them far easier than I think in the real world frankly that's kind of kind of a sad commentary it's true very true and I know that there's another activist type of YouTube channel there called the antidote and it's Jerry Jeremy I forgot his last name Gregory and Jeremy I forgot their last names but the the run the antidote and they had been kind of working not with but in tandem with Brendan O'Connell with getting the word out to the Democratic candidates and they did some great videos where now that they ambushed them but they you know approached them during an outside venue and confronted them about this and it's really interesting to see how some of them how some of the candidates reacted so I would recommend going to their channel too and see maybe we can network with them and and get something going can you spoil a little bit of that for us were they hostile were they I recall this kind of is this like the lower Loomer alex jones thing where they just like no behind a corner with microphone no no they I mean oh you could sit you know it's like maybe 30-second clips of them approaching like what's-her-name from Hawaii Tulsi Gabbard Tulsi Gabbard and her reaction was pretty sad actually she was very flippant and not interested but the other one that she was blonde gosh I'm trying to remember her name also again she was a candidate yeah yes thank you she was her reaction was very positive so I will send you the link to the person to the specific video that I'm referencing and I don't think as long as you link back to Brandon O'Connell's channel I don't think he's gonna mind a few showcase that video because I've uploaded two of his and he was fine when they he didn't even make a you know one of those claims through YouTube for copyright claims whatever right yeah yeah he was fine with it as long as you give him credit for it so he's really cool a few you know I know people other people have had problems with him I've not had a problem with them you know I talked to him every now and then but yeah it was very interesting to see how you know that the people that you would think that would be you know very concerned and totally into it totally opposite not interested and then there were some who very concerned and well they seem concerned and you know it again at least you know when you put when you're putting them on the spot they know that people are watching and you know and remember you know people say well it doesn't matter well it does well then if it doesn't matter then why do they have media blackouts on these things okay they have media blackouts on these things because public opinion does matter okay and that's why they lie that's why they hide and and and stuff like that so you you people have to remember we still have a lot of power as long as we stick together in and we don't give up I I agree I think I think there's a tendency for people to be dejected very quickly very easily and to think like you said before the one email or the one phone call is enough but it's also you know the kind of people that we would expect to forge alliances with you know these are you know 40 50 60 hour a workweek you know reap real Americans families children community responsibilities businesses things like this and as I don't that's not to say that say for example the the Jewish groups protesting outside of ice facilities don't have these same responsibilities I actually can't say one way or the other but what we can say definitively is there's no no one's sending a check in in to our address you are my address to do this or to make these these calls or to print up these Flyers it's totally a investment that comes out of our own personal time with whatever you know reserve energy that we might have it is it's again not trying to black kill anybody but the reality being that that most of us who care have you know many times over a very full life minutes it is kind of a it's a little bit of a game situation because the people that we I mean I remember reading an article with where the I think where is real basically paid like young Israelis teenagers and people in the early 20s to just monitor chat rooms and forums and to you know counter point any potentially anti-semitic comments that they read online or to smear any kind of emerging campaign like you're suggesting so we don't have there's no Daddy Warbucks for us what is just you know depositing hundred-dollar bills in our back pocket saying go oh Meghan right exactly and they're still doing that but you know see the thing is is that you can bring your kids with you and what you're doing is you're teaching your children very valuable values I don't mean to say failure with you using the same word twice but you know you're teaching them values and morals and and you're teaching them something so important that they could they need to stand up for what is right and prioritizing what's important to you so you know you know in again we have to make the time if you care enough about it you'll find the time and if it means well alright then skip a show or two a month I mean it's only a 30 to 60 minutes a month and there I can't remember I was gonna add to what you were saying about you know these groups they may or may not get paid but we should we need to learn something from from them you know I was even thinking about well why can't we start a fund for activists say you know like on the Left if activists get arrested there's a fund where you know that pays for their bail there is go you know people can start their own GoFundMe without going through GoFundMe because they have their their stipulations and they can revoke the the the thing at any time if they feel you're it goes against their community standards well you know all we need is somebody who knows how to build some of these things or maybe you know an alternative YouTube platform you know but these you know these are skills I don't have but I don't see why you know we're all intelligent people most of us are college graduates you know there's gotta be somebody out there that are you know I was listening to one of our programs that hey yeah I know I could do some of that or my buddy you know he's pretty good at that you know and I'm and that's what I'm trying to hope to maybe to get going here and hoping I hope to counteract all of this propaganda out in TV land and in internet land and you know when I and we also have like for example this HR 336 I had people starting to go to their own town hall meetings and they came back to me when I would stream next and they said you know it felt really really good just to get out there I mean you think that oh gosh I mean I'm so tired but you know what I'll tell you something Josh when I do something it feels really good even even regardless of what the end result may be it still feels good to try to do something and that's what all of the other people were saying to me it felt good to actually get out and do something so it helps with this black pill with these black pill moments that we all have you know if you're feeling really black pilled well then get up and do something and you'll find your attitude will change a lot I totally agree I I come to the same kind of position from somewhat of a different angle which is I don't want to look back on my life and feel like there's nothing I could have done or god forbid you know my future children something bad happens to them and I know I can imagine certain disaster scenarios that could lead to that and if I did nothing in that you know preceding 10 15 years to do it to prevent that or to protect my children then I wouldn't be able to live with myself I can see that pretty pre assuredly kind of pivoting a little bit here does it does this what what effect do you think that this greater prominence Israel has in our political rhetoric what kind of influence or effect does that have say for instance on grassroots programs like yours or consciousness-raising efforts around you know base Israeli interference in American politics because it's it's becoming now the the justification for many of the things that the Trump administration does is because of Israel and this would not have been the case a year ago five years ago ten years ago is this do you think this will kind of advance the cause help people become more aware about the relation to the real nature of the relationship between America and Israel or do you think it might have unforeseen negative consequences well you know I think we even though bad things are happening for example the anti freedom of speech anti BDS bills regardless if you are for or against the bottom line is is it's taking a wait they're undermining our constitution of Bill of Rights and we have this in black and white and it's it you cannot deny this and we need to take advantage of this situation like that one for example and go to you know conservative groups even if they are pro-israel and say look look at this bill this is undermining our our concert our government our Constitution this isn't right regardless of fear for or against BDS it doesn't matter and all of the other things that they're doing like with this trying the DoD trying you know make it about them trying to subcontract out to a private company this is ridiculous and you know because conservatives typically are more concerned with national security and their constitution and Bill of Rights so then that's is something that's very important to them so we need to focus on that target group and get the message out to them and do any way we can possible you know like I said you know with you know like you and I were sitting here right now and we're coming up with ideas and how to get the word out there and I think that given Israel's I don't see Israel's reputation going in a positive even though we have a pro-israel is really first I'd like to say president I don't I don't see that I see people getting more and more frustrated and upset and angry with the direction that this is going and I've been doing a lot of shows with our economy what the u.s. MCA really means and what all of this you know has in store for us with the Pro Jewish groups with the pro-immigration and what that's going to mean for our job security and basically it's gonna drive wages down and it's going to collapse our economy and that's when we're gonna see jobs coming back however it's not going to be you know you're not gonna be getting paid twenty dollars an hour you're gonna be getting paid maybe five eight dollars an hour and they're gonna try to combine Canada America and Mexico's economy to compete with the belt and rode over and Belton roads gonna be run by is real Russia and China and a lot of people don't know about this stuff either so in unfortunately what they'll do is they do a multi-prong attack you know the the economy the the war the passing these bills and it's like if we're just won or you know smoke for people it's really really difficult to tackle something like this so we kind of have to pick and choose which which we think is most important to or imperative to cover right now so I don't know I think I answer your question oh you did you did getting back to these you know what Israel is doing in terms of installing kinds of I forget exactly how you put it like basically I jacking our technology so they can get backdoors into what we're doing can you elaborate a little bit more on maybe the depth of this infiltration and and what some of the what so the broader implications might be well they they're actually designing the chips so they can put however much malware is basically malware but high-tech malware and they can even it you know for your home computer to your power grids to hospitals you know any any major city and it real quick before I forget two things they're also in New York going to contract out to Israel to do the subway station and then the border they're contracting out to Israel to put in surveillance cameras and whatnot at the border and it's like why are we giving them and what they'll do is they'll there's actually and then the third point I what needed to make was there is legislation that says we have to give X amount of technology to Israel and I believe that was written in the 90s but I'm not don't hold me to that as far as what year that was so we've got all this you know and what we'll do what they'll do is they'll take our technology and then they'll sell it back to us okay they admit they mean that may or may not even improve on it there is not even you know some people say well it's competition no it's now that's outright theft either through espionage or that we have to give it through them through because of this legislation and then rather than giving our own companies here in the United States the contracts like for example in New York and at the border we're contracting out to Israel again everything's going to Israel and then so we have all that going on and then the actual design factory's not not the manufacturing part of it but the design part event a of these people that are designing these Intel chips and putting malware into it all a lot of these are Russian Jews that came from Russia okay so and all of Israel's leaders have been Bolshevik USSR era leaders so you know my theory is that well I think Israel's not really a nationalist nationalist State at all and in fact I think its purpose is to vulcanize the Middle East and then after that it'll become a communist country because I really do believe that communism is the one-world government type thing and you know they say well there's these two families you know the two power families the Jewish bankers are the globalist versus the nationalists and they're fighting no I think that's just a ruse I think it's all just communism because really when you keep going when you keep following it back it always leads back to communism and communist Jews bankers and you know that's all right let me ask you how much is it is it a threat that Israel is becoming increasingly more dominant in the texts fear this might be a totally irrelevant kind of comments or comparison to make but I'm reminded of their I think their Bereshit spacecraft where they're trying to land on the moon and it was as far as I were I go you're wrong but I'm pretty sure that their that their spacecraft crashed it was a failed was a failed attempt that that's not just tech that's engineering and a lot of other issues but is is there can they become like engineering or technology superpower do you do you think yes yeah I mean actually when I was watching Brendon O'Connell's videos he has a clip of B be saying that Israel is going to become technical technological juggernaut that's their goal and if you can he's quoted as and he's got a clip with him saying if you control the tech you control the world and that's what exactly what we're seeing and not only that but I also wanted to throw in there because there's so many later so many different points that if we lose our tech sector there really are no other opportunities for job growth because all the manufacturing companies have left ok so and then if the tech if the tech sector leaves then the the only type of group of jobs that will be here are the ones that have to be here like your hospitals or police or or whatnot okay otherwise there's no opportunity for job growth there's nothing absolutely nothing and we're gonna be forced and then they're predicting five million Central Americans to be coming over the border and then shortly after that 15 to 20 more million coming over I mean that and it you know that is going to create such an enormous economic stress that it's you that people think things are bad now just wait so you know do something now let's get together and do something now because waiting and in that bothering to do anything is not good you're gonna wish that you did I would haven't seen those numbers my kind of first instinct is that those numbers are are they're underestimated right because five million I don't know at whose brain but sounds more manageable if I have a hard time believing it's only a way for five million Central Americans entering into the country you know nobody I could be wrong let me know you or anyone else at I don't think anyone really has a handle on the actual number of illegal aliens in the country currently right right the best estimate was in Ann Coulter's book and I I've heard people say the shoe is off by you know fifty percent yeah as it 50 percent more so all of these issues seem to be more significance because obviously there's so much dissented from the complete for both aspects of the political structure to downplay exactly what they're doing right and it is it's not a left left-wing right-wing thing they're in on it together both of them and after the import you know 15 to 20 million more this is just going to be a disaster and you know and don't buy this oh well there's the what they're deporting them they're deporting them no that's not true once they've changed legislation I believe it's also in the USMC I'm not positive but what maybe it's the omnibus bill that he had signed once they step foot in on American soil then what they're they are eligible all you have to do is claim amnesty or if they're with a child they get automatic help they are not forced back over to the border they are taken to local churches the 501 3 C's or whatever you know the churches that work with the government and they are placed in homes and then given a court date to show up but then of course they never show up so there is no deportation program going on at all that's all those are all that's all that's not true you know I read in the news the other day that all the you know Trump's you know deporting millions or thousands are in this Metro not at all mm-hmm well are there any kind of final thoughts you want to leave the audience with on this topic well you know what I've signed I put us a little signature on my email and I said take back control say no to APEC and you know if not you then who so reach out and get active you know you could contact me contact Josh you know I want to do something I want to network with people and I'm doing what I can contact the DoD don't be afraid let them know that you that you know what's going on and once they realize people are seeing they're gonna start watching their P's and Q's and watch exactly what they're doing so don't give up your control we have the power still so don't let them bring you down and convince you otherwise yeah I agree I do think I'm not muted I don't think so okay good yeah I do think that people underestimate the amount of influence that they actually have I hear this a lot from older people they say you know you cannot compete will change anything you know one man can't make a difference and these are kind of hokey truisms that I think don't hold up whenever I hear someone say you think you can change the world I say well just look at Auntie pho look at look at any of these astroturfed leftist organizations they actually are dictating the course that this country and ultimately a planet is taking and and it's um it's unfortunate that some people who to see the problems and understand them and are troubled by them are either demoralized or maybe they're like psychologically over the hill and don't want to get up for four such as depending contest I feel I feel for them and in a certain way I envy them but I agree the average person can do a lot whether it's writing a blog doing a video series flyering there's no but it does work it really does work and it makes you feel better it just try it to do a few things and you're gonna be shocked to realize hey you know it really does make me feel better and I do see some difference that I'm making and you'll be surprised you know how you know people will react to you you know don't ever give up that's the only that's the worst thing you got to be persistent you got to be as persistent or more so than this you know quote unquote enemy or the person that you're trying to fight you know what I mean so just keep trying I totally agree well Erica thanks again for joining the apologies livestream I just realized the link I put for your YouTube channel is to a deactivate channel do you mind okay DVI maybe your current link so I can update that and it description we can do that off there or have you just look I just know where they can contact you support you or just communicate you with you in general yeah you could just go to the citizen reporter and then the number three or I think if you just do the search for the harsh reality number three it still comes up and here I got my I got my thing up here and I'm gonna send it in the chant here with the great thank you much thank you for giving me some time here and I enjoyed talking with you and I hope to I look forward to doing it again sometime soon yeah well you've unofficially you've you've become the unofficial Israeli correspondent or Israeli news correspondent so I'm sure I'll be hearing from you again to the audience please make sure you follow Erica on Twitter and follow her on YouTube subscribe to our YouTube I'll be updating the link and what else Sunday the expense of group returns with Jefferson Lee myself and Mark Raman that's all the news that's fit to print so folks take care of yourselves enjoy the rest of your week alright thank you so much forgive me

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