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EU plotting military pact with the UK and US after Brexit – leaked documents – News 247

November 9, 2019

 The draft proposal put forward by the Finnish presidency of the Council of the EU, involves creating closer military ties between the EU, UK and US, politico reports The five-page document sets out developing an alliance on projects in which the bloc share the same “values” as non-EU nations The prosed expansion of the European project has opened the door for other world nations such a Turkey and China  The scheme would be known as a Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) and would focus of programmes ranging from defence, cyber security and Space  The PESCO project currently has 25 participating EU state including France, Germany and Italy  For a so-called ‘third country’ to take part, the document states that nation must demonstrate “its participation must not lead to dependencies on that third state”  The PESCO membership of that nation would not be permanent and would be “reassessed” at a later date  The project created to deepen defence cooperation was first launched in December 2017  US officials have previously highlighted their concerns of the scheme and said it threatens to undermine NATO  A US official said: “EU capabilities developing in a manner that produces duplication, non-interoperable military systems, diversion of scarce defense resources, and unnecessary competition between NATO and the EU ” In September the European Union announced it would create a new defence and space arm to help fund, develop and deploy armed forces  The creation of a defence branch by incoming EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is aimed to establish the bloc’s standing in the world, amid growing pressure from the US to do more for its own security   The plans will rely on a proposed €13 billion defence fund for developing and buying weapons together, with money from the EU’s common budget for defence research  Ms Von der Leyen, a former German defence minister, said the plans would benefit the US-led NATO alliance  She added: “NATO will always be our collective defence.”   The European Union is currently finalising its next seven-year budget which will run from 2021-27  Finland is due to set out budget proposals later this month for discussion at an EU summit on December 12-13

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