EZ PZ Lunastra: Which weapons to make and how to beat her [MHW]

July 26, 2019

so Luna has been out for a while on PC and her armor weapons changed a meta Oh was as hard as Katie's does balloon Astra has 42 weapons to pick from so which are the ones that you want well worried not I'm Jin jinx and I'm tuna and we're the Monster Hunter math guys in this video we'll be teaching you not only how to be more effective when fighting wound Ostra but which weapons you should keep so let's start with not karting because you do zero DPS when dead personally with normal Luna we don't really think you need defensive skills the arc tempered version that releases later is a different story but all of normal Lunas damage is easy enough to play around but if you are struggling and you want to run defensive skills run health boost 3 first it is the biggest return on investment then maybe eat four elemental resistance large a 15% damage reduction on fire damage is very nice now let's talk about how to deal with her mechanics to start with don't stand in the fire while seemingly benign many of her attacks cause these puddles of fire to explode these explosions hurt have massive hit boxes and tricky timing making them hard to I frame more so even if you have a shield the attacks are unblockable so you'll need guard up if you want to block them these puddle boots are probably the most difficult part of her kit to deal with not only are they unblockable like we just mentioned but they can very easily cut you from the side when you're trying to block so even if you have gone up if you are blocking at the wrong angle they'll still hit you anyway as for how to deal with the puddles the closer you are to her the safer you are this is for three reasons a Luna never places puddles directly underneath of her she always places them slightly outside of her own hitbox be when the puddle boots are triggered they go outwards this means that if you are between her and the puddle the boot will not hit you see her long-range attacks that she aims at you when you are at a distance produce a lot more puddles now that doesn't mean you should camp the head it's a really bad idea ideally you want to hug her body between her front and back legs if you do this then you only have to deal with her aura which is why you'll run health augment on most weapons health augment lets you heal through her aura burn by recovering 10% of your attack as health however the health return on Bowen spread gun isn't very good the 10% healing only applies to one pellet or arrow per shot two to five healing per attack not worth it also make sure you always pop a cool drink she has a passive or a burn that is negated by pool drink of course at high o Ora levels she has a second or a burn that is not negated by core drink but only getting hit by one of those is much better than getting hit by two next bring a stare at jerky hysteric jerky heels Allred health points you have instantly most of her fire based attacks are damaged over time which means that they deal read health damage which is Tara jerky heals instantly it's especially useful for surviving or supernova speaking of her supernova the best way to survive is a simply panic dive if you dive the initial wind pressure then you can just repeatedly spam it through the whole supernova but if you do get hit by a puddle poop during the supernova just stayed down and you can I frame through the rest of the attack and finally if you already far enough away just get the fuck out you can out distance it fairly easily if you're already at a range don't forget to pop the Asteria jerky afterwards to a final piece of advice don't run Rocksteady have you ever tried using Rocksteady against bagel I have exactly rocksteady means that you can take multiple instances of damage at the same time it is entirely possible to eat an attack and its subsequent puddle Poots and die instantly and even if the attack doesn't hit you if two or three of the puddle boots do you're dead instead run fireproof fireproof mantle make saloon Oster's damaged laughable relatively speaking and it runs for three minutes which will protect you for a lot longer than Rocksteady anyway next up let's discuss killing Lunas Trafalgar after all you're gonna need a lot of her pods and gems to make her gear the most important thing to understand first is Lunas trous hit some values because these are a large part of the reason why Lunas fight is so unique saloon astra has what we like to call Sh zones because all of our easily reachable hit zone values are trash several weapons get the short end of the stick only her wings and Tails count as weak points for sever type damage and at 55 on the wings and 45 on the tail these are really bad yes that means her head is not a weak point for sever so wex does not apply to it now you may be thinking that the damage numbers are orange when I hit the head while we explain this more deeply in our video expanding hit zone values but the short version is that 40 hit zone values give you orange numbers but do not count as weak points so why do you do well the general Strad is the tripper then hit her wings unlike teh Ostra luna doesn't trip from head damage only from damaging feet or breaking horns but that can only happen below 25% health note that sever hit zone values for the hind legs are 5 percent higher than the 4 legs the hind legs tend to be safer as well so focus those impact damage is a weak point on the head with a juicy hit zone value of 60 and she ko is extremely easily so you may be thinking that hammer is a good matchup to write well not really there are two issues with hammer first hitting her head is extremely the Nasher Asst she has a lot of very spazzy low wind-up moves that she uses when you are at her head these can be very difficult to deal with in melee range and lead to getting hit a lot second she Kos easily but ko does not lower her aura level trips on the other hand do this means that even though you're getting easy damage down due to the CC it doesn't slow down her supernova or kick her out of high or a level where she has more than Azeris finally shot type damage gets weak points on the tail and head at 45 and 55 hit zone values respectively the tail is a better choice for higher damage although if using elemental damage the head is a better target this is because her elemental his own values are 10 higher than they are in the tail this generally makes it a better target for elemental shot types like bow an elemental ammo Luna is mostly with some ice damage while her dragon hits and valleys are only 5 behind on each hit zone personally when using elements of weapons I always use ice for those marks tips while there is an argument to be made for elder seal we find that she does the same amount of supernovas just spread out a little more also yes you can put out her puddles with water damage no this does not make water a good elemental choice it can take a few attacks even put out a puddle at which point Luna will have replaced them anyway at that point and her water hits her values are 0 to 7 which are terrible she's basically immune to water damage it's like trying to use a bottle of water to put out a kitchen fire while some apple keeps throwing gasoline at you you should probably just go beat up that dude instead preferably with a block of ice so with all of this information what are these strongest matchups against Luna bow is unsurprisingly the strongest matchup the mobility allows you to easily dodge you've got high damage due to the head and tail both being great weak points for shot type and bow is still the best ko weapon in the game yep even better than hammer while puddles can block your arrows you should never position yourself to have a puddle between you and low nostra anyway if you do her next attack could easily blow the explosion in your direction light bogan is also strong either an ice slight bogan or normal to rapid fire can work very nicely also using a wide rim blast you can set up some SiC dunks ironically the best light bogum for dealing with Luna is her own the bagel Luna light bogan aka V blaze it runs ice and dragon ammo very well which is good for making quick work of Luna also it has decent normal to rapid fire and the best para ammo in the game and it's just good enough at sticky stool and one easy ko on Luna otherwise the KTR AIDS spread light bogan is next best isolate bogan and if you don't have that then make sure to grab the couch oliday or a hornet instead charge blade is arguably one of the strongest melee matchups with luna you get the best of both worlds great defense with guard point and high motion values to deal great damage impact files can KO her easily but more importantly they deal hit zone value independent damage so it's super easy to trip Luna as long as you can find windows to Saed her legs just don't forget to run gondol next up is wide gun lands gun Lance is also strong because shelling damage is hit zone value independent normally shelling gun Lance is fairly weak compared to swing lands because shelling scales poorly swing lands best Lance however because Luna has bad hit zones shelling performs well here in short span the legs until she falls over block when she's about to hit you repeat until dead as an added bonus gun Lance can add some quality of life since damage is calculated from a small pool of skills personally here we recommend the wide gun Lance over long gun Lance at least if you're solo as we mentioned earlier Luna has a lot of really spazzy attacks so at least in our personal experience using long gun Lance against there is quite a bit riskier the long animation requirement of your charge shelling makes a lot more difficult to block in time when she uses something particularly spazzy if you're in a group though long gone Lance might actually be better since it does have higher pure shelling damage and of course with split agro you have a much easier time dealing with her attack pressure next up long sword is kinda good it's one of the better matchups in melee in my opinion but it is a lot more skill reliant to use well if you can aim your helm break as well you can get a lot of free ones on the wings while she's using certain attacks but it's a lot more difficult landed wing home break as than you might think and honestly because of how spazzy her attacks are a lot of your helm breakers just end up being really Yolo foresight also deals with her attack pressure very well but if you miss time at the super armor on the return stroke can get you one shot by the puddle boots finally we have the dual blades the short range forces you to hug her body which as we mentioned earlier is the safest place to be sheer mobility makes it easier to dance around Luna however dual blades don't get to deal much damage until the trip happens and you can access her wings all right that should army with everything you need to know to farm Luna efficiently let us know in the comments if this helped or if we missed anything now Lunas gear is one of the biggest meta changes in the game since Katy for most weapon classes in fact the sticks meta pretty much sticks around until dragon is released what is the sticks meta well basically for everything other than great sword charge played heavy bow gun and bow the Xena Luna or sticks variant of the weapons become pretty much one of if not the meta weapon choice now we won't be covering all the new builds Luna added in this video we'll save that for our meta build series first let's briefly cover the weapon classes that Lunas weapons did not improve so for great-souled nothing beats the gas powered stick and the story we still use an even on console since it was released its numbers are tuned way too high and nothing else competes charge blade nothing beats Diablos the numbers are tuned to high with how true raw focused çb damage is even the patch 2.0 nerfs 2cb raw scaling didn't change this in fact they made the gap between the Diablos charged blade and its next biggest competitor even bigger bow blasts bow sucks the damage is terrible I don't really even gain any benefit from running it versus in an elemental bow now the sticks bow can be used for a cc bow build since pair shot does walk on bow coatings however you have to slot in so many coating decos to make it work and on top of that the extra coatings almost never result in extra sleep or para if you bring the twenty coatings plus the ten combines onto a hunt you have 30 total coatings stylish thresholds scaled too sharply for the extra seven and a half coatings on average to do anything landing thirty coatings versus 37.5 coatings doesn't result in an extra status almost every single time have you begun this one requires a bit more unpacking so the big luna heavy Boggan is just bad there are better options for every ammo type it loads the nergi luna heavy bow gun is interesting if you didn't get the glutton or horn then it's the next best spread option it also has decent sticky ammo that means you can play a hybrid ko spread build which can be fun but not efficient and who needs fun when you have big juicy damaged numbers the xena lunar heavy bogan is a decent generalist heavy boga because a load so many goddamn ammo types and is the best slicing heavy bogan in the game but unfortunately slicing sucks and no it is not a good cluster heavy bow gun the built-in spare shop makes it seem like it's a good choice for clusters but it is a trap the issue is that the Xena Luna heavy bogan has way too low a role to compete as a cluster gun when fully old mail for damage which is pretty standard on cluster guns the Zeno luna has a 210 true rule while the dark to Vera the Jo heavy bogan has 255 Bana is a 45 true roar difference so that means a Zeno lunar heavy bogan set with attack boost 7m peak performance 3 would have 251 true roar this means that a naked dr. vow a build will deal more damage than a nearly optimal damage basis you know lunar heavy bogans set a common argument is a dziena luna build has more build flexibility but this is blatantly untrue a dog devourer set with spare shot and full defensive skills still deals more damage than a damaged focus Zeno Luna heavy bogan said pretty much the only good use I found for it is matching it up with a four-piece the old cross armors set for the great luck set bonus which I use pretty much exclusively the farm bouches when greeting the gluttons arounds while watching anime so which weapon should you get for long sword lands hammer insect glaive sword and shield and switch axe the six weapon variant is one of if not the meta option this is what the six men ascent looks like yes we know that is a lot of attacked echoes the sticks meta is actually the most deco hungry meta in monster hunter world to date and it's pretty painful these generally come down to protect the polish builds versus razor-sharp builds using sticks basically if you manage to not hit blue on your protective polish build because you kill the monster fast enough then it is better than a sticks build however the 60 hits of white on the sticks variant does win out otherwise for dual blade sticks is the new best blast option for matchups like Newark egg on teh sticks and ruin our strong wide gun lamps options however they're outclassed by level four gun Lance's from Katie if you can get them hunting horn gets a nice addition with blades top tier efr with an excellent fodder combo for building recitals sticks is alright but the lack of attack up extra large is a problem for light bogan literally everyone is good sticks is the best at water and thunder combined with the built-in spare shot this makes it the new standard for shredding Katie's mantle in addition it's also the best at sleep and slicing ammo and one of the best Pierce unfortunately Pearson's slicing both kind of suck as for blaze it is the best at para an ice ammo as we mentioned earlier and also the second best at fire ammo third best and normal to rapid fire and the best at poison ammo matchups like Zeno or leggy built in guts doesn't hurt either ruin is the best normal to rapid fire option if you did not get the RH shot like Boggan from Katy when dragon is released sword and shield insect glaive and switch axe get topped to your options with the ruin variants in case you want to get ready for that finally we have our armor all of it is viable so just make it all if you want to prioritize which pieces you get with your limited resources then chest is number one it's used with current PC sets all around and is very common in current console sets legs waist and arms see use in certain builds mostly because of the most slot efficient pieces that PC has at the moment head is very situational it's good if you want to get a vaild extender but efficiency wise other helmets are just better on bow for example it's questionable whether a vedic sand there is actually a good thing or not it does give you more leniency on dodging attacks but it also messes with your distancing for power shots which is a big deal because they are your big damage moves power style shots deal over twice the damage of rapid shots at the same level speaking of bow let's discuss stamina cap up briefly so stamina cap up is not as great as it may first seem when you run the max 50% stamina reduction it gives you an extra 3 – dances at the very beginning of the hunts which is very nice but if you play aggressively and manage stamina well for damage of time you never regen back to max stamina during the hunt this means that you get those extra three – dances at the start of the fight only now with the armor pieces that PC currently has the trade-off is about 5 to 7% affinity to run stamina cap up this is arguably worth it however as more efficient pieces become available the gap becomes larger and then establish AB up isn't really justifiable anymore all right that about does it goes if you learned anything new hit the like button we also made a discord server the math allows nest where you can find other like-minded hunters you can check me out on Twitter I stream almost every day we're currently working on a charge blade video for our meta build series so if you want to be notified when that comes out hit the subscribe button and check the Bell icon and as always thank you for the support we wouldn't be doing this without you guys happy hunting hunters we'll see you in the next one bye


  • Reply Gameskyjumper July 26, 2019 at 2:40 pm

    My tip is dont get up that juicy butt!! From the fights with Teostra you may think attack from right next to her ass the tail swing will miss you but that's not the case. I died so many times soloing Lunastra then I was able to solo two times in a row by simply stay away from her behind.

  • Reply Ivan July 26, 2019 at 2:40 pm

    Beat Luna? Oh yea just use your augmentations that are so easily available for everyone…

  • Reply E July 26, 2019 at 2:40 pm

    No no, this is fine. I just suck at this bitch. The spazzy no-warning smacks are awful at killing me.

  • Reply Leandro Silva July 26, 2019 at 2:40 pm

    Normal person: I think i'm goint to break lunastra with GS

    TEAM DARKSIDE: Four HBG should be enouth

  • Reply Fayt July 26, 2019 at 2:40 pm

    Greetings! I took a break from MHW after having to do main story twice (( I got PS4 but friend went PC DX wah.)) Video is great however
    WHERE ARE MY LANCE STRATS DX So far I just running lots of defense Love's sorrow poking build. It got me thru but was SLLLOOOOWWW.

  • Reply Nightwalker601 July 26, 2019 at 2:40 pm

    Temporal Mantle + Hammer= Win unless you really need the tail cut

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    just longsword this bitch.

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    when your advice for people on how to beat a monster is to have all of the equipment from beating that monster then you failed at being helpful. the damage numbers and meta talk was nice but this was some truly terrible advice for anyone actually struggling to beat her.

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    Is it just me or is lunastra the actual most obnoxiously hard monster in the game?

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    Welp, time to dust off my lance TONK build for this TED.

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    I use Rocksteady on Bagel, but it’s purely just to cancel out the roar. In fact I don’t rely on RS for pure defensive measures. Sure it helps negate some damage but I really like using it to counteract roars, flinching and knock-backs. I still play defensively and just know not to rely heavily on it to purely negate damage.

  • Reply Brodo Fraggins July 26, 2019 at 2:40 pm

    Is the ruin sns better than the barroth club for overall dps?

  • Reply Lemeres July 26, 2019 at 2:40 pm

    And this is why I hate the intro battle to the blue … "w"itch. It is in the excessively tight quarters of the arena, where you have very, very little ability to "walk 10 feet to the left so you are not in blue explosions all the time". I get that they wanted to show case her strengths.. but that was sadistic.

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    First time I beat Luna, I was really perplexed why it was so hard. This was after taking a long break and I didn't bother to check her weaknesses before doing the first Teo/Luna quest. About 40min in it occurred to me that maybe using Holy Sabers was not the best choice.

  • Reply AJ the Dragon Slayer July 26, 2019 at 2:40 pm

    What about switchAxe

  • Reply xekis July 26, 2019 at 2:40 pm

    I beat her a few times with legit builds in melee and ranged then went Dark Devourer for farming. Cluster spam is still the gold standard for this. You can't really just sit in one spot for Lunastra though.

  • Reply Cliente Promedio July 26, 2019 at 2:40 pm

    For some reason my party and I discovered that she gets PISSED if you flash her… or attack her husband only.

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    "Her weakpoint is her wings" "stay away from her puddles" Insect glaive got it.

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    >Laughs in Hammer and Horn

    I use bow frequently and I can promise you that hammer and Horn are much more efficient for knocking her over.

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    Honestly my first fight with her was so easy because my squad had nergigante as our bipolar 5th squad member and he probably knocked her over atleast like ten times on top of the 5 or so times we knocked her over. she didn’t get a chance to super nova once.

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    9:12 Swing lance: slow and vulnerable with good dps.
    Wide lance: Fast, powerful and easy to use with great defense.

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