Final Fantasy XIV: Updated Eureka Weapons Guide

July 28, 2019

Good day, everyone! And welcome to a brand new chapter
in the relic saga. this time featuring the Eureka Weapons
introduced in Stormblood! The process of obtaining and strengthening
your relic weapon in Stormblood takes place in the Forbidden Land of Eureka a massive continent broken into
four major regions each ravaged by the elements. It will be up to us to conquer all challenges
this untamed land has to offer as we set out to build
the most powerful relic yet. Our journey begins in Eureka Anemos. Here, players will be tasked with
participating in Notorious Monster FATEs to collect Anemos Crystals,
a local type of currency. By speaking to Gerolt Anemos Crystals can then be
exchanged for Protean Crystals the primary material necessary to
forge and enhance your relic weapon. A grand total of 1,300 Protean Crystals
will be required across all steps an amount players will usually have
by the time they reach Lv. 20. For the final step Gerolt will also require Pazuzu Feathers,
rewarded for reaching Lv. 19 and participating in the battle against
the voidsent Pazuzu. Alternatively it is also possible to obtain these feathers
in exchange for crystals by speaking to the Bird Watcher NPC
at the main encampment. As we leave Anemos behind we set sail for the icy region of Eureka Pagos. Similarly to Anemos players will be tasked with collecting 500 Pagos Crystals from Notorious Monster FATEs but this is where the formula changes. Upon reaching Lv. 25 Gerolt will furnish players with an Eurekan Kettle capable of collecting aether from defeated enemies indicated by a gauge in the duty list. The amount of aether collected is
directly tied to the experience gained and thus potions of harmony and elemental buffs
will further increase aether collection. By visiting the Crystal Forge it is then possible to convert the accumulated aether
into Frosted Protean Crystals 31 of which will be necessary
across all relic steps. And lastly, Gerolt will also require
a handful of Louhi's Crystals rewarded for participating
in the battle against Louhi or exchanged at the Bird Watcher NPC
for Pagos Crystals. From ice to fire,
we proceed to our next destination Eureka Pyros. Much like previously players will be tasked with accumulating
650 Pyros Crystals from the many FATEs that populate
the scorching region. In addition defeating enemies, completing FATEs
and saving Happy Bunnies will occasionally reward players
with a new type of crafting material the Logograms. Logograms can be traded between players
and come in many different types. Once appraised by Drake they can be utilized at the Manipulator
to craft powerful Logos Actions. Players will be tasked with discovering
at least 30 unique Actions before Gerolt enhances our relic any further. Recipes are far too many to list here but you will find a list of resources
in the video description. The final step will also require
five of Penthesilea's Flames obtained by participating
in the battle against Panthesilea or exchanged at the Bird Watcher NPC
for Pyros Crystals. At this point Gerolt will further enhance our Eurekan Kettle
to collect aether in this region much like how it behaved in Pagos but this time producing
Smoldering Protean Crystals instead. By visiting the workstation
at the main encampment these Crystals can then be utilized
to enhance our relic with random substats. As this step is technically optional and has the potential to take
a significant amount of time we will be moving forward in the interest
of raising our relic's item level but worry not it is possible to return and optimize
the substats at a later point. Having conquered all previous regions we arrive at our final destination Eureka Hydatos. Just like before players will be tasked with collecting Hydatos Crystals
from Notorious Monster FATEs present across the region. And finally by reaching Lv. 59 and battling against
the Provenance Watcher for his Scales we can upgrade our relic to
the highest possible item level of 405. You may now choose to return to Eureka Pyros
to enhance your relic's substats or undertake a new type of challenge
by assaulting Eureka's 56-player dungeon the Baldesion Arsenal. By raiding its coffers it is possible to collect Eurekan Fragments a new type of material utilized to imbue
elemental bonuses to your relic increasing your combat efficiency
throughout all of Eureka. The Baldesion Arsenal does not
take kindly to visitors. Hard work and coordination across multiple parties will be required to overcome this challenge but should you succeed… you will be greatly rewarded!


  • Reply Alovon July 28, 2019 at 2:51 pm

    Will you update this for Solo play/low player number play once Square (Hopefully) nerfs TF out of Eureka to compensate for the nature of the zone?

    I could see them either
    1. Lifting the Zone Level caps
    2. Adding Light/Crystal Chains in every zone, with increased amounts
    3. Increasing E-XP from normal enemy kills, or adjusting NMs for more solo-oriented amounts (As some absolutely require a decent-sized party)

    Or maybe they could just go with Number 3, and make it so you can by Crystals/Light with Poetics, dunno

  • Reply Bittereye July 28, 2019 at 2:51 pm

    amazing editing.

  • Reply Lemonzify July 28, 2019 at 2:51 pm

    The perfect content for housewives and basement dwellers

  • Reply Chair Memes July 28, 2019 at 2:51 pm

    damn good guide as is tradition
    just a shame that eureka is basically off limits to anyone just starting

  • Reply Silly Kittenx July 28, 2019 at 2:51 pm

    hmm Think i found a new guider :3 Hope you'll make more videos for SHB

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    Love all the ffxi music in the background

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    I’m so happy your back, keep up the great work!

  • Reply Church of The Void July 28, 2019 at 2:51 pm

    Youre my fav FFXIV guide maker hoping to see a lot of you on SHB launch!

  • Reply Blake R July 28, 2019 at 2:51 pm

    Excellent Video! Was looking for precisely this. Can we also get one that explains armor progression in Eureka?

  • Reply Ivory Falcon July 28, 2019 at 2:51 pm

    "New" yeah this will be useless since nobody does eurika since the split, shoulda made this months ago

  • Reply Gryph00 July 28, 2019 at 2:51 pm

    The funny thing about this, was I had zero intent on doing this ever, got bored one day and went in. I still never got the weapon (cause it's trash looking for Bard), but being a glowy boi from the elemental aiming stuff feels so good standing in cities at night near the aetheryte crystals lol

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    Nice ending

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    Your video has given me the motivation to return to Eureka (although I’m still stuck in Anemos 😂)

  • Reply ArtofDylan July 28, 2019 at 2:51 pm

    i want to play this game so bad but im so late that there's no one to party with in early stages. 🙁

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  • Reply Brandon Landry July 28, 2019 at 2:51 pm

    So basically, BIS weapon for doing something that is unfortunately easy, detached, and segmented from your static.

    Cool, I guess. Pass.

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    I guess Hydatos is this game's victory lap.

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    Awesome vid! Horrible grind 🙃

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    I really really appreciate and like the very well organised and clear guide you created.
    Same for your channel in general, it's so well structured, you don't see that a lot on YouTube.
    Thanks a lot for your work!

  • Reply Nathan Group Vongraupen Moya July 28, 2019 at 2:51 pm

    What gear are you wearing?

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    I love your use of Final Fantasy XI music in this video! Brings me back to the days of when FFXI was in it's prime and I was playing the hell out of it! Thanks for the video!

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    Now where's Shadowbringers, right around the corner and the relics getting outdated soon…

    I finally found a decent guide, what to do in eureka..

    I never understood it be4, just ran anemos, got dat relic and yeah was done with it…

    I rly hope the next relics will be better, in style as well in accomplishment tasks

  • Reply Kit The Traveler July 28, 2019 at 2:51 pm

    Would you have a good link or guide of how to even start Eureka. I got the area open. I did first little quest. But as player coming from another mmo. I'm confused on what to do? Also, I seem to die when I run out the door solo? Do I need group up or can I solo things? Sorry if anyone can help that be great. From a newb player who very interested in Eureka! Also is it to late too do any of it before Shadowbringer?

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    Not worth it, lol

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