Fire Force Episode 3 Reaction and Review! SHINRA VS JOKER! THE DARK SECRET OF THE FORCE

July 29, 2019

before we start this video guys special thanks to our patreon sponsors our current or former patreon sponsors thank you all for supporting us on patreon and special thanks to all of our subscribers who support us here on YouTube what's going on guys welcome back to the Brian except any channel guys today we're back with more fire force guys fire force episode 3 it is back welcoming back guys let's go so guys for the reason of the delay if you guys don't know it's because of the Kyoto fire you know that that tragedy man like it's just it's sad you know yeah it's really sad we really didn't think that they were gonna release fire force for this week as well yeah they actually did hmm but they did pay their respects by not uploading it last week yeah it took like a week break if you guys want to know more about the tragedy we did link the link down below the link to their what he called this GoFundMe we actually participated in that we encourage you guys to participate donate if you have any extra money because it does you know help them out and it's just no amount of money will replace the lives that is lost during that tragedy and it's just you know just a little bit of you know so far right now I think they raised over 2.2 million dollars their goal was only like 750 K but let's get it up to like 5 mil guys they're responsible for doing silent voice you know violet ever garden we have yeah so many awesome animes are violet ever garden it's just like one of those this amazing series you know this and also silent voice and it's just very sad for them to you know for this to happen to them and it's just they were just trying their best probably they just thought it was another normal day at work but that happened to them so yeah it's so sad man hopefully they can recover on the other note guys you know let's get on with the anime reaction please leave a like down below if like a reaction is always and also comment down below anything we have missed we do not catch everything guys and also so no spoilers don't spamming in the comment section and make sure you guys subscribe to both channels links are always down below and also follow us on Twitter livestream there every month is a different schedule come hang out guys wanna come and see you know what we do there and what's up you know we play various games from Detroit become human Nier automata uncharted 4 and many other games in the future so with no further ado guys let's get to it all right folks here we go oh that's a black ash they're manufacturing the black ash we're just calling it black ash guys hey mozuku murica got Saratoga ski cardio cosmic I'm not there are sooo stripped of them twice ok he just wanted to save lives ice look crazy literally reminds me of what is what is that called it literally reminds me of the greeny gun Rinnegan yeah it looks a greeny gun I folks here we go all the rookie games here we go ok oh yeah the Anime Expo there were mascots also their mascots here Mamoru I love it he's inspecting this is that beep this is that oh no nevermind I thought that was is that for some reason it's just the firefighter that was with him yeah he looks really badass that's her captain there's the captain of the first division he's been through so many fires okay okay training exercise oh look at that person in the back you're this achieve oh she's like a good Joe that's so cool man heroes oh he's a nice guy from this guy Joe her her power is pretty dope man I like it I really like how bright their yeah glow-in-the-dark right what is he doing here first fight babe first fight Oh guys this is about to be lit man 12 years ago maybe he killed the mom he's gonna get so mad maybe he's the one maybe who caused it this guy's cocky man yo guys this is about to be bad man I feel like this guy's strong I feel like this guy's super strong babe for some reason he is gonna lose it yoshino let's go come on kick this guy's ass man oh okay couple error let's go he's nervous don't let it touch you it's a bomb the one he has is a bomb it's I thought he was gonna make infernos oh you nobody's here yet because he he flew up right where's everybody at man come on so he's like a explosion man he uses cards to like gambit yo babe this guy's strong he has no experience here this guy's a murderer you look at the drawing you somebody help is someone gonna come here your younger brother still alive really yo don't tell me they kidnapped a brother and made him bad or something this is always something like that man I bet you they kidnapped a brother babe I bet you right now Darren you bail it showed the captain's he's China maybe trying to recruit she's this guy man hmm come on Ike wand oh okay okay your guys animation man let's go let's go heroes always do flying kick they get it yeah I mean this guy's like a boss man I think it'll take a while for oisin Rhett to go up against this guy you know is coming here that's been literally been like like five minutes ever I feel like it's been so long yeah pleased everybody needs to step in and out oh this is gonna be sitting on him yeah she's always like oh my god you okay nice nice nice thanks thanks finally 3v1 come on three b1 oh he wants subversive boy oh my god babe somebody report this man B B's – he's so good this is kind of dangerous for them oh let's let's check her out let's go she's fast she's fast man okay oh it only takes a little bit of dog yeah literally he look like media they can't beat this guy it's too early you gotta get out of there it looks like a smoke joining the Joker I'll take you in D so that's their organization Joker I don't know they got a rescue people so what's up oh they can fly out let's go she's gonna bust through boot force I bet watch over tail nice you they have no idea she's gonna play out that is so cool got out just in time what about the other rookies damnit fire Wow um yeah oh the captain okay yo look at that that's a go the freakin design man character designs they all have like oh nice nice calls you're the captain smooth yeah you land it so perfectly yo guys that captain is pretty bad as though he got out are you finally gonna tell him please maybe they will talk later his brothers alive show guys this episode this is definitely more action-packed than the last episode so much stuff just happened man tell him about Joker the organization but the other rookies a lot other people went in there you know okay so that doesn't make infernos it just causes explosions he's starting that dude got inside this so boats or no meat no sausage garage you know it's not it's your failure coconuts got about you okay okay oh and then third is the fire so there's many organizations that make it up It's Made okay so they have a manufacturer hi Gemma makes their their suits makes their weapons interesting that they just order from the came to get a tow juice they have a lot of money so they don't share information knows but no one's saying anything maybe they won in for the freedom money more infernal more more firefighters that needs their product – only today – acoustic it's gonna dine on okok tonight oh so she it's on the truth except for them what they know no one is telling them anything yo what the hell man but he wants to find out by himself he doesn't want so any tell yes so basically like what he just wants to find it easy you hey we're basically them you know we're part of their team we don't know so we're gonna go through the adventure together nice yo everybody knows except they just want to find out by themselves guys we're in it for the ride you know every other agencies whatever a company they all know what's the cause of the infernos but we don't yeah except for the eight yeah so it's gonna be an adventure man to try to find out what's up and it's gonna be a shock for us obviously you know this is this is awesome for the author to do this it's like he's taking us in we're part of the eighth take us through the journey as well with them yeah this is gonna be really interesting because like because I wanna see like what their reactions is gonna be the eighth the eighth yeah bro guys this episode I can't wait to see – this episode was so different from the last episode last episode was so like easy and like slow and sad this episode was a lot of information a lot of action of course guys the the animation didn't degrade you know you know the first episode has the most animation to get people in by I mean the animation is so good all the fighting and stuff you know yeah you gotta get all the the best stuff in the first episode of course that's kind of like get everybody a in the rain so far this has been so great like I really I've really been enjoying it yeah guys a lot of mysteries you know shinra's brothers still alive show what is the truth the what does the captain of the first division know yeah yeah I feel like he knows a lot because he looks like he looks pretty old and wise already yeah he looks like he just didn't want to talk about it and like he just acted like he doesn't know anything but I'm pretty sure he knows a lot or maybe he wants to spare she knows feelings or maybe it's too dangerous if he talks about it in public or people might be listening you know it's just crazy man a lot of stuff can happen here you know it's just gonna be a surprise and we cannot wait till next Friday again for the next episode make sure you guys do leave a like down below if you like our reaction that's always come down below anything that we have miss throughout the reaction please don't spoil us we do not read the manga and also subscribe to both channels links are always down below and follow us on Twitter I skies have it and make sure you guys turn on your posting vacations – you guys can join the division all right joined the eighth division guys join fire force oh yeah guys and subscribe alright guys are on your post notifications and we'll see you next week back here at reaction or peace


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    I'm so jealous of Shinra…
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    Absolutely love this series!!!

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    This is kind of spoiler, but what Brian said about what happened to Sho is true. And Joker is not evil. And not everyone knows the reason behind Infernals, there are other good units among them.

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    I really see a lot of potencial in this anime

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    The joker guy is kinda cool to me

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    Joker not a evil guy

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