July 26, 2019

see what this ooh this is not gonna be usable for the rest of the day oops hello it's your girl Luna we're alive and I have an update on my job hunt okay I'm really stoked about this so my friend works at a restaurant he is a chef and between you and me I can make a killer omelet and he just said he can't make it to work today so he's letting me fill in I honestly think this could be my calling I love to eat and I'm pretty good at making toast let's see if I got what it takes to be a chef come along with me welcome to the gourmet grub I consider myself a huge foodie I'm also kind of a master chef great I'm making toast I think I can handle cooking for a professional restaurant so today I'm filling in for my friend at the gourmet grub oh I have a task already get cooking we are going to fry up some bacon and some eggs I got this oops no one has to know I dropped this on the ground right I'll try not to be completely disgusting today but if I were at home I would totally still eat it no judgment that's doable let's turn this bad boy off your order is ready all right you want a smoothie I got you okay we're gonna put a little bit of tomato or whatever that is Apple got some oranges the best part about a smoothie is it's open to interpretation you could put anything in there like let's let's put a toast in here make it a bad boy let's see you happy all right here you go your toast smoothie everything you need for a hearty breakfast to get the day going I guess we're doing this the old-fashioned way you can come pick it up over here bye hello there it actually sounds amazing right now I want some crumpets too let's hit them Oh oh wow fancy this will make it much easier to heat up some water you only need a small Oh No I'm causing a mess I'm gonna blow up this kitchen unintentionally I don't know if this man's gonna get his tea but I can get you crumpets if I didn't eat them already which between you and me I may have I'm just gonna make this easier for everyone involved aka myself fill this up that's perfect I think cold tea is just as great as hot tea so grab a cup and fill er up with the the cold tea of mix oh man I'm failing at this job too this probably would have been the easiest way to do this from the beginning but I'd like to be experiential or experimental I like to experiment with the way I make things perfect and we have a perfectly warm cup of tea and then oh no it's foaming everywhere we're gonna get crumpets from in this kitchen oh is this a crumpet it looks like a crumpet or maybe that's whole-grain bread I should probably eat that and find out mmm whatever it is it's good I'm gonna just try and make an omelet an omelet is never complete without a side of toast no there we go and then just throw mushroom on then oh it's burning okay oh it's edible still I say that is a success although this not edible anymore fine oh nice to know about you uh-oh it is lighting up no no one my friends get fired I should probably turn that off oh there we go oops okay I don't know how you correctly monitor the length of time you're cooking something for it's like you leave it for a second and it burns up but you gotta cook it for some amount of time mmm this looks out of all ish if you squint from a distance and you're across the room and you're bending down and holding it to the light it kind of looks edible oh maybe not apparently I'm not a very good cook but the good news is I can't get fired because they never hired me to begin with I hope my friend doesn't get fired but if she does she could join me on my job hunt do you guys want to join – be sure to LIKE this video and subscribe so you could join me next time I'm Luna and let's see if I get a job after this


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