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July 28, 2019

what's up everybody welcome back to the mover mailbag I know it's been a while but I've got some other videos that have been coming out so hopefully those have been good but I thought it was time the mover mail backs kind of been building up so sorry if I haven't been able to get to your question but on today's episode I will try to answer as many as practical in the time period we've got so let's get started and the first one comes from I'm the amazing 52 and I'm the amazing 52 says hi CW Lemoine I just want to say I love your content and you've helped me a lot I've been watching since 10k I just wanted to ask a question I want to become a Navy pilot and fly the Hornet and then fly the f16 like you did could you explain how you did that in the process you took and are there any other ways of doing so thank you so much for everything you do and can't wait to get the books that's actually a kind of a common question and it kind of falls under do as I say not as I do I would not as someone who is in the pipeline or someone in the beginning of their career be planning on flying for multiple services it's not practical it's not routine and there there are a lot of drawbacks to that so the way I did it and I talked about it in one of my other videos how I flew fighters in both the Air Force and the Navy I was in the Air Force Reserve and I went to a Navy Reserve unit which had someone that I knew when I was hired by the a-10 unit that closed and he basically got me an interview and then it became an inner service transfer which took about six months six to nine months or so and then I went into the Navy Reserve active duty wise there's really no way to do it active duty other than through an exchange tour program or something like that there are exchange gigs where you know a Navy pilot would go fly like the f-15 or an Air Force pilot will go fly or f-16 it doesn't matter but they'll go fly an Air Force jet or an Air Force pilot will go fly Navy jet and get carrier qualified and all that stuff so it does exist but to do inner service transfers and stuff I wouldn't plan on it and here's why first of all if you want a good fulfilling robust career you should pick you should go to pilot training get into your aircraft and do the best you absolutely can in that aircraft that will be your highest chances of success in your career you'll be humble credible approachable all that stuff it will all work out much better for you than if you try to go chase aircraft I know it sounds cool you know to be able to do that but when you transfer from the Air Force to the Navy or an outsider and you will be treated like an outsider and if you do the other way it's the same thing you're an outsider because when the Navy and the Air Force do not operate the same way the basic flying stuff is different the basic formation stuff is different there's a lot of stuff fundamentally that's different and sometimes they're compatible and sometimes they're not so there's a steep learning curve in trying to go from one to the other I went back to the Air Force Reserve and that took of Jesus two three years I mean it took a while to get back and even going back you know now I'm kind of an outsider having been in the Navy for six years so it's not something I would recommend it's not something I would chase and it's my advice in general don't go chasing aircraft you know the shiny jet syndrome was fun and flying fighters is cool but just giving being given the opportunity to fly a fighter in general in support of your nations interests is awesome and you should be happy to be able to do that just as a going out the door game plan I would not expect to do that I wouldn't plan to do that and really I don't know why you'd want to I mean just just go with the first one that hires you and enjoy your long fulfilling career I wouldn't be trying to chase two different things you know it's just it's a one-off now I do know people that have gone the other way it's much more common for someone in the Navy for example or Marines to go from flying the Hornet to say the f-16 or f15 it is a very common thing because the Navy has much fewer options on the reserve side once you're off active duty to keep flying and give you an airline job whereas the Air Force has a National Guard in the Air Force Reserve so it's a very common for Navy pilots to go to the Air Force but not very common for to do what I did which is Air Force to Navy and then back so hope that answers your questions I hate to discourage it but my advice is just pick one do well at that and then once you get to a point where you can make a decision maybe you go to the reserves or garden and do that alright next question this comes from Bella Bella says hello mover I'm an aspiring fighter pilot going into my freshman year of high school and have got some questions that I cannot ask anyone I know number one I was wondering if Civil Air Patrol might be able to help me in the future I plan to join a cadet squadron near me I've heard you might be able to learn to fly gliders when you're 16 years old and learn to fly small planes at 17 but I'm still not sure if this is true I have looked online I'm still not able to get a clear answer of this but maybe I still might be able to get a pilot private pilot's license when I'm 17 years old – I have poor vision it was curious if I could get PRK corrective eye surgery when I turn 18 years old then planned to wait a year until joining AF ROTC in college I would join in my sophomore year I'm not sure but I also have heard that corrective eye surgery would just disqualify when I'd be able to get a waiver and still try to get in also people have told me I should get the PRK after field training in ROTC because I guess it was the better option for them but I still wanted to get to surgery one year prior to join was a still be possible number three any good tips for receiving a pot slide I'm aware there's a real er competition to get the pilot slot needed some good tips to start studying for yes I'm aware that some of the time way but I know planning ahead is the best option to get the best results more time to study number four after your undergoing pilot training how easy is to choose the aircraft you want to fly also how can you choose your desired aircraft any tips connected this would be helpful apologize for the extensive question however you have the time answer it would be great I mean a great deal to me thank you for all the great videos books and your time baloise okay so let's go one by one Civil Air Patrol yes highly recommend it's a great option I think now they do have pilot private pilot's license training programs that you can get your ppl through I would recommend visiting going to the website for the Civil Air Patrol finding your local detachment at an airport or near an airport that has Eric left and go into a meeting asking the questions there becoming a cadet and and doing it that way because it'll help and it looks good on your resume so absolutely it's a great program number two so medical questions hey you know that's not really my forte here's what I know about PRK it is allowed I don't know why you need to wait a year until joining AF ROTC if you can join as a freshman I would do that but I honestly don't know I don't know the ins and outs of AF ROTC PRK but if you're gonna do it make sure that you're within the waiverable limits go look at the Air Force waiver guide and do it that way but it is allowed I do know that but I honestly don't know what the what the rules are or why you'd wait I'd be tempted to tell you to go ahead and just do it right away but don't take that my word for it like I said I'm still trying to get the flight dock on here he'll be able to answer all right any good tips for receiving a pilot slot do your best get good grades do your best study for the AF oqt you know perform well in ROTC volunteer where you can you know be on time know your stuff help others and you know that's that's your best chance I mean that's really it's universal advice you know it's like don't be a douche I mean if you if you just use that basic advice it will help you out but they're there I don't have anything specific I never went through ROTC I went through OTS let's see after going to pilot training how easy is it to choose the aircraft you want to fly I have talked about this before it's based on needs of the Air Force and your class ranking so that's where it comes down to study know the general knowledge stuff know the emergency procedures know the boldface cold go to the Sims as much as you can if they give you free practice time utilize it and take your friends help your friends out because the more you can teach the more you will know and instructors take note of that so be a bro and that is a generic term does not mean male or female help help your your classmates out and cooperate to graduate and that's the best way to get a pilot slot or to get what you want because the end of the day you know you drop may have as many aircraft that you desire or it may have none of what you desire but make the best of it because it's still not the end of the road there's still chances that you can transfer to other aircraft so good luck Bella like I said I would start by joining the Civil Air Patrol local to you ask those questions and then get into the Air Force waver guide but I don't see a reason why you'd wait to join a eff ROTC I would just go straight to it next question this comes from Lima x-ray his pseudonym hello did you have physical training regiments above and beyond the standard PT to enhance light fitness anything like leg presses squat core exercises are aerobic anaerobic cardio there's a myth and civilian general aviation air about a community that avoids cardio work citing it reduces G tolerance due to and large arteries and reduce resting rate resting heart rate from aerobic cardio training lead motor sports have extreme physical conditioning regiments and highly controlled diets – befitting their environment Formula One drivers motorcycles can you shed some light on your investment your experience as an elite aviator best regards thing I do like that elite aviator thing but honestly so when I went through there was a thing called the fighter air conditioning test I don't know if they still do it but it was you went to these machines and he had a certain amount of your body weight a certain amount of reps you had to do with your body weight the long and short of it is high-intensity interval training helps because it's bursts of energy that are mostly anaerobic that kind of replicate what you're gonna do you're absolutely correct core exercises don't skip leg day CrossFit helps a lot of guys like to use CrossFit because you know helps with your cord and that burst of energy kind of thing but you still are gonna have to pass the F Navy PRT and physical fitness tests which involve a mile and a half run push-ups and sit-ups so despite whatever might work best for flying fighters which is more of a bodybuilder type legs legs and core you're still gonna have to run and pass the PT test so what I typically do you know I do some running I go to the gym I do you know squats deadlifts like press all that stuff lunges and you know I just have a normal workout routine that I do you know every day so I don't think there's anything really special just make sure you stay in shape and make sure that you're not skipping any of the core exercises but it's cool to compete you thought of as elite you know the guys that have the best G tolerance that I've seen are the short fat stocky guys that have high blood pressure it usually works out well but it doesn't work out for general fitness and it doesn't work out for passing any kind of PT tests so but I would just say keep a normal workout routine stick to it and keep training and you'll be fine all right last question this comes from Isaac hi CW my name is Isaac I just heard about your YouTube channel a few weeks ago and I've enjoyed the Monday's of a mover series I'm currently in the process of applying to be a pilot my board is coming up on 15th of August so fingers crossed if I get accepted I will be the first one in my family to join the military can you speak into what life is like adjusting to the military what were some of the big challenges free culturally and challenges regarding the normal day-to-day of a military pilot thanks again for providing resources for those who are interested in joining the military and for all of your videos god bless Isaac you know I mean I grew up in a military family and my dad was in the Army National Guard so he kind of had that army mentality but you know it's officer training school you know getting used to that regimented they tell you when wake up they tell you wanting to go to bed it's it's very structured and you have very full day's going to pilot training you know initially you'll have 12 hour formal release so you know you're there for very long days getting used to working long days but if you are disciplined in your own life already it should not be a problem it's what happens is when you're not disciplined and when you procrastinate and when you don't like studying and stuff like that that's where you tend to run into issues because you know for example if you go to the Navy they expect you to show open know stuff so you know they give you a lot of free time which is basically enough rope to hang yourself because they expect you to show up to the brief no it the Air Force holds your hand a little bit more but at the end of the day you know it's on you to be studying when you're at work it's on you to be studying when you're at home and it's on you didn't show up knowing the material and stuff as far as lifestyles go I didn't not breathing this one but someone did ask me you know do you have enough time to have a family absolutely yeah plenty people show up married and they're put off base and off base housing you know you you'll you'll have time away from family and you'll have time with family even in pilot training and stuff like that so it's not regimented to the point that you're marching around and you know you don't have any free time you know you're still gonna have most weekends off and you know it's still you know for your time off of formal release we know when you're off of work is still your time but the biggest adjustment is gonna be you know you can't wait til the night prior to cram you're gonna have to be studying gonna have to be disciplined and you're gonna have to be able to show up prepared for every flight in order to do well in both pilot training officer training school and all the different schools you're gonna have to go to once you're out of training it's kind of more of a 9:00 to 5:00 and by that I don't mean it's actually eight-hour days I mean it can vary it can be short days so you know six hours or it can be 12 14 16 hour days it just depends on what's going on but it's more like a normal job while you're at home station it just depends you know you've got brief mission planning debrief you know the actual flights and stuff like that once you get to the deployment now you're just busy working you know you'll go you'll fly your missions you'll plan for your missions and you go to the gym or whatever then you can go to bed and it kind of becomes you'll get into a rhythm and get into a routine and stuff but while you're at home it's more like a normal job it's just some days can get really long and some days can be not too bad so but most of your weekends will be free so anyway I hope that answers your question thanks for everybody for the mover mailbag probably should have mentioned this at the beginning I've just hit fifty thousand subscribers so on Tuesday I don't know what date that is whatever Tuesday is at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time 8 p.m. Central Time I'm gonna do a live Q&A like we did back when I did the 10,000 subscriber milestone so I figure 50,000 would be a good place to do that since I haven't done that a while so please join me we will talk about whatever you know you guys to talk about in the comments and I'll answer any questions we'll just you know have fun and and just have a live Q&A so hope you guys will join me for that I hope you've enjoyed this please send me any questions or mail p.o box eight five nine four Mandeville Louisiana seven oh four seven zero or you can email me see the Bulow ncwe one calm or find me on Facebook slash sido Des Moines thanks for watching and I will see you next time


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    Check this out…yes PRK is allowed and waiver-able. Normally applicants must have good results, met standards for visual acuity and they normally require 12 mos post PRK prior to waiver and RTFS for start of UPT for new untrained aviators. Hope that helps. (signed. USAF CFS- AD).

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    hey mover…… you need to tell some of these "young men" (*cough* TEEN AGERS *cough*) to try and manage their expectations
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    there's gonna be a lot of heartache out there
    young guys get their hopes up, focus in on "the goal" and then are devastated when all their hopes dreams preparations and work goes up in a puff of smoke
    better to advise that yes, its great to "get jets" but also be realistic not everybody gets it – there are a slew of other jobs in the military that are also kickass (as well as mind-numbingly boring – you KNOW what i'm talking about) and have just as good, maybe even better, advancement opportunities
    (( which, kids don't realize – becomes important as the years go on – you're not as full of piss and vinegar anymore – other things begin to take more importance – gotta factor that in ))
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    USN 94-02
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