From Film FX To The U.S. Department of Defense: Inside Zoic’s Revolutionary Lab

July 26, 2019

the idea of bringing things that you see in films that seems so far-reaching and Minority Report for example and we're actually now building functional data visualization tools in that spirit it's really exciting books to be started in 2002 Buffy the Vampire Slayer Angel and Firefly we're the first three big TV shows that we worked with secondary be feature films and we've worked on a lot of great feature films with a lot of great directors but our mainstay has been the television visual effects eight to ten years ago we actually started investing a lot in our own technology and we've created a proprietary pipeline called glues though it's environmental unification systems we're able to build the 3d environments in advance and put it on set so the directors in the exercise should see when they're on a green screen where to direct and where they're acting within the environment because TV shows are turned around so quick it's forced us to be good at technology and create and invent and master existing technologies to make sure that we can turn around lots of shots in a short period of time we're visualizing our own business intelligence data we were tracking how productive different artists were on different visual effects shops we could see how people were working together between our Vancouver LA New York offices and we were logging and tracking all that data and visualizing it and using it to our advantage to do a better job and to be more creative we have become an advanced visualization company and next thing you know we're doing some work for the Department of Defense and the intelligence community we're becoming a bit of a big data company the zoic labs software it's called cognitive and the primary visualization model in cognitive we call the petri dish and it's basically a data agnostic model for aggregating any type of data and showing you visually some sort of sense to that data for example the presidential election that just occurred you could see very quickly by the size of these spheres in the circle packing algorithm that more people were too meeting about Trump the way that it works in this dynamic ways you can drill into these spheres you can drill in dynamically to this data and then look at other layers of data that we had configured what we've created is a real-time visualization model that allows you to look at data at the speed of thought it excites me and it excites the partners at ZOA glad to be doing something that is groundbreaking

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