Galaxy S10 vs. Pixel 3: how do you choose?

June 12, 2019

– So, I did it. I bought a Galaxy S10. I bought the regular sized
S10, which obviously sits in between the Galaxy
S10+ and the Galaxy S10E, and I low-key love it. It's been growing on me
since the day that I got it, but I don't know if I'm fully ready to have it replace my Pixel 3 yet. Each phone has its
advantages and disadvantages. I think it's worth getting into
what those differences are. How do you decide
between these two phones? (funky techno music) Let's just start with the hardware. The S10 is just a little nicer. It's bigger than the
standard size Pixel 3, but I mostly noticed the width. It's funny how even the
tiniest difference in width makes it feel way different in your hand. But for that difference, you
get better battery life, it's faster by a noticeable amount, and headphone jack, I appreciate you. Overall, the fit and finish is just a huge step up over the Pixel 3. This screen. (sighs contentedly) It's so good. It's big and it's bright
and it's edge-to-edge and it's just beautiful, and you know what? I don't mind the hole punch. It's better than the
relatively small bezels that you get on the Pixel 3. You just get this nice
big edge-to-edge screen and I don't miss having
two front-facing speakers, which the Pixel 3 has. It's fine to have this one on the bottom. I'm also having fun with the wallpapers just like everybody
else, but the truth is, I just don't notice the hole
punch most of the time now. I know, there's a huge
debate about whether the hole punch off to the side is better or the notch in the middle is better. All of these cutouts just look weird until you stop seeing them. So, until we can get cameras
that can see through screens, we're just going to have to deal. Anyway, bottom line,
compared to the Pixel 3, the point goes to the S10 on hardware. Except, well… Let's talk about the
fingerprint sensor for a minute. I know that there has been a lot of worry from a lot of different
places about this thing not reading fingerprints well enough. And I will just tell you that I, personally, haven't had a huge problem with it. It has been pretty accurate for me, but I do believe the problem is very real for a lot of people and I am betting that using a screen protector
also makes it worse. I took the crappy screen protector that comes with this thing off and so it has been fast
and accurate for me. Right now, I think there are two downsides to this ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. The first is that even after a week or so of using this thing, I still miss the spot that you're supposed to tap to unlock it. I think, over time,
I'm going to figure out where my thumb should go
and I'll just learn it, but it's taking me longer to
do that than I expected. I wish the tap area was just bigger. The second problem is yes,
I have to admit that the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor
is just a little bit slower than the capacitive fingerprint sensor. So you notice the second
it takes to unlock it. I think that a capacitive
fingerprint sensor is faster and I think that Face
ID, although it's about the same speed as this, is
a little bit more convenient because you're already doing something with the screen as it unlocks. One thing I do like is having the sensor on the front of the phone
instead of on the back, like you have on the Pixel 3. It means you don't have
to pick the phone up off of a wireless charger to unlock it. I do miss the fact that
you can't swipe down on the sensor to bring down
the notification shade, but that's not that big a deal because on the home screen,
you can just swipe down and bring down the
notification shade there, so the trade-off really isn't that bad. Overall, I'm calling unlocking
a point for the Pixel 3, but just by a little. Let's talk about cameras. The regular S10 here has
three cameras on the back and one on the front, and the Pixel 3 here has one camera on the
back and two on the front. So, four cameras, three cameras. But you know and I know
that it's not about counting the number of cameras any more than it's about counting megapixels. And so, look, for me, the Pixel 3
just takes better photos. Maybe it's because I'm
kind of a bad photographer and this camera's more forgiving. It's also way better in low light. Now, both of these phones
have got a gimmicky camera. So the Pixel 3 has a wide-angle
selfie on the front and the S10 has a wide-angle
and a telephoto on the back. And I don't think any of those
cameras are really that good, but I do have more fun with the
selfie camera on the Pixel 3 than I do with the wide-angle on the S10. Where the S10 wins is video. It's way better at video. For whatever reason, it seems like Google just can't seem to get video as good
as it should on the Pixel 3, on all the Pixels actually. But for me, overall, on the camera, the Pixel 3 is the clear winner here. Now, I should be clear that the
camera on the S10 is really good and it can be great in some cases, it just, you know, can't beat the king. Last up is software and this
one was a weird one for me. I've already made a video
about how I kind of dig Samsung's One UI, you
should go look at that, and I still really do dig Samsung One UI. I actually prefer it in a lot of ways to Google's version of
Android on the Pixel. Partly because One UI is
just so damn customizable. You can get rid of the navigation buttons and replace them with swipes. You can apply themes just right
out of the box, it's built in. You can change how the lock screen looks. It just lets you do all this weird stuff. Yeah, it's probably too much
to figure out for most people. The Pixel software is a
lot easier to understand right out of the box, but whatever, I love how much you can change here. You know what else I love? Edge panels. I didn't expect that. Having your calendar available
with a swipe from any app is way more convenient
than a home screen widget. And there's also a clipboard
history built in here. That's really cool. But you know what I don't love? (phone chimes) It's Bixby. Ah, Bixby… you. There's a whole button dedicated to it, but you can remap it now
and if you're willing to install some third-party software — I'm using something called BixAssist — you can remap it to the Google
Assistant, which is nice. Look, even though I'm a little bit more into Samsung's version of
Android than I am Google's, more than I expected to be, at least, there's still one super
important thing to consider, and that is software updates. The Pixel 3 gets them right
away and the S10, it doesn't. (laughs) And so, while I want to give
the point to Samsung today 'cause I love how
customizable this thing is, I will just tell you that come
October, November, December, I'm going to be super annoyed that this thing doesn't have Android Q
and the Pixel 3 does. Actually, I'm a little
bit annoyed right now because the Android Q beta is
already out for the Pixel 3 and I've been playing around
with it and it's pretty dope. The point is, I want to give
the point to Samsung today. But then I'm going to have
to take it away later? Which is weird. Look, I'm just calling software a draw between these two phones. To me, the choice between these two phones comes down to this: Camera and software updates for the Pixel. Nicer, faster hardware
and software tweaks on the Galaxy S10. You just have to decide which
is most important to you. For me, taking all of that into account, I'm leaning towards the Galaxy S10. But, you know, ask me again
after Android Q's official. Hey everybody, thank you
so much for watching. Are you trying to decide
between these two phones? What's making your decision for you? Let me know in the comments
and also don't miss our actual reviews of these phones. Dan did a great review of the S10+ and Natt did a great review of the S10E.


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    Are you trying to choose between these two phones? What’s the deciding factor for you?

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    My galaxy s7 is still getting security updates every 2 months! They are getting better at giving updates!! Thinking of upgrading to s10e!!

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    6:49 I think you kind of gloss over the "nicer, faster" thing for the S10 in terms of a differentiating factor. What you really mean to say is that if you're Ok with an average looking phone, the Pixel 3 is for you. If you want an absolutely gorgeous screen to look at every time you use your phone, the S10 is the best on the market.

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