Griffon 6×6 Multirole Armored Vehicle French Belgian army technical review Scorpion CaMo program

July 23, 2019

the 21st of July is quints Adelie I mean the Belgian national day and also the 50th anniversary over the first step on land on the moon but this year the special novelty that will be presented at the Belgian military parade will be the Griffon which is behind me the Griffon is part of the program that is only limited to the camo capacity moto is a motorized capacity for the belgian army together with the french army the French army is much more ambitious with the scorpion program and Belgium will buy 382 Griffon and 60 Jaguar those vehicles will be used in the framework of a new doctrine which is called camo thus for the Belgian and French armies and we shall now introduce you a little bit more in detail the Griffon which is the APC of tomorrow which is behind me the Griffon is six by six vehicles with the front and rear axles that are steering once the engine is made by Renault or in the framework as arcus it's 400 horsepower engine and with 50 little per kilometer fuel consumption it has a range of 800 kilometers what do we have an armored it's an armored vehicle but on which we can add some are more according to the missions to be performed the doors are electrically operated and it's only manually locked eight infantryman can take place inside and there will be six main variants of this vehicle according to the use it will be an ambulance command post etc classic for this kind of armored vehicles it will be declined with different versions different inside equipments and they will be absolutely the same for the Belgian and French armies as they will share the same doctrine what do you have on top we have a turret the teleoperated or remote control Tourette's is made by arcus on the French parents but on the Belgian variant it will be made by FNS Tala and the vehicle in Belgium will be assembled by John cockerel behind the turret we have different sensors on Terra's mast and a system that enables difficult to detect snipers and the main characteristic maybe of this line of vehicles is interconnectivity it means that one vehicles is nothing without the others they work together for instance if a Griffin detects a target and it is not so correctly placed to treat the target the coordinates will be immediately transferred to another Griffin may be better placed and this Griffin will then treat the threat among the means for the vehicles protection we have smoke grenades discharger these ones are the gallic system made by Lacroix behind difficult we have classically a door in fact two doors one inside the other one is electrically and hydraulically operated and in case of emergency there is one manually operated on top of the vehicle you can see one machine gun as this Griffin will parades for the Belgian national day the individual armament has been selected in a form of a mini-me light machine gun there can be two like machine guns like this one on top of the vehicle but there could also be a 7.62 millimeter machine gun according to the needs [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

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