GTA 5 Casino DLC! Unlocking SECRET ARMORED WEAPON CAR! (GTA 5 Casino DLC Missions)

July 27, 2019

once away everybody typicalgamer with your daily YouTube live streams and more and today for you I got some more of the casino DLC missions we're gonna finish them up today and in doing so unlock a very cool secret car it's not this car this car you gotta win by spinning on the wheel and getting the vehicle thing right there some of you tweeting me pictures of you getting it which is pretty sweet so keep on I'm curious how many of you get it so if you do guys send me a picture on Twitter it's here whatever link in the description below if you want to follow me on those but it's pretty cool I mean that's a tube to million in changed cars so it's a pretty penny it's a pretty penny so again today we're gonna go ahead and complete those missions and unlock a secret car so if you watch and enjoy this make sure you smack that like button if you're new around here hit that subscribe button and if you want to cop some fire merch head on over to typical dot store you guys are going nuts with it on typical data store I'm gonna be honest with you yesterday if you guys didn't know brand new typical champion backpack this thing is sick it is reflective really really cool stuff and they told me that according to their estimates we ordered a lot of them they're gonna be sold at like two three days so Chad everybody's shown love and if you want a cop one I think now's the best time to go get a while you still can a typical dot store I think we're gonna turn this off by betting as Tamera's got to make her way over to us so let's go ahead and talk to Avery or Avery where's the we gotta go blackjack bro oh are you did you were gonna communicate with me via hand signals I like it yeah I was I was getting ready let's get ready all right well I guess we could play a little blackjack until Samara comes I'm gonna bet I'm gonna bet 10 grand 10 grand okay that sounds good I don't want to blow all of it cuz I only got 50 K uh-oh I got eight okay okay what she's gonna get a face card Oh working it perfect oh shoot no it's up to me I'm gonna stand she has the face car watch oh that's what I do 20 K all day every day baby let's get it some air you in the casino you are not to make your way over to the casino I was just changing my outfit cuz like you guys are saying inappropriate no no your outfit was fun I got a face card face cards face meet you got anyone you got 21 guaranteed money back uh uh yeah I mean I have to stay in Iran seventeen but yeah that's if he oh seven you got in there push uh you could be Scarlett Johansson again that was a good luck you could also wear what you just wore it's all good you're a black widow same thing why did I get twenty five thousand chips cuz you got blackjack maybe yeah it doesn't make sense may get more money if you get blackjack Oh blackjack pays three two one three two two so it says I got 1000 I got eighteen that were straight you're in a predicament I'm saying I've 18 I can't go anywhere who he's got coming I kind of want to stay you might have to hit you think I should hit I know her hands are real wrinkly oh my god right look I'm gonna head I'm gonna hit what's in your sick raisins Oh oh my god you're one below yeah you have well they're your team are you kidding me wait I got push let's go like save my money alright get over here somewhere let's start these missions blackjack phase three the one apparently people are saying much at what just like the table says look it says it right on the table I'm betting 25 grand that's it I'm doing 25 as well we'll get our shit look at look at dad country survey let's go let's go Oh give me Ted yeah I got a hit no she has a queen dude baby one more time God Stanley you're next I'm going all-in yes 50 grand I should have saved to classroom let's go easy class going 30 K okay if we're going a little bit crazy here I gotta make my money back somehow Jesus okay you know I gotta follow suit that's what homies do there we go I'm coming not why don't you just don't know 14:50 low key I might just leave it at 15 you might have him now you're gonna get a 4 next guarantee well if she has a face card under there and then she pulls another face card I win yeah you're right you're right understand 60,000 chips baby well I'm gonna go take a hike and buy some diamond champagne you might like that look at that I've made some money sir that's the wrong way I'm out I'm stealing the vault okay sir a you always on your way here I can just start the mission if you like can we spend when did we spin the wheel yesterday do you guys remember I swear we already like we should like it should be the time it was earlier well yeah we seem great yeah in five thirty thirty minutes maybe one mission will come back and it'd be good I think so probably let me say I can't spend it yet yeah the icon on the yeah will be white very interesting yeah tips and tricks I nearby more oh okay I can start the mission on tomorrow mine just says saving field enables connector rockstar game services in the bottom looks successful there you go well I think they got a lot more beautiful you can come in yeah or I can't start the mission invite you I got an update on Dre first person to run faster come on I like taking my time alright let's go mission play to win that's what I like and I actually got a tip from somebody in chat on how to be host every time so hopefully that works it did not work it did not work it did not work I was gonna go shout him out and everything did not work not gonna just join and keep okay why actually let me see Lucy another one was a tip is register a CEO and I'm gonna invite both of you alright I think I did yeah cuz we were CEOs at or did we leave the lobby before then not enjoying that real quick okay me itleave kids should I just put it on roulette dude and as well oh my oh my gosh I felt guilty back that woman that looks like a watermelon I invited you to the Association there Smith okay bloody yeah he's a bloody brilliant Association I'm gonna drink something I think you hit yeah there you go okay let me see if I can start now so I'm I'm the CEO right now I should be able to start it with you again I swear did that last time though that don't work so know it yeah why does it like oh that should definitely work shot best shot oh there you go what the heck so I have to leave and then come back and then I didn't even invite you it automatically invited you and made me host yeah you know I know Rasika woods right back at the Duggan family by taking out their oil and gas operations things will be heated what did you do somewhere you got invited I know anything happen the environment Samara red white miss Samara do you want me to be invite you yeah I don't see you okay Mary you ain't nothing but a hound I just looking at the strawberry what are you saying that I invited you okay you took the Macbeth shot didn't you I know you did you just disappeared from my I don't know how I got here mmm-hmm yeah that's what they all say alright so apparently these missions get harder and harder so hopefully these two henchmen that I hired are proficient at shooting stuff wasn't here buddy I'm amazing don't forget to Like and subscribe to you this is the best cut said of it easily brucey soothe baby yeah let's do another round but I can't know anything about it so fun I guess good luck I'm going to inspect the kitchens oh and for the record I was not at this meeting for the best date yeah brucey kibbutz I don't believe we've been introduced but yes my am glad your life get you in shape these days it's a mental as well as a physical quest I'm so strong mentally I could I could break just with my mind I could but I won't that would be dangerous mr. Chang's uncle what's the thank you he sounds like kuzey to he has we are going to war with the Duggan's he's got luma interests in San Andreas it's oil my love service is back currently right have fourth tanker trucks in the city you destroy them then cause move to the big target okay I miss Bruce Lee from gt-r for ever since Niko Bellic Billy cousin let's go bowling my belly oh my god invited the strawberry oh my god is laughing at me why kids you don't do bullshark testosterone whose cutscene is still finishing mine oh there we go there we go look at that I'm not taking this little fancy car Oh destroy Avery's oil tankers do you feel personally attacked slightly yeah I'm gonna get the one that I'm gonna get O'Mara you should probably roll let's hit them where no just a tanker truck at the oil derricks what do you think let's go together what you're doing here we might have to split depending on how much time we have oh oh we don't have time it's just too modest yeah that's the one thing I like about this then there's literally no time oh that's perfect this car is fast this car super fast Continental GT yeah buddy it's a nice-looking know what my game froze oh my god oh I have a knock crash my driving is insane I had a Volkswagen take a hard left in front of my car oh you get their experience No they kind of just said ieave it is now no ma'am and going to the team going to t-bone County shoot it's a man oh shoot the Atari yeah shoot the cars though I got the car we get it from the front I got him don't worry my windows Wow I don't know how you survived that I'm gonna be honest I have an armored vehicle my friend glass is all gone Wow your left in here my screen behind this yeah my gosh this car is – I've this cars insanely fast round sky like there's no ground what sounds like I'm in the air that's how fast it's going the ground the sky yeah it's like the game's not loading in we're going too fast you're gonna graduate don't want to do that slow down yeah yeah I can't even see the road I'm just I'm driving up with something okay you both have that issue my game is literally just breezing constantly right now Tamara I'll think most Delta way okay Oh apparently there was a wall day absolutely we got don't worry every we got it I'm here you leave the way to the next one go Oh for falling avery of the haver nights every nights assemble wait every that's not a road okay maybe you pulled me I know where the roads are the roads are load again you know what start loading in literally his roads are load again there's nothing on my screen okay Wow up here oh boy do you want the better way I think there's a ramp over the water here there's no way underneath here my knowledge yeah they're gonna hate me it's gonna actually it's gonna a freaking Canadians day let's go right damn sir footage upon that you're gonna quickly to guys switch to a slower car I don't even know if the Bugattis is fat again oh we're driving faster than buildings are loading in oh my god this bridge isn't even a bridge on my street great it's a fake one where are we flying oh I think he's on the highway above as an FYI Avery thank you as I follow you I'm trying to figure out where I'm going I think I know where I'm going I know we should be good I played GTA enough to know some shortcuts some secrets as I get lost [Applause] yeah I don't know you just when I'm on a train oh oh you we got to get onto the highway yeah I take this way to get onto the highway there yeah yeah you would yeah it's the way you take yeah that's the way I wanted to go that's a cool way right alright everybody gotta get up to the entrance ramp here to your left there you go some fast interior stuff are you seeing dr. Suresh how did I just go through a barrier okay check out the cars the cars beside it oh shoot well that's where that truck was alright then we move on to the big target the big target I like the way you think sir break my oil Tigers inventory body armor yeah yeah it's kind of brutal okay anybody want Avery okay there you go the ex really really did it yeah it is a French thing Avery did you win the Bugatti and the wheel or no no you like how am i wag right there yeah I can just like I think your leg is perpetuating itself on to my game and I can see cars flying near you sometimes your old cars aren't even loading in there just like dropping out of the sky I think you need both me better computers we gotta go mark why a bloody paw play hard left oh good idea let's go stealthy stealthy you stealthy stuff silencers out sounds Rizzoli I'll snipe them I'll save them to listen I'm at the same time do you see anybody no there's no go up to go up to the barrier go up to the bear go up to the barrier others fuel-air oh I wish I can mark in the stance remember guys go inside okay angry there's still people there any facility near the port yes destroying everything they got there so Curia has been calling so this may be a challenge wasn't me sorry I have to wait for that phone call to get over before I try to take these guys out okay I got it Evy why we killed all right we should definitely before the next mission let's go to like a Oh sir don't get hit you keep shooting your girlfriend gets it don't realize okay all right do not die did you not die no more lies oh my gosh now normalize yeah I'll pick you up soon give me say it's on the way Avery relax okay chill chill chill chill chill just leave strawberry it's okay it's okay to be a strawberry all right here my cars over here to me every stop bad downtown yeah I got a crasher get it alright let's head over there you got a half a mile to go no more dying if we died we got to redo this mission and it's long it's all their lives yeah I thought we had one more no that's it zero lives left you should be a lemon you look like a lemon y'all I mean that's what will be the strawberry lemonade bandits oh there's a lot of oil tankers oh shoot smash you got one way we have no lives no we don't have no lies just be careful I thought the mission was over oh my gosh I was the guy up here yeah oh my bro I'll take us up here are you kidding me run over by a truck I can't believe it oh no and I turn around and I see her body rag dolling like okay hit hit page up page up to research keyboards are not good for anything in deep because you can't fly I don't know how – okay I think it restarts us like right at this part so yeah you do the checkpoint it should be should be all right yeah so say it should be oh that Chuck really came in hi jeez that's it oh yeah okay it's good it's all Gucci you're helping to my car do you see where it is here I know it there you okay okay so we get your like RPGs ready or sticky bomb so you can proximity bomb the road as Brown well we don't have any yo I you okay sticking the roads taking the road trucks coming in not a black person I think someone else is gonna come up here though Danny stop we have late again we got probably yeah I'm gonna RPG that one oh shoot I'm gonna I have no health I don't think any of those good I'll take it out that heads oh my gosh come on nice job good – oh by instructor I got a mic rocket went through excuse me you went through the whole thing it went through the truck I think the helicopter that attacked us actually blew up on its way here so that's kind of funny all right we got how many more changes I see a truck over here and as one below us is it is it this one this weird looking thing I think it's no I think it's inside that building right there how do we get down there are behind us jump oh yeah there's a couple unfortunate ones on the floor there I'm gonna try to go down red card oh I'm good I'm good I made my way down I made my way down loop another one just one more up I'm gonna get the last one can wonder you get the car oh okay oh they got away shoot the helicopters going crazy I think yeah I don't have a car though uh-oh huge that helicopters really gonna light us up some air I'm gonna cut just give me cover fire yeah I'm back that pistol Oh what happened right we pissed it off there's one more guy here somewhere oh there we go all right there's a helicopter still visitor yeah oh this car kind of broke I'm gonna drive up to my car and get back in my car wait why is it on the bridge I blew it up helicopters gone and that way we can have people want over let me just together this last guy here we got to make sure there's no evidence that we were here you know well there we go we finally win – lets get down long – shoot him no Avedon thing no ever done things Dania leave the area no cops came in or at all put the heck we really start with some people back here oh you there we go it's like shooting at us mission passed nine thousand dollars plus what you say gives you 50,000 each mission is different so when you get into lobby I'll say the top row that you earned extra moolah oh I like it I like it I like it I like in this money that paper that economy you muddy shmurda on the trace evidence in the camera so you know what there's not brick cameras we're strawberries strawberries don't need no cameras somehow I hate you crying no it didn't all right yeah I do yeah yeah sure I have 50,000 x-ray all right in the meantime you and me can hit up the island by ear because some reason you didn't put your Malawi but you're looking at the I don't know rock star fix your stuff I say you know Oh Chicago my inspection of the kitchens went swimmingly at least 10 people can testify to my having my head in an oven all this time he'll be were equally successful no don't answer that I'll speak to you soon all right um you want to go to the gun store with me everything yeah but I think I got all the guns oh I need armor that's nobody armor and Emma yeah for the next two missions the last two we're definitely need armor that that sounds like fun to me okay now within the next two missions are pretty good a stealth one so we'll do a rule II that's gonna silence there on the weapons beacuse you know like you know then Gunzburg let's go to the gun store let's me to the one downtown the big one one where we met up for the wanted cops was Robert yes you're welcome I should've just gone to my office my office singing you're free snacks did you buy snacks Avery no I need to yeah they heal your health pretty good I wish there's an easy way to fight you end up having a cigarette I've done it that's rough yes I'm P's and Q's the P's and Q's are only a buck each come on a cigarette that built America goodness great that what it says yeah yeah back a redwoods wait don't rob him you bought everything oh is it sold out for you are you kidding me why did I get a wand at Star I didn't even do anything you kill them no I'm calling Lester I can I'm not dealing with this Lester I'm me at the gun store make it right oh my god all right the gun the gun during that power out let it play no problem but it's a gun gun can't complain because it's a gun calling me you want to see something that would be funny if we weren't all about to get killed come to my office now yes come to my office now yes well then come to my office now ish all right I need super heavy armor I'm gonna buy ten of them Samara my door just hit your car go I mean I'm gonna have to charge you for that I'm gonna be honest I'm fine that's fine at filum 30 look we should just make sure we have silence snipers yeah I have a mice a lower dear ones my silent no well head shots a head shot I think so yeah and I don't miss I don't bloody miss yeah Amy the special carbines the best assault rifle to my knowledge to my knowledge is it bloody ell what do you want go Jesus okay well how do you get the special ammo again that's the mark two rifles and stuff so you have to go to your oh I didn't do that on this account oh yeah about that I'm drinking a juice right now there you go let's say good stuff brows and your hat good I've rebreathers and everything let us know when you get back in this man yeah all right so what else do we need for a silent mission chat makes you proud we gotta look stealthy we gotta look stealthy ooh okay that's a good idea all right I mean you don't look very stealthy I guess I'm saying we got to go Oh No what uh my strawberry head oh I know who you truly are nothing Batman me mmm it's me the straw Bert I am Robert strawberry strawberry check okay I never washed it but I know we get it you have a family I go to the casino you like Wagner a change for the left but you went straight to the left order to go forget right sounds like starter wraps are yeah but you're right yeah sounds like a 21-7 song no I took a fricking left then a minute all right yeah I don't know if he's a frickin in the songs but waiting it when he does a Kidz Bop version yet since for all the kids out there tricking yo Rick when Shady I'm like we got to be stealthy in somebody chances become a lemon well I can't lose my strawberry identity I'll see you get a strawberry yeah but I'm gonna dress up stealthy mmm and she's gonna stress up stealthy okay I'm gonna see if I can spin the wheel yeah me too actually I shouldn't have bought the racks you should just spun the wheel until I got it I didn't know I thought it a different car but then I'm like oh wait it is apparently gonna change every week I can't spend it Wendy I thought we steamed in the morning yesterday you spun at a different time in Samara night Merida I did it at the same time very interesting very interesting all right I'm sure you an invite Samara but what is your there yo you're gonna be I think I go with like a heist outfit yeah my name where are you changing right now well I'm gonna see if I get you the wheel I'm right behind you we can go in my meteor and house oh yes or you could also change here in this era Canyon yeah this backer I can't do the week you want to change summer you got to get your butt over you I invite you to the penthouse if them excuse you there's some pretty cool ones all right sir if we get at your strawberry okay I look like a rainbow blueberries wait should we wear suits you want to do this too okay okay should we go suits like we're assassins yeah but we need everyone needs gloves oh okay so if you go to I don't know if you bought the outfits but if you go heist sharp there's some really nice suits I don't know if I have it on this account look at me every oh I know I said sharp right you were going adapt or penguin I look like a frickin I look like a yeah eat you know Yanni yeah uh yeah or you could go to the casino because you know you could change those as well okay yeah I would have to check when we extreme but it should be like in the next 30 minutes or so I think it has to be a stream that later yeah I did a little late you guys oh my god somebody said can you tell Avery I'm eating his brothers and sisters hold on hold up hold up wait not this Avery brother and sisters wait wait wait wait wait wait gosh darn wait oh no that's a okay just go over there you can put it on easier come here Avery you're gonna take forever just go up to you wait why am I here what are you where are you oh and what do you do next if you walked into the club I thought you're gonna like promote me some like yogurt or would you like strawberry Ciroc I don't even know P Diddy poppy did both daddy all right sure we've got some more blackjack until until the lady comes or what I got mm cred but yeah I'm down I got a hundred six can you buy more a cashier just come to a casino I can i buy anything i buy a gypsy it's gay you bet one hand every one head I'm gonna do that yeah we get sued you get your scarlet johansson suit if you like white no fish no fish get out the way no fish I love how you can tell when someone's in first person oh my gosh it's like it's like you got one of those things at the airport where you walk on them and you go fast Heelys not exactly smart broke her hand on wheelies r1 baby 6k found this oh nice to make you grab you racks out here baby ladies always rig you don't like her I hate her I like the other one I like the other table bed oh that's good oh I don't know I get out of it did you even have money I have a thousand you ever that all right you're gonna go on one hell of a run dude I'm gonna make a hundred oh look at this get up wait what Thanks why they honor these guys are fakes get up hi-yah I can start the mission now if you like are you dressed all right how far to me let me start an association again because it kind of worked well last time kind of sort of not really I'm at that cool a man but a strawberry dude if someone maybe we can hit certain octaves that's incredible yep I have an octagon yeah welcome to God you don't have to it should invite you in a second when I keep doing it my favorite thing is when I'm stripping for it I someone goes are you the guy that does the voice that's me the guy I'm the guy that dozen I've left and join the same lobby three times because rock star oh there we go he just randomly makes my own Lobby I'm pretty sure this is a stealth one I'm sorry somewhere did you say shut up granny okay just checking cuz I was kind of really sad to Daniel Jensen with the ten hey sorry for asking but do you know of Xbox players can play with PC players in the same lobby much love it Daniel Daniel things of the ten and know they can it's not cross play so PA only plays the Xbox for that question just for ps4 hopefully rocks if rocks are change that that would be the biggest thing to happen in this game but we'll see how to you appreciate that and we also have Marc Anthony Alpha plays Daniel Majid Noah 76 indiana writes all who became members welcome delete enjoyed those emotes if you wanna join as well link in description below and i'll read these cheap chats in just a bit backpack if you guys want accomplish you get one now because they're probably gonna be sold out next couple of days so uh while you can you got to join oh they're on oh you got some air you know join quicker what are you doing you got gyote eyes it's Mary Earth ago Oh should I hit play oh my gosh you can't I hit play maybe you got initiative do you see a gutsy are we gonna watch the cutscene or what I think it's because we you haven't seen it yeah until it passes because I wanted to be a surprise for the first time it's what it's getting sunny outside now listen Andre the amount of people in your cat that's wanting to eat me is uncomfortable when you're literally a strawberry no one that you don't know you know when people wouldn't want to eat you Avery what animals if instead of wearing a strawberry on head you are wearing a typical dot store new champion backpack and I can't go on my head it can perfectly on your head and over your head yeah I'm ugly I get it I'm I'm proud whoo whoo well Chazz de strawberries and lemons I'm trying to have to watch Scott's I'm just gonna look at you chat I'm gonna reach out for a second does this go through when I read in Penna thank you for that welcome to enjoy like wall WTF I want to eat Avery I want to eat a snack okay these cotton blogs every is so juicy we have no I I'm slightly uncomfortable but I'm very flattered can we get strawberries in the chat please let's go why my gosh are you not seeing it it's done now all right come on so we can free this lobby now saying I was gonna reach out oh I thought you told me to read that no streets back out yeah give me a second I'm backing out smear don't punch people it's not nice oh look I am I wanted oh snap is that the time that Mike here with mark I'll join the clubs all clients are valued but some more valuable than others not in your gaining anything yeah yeah yeah yeah some are you ready to accept it yeah I'm ready to accept it in oh look at me I just woke up from bed yeah all right yes and it's summer first cuz she takes longer and then Dave there you go we have a pin in it with it I'm in my penthouse living life oh man look at that we'll get all the strawberry okay Wow looks like we just we were a truck full of strawberries that just spilt over that's what it looks like those are all my kids I'm Conners here how can I help you hon strawberry people certainly I spot just go falling more credits let's go Oh someone just said I'm tasty in their belly so mm-hmm your second channel should be typical strawberries well I'm strawberry about how savory suavity all right we're just waiting on the old Samara yellow Samara eat the crap out of the ballet I have not heard him yet yeah I've been seeing so many memes of being like everyone rolling up to the casino and beating the valet guide and in real life might have some dudes – flexing someone like and I'm like accurate representation it's accurate accurate all right I'm thinking about you guys I'm gonna make an association one more time the secure sir register Co hire associates you both have been hired you've been offered work I have been hired by Palumbo Columbus the third now I want to add a strawberry next to my name on Twitter even higher end tables I'll start it in one second that's nice didn't even use the wheel Oh waiter time no I can't use it either right we should just check what time we did the stream mister it was later I got 50,000 tips though I thought it was in the morning that we did but no you woke up later Mary oh yeah and then I sold my cactus for 849 yep oh my gosh 23 hours ago so we got one hour lat all right I'm buddy yes oh wait no no we started exactly you can minutes ago oh three minutes ago oh no literally in the next five six minutes we're not even kidding cuz I remember yeah I sent my team for six my stream for six ten it's six six thirteen so that in 20 minutes from now I think we spun the wheel but it took us 40 minutes a Saturday yeah all right smells like you better we'll get our detective skills yes Queen we're detectives we are detectives were the best detectives you have ever seen and if you're watching enjoying the stream you can sure to smack that like button real quick subscribe if you're new and you want to make sure you get notified make sure to hit the bell and turn this post notifications as well let's go ahead and get this started they're not the only ones showing up obvious I just want peace peace so I can make this gold mine work is that too much to ask so I could leave this gold fine work come in I come in peace oh my god got some nerve I come in peace I come in peace mr. Chang I won't lie still want to buy the casino or buy a slice but my uncle I think he's lost his reason over this weed had a serious – falling out you know well I'm leaving the country quickly but I think he's sending some bad guys here again no these are very bad guys I came to tell you myself so there's no trace I do what you want but believe me I had nothing to do with it what do you make of that I'm beginning to feel obsolete hey we've got a pretentious problem come on up on the roof oh there look at that outfit Samara now she's ready to battle that's here good they're good we got all day we got all rise yeah I'm done with you no goats have square pupils minor square goats have square pupils have you never looked at goat in the eye no I don't think I've ever had the other I just get rid of goats so cute well they have like their pupils are different like they're like squared like the black part of their eyes are like squared well that's not good I want to make a go to paint I want to become a go why did they have to be fluffy chickens we already have George George looks like a fluffy chicken what you know what I think it was that for the car it was definitely the car driving okay look there she is oh my gosh it's green hair she's three Austin climbing fiber killer yet a clone eggs before she lays eggs okay oh these guys literally have like ain't bought every GTA 5 character has a buff right let us know when you're back and already started what you choose you don't want to see it apparently that's all you are you sure cuz we think this resort easily okay what's up to you like your body armor on I did I have like zero help yeah I hit their expert oh no no oh you're dead there's so many dudes bro you ki can you get lazy saying these guys have like they were not getting what they said that they're on the real all I didn't get coverage you did not get snacks good snacks and Sumeria hooked up with a gaming computer sponsor for real big guy right down here thank you I'd literally just climb to bury Hey look I get I have no 8 no actual HP's armor I'm stabbing the last guy let's get it no no he's not laughing oh shoot I'm dead all righty helicopters I'm dead I just I knew you were gonna die Izu been on you and just you spray it so you got it I was like yep Audrey you don't understand we're running out of body armor that's nuts I'd like they're so hard these mysterious and this is normal like it's it's insane how hard these guys are should we cook we started we just keep doing it until she goes ooh maybe not but on body armor then you tried to do without body aren't realistic we could how far we get he's so bad I've got you I'm using the gorge for more than five seconds unless you like you just lose every inch of oh I restarted to a decent spot yeah I mean that's the easy part that you can respawn like that oh my god strawberry I'm a fish I'm a fish rush all right jump off the roof we get slide it on the ground so it's like a bag of wet laundry oh my goodness all right for this mission sir are you guys staying covered 99.9% of the time it's really hard like they have a bottle I know yes it continued brother the diamond family business business I missing invites me do I neason you an invite to Avery are you in my lobby finally see you invited me you're in my lobby I wasted all my armor oh no no I literally don't have armor I became a baby wait maybe we could spin the wheel maybe it was all for this let's go in the car pin pin the wheel on the donkey what is that doggy doing driving yeah what the heck I should I got a hit a pinata – okay no I've never hit a pinata all right I don't care that please judge every item on juries look I don't care who judge make me a chat I never hit a pinata I can spin it I can spin it I could spin it I want to wait for you guys so why don't wait for us man yeah you can you have to go up to it didn't it didn't show that I could until I went up good I can't okay maybe it's like two more minutes cuz I spun it like five minutes before you Rhett yeah all right fair enough fair enough fair enough fair enough I'm gonna look at the wheel until I could spin it mmm that's the strategy I'm gonna play blackjack and tell some arrogancy or smash it in there I'm coming Oh chefs I've won a hand of blackjack you don't have to I can just send you an invite let me just invite you to my association he's already in it TT only should do roulette or blackjack every choose roulette all right red or black red or black everyone black green now I'm that don't say uh fifty thousand on black courtesy of Avery Kurt is that wait what courtesy of Avery fifty thousand on blast smear is intimidating oh my gosh lady my knife my knife fell into you that's not and place it in you hey can you hold this I don't want it thank you mind you shove it in their pancreas when they're dead Jesus all right body and I'm not even hitting her I need all on black please all on black on black please please please but it's 50k on black oh it's again black yeah but each chip is 10k Avery you were aside me yeah look at this oh my god it was in red and jumped out into ground black cam blackjack another go good weekend blackjack okay hold on hold on we're just gonna play one handsome man that's it yeah oh my 50k again that's I'm gonna bet everything I just wanna maybe you've got blackjack I'm gonna double down you ready I'd double down that will down go crazy no no that's too crazy if you double that now double that next once you're 14 Avery you screwed me thirteen fourteen no I can't believe that oh my gosh it's so rigged it's so rigged I thought oh I thought I was gonna win it that I'm betting 50k more this but III can't bet anymore I'm my last hand it's my life then I gotta go then we gotta get this is rigged it this game a 15 I have to hit you I'm hitting I don't grab 16 that was your card by the way yeah okay I did I've done never play casino never ever let me prove all sham they're all share it's an excuse for you to lose money it is Rockstar knows what they're doing dude there's no way they're gonna watch that one I can't believe okay let me what's right nothing everybody you I invited you both dududududu you and buddy you built the dududu smear accepted doodoo smear except okay I will be honest doing those tables is more fun with someone else yeah moralized when when you lose all of your money it everyone that is liking my tweet has a strawberry in their name now we'll spin the wheel after this next mission Mary you haven't accepted it's me I accepted to be a part of your thing yep no no I invite you to the mission I just went into pool for a little dip I deal blackjack for a living that's pretty standard well you know what dude I hate it as a ripoff he's counting cards I lost 150 grand right there I lost 50 yeah that was a whole bottle diamond Campania goes bad trick two of those already in the past 90 days like a cloud it's just on this face for me I see him bent over a barrel okay I don't know if that's true he looks like he's gonna tackle me he looks like he's getting a look into my soul with this goat eyes Marisa ah okay did you load some yep don't run you to the open yeah I got a he laughs no oh my god that went on that time I got my throat there's so many people here you like that ivory like that now I gotta say these guys are the best I cover 508 get down don't don't I'd review a heel heel up it again oh you put you pushed me do it it threw me up yeah I got you um then go to inventory go to snacks or fuck there's no snacks right away they laid me up here I'm jumping off the side I'm gonna take the guy around the side here I play big that guy's all right there come through hide around this corner use this corner yeah around the corner he may always the three head shots throw wind up someone who shot me provide roll roll roll roll woo the helicopter ooh the helicopter zooming me I need he'll move up cover me another helicopter move it up cover me bluff all-male I didn't get it no I died an ant yeah I shot the rocket but it took me out of cover for some reason all right we got to play really kosh's in i had we only have zero lifes now every day every day okay alright the other room about missions Hardman that is still in the roof be careful you're done I'm kidding the helicopter I actually don't know how to fly it oh my ki cap lags like okay I was it the people in the river okay get on the side of yourn you don't wanna get lucky I have no no no go here go up the ladder I got you Oh Mike I just killed everybody I'm dead are you kidding me wait they have laser accuracy yes they're literally they're literally aimbot I don't understand it's nuts they literally ain't bout you just hit page up restart hit insert let's stop that is a very very tough very very I freaking I body like four of them and then as I was trying to put it back down I'd crash yeah what you see bodies I'm like oh oh oh yeah when this helicopter is lighting me up I couldn't use a homing missile on it apparently I got it careful there's a big guy oh I just lost all my health he's not dead he's not he's on fire fire oh there he's finally dead oh my god smoke all right I have no more harbor hold on hold on hold on I can't fly it I can only go up do I have a parachute one less Andre probably I don't know God I'm gonna go hey we're good I just ran into a we're gonna go back to home alright you have to uh have to come here as well look at him he's alone this little gun we really will be sitting on a pile of rubble yes whatever we need to do so I've brought some champagne I've brought some the champagne they call sham partner Anya sham partner some finally the mission was a pain start all right we can spin the wheel now I'm excited who's gonna win a car okay it's not a you it yeah well wheel the doggies I still can't get over that Samara spun the wheel she just spent a little harder she would have got the car Yeah right okay I know I know but if you just spun it a little bit harder my first spin I was one thing off the car – so I feel your pain my favorite part is when GTI votes there we go oh oh I was on my phone see that I was doing some business $7000 battery on super here we got 50k we got 50k from it [Laughter] oh we should probably go get armor huh oh yeah yeah we'll get our let's get our Burger I can big you on my screen you were not in front of me a mice guys swear you later [Applause] later later later every no if we know we can't have wanted stars on us bad my goodness he's not listening he just keeps throwing smoke canisters oh oh I got one of those i frickin tell with you my Korra I got a couple of Glorian you're right what see how you're in trouble hmm okay okay yeah I'll deal with it wait there's some armor that you could buy a baby switcher outfit you can get like take more damage and there's also a holy proof helmet that you can wear that you hear these guys are thinking these guys are more expensive visa not marksman [Applause] his George a a fluffy chicken or fee a Bengal well it's all over checkmate I'm afraid please come and see me I'd like to thank you for all your help in person Oh miss Baker you ain't gotta say all that how many of those do you have from the cashier and sneer the wheel will be there in one second do what smear wants you to the valet what did you do the valet right all right let's see four go in a bloody car you're freaking wankers oh my god she fucking your chips firs one chef is equal to $1 $1 he can launch it can you spend every no it's American you spin it how long did I spin the wheel before years every mile [Applause] all right let's do the next mission then so the last mission yeah it's the last all right let's get this should we bet some money before we go in or what but I've put in some day I got anything Samara Samara what why you playing the evacuator [Applause] like I could see if she was [Applause] get Bobby go get Smith oh you almost got it I swear I've never seen three actually lined up there you go that would have been perfect timing all right all right let's start this mission for blackjack I don't have any points of water okay all right let's get started fishing look you should wear the strawberries I am a la he's spun in an entire stream before them is that true no baby Oh maybe you did – oh maybe I did you might have all right I'm gonna spin identity come with me boys wait time we spun it I swear spun it in you know you didn't do a morning one I do oh yeah he slept things I strands before he even speak yeah and then and then I said I said I'll wait you guys well yeah well is we could do it now Samara okay yeah it's solid yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah all right so who's going first smart you can do it right if you go through all right all right Samara is up to the wheel first what is mystery mystery I can give you a bunch of different things they're all really bad usually okay follow the instructions of the top left Oh Bennett girl Oh Oh you're actually spotted that all right big money big oh the cars coming up oh my god no 25 grand that's not bad that's not bad you get a car you get a car you get a car all right you're up next let's get it good try some man good try shadowboxing Avery with the giant spin here oh oh oh shoot where do you get your card hold on I got a text message from guys what is the service through it hey little burr up Hey a little bird told me we have a big winner congratulations that's a nice set of wheels I've already raised blasts of bubbly on your behalf of course car your iconic has the keys to give them a call and that's awesome there's some very nice Celica I don't know if you can mom i'ma win one too and we'll find out together Oh I'm not gonna touch mine I already own one so uh hey you got some no no no I got oh my gosh I unlocked the puff-puff I don't know I'm gonna see what the puff is how do you even see where it is people are telling me that your car doesn't have insurance on it right away so if you get it you have the insurance on it I'll be back again I go do something real quick before one of you delinquents I want to you know link ones huh we're with the puffed beyond I want see what it looks like it's like exclusive er I wish yeah that would be cool for this if you can just buy it and a little different okay that's enough out of you I'll just make her some of that I just sell the car uh-oh try bringing it to the mechanic without putting insurance on it you might be able to sell it for any of this yeah that sounds be good that would be a good tested I'm going imagine winning up we got a Evo and then you're like yeah I'm gonna go sell it pretty much that's it I didn't see the coke I need to find the puffs hey call me Puff Daddy oh I found sprayed puffer I don't think sure it tho sweater I think it looks like what the puff would be but I'm sorry what I didn't tell ya [Applause] mister scissors how you betting on horses the puff is an outfit that makes sense rather than one article of clothing but like where would that I have every outfit like I keep it real what are you gonna do sue me for it oh wait she already did first place Ted unless they added a new one how cool you get zero dollars for selling it so what if I sell my original one oh that would be the best way to do it yeah oh the original my car it doesn't and now there's insurance on it someone told me that was a good car that you unlocked for the missions yeah don't you get it yeah you haven't you're probably right all right well I gotta go sell my other car I guess they'll puff-puff I don't see it anywhere Oh hundred dollars I didn't mean to do that Samara a hundred dollars you can kill two people yet sure that's the way I look at it financial planning a favorite I found the puff you dope so does it look like I had this one already oh my gosh yes I'm gonna wear it all right uh you already started this mission or what but my car away and I already have that's that's crazy they could win a car like that just by Yeah right like rock star what are you doing how you gonna make money all right Samara come bed all in black on me come on no no just tell me what color to bet I'll show you if you have twitch crime you can get a free pen huh yes Canada right all right that's a home let paper delivered to your door wait can you sit at the table okay so now you adjust your best which is whatever bet you'd like yeah if you if it lands on red or black so choose red or black the other way you could choose specific numbers that's very very bad odds so I'm doing fifty thousand on black I'm very fifty thousand on black you with me no it's all black all black go go quick you have ten seconds a bet you just click the chips onto it like click on to the black and then click it quick you got five seconds just left click on to the black spot oh you did okay so if it lands on black hit hit page down if it lands on black you win money you land on a red eye I have zero dollars now ok mission cashing out I would what a what a phenomenal Idol oh boy okay I do not want to start the mission with this random guy the warning Vanguard or whatever his name is I'm uh you guys are in my CEO there at a place start the mission ten times it's always red it's always one of them I've never seen the land on green in it alright well keep putting me right um lobbies I just want a brand new car so I feel like I should put it on green right next time all right I'm getting putting 50 thousand on green next you guys got a bed and if I wait I'm the luckiest man alive if you put fifty thousand on green I think you're like one point something million back I'm doing it I just want a car so I'm gonna try my luck I'm gonna go outside if you like I a lottery ticket something I'm better but I'll bow out me like how Rockstar changed my life forever I want to in a virtual car I put it on green 1 million dollars now just one Mega Millions for 128 mils come by aunt Andres house I'm sorry you're evicted so sorry I thought we could build something for you oh no no Tel Aviv the day spa and gym clothes it's so gracious supplements a pipe dream the meditation app still in beta ok Turin you can Santa train young this year sing sure made so swear and wash your hand on the Fuji 30 time the warrior Julian Java well at least after 5 years we got this place opened there is that yeah I like how they mentioned that forgive me I come in peace again well I'm sorry about how everything pan down maybe I can help your uncle in you leave with a little more dignity and more I will offer asking plus 20 percent and a quick sale and a good relay shit but you got to help me help kill my uncle Oh cannot believe what I am NOT hearing and you'll keep your jobs the diamond will remain the darkness the entire team even the Monsieur yeah you keep your jobs and I can pull it off if not my uncle will attack you again kill you or destroy this place and buy it for peanuts you see my jacket I know it's not a great way no kidding it's not a great way to do business I kind of want the yes my written Lafuente blank eraser and lock okay think about it don't think about it now get out of here gentlemen made him excuse me what do you think I cannot do such a thing but maybe you can for a lot of money for a lot of money wait where's those new stealth missions oh look at you alright this is a stealth mission silencers out we actually have to do coordinated attacks there's cameras involved and crazy really yep yikes yikes I'll go wake up in a hill or something like it's nave rain we'll have all different angles shoot at the same time yep yeah I like this body the same person should we all go in the same car let's all go in this one I'll be a chauffeur call me Jeeves strawberry Samara kept in the back of you to show her how sorry very good even though we sell mr. Chang will be very happy go to the ranch yeah how every weekend there'll be lots of gods so get past them for the money is back on this side on this side oh man this side this is musical chairs mr. strawberry where we headed to tonight you're heading to madrasas brunch my good sir it's rozzers garage Tamera technically that's not sounds put that thing away well what diag you ain't got your lip gloss on yeah well you look like you ain't got nothin on put that thing away AB sign all matter of all the rules for the rules yeah I'm a strawberry before we kill people we must obey walk good stuff yes sir name another implement fast you know what one of you I'm gonna let you guys out on this tell one of you okay we're good we got to get angles of this area well let's go up to the mission marker first at least man I'm just saying it's a my first rodeo I know what's going on here I'm a strawberry I'm not a weird driver dudes if we were driver hey listen you yeah you guys got three point eight stores on uber I got a five-star rating all right great five scores before I let you up all right hey wait some dude just drove away I seen that all right we're on the hill what's going hey Hill all the way behind us all right let's just I'm gonna go in the brush I remember it well if you sprint your footsteps can be affected by deep though good we need like line up the shots stay crouched a crash those cameras as well though you can't kill anyone with to see the cameras on noodles right left control – yeah I see it all right so we had to take the camera out first and then him okay there's another guy looking at him though let's take out this guy on the far right first right or left no no far right for right he's gonna see us in a second see I don't got vision on okay Street yeah I see him I say check out for this night yeah oh man okay nice someone's walking they might see him but are is going directly the roof listen look we're out this right side first yeah cuz then we're more opened up that guy alright so to see that guy in the middle he open someone's walking towards them that we can't thank I can take out the car driver oh no there's a thing right there okay they got the camera first when he goes by okay everyone that he passes the camera initiative and this guy right here I might take him out which guy oh there's another car driving hi I'm behind that toilet I'm gonna go for a shot in this Drive Ryoka I'm gonna kill the guy with walking Adam got the driver nice all right there's a Diana camera right here I wish I right to the left here right yeah yeah makeup for the show where's the camera there it's on the other side oh you can get the guy in the corner I get the guy on the corner okay yeah okay okay looking sure here let's let's park this near the wall and jump on top of the wall I don't know cars coming cars coming oh hi hi I'm running the other way run jump on the roof summer I'll get you covered can you snipe him but he gets around the corner again same spot I'm gonna do it now yeah perfect night so I move the car all right let's go up the roof all right now we got to be really cautious of cameras that guy is walking the other guy though can you get the guy get the guy walking shoot him in three two one shoot good stuff it was nice ordinated Samaras like I'm helping you shoot some air yeah we need to get her in on this you don't have a sense weapon okay shoot this guy appears from here I got on top of that little metal thing if you can get a head shot it he'll be dead but a rig area shoot if he doesn't oh there goes he's not dead he's not dead yeah he fell he's all the way in the ground this is dead hey oh you got it okay yeah alright let's uh I'm gonna move around this edge – yeah hammer first night comes out is there any cameras here or what are we looking at there's a guy that's it he's okay he moved back okay the guy the guy further back I'm gonna get this guy at the vending machine get him at the veterinary Edie the other guys still write more they're gonna both you're both gonna meet up about then we can do do it once all right we got a boy to go to I can take them out holding down the left all right there's a guy coming on the right down guy I'll take the right guy I got the guy though look at the guy on the right cool summer I take out this camera if you can just one on the corner on the corner here is it good stuff all right now we're ending on the ranch we can actually go up on this roof and probably take it most of them out yeah good I guess Yeah right everyone's dying kind of hard to see where everyone is here the green the shrubbery really mad you see a guy I can't tell what's on him like yeah oh I see this guy here in the middle but there's a camera there I can't see the camera to shoot it at the front maybe you want to go for the front first there's three guys in the camera what do you think Samara I have no idea let's do that let's go wide because the deer footstep so these two we're gonna take out together and then we do the camera round the guy okay oh yeah soon here okay I'm gonna get the left one you can get the right one right yeah three two one shoot I'll take out the camera you think of the guy ready all right three oh shoot it shoot it out oh my gosh wait did you kill the guy he's still my front yeah don't I want to stab him I'm gonna stab MOCA okay like being really stealthy with these missions hey you guys watching me oh I'm zoomed in don't worry the puffs always strikes the puff strikes at night he has no idea incredible oh the puck does what he needs to do cameras you get to take out both cameras who's here on this side I'll take out my guy and then you guys take out your cameras all right it's American together this camera something that wall oh shoot forget the camera take up again last oh shoot hey V can you shoot a guy unless watch with the camera got it that was so close we've been Campos called in his chopper moving is it a different cutscene if you go and allow go there is no yeah there's no cutscene when you go mud oh really yeah get them out here oh come on we could have backed this up we could have taken them out I guess we go bad now I gotta get home look at this thing I don't know am i right in thinking mr. Duggan is being evacuated in a helicopter hmm it would be very bad for all the lessons they got away particularly you if you want to get paid take that how you will rose mr. Avery's evac helicopter a free chill he thinks he's in but you know what people is this medicine I swear this is new alright still remember it alright that was perfect we do that so silently one guy shot in me loud but oh wait did he show you yeah one day oh my god the bloc of Georgia I got you though to get the smaller ones first the faster every I can't shoot up or slow down slow down slit up heart slow heart slow heart slow heart slow blower faster totes it going down what did he ever do to you you get the smoke too isn't it don't say anything I don't want to know but I know dears Lord I'm an accessory to murder oh my god yay okay come back to the casino so we can dot the i's and cross the t's on this deal okay let's go back to the casino I really wanna do a heist heist again Samaritan grappling the heights were with those siren missions and stuff I should do it you me Avery and ex off and I'll be in my belly obvious Snickers Snickers lover and if you guys are watching enjoy this do be sure to hit that like button and subscribe you keep some nice notifications or make sure you get her subscribe to an interim posted okay she's back what do you need is sir when you're in the car hit tab captain's new idea yikes Oh his merit hold age to get into the seat look at ya look at her she's too proud there is no there is no stations welcome back they're waiting for you in the lobby I heard you acquitted yourselves most of jointly oh my gosh it's vocabulary thanks to you all I now have full ownership of this card house and mr. Chang is on a flathead and West things are changing already absolutely what are you waiting on mr. Connors if ever there was a celebration you need a champagne oh my god very good good come on now that might be the last bottle of French you get to open the trust has been iord up north stuff tastes like sparkling piss but they let us put champagne on the label now oh well I guess that's one of them any cost savings we can look forward to under your ownership all in the name of synergy my dear you just get me twice the profit from half the outlay we'll get along fine but that reminds me Vincent yes sir will no longer require your services what Oh security is something we're more than capable of handling ourselves well giving you pass at the desk I see yes sir it was a privilege working with you fine people Thank You Vincent right you all got a casino to run what don't wait – he's gonna go supervillain post and come back home a lot of American owned that's not how I hope things would turn out but still running oh and your condo still worth something at least well I've got some work to do very good good luck old friend yeah mission burials I might not drink any alcohol here's your strawberry you can't even you have no orcas the pathetic I can suck it in through my feet I feel like that was unnecessarily mean to Vincent yeah Vincent did nothing but help right maybe there's no Cabul area yeah maybe because the guy's dumb yeah I don't understand you yeah he did see an arrow to keep their jobs honestly I'm taking this Texas guy you don't deserve to own this casino all right so that's all six missions we still have two things to check out though we did it if you throw a party now apparently it's mad bumping really so we'll throw and I have my penthouse and then also we should have unlocked the secret car yes you'll get a text from Miss Baker miss Baker myth Winnebago may jump off the roof I hate my life oh I just got five hundred thousand and a hundred thousand for beating that okay that's six hundred thousand for being the mission you got to be a host they like it more than me so I'm finalizing the accounts before they go off to Duggan and there's reserves that don't seem to be in the deal they signed would you like me to drive send it to you as a dividend considering how instrumental you were in the deal it's the least we could do and feel free to come spend some of it at the casino of course enjoy yeah she just sent me six hundred thousand dollars that's pretty nuts how do you get the car tooth bond it's my real quiet and ah my friend if not at the dock you know we'll walk out oh she taxed me thank you this is so strange I keep finding assets that were included in the ownership transfer of ownership to our holding company and I keep putting them in your neighbors gonna like this one I'm sure go down to the docks and take a look all right who wants to come with me we all go do the vets everybody come to the docks let me let me I got the perfect truck to do this with wait I got the perfect truck everybody wait by the door I got you some Samara is that you shooting rockets for one thing not me for once it's not a reason strawberries strawberries can't do those things alright so when you complete all six missions as hosts you get something special and a lot of money and a lot of money so I'm gonna go ahead and drive make sense you need to be the host to be to like do the mission you need a access the mission yeah all right hop in there visa merit hop off the I mean a lot my god yeah pull your parachute if you've got one this idea where I want to see all right Sumeria do it do it fully fares you don't forget oh my god it's Mary you're kind of cool no fish oh why is it breathe going in alright you guys in oh can you get someone do you fall off the cops I wonder have we got what do you maniacs as I'm just being Miley I could have definitely driven that was perfect I don't know you're talking about you're missing like the word odd I'm missing and I would know me know gonna be wait you've caused trouble for the TG elite remember that the theater can dismiss you you see see you got to be nice to the teacher okay I don't know what was so hard they were don't every I'm a barbarian fire your swab air you gotta put the strawberry away stop baby they call me awesome my driving skills are dude it looks like you're lighting your head on fire yeah I got a light myself on fire my goodness you don't cook strawberry this strawberries on fire Seamus I'm gonna blow up your vehicle before you go please don't do that I just called an airstrike on it this is a four day I know I know oh this is V Naboo look at this fancy fancy car Oh select property boom Oh Oh he actually called an airstrike all right so this is what you get for completing all six missions you give the in despair gun are armored for free it is thanks machine RPG em you look oh my god I'm alive alright Samara go get a car meet us at the casino okay we got defender and it's a one security guard I got it let me test that gun so he tests us the guns don't shoot him no shit leave her alone all right I prepare that we got to get insurance I'm just gonna check to make sure it has it all right one of you in the car I have my apparently to man oh you got yours right there so you can customize it and everything right yeah it's basically the same just you don't have to buy an armor that's awesome I mean it comes heavily armored like the side looks different oh yeah it's bad the original is it really yeah if I wasn't lying linear dimensions I would have been a head Oh God fair enough I believe you know that's what when I was doing one guy had it and it was way back here is Thurmond actually I'm already caught up one minute driving is this I it's purposeful tribe a okay yeah apparently you didn't need to get insurance did you no okay but some people say I didn't but it might have been a bug early on but I didn't day after the DLC came out but I was fine okay let me just check real quick to make sure I don't want that to be a bug cuz it's like you can't buy this vehicle right that's what I love when they do stuff like that really like you can't buy the vehicle so it's right notes hey yeah I went to that I mean the last thing that I liked that was frickin renegade writer alright repair vehicle and yeah it has insurance on it we good we gucci should i customize it a little bit yeah buddy chill away spray some bumpers i have a nice livery samara how should i design it it's up to you will ship on the front which one do you like okay well that's not very high end up a carbon carbon down the front carbon on the back engine upgrade race exhaust grill you can make this thing it looks so freakin shit I like the Depot girl right doesn't it it is a fan they don't look as good right this one looks a regular Bentley thrills way better good Oleg there was too much you were like flying for me there's like a whole different place that's that good that's a good good right there alright let me go here Shepherd a livery or not Smith you know it's actually really cool this one's really cool but also this one's really cool look at that to put this one up and put this one up and then what color would go good with black and green looks pretty good right uh yes yes right yeah yeah the green strobe you know I have my thirty done I got the black like had to type of thing all over it what spoiler do you have on do you have a crazy spoiler I've done you have a what none it looks cleaner with that one it does look pretty clearly though I actually like the sports white or the low GT one I like though any low ones I don't like any big boilers for any big ones are a bit too crazy yeah that's not gonna ricer I'm gonna lower this thing down to the floor the wheels that kind of like I kind of like the default do you like you know why choice are stolen yeah I don't like milspec wheels I'm gonna leave it the way it is for the wheels and then they're already bulletproof which is great windows blacked out all right what color of the car smash we keep black purple well that's it you have the purple now which purple this purple purple and green doesn't look that bad yeah the darker one better have a matte matte purple that one oh that one looks sick you don't like that one okay you don't like that one she just what we're head you were trying to jaw Oh which one this one this one or this one I kind of like the later on actually this one yeah okay there we go it's purple what have we done to this vehicle oh and then this one's gotta be purple as well all right there we go you like that livery on it too or do you want a different okay there's actually some really cool race car yeah it does look cool right I don't like that all the way I don't like it I wish it were I wish you just had the turquoise option this is ban Austin's car kind of parties it actually looks like the Joker's go look at Avery over here odl Mae I actually really like the lucky rigueur super clean you can buy this garbage but not the armored version yeah a little bit more efficient too sick wha you know as you know the federal consume your any paper thank you very much that's what he just said yeah I'm one of them I'm a paper I'm a paper company I hello Avery from dozen pathetic alright let's go throw the biggest party of 2019 oh oh I got the 50,001 green oh are you actually gonna do it yeah I'm trying my look all right let me put pinouts garage let's meet him on the casino floor somewhere green underglow would look pretty good with this okey-dokey we're okey dokey okey dokey uh wait where's my other car did you blow up my Moore's mutual storage ah there you go look I have the armor versus the unarmed so this is the one that you pay for the Innes Paragon R and then this one is the one that you get for free if you do all of the missions this is the enos para ganar it's okay three things in the scales they get the car if you spin the wheel and then you get that that's nuts though like I feel like this is the this is the mo yeah this my garage you like it yeah this is a cool garage you can buy the penthouse man no let's go to the let's go to the casino first and let's see if I got all this money on green I gotta get green over here better win 1.2 million dollars when's a car and went bets on green in the same game hey that'd be nuts oh my gosh look not everybody's gonna like the color of the car okay I love it Samira I like oh I'm more fan black red and like yellow but purple can slap I like purple I like blue I like green I like all right I got 50,000 ships ready to go as well we're doing green doing green nice I might buy bet black what a loser all right I would get everyone can't wait where is green I think we're going all-in on green I'm coming up go you have to go through or double zero what is doubles here what's the different it's just there's two zeroes through zero and double zero but oh oh wait it oh my god you can't do just a green in general well no you can so good of you to join us sir so I use your double zero wait you know let's give you 5,000 you'd be out of hit you can bet multiple times on this zero double zero every double zero zero faints not letting me bet anymore oh I guess oh you can hang that 5000 on the inside what's outside how do we go ahead I can't bet I can't you're the only one I could bet on in arborlon twenty-three red apparently you maxed it out area you can only bet 5,000 on the inside best of luck they don't want you throwing away all your money well if you win it you're gonna get a lot hey if you win it you need to buy a lottery ticket real life yeah I think I'm going there like 20 oh not even close not even close BB there's black – just one more bet one more bet I'm betting all my money on black 30,000 he was so you just you just left-click on the color like on the red you see red and black and they see odd and even beside them Tamara yeah you bet queer chips out they were you bet I did 5,000 double zero yeah oh okay oh yeah I'm gonna bet oh we get throw a party in your area and play blackjack up there oh yeah we could that's true okay I bet odd and black so if it gets on the odd number and black your boy wins big money big you have two seconds you have two seconds you can bet to if it lands on even number you also went double zero baby I feel it come on black black on here oh it spins for a while huh Oh sham it oh I couldn't have got a worse bet I can ever I have zero coins I have zero points I can't even bed upstairs alright let's go to my penthouse guys how much did you win schemes a scam dude scheme skin apparently you can bet on the line between zero and double zero to do green I don't know if that is true in general I think that might be great in general but like maybe maybe that's actual casino rules and not in the game hey you know I hate him I hate Kathina I hate Kathina [Applause] I take a shortcut Wow a little offended I invited you guys to the party can you see this tattoo what's inappropriate she dropped something and she's throwing around a look at it hello she's had a hard day at work alright I'm calling in the party get ready right I'm calling in the party I like these pooping dogs Tom Connors here thirty twenty thousand dollars let's go we'll start with a list drinks and take it from there alright I should have put my party of it the party's been called in is it cutscenes for you guys yeah Oh a party has begun wait are there people there over here you sure is America he's got to come to the bar area over I think the party gets more hype when I don't know right here look hey yeah come in okay there's like a couple a check with it I want more people I want more people in here I just got 20 points baby 20 points bebe let's see my bad I thought I thought were supposed to be more Liberty first emissions I was lied to beers with my boys on the coach where are you having some beers wait I'm playing America the greatest vision mission one it's not letting me play blackjack apparently oh my god Freddie no rock star in the chat again what's up rock star oh shoot get body cameras can rockstar invite more people to my party sad isn't what happened they go great I thought you said I thought so too Andre can you come here she's scanning me I can't I gotta try there like a winner I'm just gonna try to die beans run over your camels yeah that's where I've been this entire time now know this this is in my life I have 20g ma'am are you afraid to lose I can't even leave thousand points leave this low okay I'm coming I'm coming I guess speak to his lady yeah please I have $40,000 on the line and I'm stuck at the table lady can you flip the frickin car he doesn't want to lose she has performance issues chips are required I don't have any chips that came down she doesn't do me any guards oh look at my goat eyes you don't see the cards I have on the table I'm literally about to win and she pissed fuses the flip it do it I can't even leave the table like you say the option I'm getting currently you're getting bodied I'm gonna be real trying to make strawberry money strawberryish money well this has been successful missions besides Avery getting stuck at the table right Avery the strawberry lets us never forget I threw some garbage on the foyer that's what I was looking at why is it garbage on the floor y'all getting rowdy there's a four player game here which I'd love to play with on four people yeah well I'm also stuck in my team I got an idea I got an idea I'm coming this is racist against all strawberries miss I'm calling hers your boss summers not taking it lightly here drunk she's she's very good I would love to see but I can't turn around because she's sad and what's the courier I'm getting the champagne services give me a second interview drink I'm just gonna keep going oh no she's like falling over on the table that's okay keep going lady oh my phone's ringing but I can't see it because I'm stuck at the table all right it's okay I got I got some champagne for you thank you right at the booty statue wait a minute wait a minute Oh Samara is still not she's not having a good time over there all right all right I'm gonna step away all right here you go okay Samara come here oh my god strawberry I'm sorry we can't save you Samara Stryker probably like are they robbing me of 40,000 chips I think they're attempting attempting to my whole chat is just gta6 cuz rock stars in chat what's wrong with you guys five and you have I guess it's over champagne I'm going crazy want a big champagne come here Samara I got champagne for you yeah get over here get over here stand in front of me the party's starting all right here we go we freaking dead is our casino down baby let's get it please Ricky go serve me sir B I'm gonna be real I thought the party was gonna be more bumpin yeah you know what I thought so too you upset I'm Adam Richards whiskey shot I might pass out like my screen looks like I'm about to pass out I'm gonna take a Mount whiskey shot I haven't tried that one yet Mount whiskey I can't even look at my screen is so nuts with it but everyone's a view drinking fine of oh wow my screen is really going crazy no no she she succumbed here yes she did alright guys another drink don't worry guys I'm over here having a good time I'm gonna get a Mountain whiskey shot this one's for Avery yeah down there we go let me hear if you need me guys down the hatch it goes mmm sorry are you good Oh she said no she said no to me she said no to me give me the damn trick this is my establishment oh my god I can't even look at my screen anymore I'm gonna go one more drink don't cut me up never cut me off oh shoot I think one more and I'm done Samia how many did you drink before we pass out well I only passed out with that Macbeth one know when you're with me and every here you kind of just fell onto the floor I think oh did you thank nothing you did did you oh my gosh oh my god Avery if you're gonna come save me strawberry I'm gonna go save the strawberry strawberry strawberry I'm here baby oh how you doing chief I wish I could turn around and see you wait yeah let me get in here what are you looking at the lady marriages passed out I'm gonna meet you Samara I'm gonna meet you I'm taking was it was shot the Macbeth yeah alright I'm gonna come to you give me a second oh I woke up in your bed Oh what yeah whores whoa this is my apartment Lee that's a wild night I'm taking the shot leave now can we get can we get you shot on the table I have not moved tables all right Samara I'm gonna I'm finna pass out oh okay take tha that's good oh this is it this is it for me oh I set my head off the floor I woke up in the toilet wake up anywhere else in the bar you could wake up in different spots you could actually get a t-shirt from doing it what about in here like is it just a toilet in a bed I don't know you'd have to keep on testing to figure that out can I wake up in the bath you can wake up in the beach beach let's go get away well this was super successful mission guys yeah super super successful I literally have to close GTA in order to move on you know what sometimes when the one door closes another one opens Avery we had a lot of fun playing this okay and we got to do hi soon do you guys want to see hice to let us know and check I sang it in the group chat for about a month I want to know if chat watch this play high stat do you want to see his play ice let us know and I'm gonna go ahead and say bye to chat so I'll see you guys that later okay let me know we pass our bite all right Chet if you got to enjoy this drop a like on this video real quick subscribe if you're new and if you want to cops and fire much like the brand new typical champion backpack these are available now at typical dot store like the description below get it while you can because you guys are selling this thing out very very quickly from the looks of it from the forecast of it we just might have a few more maybe a day or two left these for sale if you 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Bob Jeff man world Lord 777 George guy rock and/or roll well I think that means rock and roll shady George guy appreciate that pavis Michael Plaza who won the car George guy will two-to-three George guy again party all the times it's going crazy CR says if you go to settings click on options turn match money off you should always be hosts I tried doing that I don't think it worked though options and then you see matchmaking it's closed but it's still it still went through which is odd unless have to like save it through not off the save through here so I don't know why I don't know why I still do that but oh wait maybe there was another option there hold on let me say options remain host after oh yeah okay I have it no idea why that is so we're gonna have to figure that we also got will Haman thank he's watching for three years shout to you will read a Gable shout out to you j-money Reese Zach Ames life shadowed to you toxic pyro Brian Herman with the ten Miss Baker is the torque statue investigation to follow great content brother think you probably big shadow to you and what – hey Chad you bright obvious gamer shoutout to you toxic pyro I don't play with anyone specifically in GTA I do invite you guys though so look at on my Twitter for how to do that and for tonight I do random do sometimes ollie James take you for that glad you enjoy the videos elite Farrow we have a George guy Omar at 4:20 what's up everybody tropical gamer back at it again with your daily mangos and coconuts that's right those are the memes I like to see shout out to you Omar I am an el gaming appreciate the love at Josh Holyoke what's up man Edwin is a woke look at some air just like like she's tall and her eyes are scary what the heck oh my she does have good eyes good eyes are scary good eyes are real scary we have danger wave mr. streamer specs of your PC preferably the CPU and GPU I don't know I'm specifically my brother bill my computer but there is a video on it if you search up typical reviews typical gamer gaming PC call me marshy thanks for that Steven Jindal the wise group productions glad I could inspire you bad picture that to you and all the best Jesus Christ loves me shout out to you and yeah I mean there's some glitches usually just restarting session or restarting the game fix 99.9% of them abdullah thank you for that mmm out and L gaming thing for that as well again don't forget to cop the brand-new backpack at typical dot store like the description below I'm telling you guys if you want one that was the best chance to get one because they're first half alright um let me know if the copper do you think tweet at me and I'll be streaming again today at some point so be on the lookout for that chronic gamer love your videos Canadian shale shanty prone again we're glad you enjoy the videos man that's gonna beer after this one though let me know if you wanna see us do the ice and thank you for all the support on these casino dlc videos I might do what 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