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Guiding Principle: Maintaining Standards Within the Surface Navy – Vice Adm. Richard Brown remarks

November 8, 2019

It is about standards. If you take two DDGs and they’re at the same pier and you look at DDG A on the right, and DDG B on the left, and B has running rust, the lines aren’t frapped correctly, the quarterdeck is slovenly, you know that the ship has a reputation of poor morale, they don’t pass all their inspections. And then you look at A on the right-hand side of the pier and the ship is sharp, lines look great, the quarterdeck is squared away, the ship has a reputation of high morale, they knock everything that they do out as far as inspections and operations. What’s the difference between the two ships? It’s the CO. The CO that walks by the ship on the left-hand side of the pier accepts that standard every single day that he walks by that ship. Whereas the CO on the right does not. And it’s amazing that, that adherence to standard starts at the commanding officer and it just works its way down to the crew. I think that, that is the key and it’s to maintaining standards, if the gauge is supposed to read between 45 and 55 PSI 44 is not enough and 56 is too much. And that’s what we have to drive to every single day of the week.

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