Gun Gripes #180: "Assault Weapons Ban of 2019"

July 26, 2019

welcome back everybody this is Eric and Chad here with Iraq veteran Eddie a88 and today we got another gun gripe episode for you and this one is a doozy we're gonna talk about emperor Feinstein's s 66 and look I'm telling you it's a doozy we're gonna break into it and I definitely want to take just a quick minute to just tell you guys I really want to thank the folks that support our channel you know those of you who purchased t-shirts over on the website or any of the merch that we sell on the website those of you who purchase man cans those of you who support our efforts to patreon you guys Rock thank you very much for seeing value in what we do and believing in us and supporting us directly if you enjoy this content and you enjoy what we do on this channel and you want to see it thrive and survive and continue on consider helping us out and contributing to us directly in those ways that's the most direct way that you can help us if you choose to and thank you very much all of you you're wonderful so let's get into this a little bit so umm she's up to her old tricks again now apparently she's watching our videos she has to be and I'm gonna tell you why because in one of the previous videos we made reference to Feinstein pulling out the good old salt weapons ban and kind of going dusting it all away and blowing it off right getting the dust off and then taking a red magic marker and going alright keep the house at 17 2018 here you go so apparently she she's been watching okay apparently because great idea because not only does she think it was a great idea to just truck get up to her old tricks again she went ahead and did like a mark 2 version she sort of up to a knee a little bit so we're gonna go over that so what are the provisions of s 66 all right so if you guys remember a little history lesson almost like the history lessons go ahead back in 1994 the first assault weapons ban passed and it had a sunset so it was active for ten years and then the ban ended and all Hills supposed to break loose they were supposed to be fighting in the streets they're supposed to look like a gang scene out of a escape from LA escaped from New York or something crazy going on no I mean that tends blaring around the wall in utter criminal fueled gun fueled chaos Anarchy all right so that that bill named I think what eighteen firearms by name that were 100% completely banned okay and then it it limited you to two features on it given assault weapon which basically ar-15s okay so you couldn't have like a threaded muzzle you couldn't have a pistol grip you couldn't have a combination of two of these components this telescoping stock the ability to accept a magazine that can hold more than ten rounds all this company's got around that by not threading the muzzles anymore and putting fixed offs on there and still having the pistol grip and then sell them it goes from ten round mags it did absolutely nothing to stop the flow of these firearms which in question don't even account for what I think two percent of gun crime even involves a rifle of any type period period yeah no I'm not just a or don't tell all of that bullcrap to the Mujahideen in Afghanistan fine obvious with in video is an infield bolt-action rifles okay ask them what an assault weapon is if they were hit alright weapon of war uh whatever anyway I'm sorry I'm sorry why is the diagram the original ban was was Minh tine wanted back then because she had to get the support of she had to get bipartisan support in the Senate to be only to thank passed and up to Bill Clinton's desk for him to sign into law so she's noted for saying back then that if she could have gotten fifty one votes in the Senate Mr and Mrs America turned them all in she would have done it miss verbatim but that is mostly what she said this is her medallion always has been she is the Cryptkeeper urgent fervently and tight you mean she's maliciously anti-gun she's been fighting this crap for years now all these new assault weapons ban the they introduced or they even talked about they don't include a sunset they're more restricted they include more firearms and all this so let's get going Johnny assault weapons and high-capacity magazines are deadly and dangerous weapons of war that belong on battlefields not in our streets they have no purpose for self-defence or hunting and no business being in our schools churches and malls said Senator Richard Blumenthal by passing the legislation Congress can honor the memory of beautiful life cut short by military-style assault weapons in various places and not going to say it too many other American cities this is the year for my colleagues to turn our retic rhetoric into reality and finally in America's gun violence epidemic you got that right it's a pointless mindless rhetoric yeah the least thing out of that part right all right so finally in America's gun violence epidemic all right data data is your friend remember what I said earlier about rifles being using crime it's like two percent naive me the less than that ARS and things like that using crime are miss Kuehl okay very few and far between handguns on the other end or use a lot of crime because they're easily transportable look at Chicago they've got a handgun ban and they've got the worst handgun crime out of any city are you never mind that Johnny down the Southern Linda used an AR to shoot the bestowal of Springs peace Heath warded a active and active shooter who was tearing up this church down there just because I don't remember if it was anti-semitism or he guy was just out of his mind but he warned that attack and the loss of more lives with than they are so my thing is all right all these folks that are so anti-gun like Feinstein and all her cronies right if somebody wants to hurt you right there you gonna call you're gonna call a guy with a gun right and it's probably gonna be not only a guy with a gun it's gonna be a guy with an AR a dog or many dogs hopefully the ATF doesn't shoot them and then you know they're gonna have sheen guns and all these black things so you think it's okay for you to have protection and that the peons we don't deserve to protect ourselves with the same guns that you want to surround your gated communities with and your armored limousines and your fancy self-important narcissistic life that you live so it's okay for you to do that but not for us and I strongly disagree uh you know I I believe that it's very very scary the precedence is being set by people like her in her actions and what's scary about her actions that that they've gone unchecked nobody's doing nothing about it so the you the Constitution right second amendment shall not be infringed shall not be infringed you you took an oath you gave your word that you would uphold the Constitution and you're taking a dump on it so why has that gone unchecked like why is she walking free well they probably have to have a special jail to put her in because she's ancient I mean I don't know I don't know maybe making her her jail keeper person would be like the Cryptkeeper I don't know I'm not sure I don't know if they have a special jail for folks that are about to see the light they count on the way out I don't know how that works I'm not sure maybe maybe you guys can tell me all right let's get down to the nitty-gritty let's do it all right so key provisions all right so this is this is kind of update all right bans the sale manufacture transport or transfer an importation of 205 military-style assault weapons by name owners may keep existing weapons thanks appreciate that bans any assault weapon that accepts a detachable ammunition magazine and has more or one or more military characteristics including a pistol grip for grip barrel shroud threaded barrel or folding or telescoping stock owners may keep existing weapons bans magazines and other ammunition feeding devices that hold more than ten rounds of ammunition which allows shooters to quickly fire many rounds without needing to reload you guys ever seen Jerry Mitchell like reload in case owners may keep existing magazines so basically they want to basically make it where they can't make this stuff anymore yep so essentially yeah it's fans the sale manufacture and transfer so write-in transfer so when I die what they get ran through a wood chipper my kids don't get them you cannot transfer the fireworks they have to be blue um so exemptions to the bill oh well thank you thank you Queen Nancy of the bill exempts my name more than 22-hundred guns for buttery Oh hunting oh yeah I'm sorry I read that wrong no you know you interpret it called defense or recreational purposes who are you to tell me what I want to defend my family with who are you well you are no one what if my firearms recreation means that I want to go burn up ARS I mean that's recreation look at this this is my idea recreation so look I have the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness that makes me very happy this doing this makes me happy all right you have no right to tell me what I can and can't do this brings any happiness and I'm not hurting nobody except well maybe the person's feelings have made this right here who is pretty good the same thing that we always go back to and like eric says shooting guns makes me happy I have the right to pursue happiness our argument is no avoiding these guns are okay for private security detail in the military but not OK for Joe Blow American citizen I should protect himself from an overreaching government and tyranny I hope that's a communist paratroopers start jumping out of the sky I hope that I hope that Feinstein's on her back porch of her fancy mansion whatever she's got and she's sitting down there with her mint juleps and she goes mom I'm a treasonous person I wanna see parachutes coming down with a bunch of Communists ready to go to war with us and I want her to go oh crap I need to get my my people you know I'm gonna use my Kido a little carry permit that I have to use my concealed weapon to defend myself with my thing is guys it's like they want to act like gun owners or such horrible people but I guarantee you that if we got invaded and then there was this all this stuff about their you know the place was covered up with with bad guys they would be like oh we were wearing a spirit of national emergency we're gonna need everybody that's got a gun to just you know help us fine you know that would be great you sorry you took them away come on man if you infringe on the Second Amendment you're completely blind to how this country even was founded like what our overall culture even is you are blind to the culture by which you represent well see we need to start putting a millennial Fault in every video here's here's today's millennial club but we're democracy more people want gun control than ever before we're a republic not a democracy oh man yeah alright I feel a blood pressure rising maybe we need to get that thing all right so okay the other exemption this bill includes a grandfather clause that exempts all weapons lawfully possess at the date of enactment but guess what down the line you know what's gonna happen it's like hey you know all those guns that you guys got to keep we're gonna need the make model and serial number of all those and we're gonna put that in a database so we could save it later it's okay it's it's for Public Safety for what's gonna happen it's gonna be like well Oh Eric died well we got all these guns here we can't transfer them to anybody just build a really really big coffin and just and I just ferryman comes with me I guess because you can't transfer I mean I know we're getting a little silly in this all right yeah the humor is paramount here but you know but it's the same thing over and over again I feel like I've had this conversation with you guys like 10 times how many transgressions are we gonna accept before we say enough is enough and hold these people who'll hold them accountable guys we have to get together on this whether you support goe FPC NRA it is a matter which gun group that letters are on your vehicle that's irrelevant this is a grassroots thing we have to contact our reps we have to be active we have to strike while the iron's hot we have to strike before it's hot we have to let them know we're there and that we're gonna fight them at every turn on this you have to contact your reps and tell them to vote nay and this should even make it out of committee much less even be heard it is such a slap in the face to the men and women who have fought and died for this country to think that this is the direction that people want to want us to go in is a very fear invoking fall absolutely this is this is what this is what the general public who is very uninformed about statistics and climb and firearms and other data points that are important to this type of discussion they are blind to it because the motion of your facts though yeah your facts emploice you said that – oh I don't accept you those are your a fact my facts they're the facts the the facts not yours or mine the facts there's there can only be one set all right all right said all right so grandfather clause exempts all weapons lawfully possess today all right other provisions and there's a little bit more there's some updated stuff because they got wise all right so requires a background check on any future sale trade or gifting of an assault weapon covered by the bill all right give us some background checks we already covered that before all right so Wayne it says right up here that bans the sale manufacturing transfer so why should you be able to transfer that to me doesn't make any sense okay I think they just loop themselves over all right requires that grandfathered assault weapons or stored using they secured guns storage or say device like a trigger lock so I'm gonna use an ar-15 to defend myself in the household I wanna keep it by the bed okay well I can't just you know use it when I need because I have to store it securely with a trigger lock so a bad guy just wait on me to get my AR unlocked so I can shoot you with it okay hey that's no fair you're a bad guy you don't have a trigger lock on your gun and force it prohibits the transfer of high-capacity Ammunition magazines high-capacity you mean like standard Pasco bans not fire socks and other devices that allow semi-automatic weapons to fire at fully automatic rates again tell that to Jerry Miculek so I guess look Jerry if you're watching probably not but look Jerry they're coming for your fingers man I don't want any way to tell you this oh no the next time I see Jerry imma be like hey Jerry how you doing my reach out you'll be like Oh Jerry what happened they come and took them in place he's gonna have a meat cleaver shop he's gonna have a wooden hand like chubs and happy Gilmore's like that's knocking down that alligator in my hand all right ricin here's the update sorry Jerry we had a joke at your expense I'm sorry all right so banned stocks that are otherwise foldable or adjustable in a manner that operates to reduce the length size or any other dimension or otherwise enhances the concealed ability of the firearm bans assault pistols that waive 50 or more ounces when unloaded a policy included in the 1994 ban that would have been like you're like tech nines and Macs and stuff like that because they were big and scary are we also gonna burn books that weigh over 50 ounces all right this is my fan this is my favorite part I read this the other day and I couldn't help but chuckle bands assault pistol stabilized embraces that transform assault pistols into assault rifles by allowing this year the shoulder the weapon and fire more accurately because that's because that's totally because you want shots to just errantly go in any random direction and hurt innocent bystanders assault is an action not a thing bands of Thornton my own grips or Thorsen type grips and stocks that are designed to evade a ban on assault weapons a force and devices like what you see on California and other state compliant guns that have fervent anti-gun policies in place that take the pistol grip and they fold around the pistol grip to make it more of a palm grip so it removes the pistol grip compatibility or like stocks that have like thumb holes in them they still have a pistol grips potentially it to work around I mean it's just it's the exact same thing that gun companies and owners did back in the nineteen ninety-four ban to get around the law it was the dumbest thing ever it did absolutely nothing to curb crime and you can look at all the data that was federally funded ok these these investigations that were federally funded and privately funded to look at the effect that 94 ban had on crime in this country and the data is all inconclusive there is no concrete evidence that it had anything to do with reductions in crime or anything like that and they say oh well the the gun violence rate did go down guess what so did the gun ownership rate it's been skyrocketing ever since more people with guns equal less crime because criminals don't want a target that might shoot back at them they don't want any part of that well I'm not gonna go over here and try to steal that old lady's thing cuz she's got a revolver or she's got an AR in her bottle no those are your facts I mean give me a break it's the same crap that's your facts I said I wasn't gonna get this far that's that's not that's not our carefully selected pre-selected pre-screen facts that we just chose to pick and choose what we wanted you know insects in their argument Nancy Pelosi's fact sheet looks like this but it's kind of puns a black on it and it's just got a few words up top yeah I mean give me a break they they have to manipulate data to make it tell the story they want all we have to simply do is just show the data that there and only a moron would would prove there's there's no way that even like I said even at the time of the enactment of the assault weapons ban in 94 rifles that were used in crime total less than 2% and the so-called assault weapons were miniscule I mean way less than even 1% of all crimes like 2 tenths or 3 tenths of a percent so we have some information that geo a basis on geo a put out a news release essentially saying that there could possibly be a bit of a lame-duck situation with the assault weapons ban but we don't need to assume that it's going to be we still need to call our reps and voice our opposition for it but you know they put out a statement and also want to mention just very quickly the websites top s 66 comm it's fight – signs 2019 assault weapons ban this is from FPC so if you check the description box below you'll see links to the geo a statement as well as links to the FPC s stop s 66 page and that'll give you some details as to what they're doing as well we support FPC and Geo a they're great people I really like the work that Eric Pratt is doing the guys at FPC are doing a great job as well and we want to support their efforts at every turn guys I know this video was a little long but I really appreciate y'all giving us your time today I know we're having a little fun and cracking some jokes but at the end of the day it's a very serious matter and we have to take it seriously we have to unite and we have to show solidarity as a group of people you know as gun owners in this country we have a sacred duty to protect our way of life our way of life is under attack guys it's no laughing matter it's something that we have to really make sure that we're protecting our values and principles and morals all the things that make us American are embodied and protected by firearms ownership firearms ownership in this country is not a way of life it's a way to life it's what we we do we live and embody the Second Amendment by our actions with guns and when the actions of many many many many many outnumber the actions of a couple bad apples in the bag you can't make everybody have to suffer just because a few people chose to do the wrong thing with their rights that's not my problem okay all I see around me is gun owners who are passionate people that love their country want to do the right thing want to protect their communities want to protect those around them do you think that a person who's anti are a pro-gun if there's some active shooter situation there's some bull crap going on do you think for one second that they're gonna stop and go oh wait a minute you're an anti gunner oh you're a lefty you're you're whatever whatever whatever label you want to put on somebody do you think that they're gonna stop and try to figure out what you're all about so they can choose whether or not they want to protect you know they're just gonna do what they need to do and they're going to protect the people around them and the sooner the left and the right realizes that more of us are probably closer to kind of being stuck in the middle of ollie all then you might realize the better off they'll be when you know that people like us would protect and we would risk our lives to protect everybody it's not just a oh those people over there have guns because they're scared of everybody they're paranoid and they hate everybody no we want to protect everybody around us and a overwhelming majority of gun owners in this country fall into that scenario absolutely absolutely absolutely so anyway anything else no huh I'm fired up and oh yeah I don't need to say it again time to go grab some lunch you're in bed it's been a long day I feel like gosh this has been crazy I just it's just the same old song and dance the same attacks and they're just they hope that they hope that they can just throw some crap on the wall and it sticks you know it's like well maybe it'll stick this time maybe there's enough public support because of all our propaganda on the mainstream media because that's exactly what it is you don't believe that either you've been living under a rock let's see put that crap on t-shirt no didn't stick yeah I don't expect it to let me nice we really appreciate the support you know again I know we say it all the time but I really thank all of our viewers who support us directly as well as those who simply watch our videos thank you for being a viewer share this video as somebody you think it'll help and we just got to keep putting the word out we got a you know keeping the squeaky wheel because guys they are they are I mean I've got all of this packets like these laying around all kind of information has to be put out there- they're doing stuff look they're appealing to their their people what are you do there is one other thing that I would like to say you guys have been seeing all these gripes coming out we can talk about universal background checks we've been talking about red flag laws you know and we've been talking about the NRA a lot the NRA actually does have some opposition to this piece of legislation but they're just picking and choosing what they want to fight it's bullcrap the GOI and the FPC if it's unconstitutional guess what it's being fault and those are the organizations that I want to put 100% of my support behind and we hope that a lot of you guys see that as well and you know it's just it's ridiculous you know you don't just cherry-pick like oh well this will be good this will be a good compromise there's never any compromise with our gun rights that has been the case for many many years dating all the way back to 1934 that was not a compromise and everything else cents has never been a compromised Gunners have never gotten anything out of the deal and if you don't believe me sorry but that is the fact not my facts the fact and you won't help me a form of the bull buzzer yeah okay that'd be great awesome it might be fun yeah we actually need to fix that bulldozer don't we do yeah yeah you get some air for later I don't know about all that oh no oh who's getting crazy that's what the SWAT team in Jacksonville was using a few days ago they had literally a bulldozer with a big old ram that they welded on and they were like they go up to the door and go I got that idea from anyway guys thanks for watching today's video we really appreciate the support you guys are wonderful thank you for watching we hope you learned something maybe you got fired up too please do get fired up contact your reps let them know that you you viciously oppose this measure and that we need to we need to shoot it down as quick as possible thank you for watching today's video we'll see you next time many more videos on the way see you guys you


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