Happy Birthday Army | Georgia-Pacific

July 29, 2019

my experience in the military with was phenomenal I learned so much starting out as a young lieutenant I had no idea that I would reach the goal of colonel GP has treated me very well since I've been on active duty I've had to leave several times for example I've been deployed twice in georgia-pacific had no problem with that they let me go and I came back and in one particular case the army needed someone to go to New York and take on another commanders position because they had some issues there but they needed me there for at least 2 3 months and I asked my manager if it was ok if I go and he said I'll take your computer I'll see you when you get back I took my computer and was able to work both jobs remotely and so GP has been wonderful in this entire process and work with me as a reservist and as we call it in a military twice to citizen

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