He That Hath II – A Seed Is A Seed! – Session 1

July 29, 2019

life is full of problems they could be marital financial spiritual or medical some of these problems can be solved by a phone call money political power your doctor or your contacts however you may soon come across a problem that defies any solution in capybaras book rules of engagement you will learn how to use the spiritual weapon of prayer and be victorious over evil when it comes knocking at your door now is the time to learn how to pray before the evil days come you can order this book through the following means place your order on Facebook by posting all the rules of engagement at the comment section or message window we also deliver worldwide this message is brought to you by the friends and partners of khakhra Baden welcome to F Howard Rocco Baden teaching the nation's with signs and wonders chakras the senior pastor of the Morningstar Cathedral lighthouse chapel international Arcana now today's message welcome to today's broadcast casa continues his exciting teaching on the subject he that hath sharing principles but determined those who have and those who don't and today's message chakra explores the power of seeds let's join in the kingdom of heaven is as a man travelling into a far country he might be invited for tea who called his own servants and delivered unto them his goods in other words God gives you what he wants to give you to one he gave five talents to another two to another one to every man according to his several ability and straightway took his journey then he does–he five talents went and traded me the same and made them other five talents so one person Stalin increased to ten seventeen says likewise here I received two gained at the 286 by he'd have received one went and digged in their head and hit as Lots money 19 says after a long time the Lord of those servants cometh and recognized with them he said come and let's make account that's what happened 20 he that I'll see five talents came and brought other five talents saying Lord thou deliver son to me five talents behold I've given sight impaired talents more 21 said unto me well done good and faithful seven thousand feet full of a few things I will make you ruler over many things enter into the joy of the Lord the next one he said the same thing well done but the last one was 24 then he does he want Ellen came and said lord I know you you are hard man BP way of no sewing garden way of no straw he said and I was afraid and then went a hip die telling in there Luther dart that is dying his must have said thou wicked and sloth 4/7 Dino was the iron Reaver have not sown gather who have mustard thou oughtest therefore – I put my money at the exchanges xilian is the bank so that at my coming-out I received my own with usury then he said take therefore the talent from him and give it unto him that has ten talents for unto every one that hath shall be given and he does not not even that would have the litter he hath shall be taken away from him God doesn't give this because of need or lack God gives based on principles so somebody can love and will continue to have and somebody can have nothing and rather even the litter died he has he's been taken away that's why the people who are serious with God they keep on getting knowing God them all and the people who are worldly they are even by sliding them or so make sure you have amen so the question is why is it that this man didn't have the money the one talent what was the problem we saw the examining one of the problems is that he did not sue any seeds the people who are entitled to a habit and other people were hungry is also a Suzie's delicious x7 be not deceived God is not mocked whatever a man sows that shall he also reap so if you are not getting any harvest check your soil so one God now wait to have is to be a surah from today we have plenty may we be saw us no kanji may look a 5s ooh I went out to sue those are people who plant seeds and I said a seed is anything that has the ability to multiply itself it doesn't matter what it is once it can multiply it yourself is a see that's why a spam is called a see because I can multiply itself that's why corn seeds are seeds become multiply themselves so thanks for tuning in today we learned that those who sow seeds will always have and those who don't will not have join us tomorrow for the continuation of this powerful message before we go he has a praise report to boost your faith I am 5 weeks pregnant dear Kaka I wrote to you for prayers for the fruit of the womb to the glory of God it has happened and I am 5 weeks pregnant thank you for availing yourself to be used by God through your time you can contact us seek counseling ask for prayer order today's full-length message all the books through the following means call us on messages on whatsapp 2 + 2 3 355 790 10 send an email to aim for our chakra baton to talk he can also make a regular call or send a text 2 + 2 3 3 2 0 7 5 75215 our office hours are 10:00 a.m. to $1,600 GMT finally write to us share your testimony and how this podcast has been a blessing to you you

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