He used an ADMIN ONLY BAN WEAPON… What happens will SHOCK you.. (Roblox)

July 24, 2019

so in today's video guys I'm joined by the admin and he shows me the admin banhammer not just that but I confront him about having multiple quirks and he literally gives me a power that I should not be able to have even did something so funny at the end that you have to see be sure you watch all the way to the end cuz you're gonna love it guys so I'm currently joined with the head admin right now okay and he was just about to show me what the banhammer does the name I feel like kana says what it does but apparently this one has special abilities let's say let me see that hammer because you guys saw a small glimpse of it and there it is it's friggin huge keep in mind you can't get this like anywhere this is like the only version of it I say is it powerful like I'm gonna assume that he can ban people with this but obviously you're never too sure I'm literally did not gonna beat around the bush at all I'm gonna say try it out on me III want to see if it works oh my god 3.25 II I don't know what that is I'm pretty sure that's like too many zeros that they had to put in a on it I don't know what the heck that was alright so I feel like that thing is just me needs to kill anyone that it's used on I'm gonna just say is that all it does cuz I actually thought I might have gotten banned when I got hit with it so that's why I'm surprised that I just died so maybe the banhammer is not what we thought it was he says also does this is there another moon with it okay let you were kicked from the game you have been kicked what's that second move literally kicks you from the game are you kidding me I was just roasting him saying that that thing didn't do anything what guys please drop a like down below for that because I literally just lost my session which is not really that big of a deal I can join back in I'm just saying that it's still annoying I suppose all the way out and he just joined back and I feel like every time I get into his server with this guy I am ideal what to expect he's literally exactly where he was just kicked me and then didn't move at all he said you asked me what the hammer did well I assume he said you I assume he's not swearing at me at least I hope not I said all right that's true but can it do anything good so far it just seems like it's used to kick people which makes sense it's a band hammer I wouldn't expect it to be a super nice thing he said it can kill things let me see you kill something okay I want this weapon to be worth my time because a small little secret I'm gonna ask this admin if I can have the banhammer all right so if it's actually good he's gonna kill something right here okay well I don't know why I expected anything less to be honest he literally just murdered it instantly like Andros I'm gonna say okay that was weak though along its gum all right let's see what you've got in store if he just kills all might again we've already been through this no he killed all for one right he literally just went all for one I feel like he's just gonna kill him instantly I don't know from at least what we've seen he does a lot of damage so I don't expect anything less I need this weapon he said if you don't get stronger there will be consequences and why is it it's so shady I'm gonna say okay okay I'll get stronger but can I use the banhammer to do it it seems powerful okay I really hope he says yes you said hmm get dov'è first don't Oh Deku one-for-all I literally am quicklist I can actually probably do that the main issue is I think you need to be level 1,500 to get doffo which is a very specific move it's it's meant for like the main character of the series I literally gotta ask him like what level do I need for that because you guys can see my level right now and I'm kind of tweaking said level 15 honor that's a lot and fifty-thousand fame what what guys you heard it from the admin there and I mean hey that's at least a little bit of motivation that he might be able to give me the banhammer if I get dough fuh and a lot of you guys have been telling me to get it so I guess it's time you guys may have remembered from last episode that he took mic work in may to be quirk less and that's why it's actually kind of a benefit because now I can get that quirk my selves to get my fame up as well this is this is gonna be a very long grind all right this is gonna be a long grind but you guys know I've done this a lot before obviously but this is good motivation I actually think I'm gonna be able to do it this time around so all I have to do is get to level 1500 which obviously I am a little bit worried about it is a lot of levels but at the same time we're already pretty close and I don't think it'll take us too long that's why I'm kind of heights because if we get the banhammer out of this situation we got a lot of levels and we'll get to see something cool he's tweaking me out he's let he just watching me right wait how long is he actually been there I swear to God he wasn't there one second ago guys if you aren't subscribed already be sure you subscribe right now and if you are buying roebucks in the Roebuck store be sure you use code tofu because that is a way that you can support me by just buying roebucks times you get the most powerful to work of us she doing out there he's just huge clones it's so distracting what the flip what does that mean training time wait a minute you were kicked from the game you have been banned from this server please rejoin a new one he said I just have to get level 15 I didn't know there was a time limit Isaac I'm not even kidding I started training like five minutes ago I literally just started I'm actually kind of tweaking that I really just get banned I I gotta talk to this guy what just happened guys I literally can't join back in on it when it whenever I tried to it literally doesn't work today mom I'm literally just ki I keep getting kicked guys I need to talk to the admin right now to see if I can get this on band I'm starting to tweak so I actually spawned it back in and I'm pretty sure he just unban me or it was just that that server in particular was banned I'm not terribly sure but we're back in the game now I'm not tweaking drop a comment if you were kind of – you know I kind of thought I was gonna be bad and what I mean by tweaking is like freaking out like you didn't expect it I don't know I'm gonna tell him you scared me okay I just want to get them 1,500 so I can get deck of 1 for all man that must have been a bug he's fighting it off like you didn't even mean to do it well he's moving around I guess that means we need to Train I don't know I'm trying to get it he said all right I'm done joking around oh god what is this if he was joking around earlier then I don't know what kind of serious trauma I'm in he says what do you want to see now oh oh you might admit that in a good way he's like all right I'm done joking around now what do you want to see now oh okay this is this is exciting if physical if that's what he means so something was kind of controversial last episode was that if he had multiple quirks cuz I'd kind of like misinterpreted one of his quirks but I'm not gonna lie I actually think he does so I'm gonna ask him about it do you have multiple just watch this follow me okay wait a minute where where did he even go off to I was literally just about to ask him if he has multiple quirks I have to know but I don't know where he went he said choose a quirk wait a minute White's know what I'm gonna I'm gonna ask him what do I want um geez I've never I just kind of offered before he said choose a quirk I'm on a time limit I don't know if the pig can be any wait a minute wait any like am I can I get like one for all like all for one type things or we man I actually got a really good idea I don't even think it's actually possible but we'll see can I get dou fuh I literally don't have the requirements for that court like if I actually get it I'll laugh you said no but I can what did one on me he does that me pick that just to give it to himself he said I never specified for yeah he's technically right he never did say it was for me he just said choose one so I guess it's lightly on me but I want to ask him what recordings he said it says Deku Olaf a what oh my god guys I literally don't have the requirements for this squirt I have to quickly see if I can even use this I don't know if I can guys I've never been able to show you guys this cuz I've never been the level but I can now show you guys these moves finally alright the first one being a huge kick and literally just my leg is electricity now this is so cool literally the more I use it the more green it becomes that's so weird i but then the next one is Z a 5% smash okay that's like it is weakest punch possible it's go ahead and see what it does Jesus move the thing is I feel like you could cobble these all together so well then we have Detroit stomp what I've never even seen that move before that's insane but you can see my legs are like on fire now I think I use them up too much and then there's a shoot style smash okay I want to try I'm doing this is so cool and then the last one on here is full cowl which is just like his enhanced mode and you can literally see it's just me and I just run faster it's kind of like all-4-one and I think I do more damage in this state as well but yeah I just realize these that disease literally said kill all might do you think I can kill this man this is literally my teacher there's there's no way I'll be able to actually kill him but hey I mean I'm not a try i'm a man of trying see you later all might's okay I'm gonna get away from you dammit I literally cry every time I fight all might alright so he said no mo and I can think I can actually handle no move we we fought on before with other quirks and actually beat him if you just turn this on I bet we'll actually totally be able to get some kills cuz we're really fast as well like this is just gonna be so easy oh wait I hit liturgies tagging you changed my quirk to all four I've not really actually that upset because like I literally didn't have the requirement for this quirk I feel like people would probably be upset if I actually kept that and plus he just puts me back to all for one that's what I had originally I'm not mad he said you can take that back for now all right I'm gonna say I'm still pretty happy but I have a question so I have to know if he holds multiple quirks cuz it's possible that that's a quirk to be able to have multiple abilities and I really have to know ready to go off to God dang and as soon as I want to ask him a question he disappeared he said hmm do you have multiple quirks my ask him do you have multiple quirks its what the players back home have to know he said possibly he literally ran through a wall by the way are we gonna talk about that I I was wondering where he went but yeah I I feel like he has multiple quirks like what's going on I'm just gonna ask him can you show me like I'm not I'm wrong in saying that he has a different quirk now right like he was using a different one all right so I don't know what that ability is I think that's explosion but like he was just funny whoa like he's probably demonstrating it right now that he has multiple he just disappeared again I I have no idea I'm so tweaked and it literally just adds like crazy weapons alright so she just actually used a move that I seen one of the characters in the show used as well and then he just went invisible he's literally just teleport move is that guys I think he definitely does but I need to know from you guys is he using multiple it looks like is he literally has overhaul now he does he has multiple and if not then he at least has a way of changing his quirk like immediately he said best quirk what did he get it seems we've seen all the exciting stuff that admins can do and let me tell you they are terrifying guys he's literally while I'm saying that I got a server message that says this is it for you yeah what are they talking about it they talking about me and I'm literally gonna ask him what is that okay like is that go to the entire game I'm gonna freaking out he just says this is it for you and we've already been banned once today he just says that is the announcement system oh you might literally just be trying to show us the announcement system you said if you'd like you can make one what's okay said it goes out to everyone once that's gonna be really huge because this means we have the opportunity to speak to a lot of people but oh god it goes up to everyone that's a lot of pressure he said but first kill no move for me this always just wanting to kill no move yeah I think he knows it's the only thing I can kill and he I think believes in that system of like equivalent exchange bro alright fine we'll go ahead and kill no move one more time it's not gonna be an issue at all we have one for all I really know you shouldn't have died and I really have to earn this this announcement I guess what he literally just killed it for me hey hey I wanted to do that he did it with dark shadow bag he's moving on me alright so if I can really say whatever I want all I'm gonna tell him to say is this alright so I asked him to do a specific sentence I don't know if you'll do it bail because it's you'll see why in a second if he actually does it guys hopefully that means a lot of people will use that code that helps is support me and that means it then help support the videos to say wow thank you bro what a nice guy he literally made the announcement for us guys I have some sad news that I want to bring up here at the very end of the episode that will most likely not be having too many episodes of this series for quite a little bit of time so hopefully you guys don't mind too much but I have some other videos that I want to focus on more I think this was an amazing episode probably our best be sure you drop a like down below subscribe and let me know what you thought and I'll see you guys tomorrow for another rope like videos see you later guys


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