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Hector gets captured by the police | Kadenang Ginto Recap (With Eng Subs)

November 9, 2019

I don’t want you spending
a lot of time on this. Beat the kid up,
but not to a pulp. Just teach the kid a lesson. The kid might not
survive, boss. That’s why I said you shouldn’t
spend a lot of time. All it takes is one bullet. No! I already gave you
instructions! Now, go to the school. He’s my daughter’s classmate. Mikoy, do you need
a ride home? Uncle Jepoy’s picking me up. No, thanks. I’ll just take the bus
or something. Are you sure? Yeah, I’ll be fine. – Really?
– Cassie! Stop it! Guard! Guard, help! Mikoy! – Mikoy, are you alright?
– Are you alright? Can you get up? Who did this to you? I don’t know.
Cassie and I were just talking. I knew it. This is all because
of you again. Marga, can you stop
blaming me? You don’t even know
what really happened. I don’t want to
hear it from you. Just leave. You have no business here. Why did they hurt you? Didn’t you recognize them? I already said I didn’t. They just suddenly
attacked me. Maybe they mistook you
for someone else. I have a strong feeling that
this has something to do with you seeing Mister Hector
and Daniela together. Seriously, Cassie? Can’t you see, Marga? This isn’t a coincidence! Won’t you really consider
that my suspicion is right? Innocent people are
getting hurt already. Are you serious, Alvin? There were so many of you but you still couldn’t
get rid of that one person? Then you should’ve
done it yourself. You’re better than me, right? That’s why you messed up
with planting the bomb. You didn’t help me
with this one. Stop making excuses! That’s what you call strategy. You don’t have any of that. Did you come here
with someone? I didn’t. Daniela! Get your filthy hands off of me! How did you get in here?
What did you hear? Everything! Alvin, let go of Daniela. How dare you?! Were you the one
who tried to kill my Dad?! You’re right. It was us. Alvin! Alvin! You made me look like a fool! You’ll pay for what
you did to my family! Go ahead. Do it. Do you still remember
taking Jessa’s son Do you still remember
taking Jessa’s son and pretending he’s
your own baby? How about the order
you gave me to get rid of Jude? And how about ordering Alvin
to rape Romina? Daniela, I took note of
every crime you did. So, go ahead and
tell the police. I’ll expose all of
your dirty secrets. And you will lose
everything you have. You’re as much of
a criminal as I am. No one will believe you. Where were you, Daniela? Romina, I don’t have the time
and energy for you right now. Stay away from me. I think you’ve forgotten
where you are and what my role is here. I still run this company,
so show me some respect. Oh please, stop it Romina. We both know that’s
not your intention. You’re just trying to
dig up dirt on me. Well, it’s because you
keep hiding the truth. And you’ll keep hiding it even
if it means not getting justice for what happened
to your father. I’ve already put myself
in so much trouble. Hector already threatened me!
So I can’t help you! Why?! Because you got too
involved with him?! Is that why you can’t admit you
are still connected with him? Is that why you can’t help me?! Tell me! How many times do
I have to tell you? I have nothing to do with
the attempt to kill you! You really don’t get it. Do you know that on
the day it happened… …I was already ready to
tell Romina the truth? But they robbed me
of that chance! They took it from me! Dad, please. Calm down. This isn’t what I want
to happen. Please just forget
about the past. Let’s talk about this properly. – Dad, please.
– Okay. Let’s talk about it. Let’s talk about it now. I know what you’re doing. You’re trying to
cover up the truth so I won’t find out, right? Right?! You know, Daniela’s talking
to Sir Robert right now. She’s probably putting on
an act about being a victim. I heard you saw her earlier. What happened? I just asked her
where she has been. I wonder what’s
on her phone. What do you mean, Romina? When I approached her, she hurriedly put
her phone away. That only means one thing. She’s hiding something
on her phone. I need to keep you away
from Hector. I promise you that. You think I didn’t try, Dad? I thought I was
getting away from them, but it went the
other way around. If you want to fix our family, fix it from within. Someone is ruining us, and it’s neither
Alvin nor Hector. Are you still going
to deny it? It’s just a simple equation. I know you’re smart
enough to solve it. Mikoy did something to
upset Mister Hector. And for that, he was beaten up. That only means the
incident was planned. That’s how heartless
Mister Hector is. So, where do I fit in this
equation you’re talking about? Daniela and Mister Hector
still see each other, right? They both have no mercy,
not even for a minor. Yet, you’re letting them
see each other. Marga, I’m also worried for
Mikoy because we’re friends. That’s why I’m concerned
about what happened. For sure, you are too. Your friendship is special. You can’t deny it
because it shows. I need you to stall
Daniela for me. Leave it to me. Then you should’ve
done it yourself. But if you’re better than me, why’d your plan fail? I worked on this alone. Stop making excuses! The problem with you is you
don’t have any common sense! I knew it. Robert needs to find
out about this. Romina? I found out something
about Hector. Did something happen? I found evidence that
he tried to kill you. That’s not what I’m looking for. Where are you, Robert? We have to ask help
from the police. Call the police right away. I already did. They’re on their way to
Hector’s house to arrest him. It’s Rosita. Remember me? How did you–? Let me speak first. You see, I’m here at… …Daniela’s office right now. I saw Romina earlier. And I heard her say… …she found out
about your secret. She said she has called
the cops on you. Are you at home? No. That’s good. Don’t forget about this, okay? You owe me this one. But Roxane’s at home. I have to get there first. Hector! Where’s Hector?! We have a warrant of arrest
for Hector Mangubat. I know… … that you were the one who
wanted me dead. Robert, you think I planned it? Your daughter wanted you dead. Romina has evidence
against you. You’re done. Robert, you need to
let go of me first. That will never happen. Robert, your not as innocent
as you think you are. Do you understand? If you won’t let me go, then we’ll both go to hell! Hector. It’s me, Hector. Stand up, hurry. Stand up. Hurry up. We have to leave. What happened to you?
Did you find Hector? I did. Where is he? Where
did you find him? I was tailing him
when you called. I was about to corner him, but shots were fired at me,
so he escaped. We have to tell the
police about this. He couldn’t have gotten too far. Hold on. Hey. You mean there? But the police are there! My daughter… I need to
get my daughter. Hey, hey, hey! Don’t! What, are you turning
yourself in? I’m sure they won’t
harm your daughter. It’s dangerous if you
get off the car! Just hide yourself there.
I’ll take care of it. The video recording isn’t
admissible in court. Hector needs to be aware that
the video was being taken so we can use it as evidence. But Bernard, that’s all we have. Don’t worry. There’s another way. What is it? The one who took the video
must stand as a witness. And that’s Daniela. But I want to thank you too. Because of you, we found out what really
happened to Daddy. I did that for Dad… …as his daughter. I hope you’ll reveal
everything you know about Mister Hector. So we can put an end
to all of this… …and bring peace
to our family. Where are you, Pa? If all their accusations
aren’t true, then why are you hiding? Because I have to. I can’t tell you why. You’ll be safer if
you don’t know anything. Always be careful, alright? Remember, no one must know
that we’re talking. Do you understand? But, Pa… Did Hector call? Roxane, I know
you know what’s right. I want to give you
that decision. I won’t lie to you.
I heard your conversation. I don’t know anymore. I don’t want Papa to
get in trouble. You said so yourself. If he’s innocent,
why is he hiding? I’ll help you find Papa. He called earlier. Roxane, I know
this is hard for you. And I understand
if you can’t do it. I’ve made my decision.
Uncle Leon is right. It’ll be better for Papa
if he’s in prison. If he’s arrested,
Robert will get justice. And I’ll know the truth
about my rape. But I have one request. What is it? I don’t want anything bad
to happen to Papa. I thought you were
coming with me. Where are your things? Let’s end this, Papa. Papa… Hector Mangubat! Surrender now! You know what I’d do, dear. Papa, please don’t. Papa! – That’s enough!
– Don’t shoot! Papa, enough! Let go of me, Roxane! – Enough!
– Let go! – Don’t shoot!
– Men, after him! Don’t shoot! He can’t escape! Hector Mangubat,
drop your gun! That’s enough, Sir Robert! My family shouldn’t be
the only one miserable. I’ll make you suffer too! Come on, Dad! Romina! Let the police handle him! Daniela, we’re not
done talking! Are you and Robert afraid that Romina will
discover your secret? What secret? – You know what it is!
– Say it! – Tell me!
– Should I, Daniela? – Say it!
– Stop it, Dad! Dad! – You jerk!
– Dad! – Take him away!
– What is he talking about? He’s playing with us.
Don’t let him fool you if you want him to pay! Dad, please, just go home! Daniela. I have to face the
consequences of my actions. So, don’t you dare stop me! But this isn’t the right time! I promise I’ll keep
Hector’s mouth shut. I can’t bear to lose
everything again! I’ve already gone through hell
when you went missing! I lost everything! And I can’t let that happen to
me and my children again! – Daniela.
– Dad, please! Just give me some time.
Please. I’ll make sure
Hector doesn’t talk. Your secret will be safe. Everything will be
back to normal. I’ll make sure Romina hears
the truth only from you.


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