Hitting MAX LEVEL On Dauntless (Best Weapons, Best Armour, Best Upgrades!)

July 26, 2019

ladies and gentlemen welcome to dauntless now this game gonna came on my radar a little bit just because it looks fun and be dauntless wanted to reach out saying hey do you mind playing our game with a few friends viewers I'm like hell yeah so thank you for dauntless for sponsoring this video and you know give me like a little inside scoop whatever that you guys are going on if you guys do like what you see by the end of the video you can play this for yourself using my special code with WL a dauntless com4 / r4 / mini light I'm gonna show you something it's my banner with a fork and knife on it because I like to eat food thank you you wanna see my banner it's this year because I like to kill people oh god I like it do you want to meet my new pub I thought come here boy get marry the pet where's that dog direwolf that's tiny he's gone oh those very short life is I hunt bass let's see we got this game is aesthetically outstanding so hit me with that good one give me that pass bundle yes claim rewards just please what do we get shadow face love it oh oh and the whole outfit I'm getting the whole outfit I'm getting some inferno grenades some cold step grenades chance different all kinds of grenades 44 of these as well I don't have more down lock oh my goodness alright that's actually sick hell yeah guys we found the first monster okay so are you ready I want to see your best dance or emo – right now I can't do that one I'll just kiss you guys hey all right that's have fun gamers okay guys let me tell you alright if you have a frost weapon it's not gonna be that effective oh we see that it's on the right side of our screen let you know if you have frost armor it'll be very very good lace weapons are fantastic I'm switching to a blaze weapon well how do you change loadout oh we get so lured out in the lower-right blaze and and just pick your same weapon class but pick one that has fire you'll do extra day you could also add a mod to it yeah okay hold on give me a second no mod equipped oh no pacifier does that mean I get like a binky and what-have-you plus two rage because it seems to fit me pretty well ember sight yep go for that pretty we're dropping in oh look at all we need to find the monster there's a beast here it's the last of its kind if we take it out if species will be extinct forever don't want to do this now okay oh you could pick things along the way but um it's clearly right here though you guys are going the complete opposite way what oh my god it is where oh that's a large thing torch there careful all right guys let's do this literal so are we just running okay it looks like we're with the gobbler oh we could take out its limbs we could take out its tail like there's different we can put on it on accident we just stepped on me I propose that we take out one of its legs there's more I think got to kill these so he gets unfrozen Oh yes take out the bats I think you might be onto something yeah why are there so many dads I don't know but you just sounded hilarious the way if you hit B or or if you look at the upper left whatever it says for you on controller that'll buff you up a little bit – that's your lantern it's a bad leg let's break on Tulane law he's immune again I mean there's more bats coming here they come the 500 they're bouncing around like bouncy balls why are they kind of cute though they're just so ugly they're cute kind of like the room is so bad it's good I think we have been beat off the IEP right but the knock on the ice off of them like a show you think so fire on artillery strike Oh Oh moment clearly more advanced than I think so as I get blowing up I'm going in now careful we'll just beat off anything beat off the sample don't mind if I do Oh guys hit – if you've got vampire oh I'm down mini hold on oh you really could have been in a worse position I got to go yeah so you have items at the bottom right you've got heal potions you got vampirism you got different things to work with I said we go for one of his legs we've been trained we should consider hitting info I don't know what this button does but I'm going to say tell me you just stepped on me take that yeah thank you Oh oh he's going down either girthy boy what I play here an we have to go find him again are you kidding me it should be too hard to find he's huge that is also fair oh I see him I Tian please don't hit me don't touch me I'm sterile up our luck you mean to tell me the reach on the ax can't reach you you're right in front of me am i dad I think I might be dead I'm dead okay I got you what does Isis off he's not too too bad right but it's getting the ice off Oh Oh God I feel like you gotta hit his belly maybe I don't know choose what you won do you want Rome you're talking about beating the bosses but the question is how do you beat them up I'm getting football Oh Mike whoa zach is off his ex is off I it's really hard to hit this guy when I'm getting attacked by floating meatballs please die oh my god ugly behemoth immunity burden is in the top earning and now he said being the bird I saw that too Oh armored there is bad oh don't come towards me oh my god there's so many bad what is something bad this is ridiculous to you how am I supposed to kill all these stupid guys I think the bats that are bloat a glowing blue or his the ice you yeah you onto something I like the theory there's more blue ones that just came down yeah this is why there's so many meatballs big dogs took 12 minutes my wrath well that was an intense fight I was wild I didn't know I was doing half the time but I enjoyed it oh there's a doggy I have to pet it I bet this dog again I'm happy now oh wait you better don't go I wouldn't put the dog oh this guy's game from went from a 10 to 10 to a 10 at a 10 just from just pepto my goodness just I'm paying this dog alone ten into ten to ten into ten the hell am i I found a secret like holy area holy area I'm in like a holy water pond oh yeah here I don't know I want to bathe in the holy water welcome to the holy Springs Anthony oh I don't know I don't know how I found this place oh I felt like I'm an avatar this block I know right if he listen closely you can hear the sound of the people also I should say as the heads up we've lost two of our talisman and mime laughs with Anthony so I don't know her omens squirrel went they're off slaying other beasts understandable you're stuck with me hell yeah this sim I know I might even give me that much that much credit what in the hell is this a Slayers hammer fours with Boris's trophies sweet mother of god yes are you looking at the destiny of Boreas oh wait this 2500 power no I need more I need more power literally pang gars rampage I'm gonna do 550 there we go that's the one don't forget to put in your Power Cells yeah there's cosmetics in this I didn't know that honey blaze armor what does blaze armor oh here we go game time you ready for my intro I don't think you're ready for this intro Oh No here I come off the plane I'm just kidding Oh is the beer you see him yeah oh yeah it's hard not to this oh yeah I don't know what I just said hey dude they'll go oh god oh god he went the ground he Anthony wet the ground well he's like a giant oh he's angry oh oh oh he just laid on top of you he's like a sumo wrestler what did he have like a big detail belly slammed on me I'm gonna try to chop him out get out of here wait I try to dodge my dog to the wrong direction I got straight at him oh no follow me we're gonna use your healing potions yeah you gotta go Oh No Craig overhears the rift you can you can heal here but I'm in the fight I'm gonna die I'm dead this guy's really annoying please don't follow me again he's he's really angry – I think he's about to do his little side slam by the way thankfully I don't know how to use my potions on the keyboard view no I'm gonna keep emojis is one yes there's a lot more do should get some of those heals you should get those heels Scott it thank you for hi I'm so slow okay what are using a big ol axe yeah I'm totally petroleum gonna leave leave leave leave now oh I'm on fire I thought I was a bad idea this is a mistake Oh I did I should a dog that I saw him literally step on top of me well he's stamping his feet he's through there's six there's six steps he paying them take those little balls they prevent you from getting burned I like special juices oh my god wild so I found out that my axe is also a shotgun don't ask questions on how though oh no I'll show you it just went away dodge that's right oh that's a lot of help I've nowhere healing things either really good time rift go to the rift where is the raft this blue thing of the weather wow what a soccer skin oh oh no that's a problem I think I have like a revival oh wait hit one hit one Oh all right here we go I want to keep attacking him if you do your little rift magic I feel it we're slowly getting better yeah we're learning how do you know we know the tax now definitely know about the timing mm-hmm oh my god his look his tailors a grapefruit the end of his tail attack the grapefruit ah now I'm down again that's bad he's gonna go down he is definitely going down shortly yes y'all very shortly my rag got a seed that's fine D what I got got to two grams a tail plate I don't even care about my I had fun taking down that monster yeah yeah bonus downed only twice yeah only you I'm saying you only went down 11 times here's a nickel this one looks wild called the Umbra okay give me the humble level 9 so it's a bit higher than last one we went against one of these guys with with ohm and squirrel does the easiest guy yeah uh-huh I know make sure you grab the right gear and don't give a sh about cosmetics oh you're just a really oh my god it's a black hole so an axe against the big cat may have been a mistake wait till you takes us to his dimension you're gonna love that what you so damn it oh my god Anthony this man oh and here we are Dodge we're in touch we've made a mistake okay Anthony I may regret or I regret this decision what is that dear God that is ridiculous it's like when you fire through a portal Anthony I'm overwhelmed I'm gonna say right in front of them see them just block or he's gonna block the ball for me oh I didn't hire that this guy is aggressive man gage really far away I'm buddy fall off the world I fell off the world I fell off the world Wow what is it that we're looking for again I don't know I hope it helps you well thing I'm a large thing we're not looking for you unlatch this is a weird emotional journey to find yourself boy Hyrum over this way oh yeah I see him he is right here she got for me you big old angry lizard oh well I mean that kind of hurts to be honest so you're Craig this should help you more than me thanks it's all good whoa I did not jump over that tell me I didn't jump over that all that throat is going for sure oh I found a combo him it did I did not I'm not good with this hole I'm gonna try to take this tail out I'm just gonna target his tail or grenades I'm gonna save the rest of him for his like second half the second trial of the beast not he gets me with that tail spin every time yeah he's hurt he better be he the hell out of them I'm putting big damage oh oh my god did we come here I'm angry I've found a combo for that – come on do the combo again that is amazing non-stop and I'm dead now gotta be getting mm little upset with us here soon he's gonna go he's gonna go a second come on do this I'll fight Gregor got something for ya this should help go down you big ugly yeah all this job yes easy wins easy skins that's what I'm talking about right this better nine minutes cheat oh yes and if you want to play dauntless for yourself there will be a big ol link in the description favored dauntless / sponsor in this video and I think yeah theny for coming along for the journey as well it was fun that was that was much better than the other guy that was ridiculous here's a teleporting cat through multi-dimensions he'll know so go grab your friends and try that for yourself again like I said look at the description and that's really as I appreciate y'all y'all have a good day good bye hi welcome to the holy Springs Anthony oh I don't know I don't know how I found this place if you like him and I felt like I'm an avatar this black I know right if he listen closely you can hear the sound of the people


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