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How do the Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Weapons Work? | Gnoggin

December 2, 2019

Hello hello! I’m Lockstin and you’re watching Gnoggin. So a bit ago Ubisoft sent me their latest
game, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, and asked me to make a video about it. So I played the whole game! Start to finish even, just because I enjoyed
it so much! But let’s go ahead and start this video off
with a description. You know Mario and rabbids, and maybe even
the gameplay styles of both, but when combined, the gameplay becomes that of Fire Emblem!
and Xcom! but with rabbids not xenos because i don’t think Mario can fight an alien. In this game you follow Mario across a multitude
of worlds and encounter a plethora of rabbid enemies! and Mario being Mario only knows
one way to take em down and that is. Well Jumping on their head… but when he’s
not flattening rabbids hes.. Shooting them. Wait since when does Mario use guns? Oh i guess right there hmm yea. Those are some weird looking guns Mario are
you sure you know how to use… oh he’s a natural well then Mario you keep
rockin those rabbids. Oh the whole gang’s got guns this should be
interesting… But throughout this whole game, i kept on
wondering to myself… how do those guns even work. Well! Lets get right into it shall we? Well, first I should say that this is all
perceived information none of this info has be given to me by Ubisoft or Nintendo so as
with many videos take what i say with a grain of salt. This is a video explaining the basics of how
these guns appear to work, but it should be noted, this is how they work within the mushroom
kingdom, not in the real world, obviously. The first thing we noticed were these weird
orbs on top of all of the guns in this game. Each orb corresponds to a different special
effect, and Every special effect lasts for one turn in game. once the turn ends the target will lose the
Debuff or buff it received. With the one exception of the starter guns
all being a generic color and not having special conditions. Each element also does a special effect ontop
of certain types of elemental damage. I say “element” but I’m pretty sure bounce
isn’t an element. Well let’s go down the list! The honey ability is a fun one! This honey colored ball is the cause of the
honey effect, Honey is a status effect that prevents the movement of whomever it hit for
1 turn. For a honey gun to work, The honey-projectile
it shoots would need to be heated in the gun to remain viscous. When fired, the honey cools in the air to
become thick and sticky again, which covers the enemy and sticks them to the floor like
glue. Simple stuff. The next element is Ink coming from the small
black and silver orb with a splat behind the rabid face. This is simple to explain, Ink is shot, possibly
blooper ink, and possibly just using a pressurized system like the guns from Splatoon. A paint-ball-like ink ball douses and blinds
the targets face. Restricting the use of weapons. The stone effect was a neat one to figure
out, When you get stoned, you can’t move, attack, or use abilities, you are petrified. So how do you logically explain petrification? That’s quite a fantasy thing right? But upon examining a stoning blast, we can
see some sort of powder being shot out. It isnt petrifying the enemies, rather it
coats the Target in a thin layer of cement powder, or stoning agent, Stone orbs must
contain some sort of quick dry cement. The layer is small though, so the target is
able to break free after one turn Guns that cause the Burn effect may work similarly
to the honey guns, only instead of shooting warm honey, it shoots lava bubbles. The burn orb heats the energy blast to and
incredible temperature, allowing it to catches things on fire shots cause burning, meaning
whomever it hits gets thrown into a panic, and has to run around, stop drop and roll
to put it out, but now they are out in the open… Then the Freeze effect shows that the guns
are specially made to match each element as a honey orb in a freeze gun wouldn’t work,
because the honey, (and fire for that matter) needs to be heated to work, and heating ice
is just counter intuitive, though I wouldn’t put it past the rabbids… the orb energy
inside freeze guns is super cooled before it is launched, the proceeding shot can chill
its target greatly, preventing them from using their special abilities for 1 turn until they
warm back up. The energy blast that causes the push effect
would need to be larger and more solid, in turn, causing much more knock-back on its
target, meaning they fall back and get bounced everywhere like a pinball game, possibly even
out of bounds! Perhaps the orb applies and extra bit of sonic
energy to the shot to give it that boost! The bounce effect was a tricky one to figure
out too. It’s like the push ability, except it sends
the target back AND up, hmmm. But I think we figured it out, the energy
blast, being supercharged with “bounce” energy, hits its target, and reverses gravitational
force on or around the enemy, but this amount of energy can only do that for a short time,
so they very quickly fall back down to the ground. The sudden change in g-force would be what
causes the extra damage though, since rabbids and Mario’s gang can fall from the same height
all the time and be fine. And then there is Vampirism, you shoot someone…
and some of their health floats back in a rabbid skull shaped bat, and they then have
purple bubbles floating above them, and for 1 more turn, if anyone else shoots them, they
can also steal health from them…. Uh… basically this is ghost-Magic, I mean
Boo’s and ghost rabbids exist, and its called vampirism after all. So, now that we have the orbs and what effects
they can cause… how do they interact with the guns or weapons? Lets start explaining that with My main Man
Mario! here with a basic blaster and a huge hammer. The blaster, which is also used by Rabbid
Peach, seems to be held in one hand and a majority of the blaster encloses the hand. And Mario is grabbing onto a pole that goes
all the way through it. This may be so the blaster protects his hand
from any blow-back from the projectile, compared to the other guns, the energy blasts out much
closer to his hands.The blasters design varies from blaster to blaster. Some have a nozzle while others have a semi-sphere
with multiple glowing panels. It is believed that all blasters have these
panels, and the orb atop the gun creates or transfers some of its energy into the center
panel while the additional panels store energy to create the propulsion needed to fire the
center projectile. Mario and Rabbid Mario’s secondary weapon
is the Hammer. And I really just want to say, Rabbid Mario
is probably my favorite character in this game. So much personality, he’s more of a plumber
than Mario. Anyway, the hammer is an iconic Mario weapon
that Mario himself is no stranger to. This large two handed hammer with two orbs
set like gems on the side of the head is a powerful beast, much stronger than most guns. Most hammers seem to follow the same design
with only the heads changing drastically, and notably, The hammer cocks by pushing down
the head. When the hammer strikes the ground it momentarily
releases the energy it’s been storing from the two orbs to create a large explosion. The hammer using two orbs is likey why its
so strong and has such a huge blast radius. Next on the list is Mario’s counterpart none
other than Green Mario. Uhh linguine, lasagna?, Hang on i wrote his
name down somewhere. Ah right Luigi how could i forget. Lamborghini has experience with nozzle based
weapons thanks to his adventures in Luigi’s mansions, and thus, Luigi uses the Precision
rifle to snipe Rabbids from afar. And Luigi also shares the sentry drone with
Rabbid peach. The precision rifle is a two handed weapon
with the power orb situated on the top of a large voluminous chamber. The rifle’s trigger is on the front grip with
a pull handle that seems to cock the weapon located on the back. Due to the long rifled barrel, Luigi boasts
the longest range in the game. It is believed that the orbs projectile is
situated at the start of the barrel and the entire chamber is filled with propellant as
to make the orb fly farther. Then the “slug” as it flies seems to be
thinner due to the barrel, and it has a much longer trail. The added propellant also added to the speed
so the impact is much greater from this weapon causing much more damage than a normal blaster
shot. This weapon is unique to Luigi. Because of his… Nozzel like experience
Luigis second weapon is the sentry. Theses small autonomous drones are able to
hunt down an opponent once it locks on. Powered by the orb placed on top of them,
this robot will follow any target until it either reaches them is killed, or another
enemy steps in its blast radius. The power source to propel the vehicle is
provided by the orb presumably. Once it reaches the target it will self destruct. Most likely by breaching the orb with some
sort of internal device that then causes the orb to explode. Its explosion range is about the same as a
grenade, and later, higher leveled ones are able to explode much more! Keeping in line with green side kicks we have
rabid Yoshi. This deranged lunatic uses the mini gun like
weapon, rumblebangs, along with Greneducks. The Rumblebang is a small two handed, non
mounted turret style mini gun with two handle shields. The barrels of this weapon seem to affect
the size of the projectiles, and one volley contains about 10 energy projectiles. Presumably, the orbs on the weapon fills the
inner chamber with the energy it shoots, and as the barrels spin, it lets out this energy
bit by bit. And due to the shots being separated like
this, this is both the strongest and weakest weapon, pretty much depending on how many
of the shots land. Rabbid Yoshi’s second weapon that he share
with our defender in a dress peach is the Duck Grenade, or greneduck. Due to the unstableness of the power orbs
they normally explode if any harsh impact or energy is imparted unto them, much like
how there are large boxes of orbs that explode if you shoot them. By squeezing the rubber ducky you deactivate
its rubbery containment so when thrown the impact with the ground would cause the orb
to detonate. Either immediately or after 1 bounce, perhaps
depending on how hard you squeezed it. Next on the list we have rabid Mario’s Shotgun-like
Boomblaster, which he also shares with Peach. These large two handed Heavy weapons boast
a large damage with a mighty fast drop off. they also seem to have a much larger orb than
the standard weapons. The internals work similar to a blaster except
instead of the energy being propelled it is detonated inside of the gun creating an almost
cone shaped explosion, blasting its way out of the gun. The range is about 7 cells away or double
a grenades 3 range. It is theorized that all orbs are very volatile
and act as grenades in most forms, meaning the Boomblast is an aimed grenade essentially. And the larger orb means that it can create
a larger explosion. And I need to mention it again, Rabbid Mario,
is the greatest character. Well we just did Rabbid Mario, so we may as
well do Rabbid Luigi next. Well then, It seems Luigi’s clothes are too
large for this tyke, always pulling his sleeves up and all. Green Rabid Marios secondary weapon is the
Rocket launcher: They work very similar to the blasters, but the long body allows the
orbs energy to be shaped into a longer cylinder. With the added energy, its explosion is much
more energetic and thus hits a larger area. Rabbid Linguini also shares this weapon with
Yoshi. RL’s primary weapon is unique to him. Its the Bworb, huh a bwhaa orb i guess, well
this seems to be similar to weapon that the Peek a boos carry, meaning its just a power
orb that they cast energy from. Except in Rapid Loui’s case, it has an apparatus
around it. Ragged Louise does seem to be a caster, but
he must not be as well versed in the orbs magic, therefor needs the outer casing to
focus the power. The weapon itself acts as a floaty, string-less
yo yo, which spins and opens to reveal the orb. Upon firing the device a small jet of energy
with a small non stable (looks like lightning) magic missile looking beam projectile is fired
towards the enemy. Its stats are similar to the blaster although
it seems to have better special effect scores This may be due to his mastery of the orbs
without much help from machinery. And as for the enemies weapons, most of them
are either casters who use the orbs in their purest form, or they have guns that they reload
and fore whole orbs from, or they work in pretty much the same way. Well, then there are the crushers, and Bwaaluigi,
who just carry around a large thing to walk up and smash you with. But I think that one is pretty self explanatory! And that about does it! At first it may seem weird for Mario to be
using a gun, but eventually the idea grew on me, and now its great! The guns all work using cartoon logic, but
can still be explained, and I love that! So I’ll be covering this game some more
soon too! And I really enjoyed this game, so a huge
thank you to Ubisoft once again for giving me a code to this game early, and if you want
to check it out yourself, there is a link in the description which will take you to
it’s website! And until next time, please remember to never
stop using your gnoggin!


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