HOW TO GET FREE GINYU FORCE TEAM! Dragon Ball Legends 100% Free To Play EX Ginyu Force Gameplay

July 25, 2019

all right what is up this is slow plays I'm back in some more Dragonball Legends content here on the channel we have a little tutorial video this is mainly for beginners as I always do with these style of videos so if you guys have already obtained these characters or you already know how to do it you can just click off the video you don't need to worry about watching this good for you guys keep it up you know great moves but no in all seriousness for those people that are beginners and they're trying to learn how to get these free-to-play type characters going to be breaking down exactly what you need to do this one's actually a little bit different than the legends road we're actually gonna be checking it out so um this is how to get the entire free e^x ginyu force which are actually pretty decent from like you know the stats and everything that I did see but we have the ginyu force sizzling that summer boot camp so I mean you're getting them summer vibes right now so shoutouts of the summer so basically instead of getting metals you get these little badges and there are actually five different types you know in terms of the coloration for each Ginyu Force member some of the color typing is like weird for two of the characters I think like freaking birder and raccoon they're like reverse so birders yellow-colored and raccoon is blue I think they did that because I think if I'm not mistaken they're actually those respective colors as hero units and I guess they try to change it up or something but you know ginyu gould oh and my boy Jace there you know purple green and red so whatever you know we'll just we'll just go with it for now but as you can see the event actually starts today and it's going to be ending on the 28th so you guys good that a month you know about a month for August 28th so be sure to try and you know keep up on the grind with it I don't feel like these guys are worth like grinding super hard in terms of having the waste skip tickets and you know like you know extra energy and stuff but that's just my opinion they're still very cool you can only max them out to about three stars it says right here so you know if you can go ahead and do it but I'm gonna tell you right now the grind is gonna be pretty pretty long for these guys so I'm just gonna quickly walk through you know each of the characters here you can guys can see like the awaken skill the special skills and everything I'm not going to you know explain every single little aspect of the characters because you're here to understand what you actually need but I'm just gonna kind of scroll through here and show you guys the art and everything and how cool that these guys look in terms of their actual you know character art and everything but these guys are actually a decent from what I've seen so basically what you want to do is you're gonna be able to obtain these characters in the exchange shop as you can see I have a couple of these already you know just like submitted into my like a little like roster and you know item list right here so I got eighty twenty twenty fifteen 25 you know for all those that's just what I've grinded out so far you need to get a thousand of each one because each one costs ten so if we go to the exchange now I'm gonna show you guys right now that's why I'm saying that the grind is gonna be awful because you got to kill like in total I mean it's five thousand medals if you think about it like that's kind of ridiculous like come on man so as you can see yeah holy crap so they take about ten for each one you need a hundred souls in order to obtain these characters so you just exchange them out you know each one each soul is ten so as you can see I can only do two right now cuz I only have you know twenty five of these so I think from what I've played you get around like fifteen to twenty-five for the drop I'm assuming I'm assuming that for the e.x battle you're actually going to get more I haven't tried it yet so that's exactly what we're gonna do right now now I'm gonna tell you guys one thing so you actually do get a battle bonus you know boost from using certain characters like for example this one is J so you're gonna get a little boost from Jayce so shadow Jayce there but right here as you can see the ploy conditions you can only use one character I like how there's one characters or less because that would be zero yeah deploy the following characters in battle and they have to be an extreme type they have to be extreme so as you can see I just have like just pretty mad kind of team it's nothing too significant for this one I'm just gonna use beers just to show you guys for the other ones that aren't e^x they actually I think take one character or less or whatever like it's setting before but it can be a sparking if you want now the issue is okay from my experience I've not tried out the ex1 but the one where you can use the sparking character just the normal version of you know obtaining these characters and like through you know their little metals and stuff that actually takes like a long freaking time their defenses are like impeccable it's kind of like look look at these defenses bro they have a ton of health the defenses are like off the frickin charts man like it's kind of ridiculous so basically you just want to try and grind them out they don't really do too much damage to you I mean as you can see right now like beerus is getting pretty wrecked but they don't do like a crap ton of damage so just in terms of fighting them it's not impossible but i do recommend that you guys bring out your you know highest leveled characters if you can if not i mean i say that you're not really gonna stand much of a chance against these guys cuz they actually do a significant amount of damage but you can only use one character which is kind of annoying but as long as you get your rising brush you should be good to go I'm just gonna do a little bit more damage here with be risk and just try to you know we're all down his health and everything and then we'll go ahead and just go for the kill but I don't I don't know if this rising Roach is actually gonna kill him right now we're gonna find out see if I can actually land that little bit ultimate but beerus he does do a lot of date yeah that should kill if i actually get it okay perfect yeah it should be killing here but yeah mainly just you got to get the rising rush like I said also have your characters pretty high leveled if they're not then like I said you might have a little bit of some trouble a little bit of difficulties technical difficulties there but other than that I mean it's not really something extremely difficult kind of reminds me of the grind on doke on how you can get the free to play you know SS arse version that can you know T you are and everything and you gotta invest those orbs and everything into them as well but yeah if you want to get all this stuff you can read right here that you know clearing with the one that actually gives you the bonus for example this one is you know Jase it's just basically the previous character that you use so I'm gonna show you guys the irregular one it's a little bit easier because you can use sparking but at the same time again you want to have your characters leveled up and you know at least you know maxed out 3000 leveled and you know straight-up soul boost and everything – but that's just my opinion you don't have to listen to me on that you can just go and try it yourself and hey maybe you can beat it without you know being super high leveled or anything but this one right here you can use the sparking like I said which is good I would recommend if you're doing again you want definitely use this Vegeta just just to show you guys for an example because this Vegeta is amazing GT Vegeta is so sick bro his blast damage is phenomenal like look at this boom like that actually does pretty good damage for these dudes like bulkiness and everything and then after that whenever you actually use your special ability he actually does you know cause this character to I've like lower defenses and everything too which is great so we're gonna do a little bit more they like look at this pro it's insane and it's not look at this I'm gonna go for it bro we might actually kill right here honk ami maybe not with this little check same like come on man let's go so yeah he's gonna do that so you can usually do this without having to use a rising rush some of them actually do require you not to use a rising rush if you want to be able to get all of the wind conditions at the end but you know if you have to use it use it not gonna be that big of a deal or anything but yeah this Fujita is awesome to be using for this and that's just kind of like the common breakdown of it and everything it's again nothing like too crazy or you know major or anything but as you can see this is clear without using the rising rush if you want to be able to do that and you can do with Jase as well when you actually get him but I'm gonna tell you right now I don't know if they're necessarily worth worth like investing like all of your time and efforts into I'd say just do this kind of on the side when you have extra time but I mean you're not gonna be missing out like on like something major like these aren't sparking characters they're good you know they're definitely good but having to grind out 5k medals in total in order to get every single member of this force is kind of frustrating just to think about and one thing that you actually can get that I forgot to mention that is actually pretty cool shoutouts to the you know game just getting screwed up here I love it doesn't connect that's great but um basically right here you can actually get some Z power for ginyu in his sparking form or whatever which I mean a lot of people have pulled this one several times before so I don't know if that's something that you actually want to do it's a very old unit too but if you want to that actually takes double the amount of medals it takes 20 instead of 10 so I'd say don't worry about that one I'm pretty sure you've pulled this character by now but for the rest of them I mean in terms of like Jace raccoon birder and Gould oh I mean maybe not you don't have to do ginyu but I mean if if you want that like full hex team that'd be kind of good because there might be some more yaks like lb arse or whatever in the future and these guys might actually be fantastic for it because they have all you know all the color types and they have great synergy with their tags and everything as well so if you want to do that you can I'm gonna show you guys that you know I can only acquire 9 right now so I'm using 90 metals and I'm going to only acquire nine of his Z power or their Z power or whatever okay so once you do that I'm gonna show you guys right here and the best thing about this the best thing about this is they don't they seem to not require any special souls I don't think that they do real quick I'm actually gonna check just in case but to my knowledge yeah they shouldn't require yeah they're just gonna require your normal rising Souls and everything so like just the normal color types which is great because the other free-to-play units such as legends Rhodes will require you to grind out those souls as well which is really annoying so you guys don't have to worry about that this is probably the easier grind in terms if you want to just get one single character but you know just for all of them it's just mainly the metal grind that's gonna be quite frustrating so as you can see here I have all of these characters that I currently don't have I guess they didn't make much sense but yeah right here I'm showing you guys all the characters and I don't have currently at this very moment but you can see he's got 9 out of 100 so I got to get 91 more souls which will take about you know 900 more medals so get a thousand medals total you know for each character and then obviously for all 5 members you want 5k medals it's pretty ridiculous but if you want to do it go for it I'm gonna try my best to do it and maybe I can try and showcase these guys but it'll take me a while so other than that my friends I mean still very cool units if you want to try them out and everything that's how you basically do it to those people that are beginners if you have any questions let me know down below and if you're not a beginner and you decided to watch the whole video I thank you and I appreciate it that just shows that you guys are you know here for the support as well which I'm very very blessed and thankful for well so hopefully you guys have a great day best of luck on your grind and I shall see you guys in the next one peace out take care love y'all


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