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How to make +1436% Fortify Smithing Potions – Skyrim Guide

September 13, 2019

Hey, guys, welcome back. This is a guide for
how to do, like, retardedly strong armor and weapons. Now, as you see, you don’t have to
look say like me, but it helps. So what we’re doing here is…obviously I have my little
items, my items being the best plus to alchemy, the best fortifying alchemy items you possibly
can make. In this case, 28% was the best I could do with what I had. But we’re going
to do this trick, which will boost that a lot. So if we do, we’re going to use the alchemy
lab. We’re going to build a Fortified Restoration spell. So what we do now is we exit, and we
have to remove all of our magic items. So we just remove all of these. We [coif] the
pot. Now our 28’s will turn into 61, okay? Now we go through here, we do a Fortify Restoration
before all of our spell wears off. Remember, you’ve got 60 seconds before it wears off.
So quit that. We’re going to remove all of our items again. [Coif] another restoration
spell. Now watch this: 147%. So that’s just 2 runs of it, okay? So what you guys are seeing
is the active magic affect. This is the Fortify Restoration by 427%. It just keeps stacking
on top of each other, so what’s up is basically it’s also adding to our created potion, our
potion making. So I don’t want to go too high because I don’t
want to, like, fucking destroy what we have here. So let’s go ahead and stop at +600%.
Now let’s use that to enchant. See, now I’ve got 98%, okay? Now, we could do that, but
I think we should go one more. I have enough for one more ‘Resto’ Potion. Let’s fucking
do it. I mean, if we’re going to do this thing, let’s do it. This is only 3 runs through this.
You remove all your shit, [coif] the potion, so we were at 148% last time? 605%! And now
here we go: go back to your alchemy, we’re going to make 1 enchanting pot, and then I
should have made a fuckin’… let me make sure to somewhat pause it. Now we just have to make a Fortify Blacksmithing,
which was really the most important one there. So we need Blisterwort, Glowing Mushroom,
and a Snowberry. Boom! Now let’s see if all of that worked out. We should see some really
ridiculous items, so let’s see our potion here: Fortify Enchanting by 358%. Okay? Now,
where is our– oh, balls! Don’t even tell me it didn’t make the freakin’ pot. Well,
I hope it did. Let’s get in there quick and build another fuckin’ Fortify– ah, balls!
That and that. There we go! Hey, and a level! Whoop-de-fuck right? Look at that shit! Look
at that shit! For 30 seconds, 1400% better items for Fortify Smithing! That’s pretty
baller, okay? So let’s go check out what that actually does. Look at that shit! So we have
a Resist Shock one that also– look at how expensive that thing is: 15,000 bucks! Okay, check this out. I’ll be right back in
a sec. All right, guys, we’re back. So just for good measure, I’ve got my +25% for all
the clothes. I mean, whoop-de-shit. What you need to make sure to do is plan out before
you start nailing this thing so that we have plenty of Dragon Scales. We just need to nail
it. So right now it’s all greyed out because I can’t do any better than I already did.
This shit will go off the chain. So let’s just make sure that we’ve got everything we
need. Okay, we definitely got everything we need. Okay, let’s [pomp] our Smithing Potion.
Look at that shit! I would prefer– which one was it? Was it that one, or was it Weapon
Smithing? Okay, let’s hope. Go, go, go, go, go. 1500, 700, boom. Okay, look at that shit.
The beauty of that is you don’t even need any skills with Light at that point. Okay,
666, 906! Holy Hell! All right, let’s go up and enchant that shit.
We might as well. We already have all of our stuff together, and there is no, like, items
to dick with. So let’s go up here. I just wanted to make sure that we plan out our shit.
Look at that! Man, beastly! What enchants to put on this thing? Well, I was really hoping
for– I don’t really care about Fortify that at all. What I probably will do is, since
I use Conjuration magic quite a bit, I’m wondering if I can get Conjuration and Health, I think.
Yeah. Do I even need Conjuration? Because, I mean, let’s think about that. Do I really
need that shit? Yeah, I have all these. I mean, that’s really it: Health and maybe Stamina.
It would help with Stamina on this one. And then for the boots, we shall do– where are
you? Resist Fire, which will take care of all the weight basically. And then Fortify
Sneak, which will be retarded. It basically makes it impossible for me to be seen. Gauntlets:
this’ll be an easy one. That is the Fortify Archery. As you can see, it’s already at 40%,
and we haven’t even done anything yet. And I think I’ll do Lockpicking so that way I
can pick locks super easy. Okay, and then the helmet. Let’s get rid of that. Okay, now
for the helmet, we shall do Archery, and I’m pretty sure Lockpicking will be trivial at
that point. So I’ll probably do Conjuration just to get it down a bit. And then, of course,
the necklace: the archery. I think archery and
conjuration will be good. Okay, I think we’re
good to go. So let’s go ahead and get ourselves all ready
to rock and roll. It’s kind of weird sitting there, thinking about how to plan this shit
out. But if you look at what we need to do, we only got 30 seconds. So you better be,
like, right on it. Boom. Hit it. I have a Dwarven Bow. I want Fire Damage. I want Soul
Trap, yes, that, that. Health, Stamina, boom. Item: boots: Sneak, Fire by 200%. Gauntlets:
I want Archery. Oh, balls, see? We’re out already. So this is a good reason. So we almost
got everything done, so hopefully we’ll be able to knock this out just in case. F5. Okay,
so this’ll give me the Enchanted by 5359. Boom, hit it, go, go, go, go, go! Fuck! We
missed it on the bows, but I think we’re going to be okay. Let’s just check out and see what
we did here. So just for the final, okay, look at this. Oh, my God! Okay? Ah, Sneaking
by 40%. I think what happened was that I missed it on there because it should’ve been a Hell
of a lot higher on that. Then that and we didn’t even do anything on the ring. So just
whatever we got right now, let’s just see what we have. Item: that. 7,076! Holy shit!
I think I’m going to be okay. I think we’re going to be just fine, even without that retarded
amount of stuff. And basically now all of my Conjuration spells are free cast. If that was interesting for you guys– I hope
it was. Then like, comment, subscribe. I should talk to you guys soon. And later.


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