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How To Make Military Chest out of Cardboard | D Workshop

September 12, 2019

Today I’ll show you how to make military chest from cardboard Tools: scissors, modeling knife, ruler, glue, paint Optional: tweezers Colors used: white, black,sand, yellow ochre raw umber and grass green Materials: Cardboard, Printed template Optional: tooth sticks, salt dough Divide templates in a way that you find more convenient to use with your cardboard pieces Cardboard should be 1/16 inch or 2mm thick Glue all pieces except “1” with dashed line and the biggest one to the cardboard Cut out cardboard pieces This is “1” with dashed line glue cardboard “1” to it align with the solid edge Cut out the big template Glue 2 on 2 Glue 3 on 3 align with outer edges Bend to check fit and adjust if necessary Glue 4 on 4 align with outer edges Bend to check fit and adjust if necessary Apply glue on oter edges of 2 and side edges of 4 not 3 Bend and form the box and let the glue dry I forgot to glue the cover first It’s better to glue it before 3|4 parts Cut slightly between dashed lines for easier bending 3 and 4 are marked for easier orientation where to glue them 1-B should be glued to one side of 1 and 1-1 to the other 1-2 goes then on 1-1 and the 4 thin parts are on 1-2 I’ve fixed the template so their position is marked now on 1-2 too The extra paper on 1 is used as hinge You should adjust the position and glue it to the box Better to do this before gluing the edge parts Optionally you can make handles from tooth sticks and string I’m sorry my camera turn off the other small parts you can see here Optionally you can fill the edges with salt dough You can make it from 2 parts fluor, 1 part salt and water If you fill the edges let them dry for a night My favorite part Painting the model I find this part as most amazing, because colors bring it to life Do you agree? Tell me in a comment Put some shadows Put some hightlights I prefer hard bristle fan brush for aged look details this will bring more realism Our Military chest is ready Do you like it?

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