How to Shoot Like a Marine – Sniper Edition – U.S. Marines ~ SATVIK

July 25, 2019

I'm Sergeant Alex Kessler today we'll be going over how to shoot like a Marine this is the m40a5 long-range precision sniper rifle both action manually operated shoulder-fired air-cooled magazine-fed weapons system with an optical sight it's suppressed on top of it we have the m80 541 it is the SSDs the scout sniper de scope has a windage turret elevation turret a parallax knob it has a illuminated reticle inside the scope and then it goes from 3 to 12 power can you do before shooting is establish a good shooting position we do this by placing our rifle base downrange at the target we're going to engage get directly behind your gun and move down to a push-up position you can't lay down you open up your legs as wide as you can this will help us blow up the recoil of the shop at this point you'll bring the buttstock into the shoulder your pocket utilize the chicken wing method just like with any rifle then I'll get a high firm grip on my pistol grip with a relaxed tone the ammunition we fire the dodok is alpha alpha 1 1 it's a 175 grain match-grade around 7 6 2 by 5 1 millimeters the final thing we do before taking the shot is checking our data on the gun this will be done by adjusting the windage to whatever we see the wind downrange and I'll also check my elevation one thing to ensure before firing is to have a steady shooting position we do this by making sure our gun is not canted at all and then my cheek weld is the final thing I'll worry about and I practice this by putting my chin on and droppin down and getting a comfortable position behind my scope and I'm ready to fire that's how you shoot like a Marine

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