July 26, 2019

all right so we're gonna be aiming for this watermelon with a chef's hat on top of it let's see what happen 3 2 1 1 rep back it's your boy here King reps are back with another video I hope you guys are having an amazing date if you guys aren't you don't got time to get a whole lot brighter because your boy sensei Reptar is here that really doesn't dark toe video guys you guys have been wondering if Naruto mystery box part 3 for quite some time and I'm here for you red packet is finally here we got the box this seems a little small that's because two things are not actually in the box they're actually outside the box the reason narco 3 took so long was because of well zombies on sword did you miss that took a long time ok and I worked the same guy who works on the mystery boxes on that Zaza sword so he was focused on that and at the same time working on dark no mystery ok very heavy I don't know what's in there yet narco mr. Henry Choji feels like he's in there right now it's very very weird you dad Jesus Choji is like he's just a chunky fun-loving guy his dad that's just sad so he worked on this box super super hard guys I'm extremely excited to get in here a lot of different arc of rappers as hopefully you guys understand that if yours are narrative man Fisher has smash that like button if your side of an arc of mystery box part 3 that was you would take that like button just throw it again stamp long take flipper in half again let's go ahead good side this box guys this is our mystery box part 3 we need a very special night for you ready this is it right here someone alright so we're going to there right now let's go ahead and do it oh that's so short but cut that one damn clean cut yeah I hope alright Rat Pack sorry to interrupt the video but trust me it's gonna be worth us you guys have been asking for something for over a year already and that is circling them into the nerds you might be able to figure that out it's a merge so I don't know sister is the first-ever official ADHD swirled merge from the first time ever you guys as really get the first chance to see it's literally available right now top link in the description but you guys want to see the first design the first one this is Rhett packet merch designed by the rep pack all the designs are designed by you guys this is the first one ever here it is guys super guys this is the first-ever official ADHD zero you can guys get the super smoother shirt frickin plain simple nice and clean this is the first-ever one guys there will be other designs in the future I know a lot of you guys been waiting for it for a long time so remember it's super limited pick it up while you guys can I hope to see you guys wearing a tag means and bitters if you wear a comment down below I'll let you guys get back to the video but again show cars closer super excited to see we have da mission to grab the first thing I can feel look that was pretty quick it was like right on top oh oh you know what these are they're heavy try love that thing hey yo man what the heck alright so I might be on you okay so I'm gonna tell you what they are and you have to guess the reference cuz this is dope well i'ma make an art to fan than you are so dude I got a Kakashi jacket a narco head being on what you got on actually got some dope as verge on they may see that Murch done big nothing else I got this the same daddy yeah so I will tell you what this is these are leg weights Rock Lee's by dropping a couple of pounds of weight no way these are Lake weight they're lightweight these are some of the heaviest leg ways you can find they're super super dint I can totally see what I'm gonna try and put them on but if you guys are not familiar with this sometimes there's weapons in there and sometimes it comes with dope swag like this stuff this came and actually one of these boxes let's put them on let's see what goes on god damn this can't be healthy no wonder why Rockley wears those leg warmers man to cover these big-ass brain pick up honey with this on your ankle look out look at me honeys guys since they got from that here come the kids yes as well oh wait yeah eight gates though okay I'm out Lock them down who does this imagine wearing that for like a year if you wore this for even a day I think the difference would be crazy alright got them both on and I already do feel so much weight on my feet okay here you go oh my god Tara how much weight do you think they are I don't know what it feels like more than 20 I don't know exactly what's what does it feel like I feel like I've never been more grounded know what everybody's telling me I've never seen you so down to earth like every step somebody's like grabbing onto my legs okay imagine Rock Lee like taking a tree until he cut it down well maybe that's why he's Rock Lee actually just leave this like this guys I'm gonna stand against the rest of the day and then tomorrow morning we're gonna see how I feel tomorrow about this didn't IRA hey what happened I'm actually Journal Albuquerque basically it's dark in here Laura Lyons I've been training training all night very very tired meditated I'm meditating to rebalance my chakra since a way since all day yesterday since you left all I did was train okay so then how do you feel I don't know yet I haven't taken legs weeks often you haven't taken them off nope not even once I slept with them maybe you showered a shower with them on oh but you want to take them up probably yes here we go man it's gonna feel really good to get these off dude I would hope so oh I had it some more weight to him dude what do you mean you added more weight Jesus how much weight did you add I rested I told you dad he's in there oh my god more weight in the world hands where you get that off there I know more than that I have a son Oh God all right I think so oh my gosh Parker my legs from Evan I don't even feel like I'm standing I feel lighter than last and weightless how does it work dateless do you feel you can move any faster or any other like physical changes I don't know let's see are you okay I don't know to be honest I don't want to travel that best I don't know I don't know sticks out sides you would also get below all right man just do what you can do I guess you want something kick that watermelon yeah here we go all right you want to be do it again what the what do it no nobody saw it I don't know check the slow-mo maybe they'll show up in there all right do I just check this logo nothing it looks instantaneous I don't even get it like it just it just destroyed out of nowhere I don't go for a jog let me see that [Applause] all right back I just ran the rent I ran around the corner around look the whole block ran around the whole yeah I so told you I was leaving this I asked you to hit hand give me that and then and then you were here and I was turning around I turn around and you said that you're back I'm getting more leg weights one day of training I've become the fastest man alive didn't go anywhere I've been everywhere alright that turns up late weights were a good investment now you're not Chinese whatever I want making a fan Express really order or something no I mean like genuine Chinese like go to China eat Chinese Jesus alright so let's get back into the box I don't know what else is in here but hopefully is any more superpowers okay alright bill five will go with that okay we'll go with the black box you can't go wrong with a black box good kids maybe it's a black box don't open okay let's see we got it here okay are expendable kunai these are basically designed to wear the entire blade goes forward all right so we got three of them those things are rad okay so we'll go outside and try these out real quick all right guys we're gonna test these out the difference about these type of kunai guys is this is a typical kunai right here usually they give you a blade on both sides that way in case you hit it this way this way it'll stick either way it'll stick so I'm not even give you the bottom so he's you really suck I don't still hit some of these ones you got one option right time that's it we're gonna go for it try my best a lot more skill to throw let's do a guy here ready Oh your mouse already steals rank up here's another one oh it's holding him on oh my let's finish him off and put him where he belongs yeah that thing is straight into his damn four okay smells and I was right over target already bet some hit two was two knives right ain't be sure yeah oh okay I missed the other one by stuck oh he's later tonight okay he should be dead Oh dinner rat all right one more target all right next one whoa that's like a cream pie that's what happens you just whipped cream okay I really love Naruto boxes all right now let's go back in the box and see what your fine be pretty banger you so far what's awesome so far I'm gonna grab this and the pills spill sob okay let's go over this I only need to see two colors uh uh if you're bigger than our cup enemy yeah super smoother this this right here you're correct this is super smooth no I love gray with my work so are the Chunin but now I've passed a lot of stuff like the man himself Naruto I'm a damn Hokage you look like the most badass doctor in the opposite of the bar-kays jacket extra badass delicate back in the box is a damn commie the only thing I wish about this note is that it was like you know like it uh you know all yeah man we're gonna constant breeze yeah Seto Kaiba here's a great job Jackie okay I would wear that in a heartbeat did you know how bad a confident you'd have to be your eyes your vegetable you can fly we're like the windows ooh got you all right so let's take a look inside your it's doing fine now all right there's a lot of stuff in here a lot more value okay I think of this mostly 5-piece fire paper are you talking about like a paper bombs there's no R is a paper bomb here we got here okay guys so I read the instructions he gave me this is called flash paper he says some of the highest dip splash paper you can find and you were right this is supposed to mimic a paper Bob what is some basically you don't have flash paper it is you kid with fire firing it's near it it literally explodes and do an explosion of more fire basically our favor Bob think we got our hands on all right all right so we made a little chain just in case so we have a little time to back up partner to zoom in all right ready oh yeah whoa that is what flash paper is and then pretty much this is all alcohol that is burning it's gone so literally it burns just enough be on fire where it's at and it disappears so if we were to tie that to a kunai we'd have paper bombs Wow we're way outside right now okay Jeff head on top of it let's do it happen three two one all right guys and then right here we have Sasuke's grass cutter blade me at the black one I mention your fan now this came and I was gonna use in this video is because alreadying super super super long and it's another store that's in the box actually already that I found out so I just wanted to show you guys this little real quick we're gonna get back into the box right now we have the black grass cutter bit and you had told us that actually Sasuke sword was always black I don't know why my mind I remember seeing a white it's um I feel like kind of see it being white is always black I remember seeing a white sword at some point alright so we're going back in the LC we got now hey going for this one it feels really cylindrical I like cylindrical things one drip gala tea very slick herbal it says further Ozias warning flammable emit smoke wire pool okay but if this citizen the bomb oh boy oh there's a grenade on it look at what reference paper he gave me okay guys now just reading the information he gave me this is a smoke bomb oh my god bar warfare to flash really does alright we're gonna go outside and we'll see how we do this okay guys so we're about to do right now I've did some research then this is very very very pround upon am I here yes so we don't usually steer away from things at the brown depart but very small confined space what do you told me in the paper which is to pull the strings though dude if you put this we're outside guys right now if you were to put this inside immediately this one felt the whole room it just will stop dude that was Sarah that was amazing I thought I couldn't breathe like a good guy that was the thickest vape I've ever seen that was all of the ignition the thing is guys I was trying to say is we're outside where there's ever-ending exits if you were inside you had this immediately it would be a fill top it would be figure out what you did and that was amazing that's what we have high production on guys because this is ear it has an irritant in it that actually will like you're a date your eyes and stuff so that's what we have these on so I had gloves on this thing is actually super hot right now having experience okay so now that me part of both smell like smoke in this video if you guys wanna see a Naruto box part 4 I'm not sure what I can do I'll see if I can make it happen but you ain't have to literally play I mean you get the first single on that leg but so yeah one last item to blow your mind it was this ready free this one is so much more usable along the way the same guy that helps through the gnarly mystery boxes actually was the one that helped me find the original zombies I saw you guys just saw so along the way while finding that sword he found this one he's like hey there's a more practical option so you look like sagas are strong there's one assembly deadly swordsman so we've more practical oh right here we have an actual human sized usable table is a sword let's go side despot alright zombies on sword versus thicker watermelon yeah you never get on chants were you a giant sword like this so I'm gonna go ahead and go for the individual slices like this things a little tomato all right here we go three two all right guys I hope you enjoyed that video I cut that a little bit brief because right here guys you guys check out this video where we used a full size like I mean literally full size over the shoulders size Dhabi's on sword check it out it's right here guys we're new here subscribe as always I will see you beautiful damn people and the next one adios blue


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