I COPPED THE HOLY GRAIL OF SNEAKERS ! Nike Off-White Air Force 1 MCA & Travis Scott Jordan 4 Retro

July 24, 2019

hello guys and welcome to Julius bubble and plus our theme for today is collar blue what does blue remind you of when you see the sky that's blue when you see the sea looking at the sea you see blue what does blue mean to you it means you are at peace you are in the state when you feel really happy and relaxed so when you see a sneaker that's colored blue it makes you happy right especially when you see a sneaker that's colored University blue we're talking about the big time the heavy weights the real deal sneakers that people are talking about we're going to unbox two sneakers that are so high it's almost impossible to get them and the prices are so so high I'm talking about first the Travis Scott Jordan for the university blue Cactus Jack and the other one is of course guys I'm so excited to show you the off-white Nike MC a alright Air Force one so guys are you ready for this let's go Julius bรคr bow unplug Julius bรคr bow unplug first we're going to unbox the Cactus Jack Jordan for university blue it says Air Jordan for retro okay open an a-10 okay here we go mm-hmm let's look at it closely guys attaboy ah baby blue or university blue and it's made a fine leather but you know how many no para sham felt and on the side you will see the standard net semana air jordan for and then so there's an overlap here now standard answer design and Jordan for there are women streaks of blue now unique Cactus Jack and let's look at the sole yeah get the midsole the blue MLM Crito these are hand-painted tapas a la Lumia you will see an exposed air duct no an air duct exposed air window then a sneakers and there's an overlap here now black all the way to the other side and then there's a net here and inside let's check out the details ethology dito is air jordan onion town and inside you will see the cactus chap logo foam and a hollowed red eye in a go overlap so when you use it you will see the red lining here which kind of gives the speakers a kick when you're wearing it and the lace is colored black and at the back there's a pool the suppose Nia is guess the logo of the job man the black pool which has streaks of blue also and that's compared to the other pair basically they they're both the same except for the details inside inside a bar here you will see the Jumpman logo but on the other side you will see Cactus Jack logo and on the tongue see buddy know at the time this one says Air Jordan and this says Travis Scott okay and under it's colored white and there's the Jumpman logo there I bought this there's a secondhand guys slightly used from sneaker bunk so if you're into collecting rail sneakers this is a must I say Travis Scott is now a big name when it comes to designing sneakers just like Kanye West no Parana boot can even owe you malleable knee Kanye West Nike chrysella defending mahajan agua but I'm a Midas touch now it turns into gold la luna de huaah ew jordan one with nike nutella gotta have been the type I mean nowadays guys it's selling for 70,000 up people are still buying it even if some of it are overpriced some are selling for more than 100 thousand guys crazy no but guarantee Logano but got like a hyped elegant sneakers Tomatis telega on price and right now hurry release Lana Lang Jordan low and now I think it's fetching for around 50 up fifty thousand up and Maserati Kakuma who happenin much lower price than that and even the sneakers that he's about to release grabbin readin hype I mean in Andhra Telangana Minato was rallying Ohio at the retail price not pass where opinion ho and you can easily sell that now if you plan to sell it some so guys are you ready for the main event the main main the Manny Pacquiao II can I know the real deal when it comes to speakers duh Virgil Nike emcee a [Applause] yes yeah some box belong it is so unique it's different from the other of white Nike boxes with Angela Bassett II Virgil a blow it just says air force 1:07 Virgil so there's no off-white decisis 11.5 it's colored University blue okay so let's unbox this here we go all right Wow go near you guys here is the off-white MCA as you can see that's the air logo and here is the silver swoosh gray silver it's a kind of reflective so it shines when there's light la piscine Colonia de la Mancha but under the darkening polka blue Nia and that's the red label over there and you see the lace it's colored white and of course it would it be Virgil a blow or Nike without the label here Humana a Sulha Tamala mono label them off white for Nike Bieber tour 1982 yeah and on the tongue but Ana Lucia opening them about an ordinary lollipop gotta hit new town yeah I don't meet you rough edges over here and the back let's look get in there no that comes with a spare a lace and extra lace it's a colored blue and inside you will see the nike off-white logo and major overlap do you know your phone and eye color the southern sky blue keep them up from from outside mm-hmm and let's look at the other pair with a tag here it is that's the Nike off white tag there's another tag over here it's white it says opt white and of course it wouldn't be off-white without the red tag but when you use this you can actually remove this because it's just connected in the lace so you can just remove this when you use the shoes all right and inside you will see there you go the off white logo add Nike at the back the stitches are here you can see the stitches mmm Salem yeah and stopping on a big boy at me anti shoe expert on the review dilemma bobble so let's move it oh wow it does smell like brand new leather it smells like a brand new car guys go grab a look at the new leader Jeremy Tito so here it is the much sought-after Nike Virgil MCA you know guys it to MCA unit only release this retail for around $150 and now it's selling for more than $2,000 in the u.s. in fact my friend Chiquita went to a sneaker store in New York in his Saudis at implies Nia a three thousand US dollars all right three thousand US dollars grab a tapas my online stores you can see then a glad are you price one thousand five hundred US dollars up to two thousand dollars telegin crazy guys telegin Sobrante Aston price than MC anyone and I don't know if you can still get them miss O'Brien here up so Brown hype so brung hull the impression and Gary from shusuke are hung here up here up Maha hoo-hah in fact the current aluminum hype recently when they announced that this sneakers will be released in complex called Chicago so chambray damming the expect Ito no but unfortunately only four pairs were sold up at the Pierce land and Columbia anta isn't that crazy guys grab a dough guys just a trivia around six thousand eight hundred pairs long than MC ang Dawa para Aventa this was lodged in Virgil ah blows exhibit in Chicago at the Museum of Contemporary Art from San Cielo by NATO's I had an exhibit and it was so they're so Minami and na Billy for $150 and they and they sold it for much much higher and are selling it for much much much much higher higher Gravatt Allegan – autumnal sneakers NATO and I predict that these sneakers will be the sneaker of the year for 2019 and some experts are predicting that this is going to be the most expensive sneaker in the future I see right now appear on expensive Salina Nike of white sneakers a young Chicago okay you disability nos I'm Chicago in a gallery and semana 180,000 pesos to two hundred thousand pesos plus at you imagine you sneh array ii had none but in good condition at all whether it was about 130,000 up i i'm not sure if you can still get this for that price there are so brand really talk Sabra nearly tore down here up here up Montana okay so if you see one that's something in your for a maganda mnemonic Akasha senior let me parinama failure to buy it I advise that you get it right away if you have the money and I shout out to my friends a cup garden Adrienne the rest of the guys there thank you thank you so much these are great shoes I'm going to really keep them and you know take care of them and make sure that they are displayed properly because for me I look at them as not just sneakers but hard words and they're really a great investment right now it's time to display them so yeah never nation please Jun guy so guys thank you for joining me today thank you to our new subscribers thank you for always liking my posts Vasant importante Messiah at i/o we have to be always positive guys not always look at the brighter side of life but what are you mad but the last among inget in gear for Putin Mokpo teleseminar negativity okay let's just be positive about things because when we're positive we invite be more positive energy and we'll be happier at capaco contain Parrinello 10 we will achieve all our dreams yes Emma bata John I love Kamara McCain in the neutropenia on study hard guys okay study hard and make sure mascara in your pond RL Ilana nothing you enjoy and I think boo hi and if we can afford it why not so just be happy guys now and stay positive all right don't forget to subscribe to like and put your comments below on our road to 100,000 subscribers and sabi kenapa go casino on our 100 subscriber we will be giving away big prices for our viewers hey – and even guys parity Maha rich man 100,000 the soonest possible town so for now become una see you soon guys


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    One of the best OW sneaker for me. Love that blue colourway ๐Ÿ˜

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    Sir Julius, please let me know your shoe size. Iโ€™m collecting and selling sneakers. Dito po ako naka base sa US.

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    may fake narin sa cartimar nyan sayang lagi nalang na copy ang orig

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    good choice of copping sir Julius! those colors are just relaxing and ang angas talaga #HolyGrail

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    Hi sir nice cop! I notice your talking more on english, thats good for international viewer sir more power!

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    Congrats boss julius, Not just rare shoes. Its Legendary Shoes Congrats and thank you for sharing your collections. Kita ko priced ng Airforce1 sa may COPgarden. Congrats uli boss. Thank you also for the words of wisdom.


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