July 24, 2019

welcome back to jealous guy gaming we are back at it again with another banker baby today we're on this thief simulator and y'all know man your boy got it gets down and take everything I got I robbed some people I'm trying to work my way up to the top man I got to work my way up from a petty thief to freakin crime my boss Lord I don't even know if that's the real thing but I'm trying to get there man but before we can actually do that man you guys already know what the procedure is man smack that thumbs up button we shoot for 2,000 likes also if you guys is not only a part of the generals got game Gang Gang make sure you guys find that subscribe button click it also hit the notification bill that were you guys are notified every time I upload a brand new banking a baby this is video number 28 of our hundred videos and a month challenge we are almost at 30 and then we gonna be at 15 gonna be a hut like we don't get it done man we go get it done because I'm determined to get it done so let's get this thing popping y'all actually there I've never stole anything in my life so this might be a tall test I don't know why I want to become a thief oh I don't know but you know this make things a little easier on ourselves man let's go to the shop let's start out with some with some money with some let's start off with let's bend there's been five in a row bucks that's all we can spin there's like nothing else that we can do okay so this is the don't buy that's way too much that's way too much just being popular it's been 500 roebucks and I get their little boost looks like we just boost on top of everybody man nobody got no money nobody has money in this game but me but boy because I'm the thief from the master thief all right so we need to go to the shop or we need to go upgrade these backpacks man because this backpack it's looking a little slim that backpack is slim man okay so let's hop in the shop hey give me all your money give me all your money bro give me all your money okay okay so that's not how you do that I'll take your out of robbed people here pretty so bad don't worry about me all right so this let's just check out these backpacks and what's up slim I'm calling everybody slim today what's up slim all right so let's see started backpack only takes five can only get five my hand is itching right watch my hair ditching I washed my hair this morning no charge don't show the front man don't y'all try and play me like they tell us wash your hair Jones probably got hair like I don't got no hair lice bro my head just itches man this is weird it's weird there we go we got we got eight thousand dollars no we can pick it up great a little bit okay that's too much that's too much upgrade right there let's just do the thousand okay and II quit can you quit that and my equipment yeah we are equipped it automatically and let's go to the outfit shot oh the outfit shop is closed so work in progress all right okay the weapon shop can we gotta get a weapon we got no weapon man we're kind of bad at this right now we're kind of bad but it's okay okay Oh y'all got the you got the Glocks y'all got the ak-47 got the silencer I'm out my slim and didn't you work at the other one slim didn't you just work at the other ones thing yeah both places slim I don't make no sense low I all right let's see okay so this is about a thousand yeah okay now that's doing a little too much okay let's just start out with the thousand dollar purchases okay now we could take out the pistol and we can start intimidating people me a I'm not I'm not a thief you didn't see me here all right no no I don't want to I don't want to order now I want to tell you that you didn't see me here all right yeah I wasn't here all right thank you all right now I better not see my face on the news and nut if I do I'm coming back coming back for you slim I'm coming back all right so let's go let's go where y'all that I'm gonna rob the bank can I even rob the bank I don't know if I could rob the beggar died I wish I could I wish that like developers would not take away the run feature on roblox I think the run features should be had on every single game don't take that away from us hey slim give me a wallet slim give it here slim give it here bro tomorrow am I giving it and my Robin oh hey give me your stuff bro okay you got to hold it down guys you got to hold it down so when you get up on them you just got a hold down the mouse and see if I can get up on this Bank yeah all that what does it was the workers that give me that oh yeah give me all of that this is extreme difficulty like come on man I like I doing this in here all I gotta do is sit here and wait for the cops to show up so I can take care of it – imma rob the cops – I working my way up I'm tired of being at the bottom I want to be at the top for all the without a real dude while the real Hennis yeah so we got off then we gettin that jewelry baby I don't know why the bank has jewelry but the bank has jewelry they don't chant return that jewelry he is so quick okay oh my okay we got a coming upgrade I sell this man so that jewelry baby – sell it oh yes oh it to the truck tell it to the truck I don't like how they just took me away from where I was at now I gotta find it again give me all of that bro appreciated my do I give me yours – yours – bruh anybody else walking around here like they own the place give me that – what I want to know it where's my buddy yeah I see all these people whose names but they ain't got no don't have no money then I've been around here you know I ain't got no money give me that bro give me that bro give me that little fairy come here give me that man I need all of that okay look at this muddy house or something this is my tea house or something Oh give me that bro give me that all of that you just gonna leave the door before a real hitter like me give me that bro yeah give me all of that under somebody house – this must be in like New York City or something we got to be in New York City they don't make houses like this in Cali or not where I'm from at least they probably do I don't know but give me all of them jewels baby okay there we go that's more like it now we got some actual thieves in here with us man look my guy right there trying to Robbie hey bro hey don't Rob nothing over here don't rob nothing oh I'll run this block I'll run the block homie watch yourself watch yourself he's ranks over here boy she got a little crowbar man I got it I got little I got ya take the little crowbar off somewhere bruh I'm about to go to the shop man I'm about to see what they got in the shop well are they wasn't in the show I don't need nothing from the south need to go to this shop but it's closed open that bad boy up I'm trying to get in there all right so I'm out – look check this out Shaw I mean no you know me I don't really do stuff like this but you know I'm just tired I'm just tired of being pro trying to be improved me I'm gonna get some money I want to just take it even though that's not these guys just thought how you do things guy give me that oh you got ten joules give me all of them give me that I tell you guys it's not how you doing is I immediately rob somebody it's okay guys it's okay it's okay don't mind me don't mind me just makes you guys hit that thumbs up right now that's not a lot axe and it's all iakhs all right so I got this pistol in my hand and I got nothing the other hand I got a bag for the jewels all I'm gonna say is how many y'all y'all want to get in on this anything I need a crew I need a crew okay we maxed out to the jewelry upgrade upgrade to the shop all right we got all we got man uncommon common nine thousand bro with a 644 the 640 that's the best the best one y'all got it's the best one y'all you know I'm not about to upgrade none about to sell these jewels bro I sell these jewels like it ain't nothing I wish it was another place to rob because I robbed that to somebody houses let me get on you know a bro if this is my block and Beto oh okay okay I got to get out of this they're not gonna walk all right I'm about to go just change people down and it's my block homey we robbing people over here let me tell him right now I wish they had the the text above the head what is he is he gonna say anything back no he knows he knows where he just he know what maybe he doesn't know I leave him alone they're gonna leave him alone I gotta leave him alone just know that just want y'all to know this is my block all right I really don't see much of I don't see much of a reason to continue playing this oh there's a restaurant that we did not get yet that's the reason they that's the reason to continue playing after I get this little oh he's already been robbed he's already been robbed I'm about to rob this restaurant but just know y'all man I'm taking over taking it's a little restaurant come on man but don't take all of this off man and I'm gonna talk to y'all as I take it out man thank y'all for watching man I don't see no cookie don't see no point in continuing there's no point in continuing this gameplay man there's nothing to live look over to me just know that your boy is coming I'm coming to take some things all right whether that's real life or fake life just know that I'm coming to take some things I ain't so thank y'all so much for watching make sure you guys are subscribed in order to in order to join the John Scott game Gang Gang Gang make sure you guys are also notified I mean that you guys got your post notifications on man that way you guys already know when I'm uploading the video man it just goes straight to your phone or whatever man it just goes right there and me sell my little jewels man me get my little a little cut these jewels really not selling that much any man anyways man they're not really making me that much money if I didn't pay for the six thousand cash like I'll be super broke right now because I couldn't afford my pistol man y'all feel me so crime in this case does not pay and I know when to throw in the towel alright so make sure y'all stay tuned make sure you guys check out every single video that I've recorded this month man this is video number 28 so there's 20 27 more videos that you guys need to go back and watch all right handle that for your boy and that's gonna do it for me man I'm tired jungles a second and this is Jones got game I will see y'all and y'all will see me in the next video man I love y'all and we gonna keep this thing rolling baby you gonna keep it rolling man let's get it man I'll let y'all peace you know about my face bro we can't fake about to take my girl out we got a day we go on to the bar to do some shopping all you do is televise while I really get a copy


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