July 27, 2019

so there's an opportunity to design my own weapon what would I actually create something with cookies no I've been thinking all day this is this is exhausting okay think focus what do I need what do I need now I need coffee that that that's exactly what I need okay it's time let's no no that's not it that does not look good this is frustrating okay you have the cookie minigun no that's not it either God really give me something here okay all right let's think a weapon that people wait a second coffee coffee I mean this is genius a coffee weapon okay we can do this what a masterpiece this looks good coffee beam maybe player speed when holding check burning effect check slows target check we got something here I think we got something hey what's going on guys my name's Anthony or Big B stats and today is going to be a super exciting day because you can win some awesome prizes by entering your contest sit back relax and enjoy hey guys before watching this video make sure you subscribe to the channel also make sure you click the bell to say notify when I will be uploading a video and also livestream so you can be first make sure you check the box and press safe and if you have time make sure to leave a like on this video to show your support alright so there we have it and basically that is my submission to this contest is what I want to talk to you guys about today which is going to be a weapons contest which pixel gun is actually doing so I'm gonna go ahead and read it off it says engineers want it so it says it's time to put aside the weapons and take pins in your hands I says we are announcing a new weapon contest which excels everything we have done before it is called pixel gun engineers and it will allow your creation to live long in the history of pixel gun 3d once of the weapons one of the weapons designed by you will be implemented in the game more ever the winners will get some super expensive prizes like top smartphone gift cards and a lot of gems there is always a chance to get your weapon in-game so go ahead it says in order to participate you will need to use your brilliant mind to invent a weapon to be able to participate in the contest you will need to do the following exact rules otherwise your weapon will be ignored now as you can see I designed a weapon myself at the beginning of this video I which is called the coffee beam now I don't know if I was almost like coffee bean but like I use coffee beam so it's gonna be like a laser I'll get I'll get into more details about the coffee but let's talk about this contest that I hope you guys are gonna enter in so here it is so this is how you participate so remember you have to follow these rules so you need to come up with a name of a weapon you need to have a small description of the weapon and make a little story about it as well also if you have an insane mechanic the more insane it is the more chances you have it to be noticed so if the the more kind of insane your weapon is again the more the more Chan it is to again be notice you also have to add your player ID as well so make sure you do that and it says what are your prizes so here's here's a good list of the prizes so the first place will get an iPhone so that is for the first-place winner there 10th place it says get a $20 Apple / Google gift card for choosing and then 20th place gets a thousand gems so remember you have to submit this by the 29th of July so there you have it they will choose 20 of the most worthy contestants after this the community will choose the winners see you guys so there you have it ladies and gentlemen I've created my weapon it gets you someone called me an engineer not not really so yeah that's that's my weapon let me know what you guys think of that coffee beam if you see if it happens to make top-20 let me know but yeah basically it's going to be a weapon which it has like a pot of coffee as you saw and basically it shoots like a beam but it's actually liquid so it's like black coffee that actually shoots at the person and what happens is is that when you use this weapon of course you have a little bit of a bonus speed so let's say you can move a little faster when you have this weapon but I'm also thinking that being that caffeine sometimes or can be call it can be called the caffeine beam I actually don't know yet what I want to call it I'll figure it out once I submit it but yeah if you have good name suggestions let me know down below in the comments so basically when you use it you can you can move a little bit faster but when you switch to another weapon basically you get slowed down just a little bit because you're kind of you're not using the caffeine anymore but I don't know maybe in the first five seconds when you switch the weapon you can speed but I don't want it to be over you so I have to gotta figure out something away around that one but yes I would love to see some type of caffeine boost with that like you can move a little quicker but not that much quicker or maybe reduce the ammo in it and you can move a little bit quicker also it's gonna be a burning effect as well because it's hot coffee of course so you're not only giving them a coffee and you're giving them a burning effect so it's gonna be a burning effect and I think you should slow the target down a bit they should kind of maybe move just a little bit slower or maybe we take the speed out of that and being that we make the them move slower that's how we move fast so yeah we'll have to figure something out about that one but again I'm gonna submit it again coffee beam the story behind it is of course I love coffee coffee kind of gets my day started so yeah there we have it I could go into more details about how much coffee I drink but you follow me on Twitter and Instagram you probably know how much coffee I drink but yeah there we have it ladies and gentlemen so I'm gonna roll them to a couple games here but that's my submission I hope you guys do submit it as well so yeah make sure to submit that to pixel gun 3d I'll put some links down below in the description on where you can submit it and how to submit it so be on the lookout for it so yeah let's get this started all right ladies and gentlemen here we go let's go ahead and check out the orange either mister fruit set here at least I want to try and get the orange killer which I still have not yet to get it just yet so hopefully I can get it eventually at some point all right it's been giving me nothing but coins like honestly nothing the coins alright come on let's try this again alright we got to get something here hopefully I mean my fingers are crossed there we go 60 parts that's what I'm talking about woo that was that was actually big I'm very very glad we got that should probably refresh this as well because the chance of me getting something else here coins okay yeah I was gonna say let's go ahead and refresh just play this again and again guys also I don't know what you guys are but in the summertime now it is extremely hot I mean extremely hot as well so I really need this orange killer that kind of cooled me down just a little bit hopefully hopefully if I can at least get the 200 parts then I know for sure I could unlock this in the next episode like for sure let's at least keep the 200 here come on give me give me give me 30 if we can get 30 here this would be perfect okay 5 coins okay that's just wonderful that's just wonderful alright this is gonna be good I gotta bring you guys so many episodes of weapons sack to check out there's been so many weapons like to actually review it's been just almost too much as well also got a challenge complete it alright here we go once we got with us we got 25 coins okay that's it just what I thought I was gonna keep going to be honest alright all right 30 minutes VIP you know what we're gonna try this in the next episode for sure we'll try this in the next episode although we could actually get the ice cream scoop to be fair VIP I think I'm gonna cancel out all right we got going for the corners all right we're goin for the corners 25 parts 20 coins 10 parts 40 coins okay that it must know I'm going for the corners 30 coins again 15 parts refresh let's get the VIP out of here there we go let's try this again if I need to get the I need to get at least both of them up to 200 at least there it is 15 parts there it is 200 go for the one more corner 40 coins that's fine 15 more parts all right so we're sitting pretty good 195 on the orange killer 215 on the ice cream Dora I'm assuming in the next episode of set will be able to unlock that one but however what I want to show you guys as well I think I actually equipted the weapon which is going to be I'm gonna show you what I actually mean here how I kind of want the coffee beam to shoot in a way so this is what I'm gonna show you so I wanted to kind of shoot like I think what weapon is this actually I think I equipped it the the freeze-dry rifle so think of this as coffee like kind of like this it's like a but I wanted to kind of do like a swirl kind of thing when you're shooting it so it's more like liquid if that makes any difference if you know if if if that makes any sense shall I say not if it makes any difference if it makes any sense that's kind of what I wanted to shoot like okay you know what guys this is just this is just unfair okay Here I am trying to explain how a future weapon that you guys can use and you guys are just trying to kill me okay not even cool at all not cool at all and guys you don't understand how happy I am I still have the power Paul alright just gonna want okay that's fine that's fine no guys well that almost hit up as well no I'm until the I'm so dead I had to shot him in the toe – that's fine that's fine come on there we go that's it oh I was just you this I couldn't I couldn't shoot the clockwork cannon in time there we go okay I definitely get just got it so okay now I didn't know I didn't okay come on reload oh okay that's alright that's fine that's fine but anyway I kind of want to shoot like the freeze ray rifle okay can I get out of this of course they go invisible and of course they manage to take us out we managed to win this it might be a miracle here thing is like we can totally get the win here I know he can just a matter of coming back that's that's all oh okay okay all right down by three kind of catching up here just bit by bit No okay this is this is bad this is bad there we go there we go come on no I have to reload literally every weapon alright down by one here we could do this there we go I just don't want to get caught with a similar grenade again that's it no way alright hopefully that nuclear grenade gets him which it might are you kidding me that that didn't get him what oh that was so many shots there guys we got it we got it we got a really push through with this Oh No come on down by one draw I'll take it all right as long as we didn't lose that one we really we had layout less players to I popped off 18 kills not too bad actually but yeah anyway the free-throw rifle that's how I kind of wanted to shoot so hopefully you guys kind of get a gist of what I mean with that so uh yeah let's go Islands but there is again I look forward to seeing how my submission actually goes I know you guys gonna come up with some amazing weapons the community is just crazy when it comes to designing things I mean we have weapons in here such as like the cloud launcher which was created by someone as well oh that just that was unlucky it bounced straight off of a tree it didn't hit me but that was completely unlucky come on really really really ok I think I got shot from the side to hit him twice but I probably should have been aiming for the head to be honest that was actually my fault – my buddy there we go nicely done come on no no no no no no someone's invisible here I don't know where they are though okay I was about to say come on I hate him I hit him a couple times but didn't do much alright nineteen eight we got a really good lead here so I'm sure we'll win this game all right I'm pretty sure we're in the win this game like I can imagine this being this pink coffee cut a hundred percent Matt imagine them and then to change it you kind of have to change the filter kind of like a coffee machine and even if it gives you a boost yeah it means you have to kind of sacrifice something else that it does so let's say that you know using this coffee bean gives you like a boost let's say it takes a little bit longer to reload or something like that you know it could be something like that okay ritual blade just destroy me okay all right you guys are gonna thank me later are you able to use the coffee beam and able to give everyone some caffeine this guy just fell off the mountain all right perfect oh my goodness all right 30 seconds 30 seconds left significant lead here by the team let's just say that I mean I'm just having some fun okay okay clockwork Ken you know I can't complain you know as many kills as I've gotten with the clockwork cannon Who am I to say how did you kill me with that how'd you kill me with that weapon because clockwork cannon is a beast oh look at that nice win there ladies and gentlemen there we go that's what I'm talking about good job good job so nice victory there six get all didn't have that many people saw I feel kind of bad about that but anyway that was an excellent excellent game there but there we have it so uh yeah I think that's gonna wrap it up for today's video ladies gentleman let me know what you guys thought of the coffee bean concept again if you think you have a better name for it let me know down below in the comments I look forward to hearing it and yeah tag me and some of your submissions as well look forward to seeing it but I'm going to submit mine literally right now after this video to fix it in 3d so wish me luck but thank you all so much for watching remember to leave a like and share it also feel free to subscribe for more new to the channel and again into the contest if you want to win yourself an iPhone some gems yeah you definitely want to enter it and I will see you all the next video


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