If SHE WINS this 1v1, I Buy Her a New DLC Weapon

July 28, 2019

notice go down guys I want to make this quick intro here to actually unbox a secret package that I got in the mail I'll see this y'all see this hold of duty modern warfare you guys follow me on like my Twitter or like my Instagram you guys probably already saw you know what's inside this but I want to just quickly unbox it and let you guys know some really really dope news within this package there's actually like this black sort of pamphlet thing and there's something inside but there's also a little logo here engraved as you guys can see we're gonna quickly you know take out what's inside it's actually a little letter as you can see you guys can pause the video and read it if you want to I'm not gonna read it out right now but basically just kind of saying that you know I was invited to something very very special and then we have one more little thing right here as you guys can see right here we have like this metal card and it shows the modern warfare logo right on here and then on the other side it actually has my name it says operator right away yeah guys basically what all this means is that I was very very lucky and fortunate enough to be invited out to LA next week to get hands-on with call of duty modern warfare the brand-new Call of Duty releasing next October next week Thursday I believe on this channel slash right away make sure you guys are subscribed I will be having early multiplayer content and early game play for you guys yeah that's Activision and if any award for actually inviting me out to LA I'm gonna be leaving really really soon so I can record some footage for you guys and of course post it to the channel next week but like if you guys are excited for call of duty modern warfare though right now you guys have 5 seconds to drop a like on the video if you guys need that supply drop line dode is going on ladies gentlemen my name is rich right away welcome back to the channel I hope you guys are all doing well as you guys can see we have a brand new call of duty black ops 4 video for today and within today's video we are actually going to be doing another one v1 here on the channel if you guys head into the black market right now you guys will see we have a brand new triple play bundle and within that bundle you guys can actually get an ultra weapon Brian the last time we got a bundle I actually 1v1 a viewer a subscriber and if he beat me in the 1v1 I was gonna give him a triple play bundle and an ultra weapon bribe so he can get a new DLC weapon and a ton of you guys showed that video support a lot of you guys also wanted to challenge me to a 1v1 to see if you guys can beat me and to get an old truck and bribe and a brand new DLC weapon so in today's video I'm actually going to be 1/v wanting one of my good friends here on you know YouTube and Twitter and this whole gaming sort of thing my name is actually winter I'm going to leave her twitch and her to cram down below in the description yeah she actually didn't purchased the trooper play bundle she doesn't have every single DLC weapon on black ops 4 yet so I was like ok let's do a 1v1 if you beat me I'll give you a Playstation code so you can buy the bundle by the old weapon bribe and get a new DLC weapon for you on your account she was so down she wanted to 1v1 me she said she was down to record a video I hope you guys enjoyed the 1v1 if you guys want to see more videos like this you don't want to see me no 1v1 more people for ultra weapon bribes and you know new DLC weapons definitely smash that like button man this video smashes like 7,000 likes and then I'll definitely know you guys want to see more of these also if you guys our brand new subscribe to the channel a genomic on the road to like 800 thousand subscribers we've been gaining so many new subscribers every single day and before began to the 1 be wanted real quick let me know in the comments section who do you guys think is gonna win me or my friend winter both all that being said guys let's jump right into it Ardi boys so we're in the 1v1 with winter okay leaky ass shoes oh my god she gets the first kill of me oh stop winter you stab look at her just jumping around talking about I don't know what you're talking about if every single like DLC weapon in the game I have like no ok it's perfect gun oh oh my god okay are you grinding furthest or are see still and oh my god I'm a late on accident I saw that oh okay okay guys I'm also gonna link winters twitch in the description so please go follow her she seems a lot oh and she has like ten different accounts with just like the weirdest names on ps4 this one she's on leaky ass juice yes maybe in my eyes there we go laughter of just gamer tags fine this yeah you want this to be a warm-up I'm down okay yo what is happening right now I haven't played all day no it's fine it's fine it's a warm-up game you almost once I mean oh you did cheap hearts got the crapper oh wow thanks oh I don't even know how that hit I'm gonna be real stop oh you have the dad clan tag I just saw that Hey oh shit Wow the comeback is real please hey there we go I good game good game you actually were making the comeback at the end alrighty guys so Wow what's that spoon I don't sighs I don't know change up the rules a little bit we're gonna be right gunning its instead and there's also no radar on so be a little bit more intense I think I'm nervous all right well we go back to sniping or it was no no I choked so bad I see you oh my god she's destroying me all right finally all right I had to get the first girl okay yo how are you so good I'm not are you so good oh my god this is so bad alright we focus up here guys she's actually amazing listen I have to do I have to do dude this is insane I'm trying so hard oh alright does that was literally a panic knife like or pack punch whatever huh you're gonna try the same thing on me they are me insane Jarvis I hate you why what did I do wrong oh my god I knew you're gonna be able top I knew it I knew it oh my god I can't do this I kind of I kind of almost start that kill I knew it I knew it I'm gonna come back wait there what's up oh I heard you I figure behind the bus oh you're gross okay you were going up top the whole time I saw you I saw your little head move nope that was oh my god no my thighs I fell I didn't even make the jump I don't know I'm so mad I read you got it oh my gosh you're actually gonna win that no I heard you Wow oh you scared the hell out of me good I knew it I knew it damn that was such a close game oh my god you were destroying me all right game number two gonna run the Malick's dude okay you are so you just pop out of nowhere she say she's using the can yo when did you get like wet I think you'd still be there wow I never checked that way oh my god you're dangerous those drop shots please that can is nasty Oh what I have on it yo you go back to ya next time yo yo are you oh my god she's gonna win this one she's a hydrant gonna win this one okay but you're absolutely destroying me right now that can is so good you're better than that ox as you say that look oh my god you scared the crap out of me oh my god it actually is scary when you're just like looking for me and I also didn't get shot in the back you're like what the huh I heard you I actually heard you from all areas I swear yeah that was insane I didn't even know you were gonna be there I didn't know you should be there either I was so nervous stop mmm she teabags me every time she kills me no wait don't just Crouch walk everywhere oh my god turtle turtle Crouch walk everywhere here we go ooh I didn't know I could I didn't know which way you were going what were you doing I'm not heavy again see that I must start doing that jump shouting that's our job charlie wow I think you're actually gonna take this one I'm asked to make a fan glass oh my god I didn't even see you but I saw like the red name pop up like it was like wait yeah I didn't even see you up there I like blended in Oh how does none of those hit okay God my character happened on me all right 11 to 12 oh god I just drop a light give me that look you're freaking went back inside oh my god I thought the mannequin with you oh he's not the mannequins me oh my god I committed to their gunfire I should have backed up please oh my god oh god you need one more kill no you would have turned on me if you would ha I probably would've cried I probably would have cried if you turned on me yeah if you were at the bottom I would have you actually would have I'm really no no oh you got me oh my god oh my god dude I don't know where you are oh my god always right there you had me having a heart attack over here seriously I I didn't know I always make a comeback it's oh I didn't even expect to like stress this much when we recorded this video I was like I was actually I was sweating my hands are sweating right now I won but I'm actually gonna give you a code anyway cuz I'm a nice guy and you're a really good person and I want to you know give you a cold uh-huh I thought that first thing was a warm-up game I want to give you a cone anyway so I mean the m16 comes out really soon so you might you might just want to wait it out meet you thanks Wow that's me like should we shoot for winter you know we need a light goal we need your light goal six six six wow really demonic really fast okay you heard the girl six six six guys alright anyway guys thank you all so much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed it once again check out winter her links will be in the description I'll link her I like her twitch all right she streams every day pretty much right every day mostly do you want me to link your Instagram I don't even Instagram yeah you are whoa okay you guys since you weren't there when sterling went during the Graham so I'll link that as well he goes much for watching hope you enjoyed and yeah we'll see you guys next time


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