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Incredible Facts About The Finland Army (Suomen maavoimat Finlands armé)

August 18, 2019

Here on FTD facts we’ve been learning a lot about the great and noble people known as the Finns and in case you weren’t sure by that I meant The people that are from the great country known as Finland and we’ve talked a lot about its country and discovered What’s great about it but also dived very heavily into its military aspects. But today specifically within this video We are gonna look at the army Which is one of three divisions of the Finnish Defence Forces and get a general idea of who these guys are and what they do Welcome to FTD facts guys my name is Dave Walpole and Welcome to the channel where I talk about people cultures and places from all around the world Now if you guys are coming to the channel for the first time first of all you want to hit that subscribe button and that bound notification if you like learning about different cultures and countries and You know people from all around the world now, we’ve been doing a lot of military videos as of late But we also do talk about country videos We’ve actually talked about Finland as a country as a whole and if you guys are interested in that sort of stuff I’m gonna put some cards throughout the video for you guys to check out also if you guys are really liking all of our topics about Finland be sure to hit the like button because if we get more than five thousand likes we know to just continue to Do more videos about Finland? So but on that guys Let’s just get started and let’s start talking about the facts of the army of Finland so far, Finland The army is sometimes known as the Finnish army to people around the world or if we were in Finland you would call it They my format and as well in Sweden It’s known as the armed men with the main mission according to the website of the Finnish Defence Forces Is that the army defends the entire territory of the kingdom and carries out all the tasks of the Defence Forces? now specifically the army is Classified as the land forces the ground forces of the entire Defense Forces There’s other branches such as the Navy and there’s also the Air Force but keep in mind as some of the vehicles from those other Departments actually bleed into the army and I’m going to talk about that shortly But overall when it comes to the my vow mat they have about eight different departments and one Headquarters with general Major Pete Rihoko running as the commander of the entire army since August 1st of 2017 So what are these different departments let’s go into them and give you a basic idea of what these particular Departments do first of all you have the Jaeger Brigade, which is the most northern Brigade specializing in the Lapland territory There’s also the guards or Guardians regiment which classifies somewhat of a special forces unit. And Focuses a lot on urban combat and is located in the Helsinki metropolitan location And also just a point out these guys do train out of you Seema as well There’s also the Cana Brigade which if I’m even pronouncing that right is the largest Compartment of troops in the entire army because not only do they train the regional troops, but the border guards as well Of course There’s the Karelian show department located in the Karelian area which specializes in the environment of mechanized troops the army Academy, which has its main tasks are training the recruited staff and conscripts and the research and development Tasks and standby tasks of the army, of course There is also the armored department which trains the most powerful group in the entire army And these guys specialized in mechanized and anti-aircraft and electronic warfare There’s also the porins brigade which is located in western finland And these guys are educated skilled peacekeepers in world crisis areas Of course, there is the oh dear edgemon which we talked about in our last video and these guys are pretty much the Special Forces of the Entire military and finish it off There’s also the army headquarters Which is also known as the Army Command or our comm and is located in historic a garrison area of Karki alampi Also should be known that when it comes to the OD regimen and also the army academy they do not have any subordinate region It’s where other places and other departments have one or two of them now I did mention earlier that within the Finnish army they do have other departments that bleed into the army and what I meant specifically by that although the Air Force does maintain the use of Air Force vehicle the army does indeed have its own aircraft in which they use helicopters such as the Nh90 for transports and even the Hughes MD 500 however These particular divisions go under what is more or less? Simply the army aviation department and they state for their helicopters. The army has approximately about 20 of them But anyways, let’s take a look at the finish army as a whole how many troops do these guys have for the army alone? They have approximately 180,000 soldiers that are ready to fight and go but however keep in mind that is only when it’s designated a Wartime but during peacetime like right now things are actually much different and it should also be mentioned that during this time they have a very small percentage of soldiers that are actually employed by the army itself because the army has stated that currently they have three thousand five hundred and fifty employed soldiers and Approximately six hundred forty employed civilians totaling the amount of individuals and personnel employed by the military equaling 4190 but as of 2017 their numbers for soldiers for conscripts comes in at nineteen thousand eight hundred which are classified as full-time conscripts and of that the military states four hundred and fifty of them are Volunteering woman and the army also stated that in the reserve department They have eighteen thousand nine hundred soldiers that were in training exercises for the reserves in 2017 overall they do have a lot of people that have a lot of military Training and therefore if wartime was ever to break out They would easily have a force of one hundred and eighty thousand troops Also guys before I continue talking about some major facts about the Finnish army that’s in today’s world I also want to go into history because that’s very important when it comes to just facts about the army itself Where did it come from and how did it evolve of course Finland has had an army for a long time now Even back when Finland was known as the Duchy of Finland It was still somewhat a part of the russian empire in 1809 being classified as an anonymous country but before that finn was a part of the Swedish Empire and it’s known that even Finland forces participated in approximately 38 Wars of the Swedish Empire But as for the modern version of the military many state that had started in 1918 when Carl Gustav, Emil Mannerheim Became the commander and chief of what was known as the Civic Guards which pretty much at the time after their independence They were known as the military of the country It should also be noted that the Civic Guards were sometimes known as the white guards for fighting against the red guards Who were the militia fighting against them during the Finnish civil war? So in our previous video we also talked about the Jaeger group but more Specifically I want to talk about the Jaeger term now in our past video you guys have given us the constructive criticism And corrected our facts saying that the term Jaeger doesn’t come from actually a bird in the Nordic region But comes from a German word and that one actually turned out to be pretty much true I did some digging on that and here’s pretty much the reason why Which I’m really glad that when it comes to FTD facts we get an opportunity to learn from you guys and even improve on our facts and with that in mind when it comes to the word Jaeger and why it was influenced by Germany was because of the Jaeger movement which were volunteers that trained in the German army to become elite troops during the First World War the volunteers that I speak of they say that there was approximately about 1,000 to 2,000 of them training with the Germans at this time It also could be said that the first real Jaeger unit was the 27th. Jaegar battalion Which belonged to Germany but was made up mainly of Finnish troops many of you may already know that Finland has what is called ski warfare and Skiing in Finland for the military is a very important thing but I want to expand on that because it’s actually world war two that made this extremely important and Popular because although ski warfare did exist before it was extremely useful in the war effort against Russia during the Second World War this was because during the Battle of sumo salmi which was between Finland and Russian forces it took place on January 7th 1939 and January 8th nineteen for and this went down in history as a great victory for Finland because for the Russians there was approximately two mechanized divisions of approximately 45,000 to 55,000 men and although they had superior numbers. They were defeated by three finished regiments which consisted of approximately 11,000 men and this battle alone is considered one of the greatest military Achievements for the northern region of Finland and quite possibly the entire country and also to add to ski warfare I should also mention and I’m not quite a hundred percent on this one is because from what I’ve researched and understand is that Norway and Finland are the only two countries in the world where all soldiers are trained in ski combat, and as for Finland It is a standard for all conscripts to know how to ski and of course learn to combat with skis again I don’t know if that is a hundred percent true There might be some people in the comments-section Who are part of the military that can shed some light on this so always keep an eye down there in the comment section below Now also jumping back into the departments Let’s break down the different type of divisions within each of them because as for divisions, there’s quite a few of them There’s infantry where you have your high-powered close-range land forces in which these soldiers Commonly, use assault rifles anti-aircraft and anti-tank weapons and grenades as well for example for assault rifles the army uses 7 6 2 RK 6 2s and 9 5s and they also use 7 6 2 Kkpk m/s as machine guns. There’s also Field Artillery, which is for long-range attacks They use howitzers like the canine Thunder armored puncher They also use field cannons which can shoot up to 20 kilometres with about 800 of them in use and they also have rocket projectors that can shoot tens of kilometres away there’s also Anti-aircraft which are mobile Sam sites and other anti-aircraft systems and let’s not forget about the engineers who are in charge of laying down bridges Tillers cleaning vehicles and other things of that nature and of course, we can’t forget about the tank divisions Which really we don’t need words to describe these mechanized units, but for the Finnish army They use the 16 point 5 tonnes 75 millimetre Leopard a 2 a 4 s and a sixes with approximately about a hundred of them in use also You will see them use BMPs and Raptor carriers as armored fighting vehicles with about 200 of them in total and last but not least we can’t forget about the conveyance Departments, which are all about logistics and the mobility of military personnel However, that is me and you guys learning about some of the basic information of the Finnish army What are your thoughts on this particular unit? And do you find this one amazing force? Ok, guys Well, that’s pretty much it my name is Dave Wawa and thank you guys for tuning in and learning with us again as always as I always say if you Guys really like this content Be sure to give this video a big thumbs up because if we get over 5,000 likes then we know to do more Finland content and we know you guys really really want some am I right? Yeah, but on that if its first time here hit that subscribe button and that Bell Notification because then you guys can stay in tune into what we are learning. We always love learning with you guys It’s always a great collaborative effort I get my mind expanded and you do too but however This has been some facts about the army divisions of the Finland Defense Forces the brave soldiers who are on the ground Dealing with the conflicts literally as a hands-on experience The individuals who may some days be crawling in the mud or patrolling in the thickest of bush and rain But still come out standing tall and proud These are the soldiers the history and the professionalism of the army of the Finnish Defence Forces the soldiers who fight for honor duty and will Thanks for watching guys if you guys really like this content Well, we got a buttload of other videos for you guys to check out also guys We have tons of other army and military stuff that we have not covered So be sure to hit those like buttons and give us suggestions for the future videos. Thanks for watching. We’ll see you later. Bye


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    There is a new contingent every 6 months. The total amount of conscripts varies quite a lot, because soldiers/gunners serve for 165 days, some specialists serve for 255 days, and nco's and reserve officers (and some specialists and volunteer soldiers of the readiness units) serve for 347 days.

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