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INCREDIBLE Things About Air Force One!

November 9, 2019

From being able to feed a small army to making
sure the POTUS never misses leg day, here are some incredible things about Air Force
One: 12. Any Aircraft Although the term “Air Force One” is almost
exclusively used to refer to the specific aircraft that has the specialized equipment
needed to transport the United States president, technically, the term describes any airplane
that’s carrying the POTUS. Another interesting fact about Air Force One is that it’s not
the only branch of the military that uses a term to describe the presidential transport
vehicles. There is also Navy One, which refers to any US Navy craft with the Commander-in-Chief
onboard. However, this is much less common than Air Force One; the only specified Navy
One vehicle was a Lockheed S-3 Viking that was used to transport former-president George
W. Bush in 2003. The same applies to all branches of the military; so, Army One and Marine One
refer to US Army vehicles and Marine Corps vehicles transporting the president respectively. 11. Presidential Lyft Marine One refers to any Marine Corps craft
that’s carrying the president; but, it is most commonly used to talk about the helicopter
operated by the HMX-1 “Nighthawks” – either the VH-60N White Hawk or the Sikorsky VH-3D
Sea King. Both of the helicopters are called “White Tops” because… you guessed it…
they’re white on the top. The Marine One helicopters always fly in a group of five
for security measures, and they’re all identical. Most of the time, the president is transported
by helicopter to the Andrews Air Force Base. However, the current Marine One aircraft models
are going to be replaced by around 2023 with 23 VH-92s, which will be equipped with updated
communication technology. 10. Costly Craft Considering Air Force One’s incredible technology,
abilities, security, and comfort additions, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it
costs a pretty penny to run the aircraft, and the president has to use it fairly often.
There are currently two Boeing 747-200B jets that work together as Air Force One that costed
about $380 million apiece. These crafts were highly modified to encompass all of the technology
Air Force One requires. But, they will be over thirty years old when the replacement
planes arrive in 2024. In 2015, Boeing 747-8s were chosen as the new presidential airplanes,
and they will be designated “VC-25Bs” after modifications are complete. President
Trump estimated that the cost of the planes would total over four billion dollars. In
July 2018, the US Air Force reported that the cost for the replacement planes is $3.9
billion, which saves taxpayers over $1.4 billion. But, there’s no denying the insane prices
that come with these jets, and estimates from February 2019 suggest that it will be closer
to $4.6 billion. Plus, the cost to run the plane for a single hour was $206,337 as of
2016. So a five-hour trip would equal $1,031,685. 9. Accelerated Aircraft President Trump, and all of those before him,
have a lot of places to be and no time to waste. After all, leading a country is a busy
job with hardly any down time. So, Air Force One has to be able to travel faster than the
average airplane. The current aircraft is capable of traveling at 620 miles per hour,
which is about 40 miles an hour more quickly than a regular commercial plane. Plus, there’s
no need for layovers when flying Air Force One… the jet can be refueled during flight!
However, President Trump’s goal was to ultimately cut funding concerning the Air Force One planes,
which is why he decided to purchase pre-existing aircraft instead of building brand new ones.
One option on the table to conserve money was cutting the in-flight refueling; however,
whether or not the final planes will have this capability remains to be seen. The estimated
savings for taxpayers as of February 2018 was $1.4 billion, and Boeing tweeted out that
President Trump made good negotiations on behalf of American citizens. 8. In-Air Defense The main purpose of Air Force One is to get
the president from place to place safely. Without the ability to do that, Air Force
One wouldn’t be worth much. So, it’s not surprising that there are many security features
built into the aircraft to keep the country’s leader safe. In the attic of the plane, there
are electronic systems that stop enemy radars from working correctly. The planes are also
equipped with flares that can be deployed to confuse heat-seeking missiles. In addition
to these things, Air Force One also has two doors for swift exiting if need be, and a
navigator and engineer accompany the pilot and co-pilot in the cockpit. Each of the exits
has a retractable staircase as well, making entering and exiting the plane simple and
reliable so the people onboard don’t have to depend on any third party’s resources.
The windows of the aircraft are also armored… so, needless to say, Air Force One would be
extremely difficult to sabotage in any manner. 7. Hovering Hospital Not only is Air Force One designed to deter
enemy attempts at harming the president, but it is also equipped to deal with nearly every
medical issue a person could experience while flying. Next to president Trump’s office
and the plane entrance, there is a medical compartment. The area always has a nurse on
duty as well as a blood supply, a defibrillator, and medications. Plus, a doctor flies with
the president as well, and the center can be used as an operating room in emergency
situations. 6. Mile-High Meetings Luckily for President Trump… or unluckily,
depending on how you look at it… work doesn’t come to a halt simply because he’s traveling
around the world. The people who designed Air Force One took everything into account
during planning. In addition to a medical center, high-tech defensive equipment, an
insanely powerful engine, and the current ability to stay in the air for a near-infinite
amount of time, the airplane also has a sizely conference room. The president can have large
meetings in the area, deemed the “flying Oval Office.” The office encompasses advanced
technology so the president can communicate with people and continue running the United
States mid-flight. 5. D.T. Phone Home Most people that fly on a regular basis would
do just about anything to be able to take phone calls and communicate with the outside
world during trips. Unfortunately for most of us, it’s just not possible, and we have
to resort to whatever movies are available or try to sleep without getting a crick in
our necks. But, for people aboard Air Force One, there are eighty-five phone lines to
help keep in touch. Before they were replaced in 2014, there were two colors of phones:
white and beige. The white was used for non-secure calls, and the beige was used for secure communication.
However, when former-president Obama got tired of the two-tone-phone system, he had a new
simpler one installed. Nowadays, there is one phone capable of making both types of
calls; a red light means the line is secure, while green means it’s unsecure. 4. Aerial Occupancy Air Force One makes an impression on anyone
who sees it, and considering it’s 232 feet long, it’s not exactly modest. With the
bright blue stripe down the sides, American flag on the tail, “United States of America”
written in bold on the side, and the presidential seal, it’s nearly impossible not to notice
it flying by. But, the inside makes just as big of an impression as the exterior. There
is a total of 4,000 square feet of room to move around inside the plane. It can hold
up to about 76 people, and there are living quarters for the various presidential staff
members and guests, including secret service members, reporters, and senior advisers. 3. Culled Cuisine Everything about Air Force One is top-notch
concerning security, including the purchasing and preparation of food. No food for the plane
is ever purchased in foreign countries. Anonymous staff shop for the products in the United
States, carefully choosing every item, before the aircraft takes off. So, there has to be
plenty of pantry and refrigerator room onboard to store all of the ingredients. In January
2018, two of the refrigerators were going to be replaced, which would’ve cost a total
of $24 million. But, doing so was essential since Air Force One is required to hold 3,000
meals. The refrigerator repair order was cancelled after the replacement planes for 2024 were
chosen; but, they might still be fixed if the new aircraft are delayed. There are also
two kitchens aboard the plane, allowing meal preparations to take place for 100 people
at a time. However, the meals the president’s guests consume during flight aren’t even
close to what most of us experience. Instead of TV dinners, tiny cups of coffee, and $10
bags of peanuts, Air Force One flyers enjoy full hot meals served on platters that are
decorated with the presidential seal. Every entree is prepared on the ground, vacuum sealed,
and frozen before making it on the aircraft. Apparently, the only things that aren’t
very tasty on Air Force One are the fries since there is no onboard deep fryer. 2. R & R The Air Force One planes have a ton of space
as we previously mentioned. But, the incredible amount of comfort the aircraft has to offer
doesn’t stop there. There are three levels within the airplane, and they encompass everything
a person could want during an extended flight. From the two kitchens, twenty televisions,
and 85 phones to the conference room and operating room, there probably isn’t much left on
the plane that would surprise you. However, the flying mansion, so to speak, also has
a presidential suite for the man himself. Inside the lavish quarters are a comfortable
bed for rest, a shower and lavatory, double sinks, and even a little gym so the president
can maintain his health. But, considering the immense amount of time the president has
to live on the plane, it makes sense that these accommodations would be necessary. Plus,
it’s no easy feat running an entire nation; so a little rest and relaxation onboard Air
Force One are sure to help. 1. Atomically Resistant It can confuse missiles and jam radars. Its
windows are armored and bulletproof, and it has its own medical center “just in case.”
But, that’s not all Air Force One does to protect the Commander-in-Chief. The entire
aircraft is also covered in armor plating to ensure that it wouldn’t crumble in times
of conflict involving a nuclear blast. Of course, if the plane was directly hit or too
close to the explosion, things would still go awry. However, the planes were designed
so that they can take the hit from an atomic weapon that detonates on the ground. What do you think of these incredible Air
Force One features? Let us know in the comment section below!


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