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Indian Air Force – Latest Documentary- 2018

September 13, 2019

it is ourduty toremember and honorthesacrificesof the air warriors whodefendedthe nation underunfavorableconditionsit is the man behind themachine that matters the most theheroicdeedsof the gallant heroes of the IAFhave left their footprints in theannalsof historyand it alwaysberememberedby ournation with asenseof gratitudeGihonthe Indian AirForce wasestablished on8thof October 1932 by abillpaused by the Indian legislatureand is committed tosafeguarding theIndian skies to protect our citizensandthedemocratic values we so cherishenshrined in the Constitution ofIndiawe have hostile borders in thenorth andwestand ourWestern neighbor has madefour attempts to annex Kashmirsinceindependencethese attempts werethwarted bysuccessful intervention ofour armedforces and the Indian AirForcehas contributed immensely in allthese endeavors the Indian Air Forceright from the beginning prove itsmettlethe first test came in 1937 whenit was baptized byfireon the NorthwestFrontier and four years later it waspressed into action in the Burma Campaignin World War two word played amajor rolein defeating the invincibleJapanese forces inOctober 1947 Raiders from Pakistanlaunched an unprovoked assault on thestate ofJammu and Kashmir the IAF withits transport planesshowed itsagilityby establishing a bridge to ensure that Indian soldiers and equipment treats his Srinagar punch and lay to save the statefrom Raidersthe transport planessaved the day andcontinued tobethe backbone of the IAFeven today then came the sino-indian border conflict of 1962which saw the IAFfulfill its limited role of providingtransport and logistics support to ourtroops all along India’s Himalayan bordersairpowerwas not fully utilized in anoffensive role in 1962ops manyhistorians feel that hadIndian AirForce been used to its full potentialthe outcome might have been differentagain in 1965 the enemy made anotherunsuccessful attempt of threatening thebeams at the borders although theadversary was armed with modernairweapons the Indian Air Forcegave up afitting replyand the threat wasneutralized by the bravearmed forces ofIndiathe 1971 conflict was theIndian AirForces hour of glory within the firstfewdaysof war the I am gained afavorableair situation over WestPakistan in quicktime which wasexploited bythe Indian Armyin thecrucialbattle of Champa and loGuevarain the battle for independence ofBangladeshthe I am established totalair supremacy by the end ofthe secondday ofair operationsthepinpointrocket attack onGovernment House Tuckeron the 14 December 1971ledto thesurrender ofthe entireninety2208strongEast Pakistani garrison andthecreation of Bangladesh in the Kargil conflictthe IAF played a key role inevicting the firmly entrenched intruders by carrying out precision strikes on enemy locations onTigerHill andmuntedHollow these strikes caused severepsychologicalket rotation and paved theway for thefinal assaultby the IndianArmythis was ajoint operationat itsbestas first responders theIAF hasproved itself inthe faceof any naturaldisaster calamity accidentorcontingency withswiftness which hasafflictedthe nation and abroad on theinternationalfront IAF efforts werenotable infiji cyclone Winston inFebruary 2016SriLanka floods in May2016an evacuationof stranded Indiannationalsstuck in the Civil War likesituation in July 2016fromsouthernSudanon thedomestic frontthe IAFresponded promptly during Chennai floods in December 2015our rescue missionbysaving soldiersat 23,000 feet from seaurchinAvalancheby the helicopterpilots and etheric and forestfirefighting in April May 2016theiaf has been the first to heraldthemake inIndia initiative by inductingindigenously builtpages light combataircraft into IAF’sFighter Squadron inJuly 2016 the integration of the BrahMos air-to-ground missile on the su-30mkiisa proud achievement of Indian scientist and defense industry the indigenously developedlong-range air-to-air Astramissile firing by secretlympi combataircraft is alsoa major steppingmissile aircraft integrationit has thecapabilityto engageand destroy aerialtargets with high maneuverabilityandsupersonic speedthe indigenous lightcombat helicopterbeing built by H al isarmedwith polina Mossadguns androcketsand it would be a lethalplatform against enemy tanksand shieldsthe key to build and maintaineffectiveairpower requires periodic upgradationofinventory the modernization is beingundertaken as for theroadmap enshrinedin thelong-termintegrated perspective plan by inducting profilejet fighter cheenu multiutilityhelicopter and Apache attack helicopterina phased mannerthe induction ofnewgeneration combat aircraftand lethalprecision weapons would provide the I am an overwhelming offensive capability to deter and punish the enemy to counter sub conventional threat onour bases the IAFhas embarkedonconstruction of integrated perimetersecurity system having smart fencesurveillance system thermal camerasmotion detectorsand a central commandand control centera bootcamp rigoroussecuritytraining course hasbeenstarted recentlyto train young airwarriors in base security the IAF hastruly progressed ahead in the digitalIndia campaign and has awellestablishedintegrated materialsmanagementonline system andoperationalizedelectronic maintenancemanagementsystem another glass ceilingwas broken by pavingthe way for womenin combatroles and soon women pilotswould be joiningthefighter squadronsof the IAFthree womenI F officers areundergoing training onhow an advancedjet traineror again before they flysupersonic fighter planesthis year theIAF hasparticipated in bilateralforeign exercises abroad at Alaska inGuha Cityfor exercise red flag in May2016and at Dover in UAEfor exercisedesert eagle2 in June 2016su-30mkiJaguarsil-78 hangars and c-17 strategicairlift aircraft of theI airtook partduring the exercise suchexercises provide operational exposureand mutual exchange of ideas on missionplanning and executionin simulated Ifed combat environment and demonstration ofair power capabilities recently the Iamthat successfully accomplished itsfirepower demonstration atCokershowcasing capability to punish anddeter you’vecreated advanced landinggroundalgae atPassy hardin ArunachalPradesh was inaugurated with a landingof afrontline fighter jet su-30mkisignalling reach and air dominance inthe eastern sectorVIAir has embarkedon an ambitiousreconstruction plan toupgrade8l G’s atvoila zero alongMachucaMassey heart to ting-tong andVijay Nagarthe IAFmeans stress inproviding the best quality of life toits air warriorsto organized gamessports and adventure activities all this isensured to better livinginfrastructure and state-of-the-art sporting facilitiesso as to keep airwarriorsphysically fit and mentallyagile Sports is a wayof life in armedforceit is ourendeavour to create anatmosphereofway back in 1960 late aMarshall SubrataMukherjeelaid the foundation of SobratoCup tournamenta football event forschoolchildrenVIAF has been hostingthe tournamentfor morethan fivedecadeswithout a break and it hascontributed inthe growth of Indianfootball by giving rise to stars like bitingbutea Shantapa be JaneseenRobinSingh Jackie ChanC and lit matcha tree amongmany others for suchsterling contributions the IAF hasreceivedRashtriyakalePravda huntBuress caron 29th august 2016 by theHonorable Presidentof India whichisthe recognition of IAF’s continuous efforts in the sports fieldover aperiod of time in factpif had gone a step ahead in 2011 itselfby introducing under-17 girls footballtournamentso as to promote genderequality and empowerment of women theman behind the machineis the key factorit is the air warrior whotakes inherentrisks on a daily basis toachieve theprimary task of keeping the nation’s guys safe the IAF by the very natureofitsinstruments of warfare would be thefirst responder in any conflictwecontinue to train to take on any threat and are fullypreparedto undertakewhole spectrum of airoperations andresponse to any challengeinthe mostbefitting manner you

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