Inside Chernobyl's Military Base

July 27, 2019

you want to check out the size of this radar system it is insane is my free times bigger than you ever imagined right so guys this is a photograph from in side the art and can you just see how big and that is 108 meters tall and 260 meters wide and it weighs thirty six thousand tonnes which is absolutely incredible and cost over a billion pound to build as well lowest end somewhere here on this pod okay and the destroyed reactor and this monument that you can see here guys that was built for the first people that built the first shower over the reactor two heroes professionals to those who protected the world from a nuclear disaster in honor of our twentieth anniversary of the shelter object construction the 30th of the 11th 2006 so guys in case you didn't know and you've been living under a rock for the past like so many years this is actually reactant number four and this is where the explosion actually happened and caused this like massive nuclear disaster I mean guys I cannot describe to you how big that dome actually is I mean you see photographs on lining until you've seen it in person then you can honestly say yeah Wow that is absolutely insane right guys we've come further away from the reactor now just to get this amazing view I mean that's reactor number four over there with the dome over here is reactor number five now this one was never finished and was never built if you look at the cranes around them cranes were told to stop work in 1986 so then cranes have never moved since and I think a couple of them have already fallen down like just for being there for so long in some areas you will see that pine trees growth in the straight lines so many of the kilometers of the forest was can planted so from the road you impossible to see their antennae all right so guys this is quite a funny story before we actually go and explore a little bit further on into Chernobyl there is a mannequin now the security guards of this military base made this mannequin so if their job got a little bit boring what they do is they would stick it out so anybody around the area you would think that they're still out working when the actual security guards can go off and do sing a little bit more fun so it still looks like they're working I don't know guys I'm not convinced I'm not convinced now I mean the closer you get no definitely not but let's carry on and explore a little bit more where I explore is we have now come to a military base in Chernobyl we are in the military square where they would do all their marching we've got the barracks here more barracks on the other side and behind the military base is this huge radar called the Duga also known as the woodpecker now the reason it was called the woodpecker was because it would interfere with military radio stations and it would make a light-year tap tapping sound and that is why the nicknamed the woodpecker come about also guys this military base was disguised as a kids summer camp so everybody that didn't know this was here for it was a kids summer camp so that is why either this military base was like undetectable and this huge radar system nobody really knew about because it was just disguised but honestly you want to check out the size of this radar system it is insane so guys the radar system was built to pick up like missiles if there was a missile coming into range it would hit the signal of the rate radar system and they will know that there was a missile coming in and as the reason it was built in case of an attack so guys this bit of information on air is what you should do when you're inside the watchtower so basically tells you you can't leave the watched half for like 12 hours and as you can see over there there's one of the watchtowers and you would be inside one of these watchtowers for 12 hours flat obviously you couldn't have a break here anything yeah that is crazy and this information it just tells you what clothes that they should wear in the winter and other times for the nofa site when you're on patrol something it's just different military clothes that you wear so guys we're now going into the training area now this is where they were teach anybody who has worked on the Duga how to use it now as you can see look at the size of it right so guys we are now in the training area for the Duga now everything that you need to know you would learn inside this this area so as you can see above these are all the missiles from like America and they would know absolutely everything like how fast the missile can go how many seconds it takes for it to like take off and the way that they find out is on these pads there it would come up with but a unique pattern now these are these soldiers will work out what each pattern means and what missile that it represents to say that missile there was coming in the radar would pick it up and it would beam up a pattern on this panel and whatever pattern does come up they could work out how fast it's going and what missile is actually coming in and it's incredible just check this place out also guys a little bit more information about this Raider it wasn't shown on Google Maps when a Google Maps was made but because obviously they didn't want anyone knowing about it so they didn't allow the radar system to be put on to Google Maps that's how much they wanted to keep this a secret away from everyone it's just breathtaking really it really is and if you could see how Warren was reacting around there he was like a big kid hello who's buddy we haven't caught my food no he's a good boy Tony okay you find out that it's not for you to blow the lake all right still at Tarzan we're off you're a very cute dog bye bye so guys these vehicles that you can see the first line were the vehicles robots that were used was used to clean the roof of reactor number three which so in reactor number four exploded obviously it went on to reactor number three as well so these vehicles at the front was used to clean the roof of reactor number three you can see the military vehicles at the back as well and the cranes in the middle and fighters so it was built close to it in 1996 so on the monument you will see that firefighters to the right and the plant workers to the left so the name of it for those who save the world differently saying is suing the boys now enjoying the basement back here with the whole in Europe so it because of the situation they named it like this for those who save the world as a pretty smoothly as well brave men rich their Lord so guys this is the town hall of Chernobyl and this is where the engineers of the Chernobyl power plant will put on trial because they fought they were the blame for the reactor number for blowing up there was put on trial here and yeah later on sent to prison now I was told that they were supposed to serve 10 years in prison but because they were so unwell with like radiation poisoning he only did five years so guys this is a statue of Len he was the creator of the Soviet Union now he wasn't a very light guy only two of these monuments actually left in Ukraine the rest of them were completely demolished because they didn't want anything to do with him he was such a hated man they destroyed it so this is one of only two still remaining one here in Chernobyl and another one in another abandoned village I'm not sure where but it is pretty crazy we say put your hands on thing we're not gonna stay in although I love staring a bit longer right guys we have officially left should i without eyes the tour over has been extremely it's been amazing that is a dream come true I can take your bucket list now right trying to go Asuna better also this horses was added to the zone to see how they will survive the radiation today we have more than 100 of these horses damn they completely wild this is a little bit smaller than regular horse but bigger than pony serra da a special breed yeah so it's like Mongolian breed of the wild horse ok witness one of the biggest um but one of the biggest numbers in the world and yet so today they like colic starts to go less so our Columbus is decreasing so in the zone we have around 100 so this 10% of world's population good boy Shinobu boy it's being an honor


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    Great video. That facility was a training area. There is another operational military installation nearby .

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    There are some former closed millitary village in Russia that are fascinating. My grandmother lived in one as a child they called Banana city because it was the only place in Russia where people could buy bananas. It was a military town where they worked on Atomic weapons. There are 57 of these former closed millitary villages known and some are open to tourists

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    The other 3 reactors were kept working for quite a long time. Chernobyl supplied 10% of The Soviet Union's power

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    There is a statue of Lenin in Memento Park outside of Budapest, Hungary as well — my husband and I were there last September. 🙂

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