Installing Spray Flap and Guard on Shaping Machine

July 29, 2019

hi I'm Sherman rollin with Holland Park and I'm going to talk to you about how to put the spray guard on the back of your shaping machine breathing as you can see there should be a little flap that goes here and there's also a plate that goes in here and on your machine we've now got that as a QA check sheet so this is the spray guard that you will have received or will receive momentarily you'll note there's four screws in there these are m62 they're metric screws so they're not a quarter 20 so don't try to you know quarter 20 tap what I'm going to do is lift the head up I'm gonna put a block of wood just so I can get to this and what I'll be doing is just basically taking this flap and screwing these screws putting any place with this flap this keeps the oil from flying around inside and there's a little hole you'll see back here where this tube is it goes to the bottom this is where the electronics and power come to the head without the flap the oil travels right down there gets in the belt and everything else I won't yeah won't really hurt anything other than just making a big mess and making your belt go real soggy but installing this is pretty straightforward all I'm doing is I'm just screwing the flap into these holes these holes should note on the outside they're done on an angle because the way they tap them is tapped on an angle so don't try to thread them in straight you'll actually note that my wrench is on an angle here because they're actually tapped in on an angle so put the bolts in angle all this vinyl spray shield here now this will wear out over time and just put another one in it's piece of vinyl I cut some slots for these two screw holes because I wanted to fit across the back so sometimes there's some variability here so we try to make these work pretty well but you may need to slot that hole in order to have it hole I'll go to the back then we're gonna put the other guard in that you've received in that is the front guard don't worry this kind of pulls a little bit and supposed to do that there we go so that's is this little piece of metal and you can bend this to angle basically this just pops right in it sits in front and what that does is that keeps prey from coming in the front of your saw so you can see that that greatly reduces the spraying that will happen with oil so install those two pieces the problem with your oil will go away now to replace the belt it felts a little bit of a pain to replace but not to notice that on the side here where the belt is your main armors right here you need to loosen actually take off these two bolts loosen these two bolts to drop that arbor down enough so that you can get the belt belt in above it your new belt in it and what I suggest doing is put in the belt here and then I generally don't need to move the motor to just kind of get the belt on there if if it's too tight you can't work it over the pulley then loosen the motor up to put the belt on and then set the motor back down but you will need to loosen these and then when you re attach this just make sure that you keep it in the same position you'll also note underneath here there is a washer that is a shim underneath the deck you want to keep that shim that's underneath here there's a shim because that arbor angle can change so this is shimmed underneath there to have the arbor be straight so you want to make sure that you do not remove those washers that are on top of the Arbor that's it call us if you got questions

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