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July 28, 2019

here is the most unusual feature film Walt Disney ever made a film intended not so much to entertain but to send a message Walt like many people was impressed by the text of a book called victory through airpower written by major Alexander P de Seversky in it this Russian born naturalized American citizen who became a key figure in the advancement of US military aviation called for an overhaul of our priorities he was convinced that the only way to win the war was to focus our energies on creating long-range bomber planes remember that when this film was released in 1943 victory in Europe and the Pacific was far from certain we're head of short-range aviation boys depth I stepped through the Balkan there was no end in sight and our losses were tremendous Walt believed in the principles of severe skis book and felt it was his patriotic duty to spread the word by making a Technicolor feature film about the subject with limited commercial potential in the midst of many other wartime duties Walt quite simply put his money where his mouth was the message svorski delivers quite convincingly in this film isn't about aggression or war mongering it's about winning a war against enemies who were bent on world domination a war America stayed out of it until we were attacked without provocation at Pearl Harbor that's the historical context that gives meaning to this film today for animation buffs it's yet another example of how skillfully the Disney artists adapted their visual storytelling techniques to a deadly serious purpose and how successful they were in the introductory history of aviation there's room for humor but even in the later sections of the film there's tremendous creativity from the staging of battle scenes and explosions to the use of visual metaphors to make sure major severe ski made his presentation as persuasively as possible Walt hired a professional director a man of long experience on stage and in Hollywood hc' Potter to film these lecture segments Potter's many movie credits include mr. Blandings builds his dream house the farmer's daughter hellzapoppin and the story of Vernon and Irene castle but more importantly he was a flier himself and already acquainted with its star he certainly did his job well in this movie because severe ski comes off quite well and doesn't seem stiff or severe when I interviewed mr. Potter many years ago he had fond memories of Sabarsky whom he knew as Sasha but he also remembered that he had to shoot those sequences at night because Walt didn't have sufficient soundproofing to drown out the noise from lockheed aircraft nearby potters approach was to make severe ski speeches Simas far from a lecture as possible so he gave him lots of movement and other suggestions to make the speeches seem as casual as possible he especially remembered one night when Sasha couldn't hit his marks the places where the camera and lighting were set up for it and he said Hank how can I remember the words the expression the meaning the walking without limping because he had one wooden leg and hit these marks and think of what I'm saying at the same time Potter replied when you're flying airplanes you're flying a plane you're navigating you're looking down at the ground to see if you're going where you're supposed to be going you're listening to the radio you're watching for other planes and you're checking your instruments all at the same time he concluded in a mock Russian accent your motto should be D wide the attention severe ski loved that and from that time on before every shot the crew would chat divide the attention movie critics weren't crazy about the film and Walt Disney's own distributor RKO didn't want to release it so Walt put the film in theaters through United Artists but the most important response to the movie came from Winston Churchill when he flew to Quebec for an allied conference and learned that President Roosevelt hadn't seen the movie he and Air Marshal Tedder prodded him until he ordered that a print be sent to him HC Potter was told by wall that it was only after Roosevelt saw victory through airpower that our country made the commitment to long-range bombing and that after all was the reason wall committed to making this movie in the first place because of its topicality the Disney studio decided to keep this film in the vaults at the close of World War two only the history of aviation sequence was seen in the years since then it's with great pleasure that we now present victory through airpower in its entirety now for 3,500 years man has had the desire to fly and yet it was only 40 years ago this ambition was realized an accomplishment that was to change the destiny of the entire world two brothers Orville and Wilbur Wright bicycle builders from Dayton Ohio on the morning of December 17th set up on the sands of Kitty Hawk North Carolina their first heavier-than-air flying machine powered by a four-cylinder motor developing almost 12 horsepower with two bicycle chain driven propellers turning at nearly 340 revolutions per minute the machine complete with pilot weighed almost 750 pounds in order to launch the plane a monorail track was designed the biplane a runs on the wooden rail be an anchor wire C holds the plane back to enable the motor to develop sufficient power for the take-off everything is in readiness a small crowd of witnesses looks on hopefully Orvil writers at the controls

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