iPhone 11 MAX Fake / Clone Features Put To The Test & AirPower UnBoxing

July 26, 2019

we take the air pods to put them on the back of this iPhone 11 clone will they charge them hey what's up guys this is mr. Greek Tonto into this video we're talking about the iPhone 11 Maxis clone version features alright so here I have the iPhone of Mac's clone version so when I ordered this phone it said in the ad it had face ID and wireless charging so we're here today to test out its face ID it's worthless charging and must throw in some camera and photos that come off the actual camera of this phone it's a single camera the other cameras feared here are fake this one here is real camera so AB load side putting some videos and photos of outside your nature and we'll put in this video for you to show you exactly how good or how bad this camera actually is and thinking before the videos you all right k so the photo here now let's go ahead and go into settings and see if we can activate face ID basically a passcode add face ID okay it says hold your phone 22 57 years from your face put it in your face in the circle shown on the screen okay another 10% 20 30 40 see 70 80 90 100 so the mountain here your face with the register okay eyes on a lock on okay and the past go to usual does it needs not another book which obviously have such a nice especially with you know the word around and the password again okay good and now it works wonderful okay now it's locked yep the phone a lot guys oh my goodness I'm sure it again the phone is locked okay I look at it and bam what it's unlocked wow that works so magnificently oh my goodness guys oh my goodness I'm so shocked it so an all right now and then it's way over there the passcode which you know was when I hit her before her okay try it again locked unlocked that took number seconds but it's still about too bad not as fast the real iPhone that won't be I'm sure but still pretty quick overall for a fake Chinese cloned alright guys so that works yeah so far try again locked unlocked pretty fast that's not gonna do yeah so next we'll go ahead and I would trade my wireless charging feature of this phone I want to give a moment of silence for Apple's air power turning Matt oh my goodness guys just like everyone out there I was so excited and waiting so long for this charging Matt by Apple oh my goodness guys oh my goodness as soon as he unveiled it at a keynote I was so shocked and so amazed I want to buy that right now and the latest news for Apple is that the product of the project has been cancelled and they don't allow them to bring it out so I nearly went on DHgate and got myself a fake clone version of the air power so here it is guys I got it here I got a kit much you know from China so sphere air power wireless charger is an iPhone Apple watch and ear pods again the mat here's his air power so I heard none except they're blank okay Barba's air power and the back is actual well it's turning bad all right wonderful air power wireless charger so let's go ahead guys now and open this I've been doing recently sony must open this kind of video for you guys let me guess whenever to open this with it's really about this irregular husky scooter from Home Depot the quarter going it's okay gonna start it okay got some more off we go okay put this carpet off the side here all right there's the f-111 clone air power Wow okay but the suit every way as well and then you were mere power voila amazing oh my goodness guys this is such an amazing moment I actually love this air power of Matt that I've been designed and you wish so much so they should buy a lot but they didn't so I had to get the corn version and the back is a nice agree but in this wait okay the wire is in 20 a stick this is like a foam cover pad okay here we have the pamphlet here mostly Chinese I presume this is air power okay it's open and then actually on the back here there's English you got to see okay just product components things respects method of use no to see the difference frequently has no solutions warranty doesn't worry about 12-month sounds good okay close up there another cardboard cover there okay and here's the actual wire so you must be Riddler there we go okay and that's it bugs empty yeah so the Box reduced this cardboard piece here cover okay this tie instruction manual and iPhone piece that's it there it is air power alright let's put the Box away now good there we go we'll get our USB adapter plug it in it's plugged in wonderful there's no other D indicators on your and all know so you don't really know if it's fairly powered on or not but we are plugged into the wall here and will plug into our USB adapter piece here so we're pretty much good to go let's see if this actually works so now I'm going to put the 411 on this plus here and hope that works not seeing the offend No whoa not getting anything so it could mean that the wireless charging feature on this phone is not working not there basically yeah so to make sure it's working let's go ahead and now get up my ear pods their parts to put the Western to case and see if the charge up in the next part and yes you're charging so you're gonna get the cover off you guys you see more closely but ya see the light time comes on so barely works let's try the other side that's how it works too so their power works flawlessly it's just the iPhone that will clone doesn't work at all so losing there's no wireless charging in this device at all no and then furthermore if we take the air pods to and put them on the back of this iPhone 11 clone well it turns in no doesn't charge them so doesn't have one that's charging and doesn't have extra charging via ear pods no I don't know so obviously the decision of the phone and about it was incorrect there's no wires charging in this phone no not at all a pass to works I for 11 max doesn't work too bad I was really hoping it work well that's unfortunate guys I was really hoping you would work to show you guys how we're spending works – 11 max but it doesn't work so here's the air power more closely it's the back here that's about writing it says model air power input 5 volt 2 amps ok that's some kind of CM iit ID number made it China obviously there we go I actually love it now let's go ahead and put everything away guys don't lug it the power cord back we'll take air power out of the way we'll take my ear pods – out of the way and another feature of this phone is actually has a dual SIM card slot and the software actually supports it so let's go ahead now and take the SIM card slot to show you guys the dual slim SIM card holder so we have here not my sim card alright my sim card removal tool look into the phone ok and the actual iPhone little mask alone or take out the tool here ok got SIM card here it's a nano SIM so let's go ahead and now take it out pop it comes out wonderful and there is there's the phone there to support three alright so on one side you put some card and on the other side here you put a second SIM card all right cheers SIM card from Belle it goes in here backwards on this side upside down so there's a bell SIM card on the one side and you flip it around and put a second SIM card on the other side I think it's also put on there's a plastic piece here to help I think hold it in a little bit of force we got it spots of peace here has to be bent in with a SIM card while you push it in and then pushing the the bottom and Thursday and she doesn't fall out I guess it did that so holder for you don't worry about you know holding it at the bottom when you're sitting on the phone see it's holding in place some have tensioner I guess for SIM card you still get in goes in C so let's reduce him and here's a SIM card page in the settings application alright it says here SIM slot 1 slim saw to obviously have the current Bell SIM card and SIM slot 2 so you know that the dual similar function on this phone actually doesn't work and it's wonderful and another feature of this phone is that it has a flashlight on the back of it for you know photos and video recordings alright it activates here in the lock screen you press the button and there you go just turn on it's not that bright and yet nothing in either it's somewhere in the middle to lower end a brightness turn it off also another function is here the camera works as well at the button the Lightning port functions fine connect to my PC the problems the phone has a lot of functions on it yeah ok come back in the phone so now let's go ahead and go into this previous screen here basically right and then when I go to search see there's no keyboard popping up not read it or anything so that means that's preventing me from going into the Android settings app yeah because of my previous closed phone the iPhone XS and gold when I would press on the search part here is that every way I'll be able to get into the Android app menu but you're not even to brush this microphone switch usually doesn't work nothing works so there's missing nobody the center okay and here I've looked up a thing on Google he's going to go back there's no feature so I have to go back you gotta press the actual button on here see user before word there's no forward so I be there so that features missing and that's a big drawback because everything that feature and it makes things a lot more easier and faster and more intuitive another feature of the phone is three Dutch on some apps it works not every app what some apps quit the camera okay photos she doesn't work just turns on the I got a wiggler doesn't work okay that works doesn't work clock no Maps no weather no notes no breathe – no stocks no videos no help no nothing books let begin Apple Store nothing on iTunes nothing at home nothing in a wallet settings has something paddy wagon Bluetooth nice okay phone full another critical are decked meal no Safari no music no and there you have it some apps have it said I'm don't and it doesn't works let's go to settings Wi-Fi see they all work the problem is the chocolates yeah to relate to my Wi-Fi right now yeah okay make noise ah no can actually zoom to fill like in real iPhones yeah amazing obvious feature from the iPhone x XS and now I'm 411 so is another feature zoom to fill okay and that be done a stone it's supposed to have the tap to lower on the home button here but see it doesn't lower no but it does have the app switcher see it has it did include over one okay so that's the app switcher and this won't be just two keyboards a regular Google Android version and an iPhone skinny version right now I'm running the regular Google Android version because the Apple skin version doesn't have the actual end sign like mr. and mrs. Smith the end sign there's no and sign-in that's a keyboard so I went back to the Android one because this keyboard here does have that end sign and the iPhone skin I was keyboard in habit so there's no emojis nothing recipe no I'm sorry maybe we can go on the Android app store and get some an app for that but I haven't got it yet all right now the feature here in the Photos app there's memories but I personally started his work so that's not my video doesn't work I thought for sharing office takes that little red star trying to know more it is assigned in settings this is room view said go and the reentrant it loaded up not written but the icons don't know so apparently this feature does not work at all no text size need a bit of text okay let's number spring Nova started back back of the scene put the messages yeah it's actually pretty big so it did work yeah let's go into Safari look at my Google search but here not so much now there is too small phone and I'm hearing phone now and yeah the phone numbers here on recents they look pretty big not bad so it looks like the feature worked perfectly fine yeah I don't redness the fidgets doesn't work I don't know how well the glitch but it doesn't work yeah see your butt eight you press the top button yet tap just no more times available so where it's at you that's a half okay in Safari all right guys that you have it features on the iPhone and Mac's clone this big Boozer video please like and subscribe for more content this is mr. Eden – I'll see you guys unless upload you

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