iPhone 2019 Rumors, Model, Leaks and Release Date EVERYTHING

July 24, 2019

Hey guys it’s Isaac. I’m back and I’m here to stay. It’s been a while I know. Best way to get into the swing of things again
is to talk about the upcoming iPhones. So, the successors to the XS, XS Max and XR. We’re going to talk about 5 categories. 5 or 6, I think. It’s going to be design, camera, main internals,
other and storage/pricing. So first we’re going to just talk about
the iPhone 11 and 11 Max. After that we’ll bounce off to the 11R. Then we’ll see what’s going to be retained
on the 11R. Talking about design. The notch is going to stay for 2019. Unfortunately, we won’t see a reduction
until next year. The mute-switch will be go through a small
redesign from horizontal, to now vertical. And it’s going to be more rounded similar
to older iPads. We’re also going to be seeing a frosted
glass-back similar to the Google-Pixel on the back of the upcoming iPhones. And the sizing will not change. For the screen it’s going to be a 5.8 and
6.5 inch display. The body of the phone will be thicker by 0.4mm,
reducing the camera protrusion by 0.25mm. This will help the wobbling issue when using
your iPhone without a case on a flat surface. There have been no new reports on new colors
coming to the 11 and 11 Max however we might be getting a darker gray. And for me personally, I am definitely going
for the darker gray. Moving on to the camera. On the front camera, we’re getting a Megapixel
increase from 7MP to 12. Which is great. More detail. We’re going from a 4-element component to
5. And we’re going to be getting a black coating
over the notch. So, the camera and all the sensors there are
going to be hidden. It’ll look stealthier and cleaner. Moving on to the rear camera. That’s where all the magic is happening. Yep. You see 3 lenses. The look is pretty subjective. The third lens is going to be ultra-wide at
about 120 degrees. Right now, it’s about 80 to 85 so a pretty
significant change that you’re going to see Unfortunately, no optical image stabilization. That’s kind of unfortunate. 12MP. It’s going to be manufactured by Sony. And we’re going to be getting a stronger
flash. Not sure by how much. Probably between 10-20%. We have a strong flash already at 50 lumens. Most smartphones range from 40-60. A 20% increase is 60 lumens. So, it’s already pretty bright. Not a whole lot to say there. Interesting auto-correction report. Mark Gurman. “Fit people back into a photo who may have
been accidentally cut out.” I’m thinking the camera will see more than
what’s actually taken in the photo. Machine learning will detect where people
are. If somebody is cut out. It’ll push them back into frame. Not sure how it would work without distorting
the image, but it will for sure be interesting. We’ll see what happens there. A new night mode. “Night-mode will allow at night the camera
to retain detail and reduce the noise in low-light photographs. This will also work without your phone even
needing the flash.” He goes on to say that this night mode will
surpass all competitors including the Pixel and Huawei. So, we’ll have to see if that becomes a
reality for this year’s iPhone. Moving on to the main internals. Apple is going back to a rectangular battery,
and a rectangular logic board. This is thrilling because it really shows
where the iPhone is headed. The future. It’s a more simplistic layout and it will
optimize its space to the fullest. As you can image. The battery size is changing so of course
we’re going to be getting a larger battery. The successor of the XS Max, the 11 Max will
be getting a 10-15% battery increase. While the iPhone 11 will be getting a 20-25%
increase in battery. Again, the A13 processor. It’s coming this year to the iPhone based
on pattern. It’s very likely. Plus, it’s already in production. It’s going to be 7nm not 5nm. 5nm is next
year. Moving on to other hardware and features. We’re going to be getting reverse wireless
charging. You’re going to be able to place your AirPods
on the back of your phone. Charge them up. Like the Galaxy S10, you’re going to be
able to place a buddy’s phone of yours on the back of yours. It’s pretty cool. And we’re going to get dual-Bluetooth connections. So, you can connect 2 sets
of AirPods to your phone. That’s just one example. 3D touch
will be removed. It’s sad to see it go. It’s been around for 4 years.


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