Is British Royal Navy big enough to esscort all ships?

July 29, 2019

while the British Royal Navy has been ordered to protect all British flag vessels sailing in the Gulf with a particular focus on the street of Hormuz spot does it actually have the strength to do so and how does it affect the tense relations with Iran on the oil tanker seizure our West Asia bureau chief Daniella Pagani has the story while it works to gather support for an all european maritime coalition to protect civilian ships in the Gulf London has tasked its frigate HMS Montrose currently deployed near the Strait of Hormuz with escorting every single UK flag vessel transiting there the stained ax Impero case is an example of this difficulty the closest British vessel was more than an hour away from the tanker when the Iranian Navy approached and could not prevent it from being seized the Royal Navy has struggled to keep up its glorious past it did not replace almost half of its fleet since the 80s and counts fewer than 80 ships today a second military vessel is bound to join the hm has Montrose but even two ships will not be enough there are at least fifteen to thirty British flagged vessels sailing in the Gulf every day and three or four of them crossed the Strait of Hormuz just escorting a civilian ship might also not be enough to prevent disruptions if the Royal Navy has no actual authorisation to engage in battle nothing would stop Iran from acting but this eventualities is unlikely to happen tensions between Iran and the UK have run high after the two countries seized two respective oil tankers but Tehran and London seemed to be more keen to find an acceptable way to deescalate and normalize the situation rather than keep sailing on a collision course the Swedish government is reportedly mediating between the two countries and Iranian president Hassan rouhani said on Wednesday I quote if Britain steps away from the wrong actions in Gibraltar it will receive an appropriate answer from Iran unquote Hassan rouhani president of the Islamic Republic of Iran he was hinting at a possible tankers swap Iran has no interest in getting entangled in a clash with any of the European countries and more so with the United Kingdom a signatory to the nuclear deal which has time and again stressed its willingness to preserve and respect the agreement even though the United Kingdom's decision does represent a shift from it previously announced the policy it isn't likely to affect negatively its relations with Iran the Royal Navy is not looking at the creasing massively its presence militarily speaking off the coast of Iran as a matter of fact there will be one frigate which will protect a UK flag ship and also when the new frigate will come it will most likely replace the HMS Montrose leaving therefore one British military vessel at a time of the coast of Iran so it seems that London even though it insists in protecting its very own commercial interest in the Gulf does not really want to increase the tensions with Iraq danila Pagani reporting from Jordan for beyond what is one Antalya Nipigon is now live with us so for the latest on this and Danny Lee so what sort of solution can we you know expect here the fact is that this is an important oil route and it will have to be it eventually quid pro quo given the fact that not every ship commercial ship or tanker can actually be escorted we have to look at these perspective more I would have to say under a propaganda lens in fact it is very unlikely that anything is going to happen anything major is going to happen these is the decision from the British government to say but they will protect each and every single vessel is so to say the bare minimum they had to do in order to show so to the British people to the world and to Iran that they are ready to take some sort of action in order to protect their very own interest but this is I would say facade as we said in our report it is very unlikely that the Royal Navy will actually patrol militarily extensively the Strait of Hormuz or so this is just a move to send a message but in the meanwhile negotiations are going on and as we have also said Iranian president is saying that it is ready to eventually swap the two tankers so tension is actually diffusing and I would like also to remind that on Sunday the European signatories of the nuclear deal are meeting in Vienna to discuss a possible way forward and to find a frame within that they can save or whatever is left of the nuclear deal so none of the two parties involved right now in these so to say confrontation is actually interested in taking this tension a step further all right that's good news Daniel thanks very much indeed for joining us with the latest on the Rao over those oil tanker


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    The Royal Navy has only 9 functional warships. What a total embarrassment they are. They could not successfully protect the rowing boats in a small pond even. May as well just surrender as Iran is much more powerful.

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    Being big is not important. You know what happened to USA in Vietnam.

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    Some poor pakistani in the comment section
    I think modi government failed to provide them employment after the balakot air strike 😊

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    Britian is a part of NATO and so it will be able to do it

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    They should use different flag😆

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    Pakistani kaly Randi kaly phuddi.

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    British also project power like India. Jokers all together. Lol

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    Lol Brits licking their American bosses ass again and again , now it is fun to watch Brits like this😂.

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    If it just stay at one place and kite …….Problem solved

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    The answer is yes as they also have their nuclear submarine close by for backup and not forgetting the UK's Special Forces SBS will be on standby if required

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