It's HAPPENING! LEGO Planetary Defense Force base kickoff!

July 28, 2019

hey everyone welcome back to New Jang
City and this is not going to be another video about lighting this city
everything is dark for a very different reason cuz none of that stuff out there
matters right now that's why I didn't even bother turning on the lights all
the matter is right now so what's going on in this corner over here because this
is where my planetary Defense Force Base is finally being worked on in earnest
well it's being laid out a little bit doing some serious brainstorming with
the intent to do some proper building if you're not familiar with this project or
what it's about this is intended to be the spacefaring military force for this
lego world that I've created so it's not something that's just for new Jang City
it just there happens to be a base in new Jang City
all right at one corner of new Jang city it's intended to be an international
coalition of different militaries that work together basically has one to help
defend the planet against extraterrestrial threats and also rogue
nations doing space-based attacks or attempting such so over here from a lego
perspective from a a build perspective I have got this space that's inside of
this large geologic feature this large rock feature and it's not supposed to be
fully secret like the citizens of the city know that this exists but it is
intended to be mostly hidden away from them so they don't have to to see if
they don't have to worry about what's going on you know so it's kind of kind
of operating with at least privacy back here and definitely security and that's
why I built this entire hill feature back here was to have some terrain and
also to be able to house all of this stuff so my intent here ultimately is to
have a minimum a minimum of two levels of stuff going on here
more and more it's looking like it's going to be more than two levels
thankfully good you know more stuff his more
goodness or at least more potential for goodness I have the kind of surface
level here where there will be vehicles that can go around and also things that
have to do with aircraft you know aircraft and spacecraft will be
here and this is just a small part of the base even forgetting about the the
up and down axis this is just a little corner you know so you have to imagine
that this continues on beyond the edges of the table and then down below
ultimately this will it be a large underground area no I'll fill in the the
back you know have some some coverage around the back so that this you know
you won't be able to see past the area and again it'll just be a little slice
of what's going on so down here there will be more people and probably more
vehicles and storage and maintenance and stuff like that will be going down going
on down here probably have barracks and all sorts of buildings all around around
the sides and the edges but right now it's just being used as storage like
literal storage in in real life for some of the things that I've built in the
past including some of the troops but I am starting to consider using this dark
space in between here the space underneath this small elevated table as well transport interchange area have a
little opening space where a train could actually go in there and do some
deliveries of supplies potentially and that would be kind of kind of secret you
know have a secret ish entrance people wouldn't be able to see what's going on
very easily but here's the the general plan right now based on just the past
day day and a half of a brainstorming of moving base plates around and trying to
figure out you know what I'm gonna put where first of all that that antenna
thing the transceiver is not gonna be there totally temporary I opened up that
space this little nook back here widen it up just a little bit on the top when
I realized that I actually had enough space to put this in there
the cheap resupply shuttle which is used as a basically just a cargo platform
real real cheap to get stuff up to to orbit to service the fleet that is in
orbit up there probably have a space station and everything as well but I
realized that this entire thing that I built quite some time ago could fit in
there if I widen it up so I tried putting it in there and I didn't like it
so I'm just going to stick with my original plan for what will be over
there which will be defense-related I'm not 100% certain on exactly what
form of thing will be there but I have a pretty good idea I have at least a
couple good ideas and I'm very strongly leaning towards one but there will be a
mostly stationary let's just say emplacements back there this is a
relatively new idea hopefully I can get it to work in this small space and
everything that you see here is temporary so if anything looks out of
place or see a part that's not pushed down all the way if the person I even
going to be there soon so you know this is all just like I said brainstorming
and mocking things up em Ock the traditional term of of knocking things
up figuring out you know where things are going to be without starting the
permanent work the idea here is to have a rapid launch platform kind of railgun
based dual dual station for these fighters these little fighters that I
made and the idea is that they would come in on these rails and be rotated
around and elevated up with a tray of sorts a replaceable tray so won't come
in here and be turned around it would be elevated and then be shot into space
with a magnetic accelerator I'll probably be a little bit taller than
that can't be too much thicker though because I need enough space to rotate
these things around needs to be all small and lightweight and compact and
everything but that's the general idea there and I think that the space shuttle
resupply shuttle launch area probably will be over here might might move in
just a little bit closer to the edge of the table but I think this will be just
about it and I will have some open just road
space because I really like these road base plates from old space classic space
it all ties into my original inspiration for all of this which started before new
Jiang City before old Jiang City two houses ago in fact yeah before I don't
think I don't think you think I had the YouTube channel going at all not even
with the hero factory stuff at that time when I was thinking about I want to make
a gray space base so that that inspiration has been with me for a while
and then I'll have buildings around the edges some small garages and a little
bit of a control tower type of something you know try to do some multi layer
things get some height into this space and then as for what goes on down below
down beneath completely well that'll be its own thing
it'll be its own large project there are some things that I would really like to
do to connect the two but it's just not feasible at all oh I will be lighting
this stuff you can definitely count on that so I'll I'll probably need to bring
in some some medium thick wires as major power suppliers for all of this – to
link into my major power grid that goes beneath the tables you know I've got an
elevated table here so I'll need to be brought up a bit but yeah I'll put in
you know an appropriate amount of lighting for all of this so even if I
turn off all the lights in the room you'll still be able to see a little
glow back in the corner let me go ahead and step back probably haven't seen this
particular lighting arrangement before where it's a little bit different here
with everything being dark and just the light being in that that corner let me
actually swap over to the other side of the tables yeah that's what I was
thinking of so definitely the dish set the satellite dish will not be visible
and it will not be there at all I don't want things to stick up that
much you will be able to see a bit of I'm not gonna raise that the height of
the the rockwork or anything around the edges here so you will be able to see a
bit of the the shuttle launch platform but I mean mostly that'll be visible to
folks who are working in the the harbor over here so it won't be
visible to most of the citizens of the city most of the time who would see you
know that – the white bit sticking up so if I even come back a little bit further
sorry I hid in the camera bit but you know that's that's the idea you know
it's it's off in the corner I will also battle off the lit area down beneath the
table so that will not be distracting for tea and everything so that's the
work that I'm doing right now I've been telling you for a long time that I'm
gonna do work on this I've had periods when I've done work on you know made
some some custom things that will go into this space but I've never really
gotten the base going so I'm starting to get the base going now I need to make a
lot of part orders I've already started making some bricklaying orders but I
haven't gotten into the the main stuff that I really need to do to get those
walls going oh yeah you will not be seeing the insides of any of the rock
faces up here now definitely not up here at all maybe in the in-between level
maybe downstairs I'll have a little bit of suggestion if some rocks you know the
area beneath all the tables but for the most part it'll be pretty smooth and
finished this is definitely not the amount of space that I would like to
have I'd like to have a lot more space I'd love to have like a runway up here I
think that would have been wonderful but it's just not feasible so I'm mostly
gonna have smaller vehicles going around the top end and just people on on foot
and I'll make it work you know this is this is the space that I have to work
with oh yeah that that trans yellow huge quarter dome piece up there that's not
going to be there at least not in that way certainly not in that way but yeah
I'll make it work I've got the inspiration that's the most important
thing that's what I've been waiting for I do not like to force any creative
things and you know I actually have not looked at this from this low of an angle
at all up to this point this is nice to see I am actually feeling better yeah
this is this is gonna be cool it's not gonna have all that dark space under
there I will have somewhere I have some garage
entrances and I will use some of the space inside of the Rock area you know
I'll have some some depth there and with the lighting I'll be able to put some
some details in a little bit deeper than I used to be able to do and you'll still
be able to see it anyway that's that wanted to show you what's going on I'm
just gonna do more work rather than just talking about it now we'll keep you
posted and let you see what's going on the next time that I have a major
development and some good new progress to show in the meantime I might continue
to show small updates on Instagram so check that out if you want to you do not
need an account you did not need the Instagram app to follow somebody on
Instagram and you just check in at the URL on the web at any time from any
device but that's that thanks for watching I will talk to you very soon


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