JCOC 91 Full-length Feature Video

July 29, 2019

[Swoosh sound] (Hiro Rodriguez) This week is gonna be an opportunity to meet all the fine men and women who serve our country. And we have an
opportunity to go to various military bases and explore the different
equipment, the different technology, the different levels and ranks throughout
the military. And so having the opportunity to experience a little bit
more than just what you see on Discovery Channel is pretty appealing. [Gunfire] (Charlene Thomas) I'm looking to see really what the military personnel go through and really how advanced the military is in developing the armed force personnel. Because I know that they have a lot of, a lot of technology, logistics, as well as
intelligence, so I'm interested to see how they're educating our armed forces
and preparing and keeping the U.S. safe. (Marc Cameron) I think the, the personality side of this, the, the individual sailor, soldier, airman, marine, coast guardsman, that, that's what I'm the most interested in. It gives you hope for the
future to see these great young men and women taking these incredible jobs and
these, these, vast responsibilities and really making them their own. (Marine Corps Maj. Gen. Dave Ottignon) I think really what I'd like to see them walk is a appreciation for the individual that serves. When they raise their right hand, and their swear the oath, for them to
truly understand that individual and the sacrifices that he or she makes for our
country. (Kim Joiner) I hope that they walk away with a better understanding of our military and understanding that we have the best, brightest, most lethal force in the
history of the world. And I hope they're inspired to go back to their communities
and tell that story. And specifically continue the conversation, with #knowyourmil. [Swoosh sound] (Hiro Rodriguez) The most impressive thing today was really seeing and spending time with the individual people or boots on the ground.
It, it, the most special part of this event to all of us from JCOC, and I know
I speak on behalf of everyone here at JCOC, I just thank you for your service.
It brings me to tremendous emotion when And every one of us from the JCOC is
grateful for all of you who not only serve, but have lost dear family and friends to protect us, our children and
our future generation. [Swoosh sound] (Laura Teclemariam) So as we look at our journey, each one of us are amazed during this week at the great work that you do
for our country, how you serve us. This has been the best action, adventure
experience we have ever seen. And I definitely want to say that it
definitely helps me and everyone else to take our outside perspective and see how
can we help our military. And we want to thank you for helping us understand
things like, "get the wet stuff on the red
stuff." To make sure that we see how
we equip a F-16 to making sure that we have these memories we'll never forget. [Upbeat music] [Swoosh sound] (Voice over bullhorn) Everybody hit the dirt. Hurry up. Hurry up. Hurry up. [Yelling, whooping] (Man doing pushups) Three… …One. [Upbeat music] (Voice over bullhorn) Once you are ready, fall in on your boats. (People lifting boats) Aye, aye. (Voice over bullhorn) The count is zero. (Daina Falk) We did 40 minutes of this. I'm sore, I'm tired I cannot begin to imagine going through BUD/S training. It's, um, incredible. (Clint Kisker) It's totally overwhelming. And it's such a deep appreciation for what this effort turns into in terms of serving our country. It's, it's. I don't know the words. [Swoosh sound] (Valerie Patton) What a day. What a day. All of these wonderful people are keeping us safe. On the water, in the air,
probably in outer space, but they didn't tell us. Semper paratus. Always ready. That's who the Coast Guard is. (Group of people) Coast Guard! [Marine drill sergeants yelling various commands] (Marine drill sergeant) Get off that bus! Go, go, go! (Marine drill sergeant) All of you look at me now! (JCOC participant) Aye, sir. Aye, sir. (Marine drill sergeants yelling commands) [Dramatic music] (Marine drill sergeant) My name is staff sergeant (unintelligible) and I am your senior drill sergeant. Your mission (unintelligible) to become a United States Marine. [Swoosh sound] (Jimmy Barge) You know we started with the Army the Air Force, the Navy, the Coast Guard, and we saved the best for last. The Marines. Hoorah! [Cheering] Today's experience of stepping onto those yellow footprints and if my wife could have seen that, she would have been sending me back for more training, so. I couldn't be prouder of being an American, having this experience and, and we thank you. We thank you. Our families thank you for protecting us We thank you. We thank your families. And, and this broader family. All the services. [Upbeat music] (Hiro Rodriguez) Thank you for your service. Thank you so much for putting your life on the line whether its overseas, or here
domestically. It has absolutely been just an honor to be one of those folks that
is protected and sleeps well at night. I really appreciate that. And I know I
speak on behalf of my entire family, everyone here at JCOC, it has been an absolute honor. And I thank you not only for today, but for years to come. [Building music] [Swoosh sound]


  • Reply Marco Amaral July 29, 2019 at 11:45 am

    Department of Defense, acts with wisdom, technology, strategy and logistics its actions everywhere. Congratulations.

  • Reply Ülo Vaht July 29, 2019 at 11:45 am

    What s next..For Whom you fighted for. For better tomorrow.. and from served years you have as extra points good education and habits to be the BEST

  • Reply 1776Rabbit July 29, 2019 at 11:45 am

    God Bless America!! Ty

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