J&K ADGP Denies Additional Forces Being Brought In

July 27, 2019

from maharashtra to the state of Jammu and Kashmir's former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti has hit out at the center for the decision to deploy additional forces in the valley Mabel Barr took to Twitter and slammed the government saying and I'm quoting her now centre's decision to deploy additional 10,000 troops to the valley has created fear psychosis amongst people there is no dearth of security personnel English Mir Jammu and Kashmir is a political problem which won't be solved by military means Government of India needs to rethink and overhaul its policy unquote last night the central government approved an order to deploy a hundred more companies of paramilitary forces in the state of Jammu and Kashmir it is widely speculated that the additional deployment is to strengthen the counterinsurgency grid as well as maintaining law and order situation in the valley you have security forces collide yeah yeah cheaply elongated Illuminati inertia poop better where Jammu Kashmir XA RC masla had its calc we military solution have talked about chick nickering it Jammu Kashmir Angelo c'mon case at bar chief nickering gay Pakistan cookie Jessica in Vilonia Karenga took Holly afford cable both ApS curtly forces cable motivate Jammu Kashmir may up RC told to a monk I'm carsick teen mother dear Pam when Kelly must licorice Wilkinson room and the first official word coming in from somebody who's in a position of authority Jammu and Kashmir a DGP has spoken to Kashmir new service that's a wire service which you know / functions in the state of Jammu and Kashmir and this is what Munir Khan has said he has denied that there is any attempt to bring in additional forces he goes on to say no additional deployment of forces being done 100 companies coming from outside will replace the training companies of paramilitary forces that is what Maria Khan says move to isla with us on the phone line move the you were mentioning when your current statement earlier to when we were chatting but is that statement from when he kind of very senior police officer but is that coming down tempers no unfortunately this is Monique on speaking to a local news service and there's no comment statement which people really wanted but so far we've not seen anything coming from governor's administration or for that matter Spencer and clearly people are panicky we were talking about how frightened and apprehend two people are because they think that the last time around also in February when government kind of was very tight-lipped then he would even happen in Bala pose when Indian poses launched back on – headquarters but you know commented that that time around additional troops in Srinagar as also other places for right control and they were expecting that there would be some kind of vegetation on the ground clearly people are now saying that perhaps it's a corollary to that and to do something nasty but they're linking it also with article 35 some kind of thinking is going to take place to those articles which are extremely degenerate emotive reactions from the people we hadn't – some of the also saying that well dialog should be there between people of German Kashmiri and center and previously Amaru blood also said in that speech and only two days back wherein he said that government of India should talk so the local people and not really think of his articles that if I ever leave that Supreme Court so all these apprehensions are there but so far you know people would really like the government to speak on this issue and you know and this political vacuum that is do hold on because we are getting political reactions after Mehbooba Mufti even looks up I'm a member of parliament of the Congress party dear engine Chaudhary has spoken up let's listen in to the reactions coming in Hayek's or battalion filthy bugger oh yeah money home security league a loco septic Guddu technically I got a camera to his memory Tokyo part-ii me who nacho yeah I'm a dick nebari cocky yes Ibiza me seppuku a technical or local law code dharna my so AV dignity I am Luo quagga Dharma Soto hamari process and challenge me Ducato payee Mira somebody hey the give is me a particular obstacle Taniya keeps lohan and order keys Sawalha gravity tackle circus with atomic the him I'm lucky I'm re box rockin a thumbs up piece because I forgot is Macaulay history keke a prodigious tariqa p1k secret I won't pick it up who's a manager Joe say he upped our identity Americana keep recurring happy so naturally I may give Charlie Kaufman he extend by ego forces are kidding me so are the forces more I gotta look our point is that there is a certain deployment of forces and we want a clearance and we want to know that why hosts are being deployed yeah coffee local may panic hear rumors so you need to look good very hair looking circle quickest appetite John make a hockey or basket we the fact that at the diamond there is a number of security personnel on ground deployed particularly when I'm not authorized also on and we already have a distance personnel on ground suddenly this order of deploying additional 100 countries it's very important to underline the numbers of people 100 additional companies that assignment is already additional manpower on grounds because of the yatra you know it's more than enough of creates panic among people even people going into panic mode and thinking that you know something really disasters could be waiting to happen and by not clearing things by not coming out with any clear statement and additionally getting in with an order of additional deployment of hundred companies the government only was in your situation police are still waiting patiently mufti what is the basis of this nervous desert apprehension as far as Kashmiri population is concerned 35 a is sub-judice Supreme Court is east of the matter 370 has been on the agenda of this government since the time BJP came to power in the Vice part in the first term of Modi government and now Tom to water is there any specific thing which is making the people in the valley knows I think the statements we do coming from BJP time and again top leadership has not really clarify just stands neither have they challenges in the court they've never filed there there is one is that who is also few days back when you were also covering Parliament David these statements which were reeled out by government way and they said that number of incidents of stone painting is come down number of people joining militancy has come down situation was now far better than it was two years back and then you have this order yesterday wherein you're pushing in more troops and already so here's the query who's also mentioning that you have some 200 companies already with elections and they are not really gone back so what is the need of spending more to then government claims are situation is far better than it was some six months back over a year back so these things have kind of don't make people apprehensive that something that is going to happen to the valley some decision which really will impinge on not only the security but also the politics here in the valley that's going to come in and that's what is creating go to panic and apprehension I just say that people have gone into panic buying buying enough storing grain buying a lot of medicines and plenty of government doesn't tear it the town this is going to be going to exert a bit alright mostly thank you so much stay safe and if you are in Kashmir all I would say is that yes Kashmir's have gone through a lot but EDG Munir Khan they're assuring people there is little option but to wait and see if the government there in Jammu and Kashmir or here at the center will underline the reason being given by many to come

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