JUMP FORCE DLC PACK 2 – EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW! (Characters, Release Date, & More)

July 28, 2019

have you ever wanted to be in an inferno what is goodie what is poppin everybody this is your boy nightly inferno bring you guys back another sex in video today and I'm gonna do a recap of everything you need to expect in regards to the upcoming DLC pack – but before we dive into that I just want to say this I have a special announcement towards the end the video so stick around for that if you guys are interested and also um for today's video I just want to let you guys know we're revamping the channel and looking pretty clean right now if you guys seem to bed at a profile picture you know your boy is dripping in the drip the sauce the water all that all that you know I'm saying you guys you can see it right there but before we dive in today's video I just want to say this also as well make sure to hit that subscribe button cuz we're on a road to 10k I'll wait so was kidding oh wait got another five seconds alright I don't know it's all that but make sure to drop a like as well and also make sure that the notification bell icon so you can be notified right away we're never eye drops with the new on a channel but without further ado let's dive right into this so um – sure oh it's coming to be the third character for DLC pack – hopefully I said that Freight critical I don't know what the hell I did you say but um the third character revealed is – Cheryl a key eight ice boy a key a Totoro keys other half you don't say cuz you know you know he got ice and you know he's fired and you know to talk to you know to shore oh he's a nice guy he doesn't have fire see what I did there have you just have about the other okay and we got majin buu and Baca go now we're looking at this at the roadmap right um the roadmap says is subject to change now based off the roadmap it says specifically of their idea what they're gonna release these characters so in August we can expect those three DLC characters to come through now if you guys remember if you have the ultimate addition to the lux addiction or you know the character path or whatever you guys get off you get the you know you get the character for uh without any hassle or whatever and you get the four days early to play with as well and then on top of that you get the costumes you know because you know you sweaty as CA C's got a drip as well and the sauce but you know I hate you people I I really do I really fucking hate you guys but anyway and then you guys get to have their mood set obviously but you know with bandai namco holding us with these character reveals and all that good stuff expect August for the DLC characters to be around the same time that DLC pack one came out which is probably like late around the 20th and then we'll have to get like information from the Xbox door to see if we get the release date earlier but for sure we should hopefully have it in August unless you know spike goes out to ban I'd be like all right so about those DLC characters they seem as though there's a busted mu say like really busted to the point where like he can't be touch and bad not gonna be like oh okay we'll just push it back to 2020 okay so yeah and then um on top of that with the reveal for Tashiro as for skins miss green shots we still don't have them but we still don't have I believe we don't have the Weekly Shonen Jump skins so we might get a dis month but but for sure we should get it next month if y'all don't get it this month with Rita Dove be jumpscares or the weekly shonen jump scare so we don't look out for death alright so thank you guys watching video now I'll be moving on to the next process of the video so if you guys been clicked on for jump fours you know this is all the information I have full for you right now alright so let's move on to special announcements you know come a little bit closer I'm a little closer okay you could be close yo close are a good good alright so my first announcement is that I have an EP droppin soon it will have seven tracks already displayed the tracklist on Twitter and in my community tab so make sure you guys are follow me on Twitter you guys could be on a loop or certain things sometimes my tweets are pretty reckless you know I'm saying is I may say some random shit and you'd be like what naughty or you know you'd be like you laugh or you get it for I'm about certain things so make sure you follow me on twitter at infertile nightly so shameless plug and also with these tracks I will have three features the other tracks are completely done I'm just waiting on two tracks from two individuals they honor you guys already know well you already know you don't know I'm waiting from a track from captain and I'm Rainer tranfer the track from agreement so that way I could give you guys the actual release date for the EP so I'm kind of stoked about that so make sure you guys follow me on Soundcloud as well because i will be putting it on soundcloud I don't know if any of these beats I'm using from these own beat developers or whatever right they might be copyrighted but you know I'm doing this for fun and you know I just I just want to have some fun make some music for you guys now this EP alone it's not it's gonna be a little bit serious a little bit funny a little bit with the what the hell night leave what was going on here or you might just laugh alright it might be a good time so whole feel at the end of it you just enjoyed the EP regardless of how you feel about the end today cuz you know just for fun for me I'm not really taking a series now the next part about this special announcement that I have you guys is that by the time you're watching this video I'm gonna be entering a new phase on a channel I know a lot of you guys like my jump for is content but I'm gonna try to push other games and more high-quality videos as well that may take more time to make so the sacrifice with that would be less videos for more high quality content so like what's the word I'm looking for quality over quantity yeah something like that and then streams would be pushed on to the weekends around to like Friday through Sundays I might pick a day out the way it may be all three or two days and it will be helped and um and afternoons because a lot of people are home during a half to make sure everybody has a chance to watch it restraint and last when I do stream during the weekdays expect um because it's a it's a you know a special event prior like DLC coming out and I wanted like share that enthusiasm with you guys live and yeah expect more content to be coming to the channel I want to cover more games all that good stuff and I just want to say thank guys for is pouring a channel man um overall we're gonna roll the 10k halfway there new intro outro oughta good stuff coming soon so this might be the last time your scene is intro and out there right now so nourish that shit because this is the last time but uh yeah you'll be seeing it but that's all the safety oh it's all safe for now thank you guys for watching the video make sure to support the video alright get stuff ought to get jazz and I'll see you guys next time peace


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