Just In : What Sen. Gyang Said About Militia Attack On Okokolo In Agatu

July 26, 2019

Thank You mr. president distinguished colleagues is a president arise to empathize with the people of Agra – just as it reminds me what is happening across states of the nation from Plateau to sample are the Cocina and many other states they attacks violent attacks on communities and the situation in the country is what I now call I described as the audacity of impunity because and the nation is already sliding into the probation state we are live brutish short and nasty it's a president the brutality of mendacity with which these people undertake attacks on our communities rooting out whole communities displacing communities is alarming and the sophistication of the ants that they use is something that is mind-boggling and where we are now is such that the entire nation is in a state of insecurity and mr. president what you have said for this Senate to convoke it a security summit there's no better time for it than now and I want to say mr. president that along with the alga two people what is happening is that there are many of the people that are still in displacement following these attacks across the nation and what is important particularly in this rainy season is to begin to look at ways in which the displaced persons and communities can be resettled and that is very very important so that these communities and the people that I displacement in IDP camps can have a means of livelihood by resettling them in the ancestral homes are therefore we should support this motion and all the players during and to particularly say that we should immediately in line with what you have already said concerning the Security Summit look at ways to convoke it as soon as possible Thank You mr. president is there any word against the motion over to the president

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