Keane Take out the entire Assad airpower infrastructure

July 29, 2019

we're gonna bring in retired four-star general Jack Keane the chairman at the Institute for the Study of war and a Fox News senior a strategic analysts and general Kenai I want to get to your military mocks in a moment but I want to start with what I believe is most significant is this a pivotal foreign policy point in mr. Trump's presidency well yes it certainly will be I mean we were just talking about leaving Syria I think there's probably some kind of connection here and Assad using chemical weapons again a bold brazen move on his part to be sure but he possibly thought maybe he's got a free hand and let's face it we've never made him totally pay the price for the use of chemical weapons so I think that's what we're about here if this suspected use is its only verified I think this time we don't deliver a measured proportionate response like we did the last time which was just to strike the airfield from which the airplanes and the chemicals came this time we take out the entire Assad air power infrastructure six operational airfields and all the things that support airpower around that we should do it in concert with some of our allies who also want to uphold the international community norms and standards here this is an assault not just on a Syrian people is an assault on the entire international community that prohibits the use of these kind of tragic weapons right and they can't expect the u.s. to go it alone meanwhile listen there is no emboldened but Bashar al-assad without the backing of Iran and Russia so a could this be a play by them to provoke or test president Trump and then be you've got President Trump tweeting in part that President Putin Russia and Iran are responsible for backing animal Assad big price so how would you advise the President to specifically handle those countries well I don't think they're trying to provoke them at all I just think they have incredible confidence about what they've been able to achieve in Syria they dominate and control Syria they are now building conducting a military buildup in Syria to encroach on Israel this is how brazen they are there's tens of thousands of Hezbollah that are the main killers in Syria not not Assad's ground forces so Russia and Iran have been enormous ly successful in consolidating their power base in in Syria and that's why it's an anchor there's so much that's wrong in the Middle East Iran now has a land base a land bridge that they can move stuff across across the terrain through Iraq through Syria into Lebanon set up missile bases in Syria this is a major problem strategically for the United States Russia now has a major strategic foothold in the Middle East what they want to do el is replace the United States as the most influential country in the Middle East that's outside the region and how do we work with our I have said for some time it's time for an Arab NATO it's time for us to come together in an alliance the president a year ago last summer said at Riyadh with 55 heads of states there the president said this to him it was an historic visit but it was also a profound visit because the words that he chose to use a paraphrase of those are this he said I will stand with you against the major strategic threat in the region Iran and together we will eliminate radical Islam I think he used the term violent extremism those two things are operating here but the major strategic threat in that region is Iran's malign and aggressive behavior now having a major political and military ally in Russia and I think we've got to formalize the relationship and we've got a counter and confront these aggressors in that region and finally general keen you're also as I said earlier the chairman of the Institute for the Study of war is it is fighting against a chemical attack a different kind of war well what you have to do is destroy the delivery systems of that chemical attack what we will likely do if this is verified is we will use cruise missile standoff systems and they will come from surface ships submarines they can also come from from aircraft hopefully we'll bring some allies in to participate I think we take down all the airfields and all infrastructure around in fuel maintenance warehouses ammunition depots and the like if we want to take out the airfields themselves cruise missiles can't do that then we've got to bring in a stealth aircraft to do that that's a decision and recommendation is the an options that will go to the president in terms of how comprehensive the strike where it takes place and an authority above it yeah well I know the president will be meeting with and also having dinner with some of his military leaders this week so I'm sure that that will be a topic of discussion there general keen it is always a pleasure to talk to you and I really appreciate your analysis thank you very much yeah good talk to you ortho

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