Kerusso-Annenberg Paramilitary

July 23, 2019

she do it turn off your night vision it looks even cooler this is Wolverine are we to move did the insertion point what 65 yeah didn't hear you this is my brain I read to moved to the insertion point this is your train dear sir for your six point five kilometers away via del Z I will put you hooded English closing in we're at two three three zero through nine where Oh God I read floating in mid-air here we are we are yeah we are we're like dropping berries we're chopping like that around you're right on the inner corner trying to navigate you selfish for having some technical problems there now we are floating in mid-air slowly descending into the water I don't think they're – now I do keep that research of those 20 degrees left Bunker's died there to go to the beach they're gonna wait for us punch into full gear cube I'm not gonna try to establish communication team one permanent communication were like Griffin death that beast Andrew what do you want us to near record heading my task for you alright boys that's not embarrass ourselves like they did you hear that Judas think of little bit they take this on man you're really quiet looking I can't but I think he meant right not right take up good Lazer's kids and but I'd serve it up we're gonna put in a spot haunt them yeah obviously that way Babli just get to the beach okay needed help is that be we get landing foot the helper yes interest wait what about have a doctor over there record is a enemy helicopter cover there No moving blown trip your tickets out whenever you ready I just need Volker to check the mines in front of us because you never know if they're little safes I'm sorry all right yeah ripping off can you cross down please you're giving yeah the minefields pretty much wait did I mark the okay equipment why equipment sure I see cuz I won't get the mine detector option I did want me to check again boat instructor doesn't know I do in fact have a mine detector that detects all mines and you're a Mac side oh yes or no there's all right I guess we'll take the speech will go along speech I guess we supposed to you and move into we're taking out the AAA first okay where do you want me to go I'll take the lead at the very least I'll blow up first people know that are ill they're just along a beach so okay user in your channel timed out user entered your channel is here this race two engineers everywhere yeah but your know so bad in the first place whooping own scripture make sure you actually not late that's not they neither is warping against way being amateurs ma'am patrol danger don't engage until we all have less item it's now or never that we need to engage them unless we can have them pass by which seems like a viable option at this point keep your guns on them pass by if it looks like they raised their weapons are getting alarmed at all just drop them I'm seeing multiple centuries in the towers two centuries if I saw a guy will say a king bears my arm itself are you up yeah okay it seems Yeah right right arm and torso our ready operator is down which old Sanko incoming all right yeah all right guys up here I suppose wants to want to go out take some cover no you got hurt by the backlash in the can so I'm getting off he's dead no that's not caring wolf that's wolf someone get home shut call back in stock of the jacket reloading the dead bodies Oh where's the fire right here Ali wait Arnold I'm giving them blood I'm giving the blood I'm up hey don't say that I am in fact very responsive shit I think you just need you know those two eight back away from the shots I'm taking him with me I know I like the old Oh for fuck's sake my bad yep okay well that was the end of mission one that's why I had for the first mission because it was an insert but that took way longer than you guys can we can keep playing it's just this is the end for this operation David took two hours exactly so that worked out pretty well um I guess long story short that was really shitty oh that was probably Congress that was the worst like that could have gone so much better it was probably the worst display of infantryman ship if that's even a word I've seen in a long time but I mean because none of you guys know how to work together really as far as ARMA goes um shift I'd recommend like getting a lot more training in the pipeline you know yeah yeah yeah I said I honestly think we need to do more training instead of like a lot was jerking around and doing fun missions like we need to do fun missions but only like when we're sufficient enough to actually do the serious missions what do you define as fun and serious missions um this was a serious mission the rests that we've done we're pretty much fun or no the missions that like I don't know but there's just a lot of not communication the one person I do want to give a shout out to is looping and awesome yeah looping knew what the fuck he was doing is really good so I can't really start it Karen and alone I mean obviously like you guys are where you're supposed to be in the team for a reason but like shifty did good job to put the gun down I don't know it's just like you guys need to work a lot more in your communication and also you need to work a lot on cutting out the bullshit out of you can vacation – I understand that you guys like to joke around and have fun but at a certain point like you need to know what's crucial information to pass over the radio and what's just funny bullshit that doesn't matter at all that's about it shift I'm sorry about the a a I didn't realize you were gonna try to take it out yourself really we shot you Mindy Jesus okay okay um sorry about that sorry about the realize you're gonna try to take it up by yourself and I'm sorry we can get there fast enough but again else is just gonna be on the you don't be sorry about it it's not anything to be sorry about all right – I guess I wanted to see if I could take it out and I gambled and I lost lunch if I'm gonna hand it over to you go ahead and any comments in my head no one is being told to do anything they kind of just sat around like no one tried keeping the area secure I remember you got the second I died like everyone just started scrambling around and they start they've decided to hide inside the hut like everyone not just the people that needed to be healed up or it was healing them up everyone just decided run in there and hide and like the reason me and a few other people were dying is because sometimes people just go and hide when they hear gunshots when he should be trying to look for them almost you're the one getting shot at okay here's my bit I'm not gonna fucking rag on you guys until you shit you new know some of you are new some of you or not those of you that are new and have an excuse those of you or that are not and what I'm talking about is not necessarily new to ARMA I'm talking about new to the structure of how we play games like this such as bear for example when we play bear force when it is time for mission there's no fucking around obviously and similarly with nuclear missions that want to be the same like that being said I'm not gonna fucking to you and tell you guys that you fucking sucked because I thought you did alright I feel like a large part of missions is that they need to be set for the unit size this one was pretty good but personally if you if we want to talk about the triple-a I'm gonna say that it doesn't necessarily match the unit size to put triple-a against light attack aircraft it makes more sense to add like a couple of 50 cals which are perfectly capable of killing me in the many ways as I'm sure most of you have witnessed already very easily indeed it doesn't take much for a 50 Cal to just be like blah blah blah pin and fucking take me out it's really not that difficult but I don't mind having autocannons in the game I have fought I have taking all the kids on head-on filming and it's similarly preparing that unit size to ground ops we need to kind of find a balance of the size of the opposition scaled with the server's shit anyway two squads in here and there's 12 people per squad so there's 24 units I'm done reinforcements there wasn't that much yeah you guys did good and another thing I'm gonna say is fucking as far as how training is gonna work I don't plan on boring the shit out of people if you guys remember bear force training it's gonna be pretty similar to that except really the the shit that I can't teach you in a mission is the shit I'm gonna be teaching just you know training and that's not gonna be that much really it's just gonna be like navigation and shit like that everything else my motto is experience is the best training so especially in a video game I mean there's no better way to get better at a video game with the play the video game alright we could talk about the video game all day but you wouldn't get any better at it and pretty plate it watch this fuck see videos necessarily watching a dyslexia video does it make you watching this make you good lattes flying just like see we are my unit does not make your army unit amazing so we have many steps to take that is going to be our destiny which it very well may not which very may well be cutting the cheese now let's go play some more arm how about it yeah yeah yeah let's kill some fucking cset nerds yeah I'm never going to use 5:06 weapon again I don't miss Claire please board the aircraft he needs to get through cancer TV the pee will walk out a madman please teller here or die I shut down in effect on Al

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