KEVIN vs 1000 TOY ARMY SOLDIERS | Attack on Toys

July 26, 2019

whoa gamer weekend what is that my family we're back and we are on this attack on toys you guys it look like your boy is joining the army your boy is joining the army oh man I feel like I'm watching like small soldiers or something like that you guys look at this oh man so it looks like I have to control a toy army and stopped at an army invasion that an army gonna try to come for y'all boy oh man okay so it looks like this is my base here okay prepare your defenses I got two minutes Hey go on guys Oh oh my gosh this is awesome oh and I could just stop him there okay and then you stop there and look at the weapons that I have you guys oh my gosh look at this a mini good whoa this is so awesome I'm a freak oh wow okay build mode all right looks like I can put some mines down okay let me go ahead and put some mines here so it looks like they're gonna be coming from this way and this way that's why this ramp is right here so we got to secure we got to secure our base you guys we got to make sure we got a secure so when they come down when they come down they might hit that mine right there okay let's put one here I think I may go up hopefully I don't hit my own mind and explode okay let's go ahead and put a mine here alright y'all holdin it down down here come on follow your boy okay so it looks like I can put down a plane unit you guys let me see let me go back here oh look at that yeah I am ready and then we got some cars as well okay let's put this car here wait put it down all it cost me fifteen hundred bucks okay so I don't have fifteen hundred bucks I got twelve fifty all right so we have to work with what we have let's put some plastic soldiers down put some plastic soldiers down right here okay cuz I'm gonna need these guys you guys this is just wave one we have to survive the waves wave one is about to begin you guys wait we got about 33 seconds here okay I'm gonna make them stay I got a few guys following me all right looks like they gotta come down here also they're coming in from the outside oh my gosh they try to take over out here I can't have that okay so let me go ahead and leave bill mow get my gun out I'm gonna take out my AR and we got 10 seconds I need it quick it's lit countdown when I come up to three you guys smack that thumbs up but that means this gameplay is lit it is fire or we are about to win you guys we are about to beat the tan army one two three smack that thumbs up button right now for your boy and let's get it baby oh here they come here they come okay I'm going up here y'all hold it down that way hold they're coming from two different places oh gosh look at them okay what is this what is this wrapped around the kitchen table here oh gosh and it looks like they got look at how tall they are so they got like two freaking super soldiers that's what I'm calling them super soldiers you guys oh yeah oh yeah come on come on baby oh my god oh all get shot at I'm getting shot hey somebody knock that plate down you know what let me shoot it let me see it oh okay I hit it a little bit all right I'm taking bugger back out come on oh yeah that's a shotgun whoa Jane it's like a tech shotgun okay I need to get out of here my health is really low you guys I don't want to get shot anymore my health is low they're destroying our headquarters come on you guys get them yelling okay so let me pull this out here oh my gosh okay shoot this big guy shoot him Oh Jay you know what let me take this out get him out of here dad why is he so freaking big yeah buddy uh-oh they're coming they're coming we gotta stop them come on come on oh nice nice come on again out I just got hit with something oh let me check out my minigun I ain't playin with John get away I still beat get away yes Oh can I pick up this oh I can pick up hill so I can buy more things I don't know if that's help though but I don't know we can pick these up little capsules when they die oh man come on I respawn in five seconds that's cool now give me you boy another life okay no no they're shooting at me good she got you boy they're tearing my headquarters up come on the waves might be over with you guys yeah come on I think we held it down out here I think we held it down out here you guys Oh what is that what Oh to me it's stupid you know what shoot it shoot it shoot it oh I need help i need help okay I got a rough I got a rough what that it yes oh come on come on get him out of here come on get him out of here my headquarters is almost completed you guys only 2000 come on shoot it out here yes where's complete yet ready for next week oh my god oh yeah I got some fireworks going baby that's what I'm talking about I appreciate that okay so bill moe I gotta put some more things down you guys are I'm not gonna be able to survive the waves but how do I put more things down do I go buy it okay II all right that'll get me some health okay for sure that'll get me some health – lets get our health all the way up move my boy into the air won't get these guys out of here you're not taking down my headquarters and look like they are to my headquarters it gets really weak come on baby I need to put something down I don't know they won't let me frickin Beall okay so when I get it right right here I should put a plane down but I don't have enough for a plane okay let me go out of the old bowl come on my boy look how crazy he looks come on you're not ready you're not ready he's too big come on come on I'm at the spring I'm at the spray oh come on I need my head what is that my head quarters are done mission fail no no I was supposed to protect my head quarters man only minutes away – this is crazy all right so I gotta do a little better in the beginning here setting up everything you guys all right y'all come on okay let's go to build mode see and these options wouldn't pop up for me last time so we know they come heavy this way so let's go ahead and block that off here let's go ahead and put a plane there and maybe we'll put some soldiers here you guys stay there you guys go right next to them okay there we go all right we put some soldiers down that way so we blocked it that way and maybe we'll put like two sets of soldiers next to the planes we're trying to hold it down you guys okay let me see soldiers here I need y'all ready I need y'all ready out here okay and then we'll put we don't have enough for the soldiers there so maybe we'll put the mine nope no mine I should have maybe put a Jeep down but we'll get the Jeep in a bit you guys okay so we got some watchtowers out here I need y'all ready tower machine gun this is a level 1 here they come baby they coming in bunches they're coming in bunches okay I got my army guys right there oh yeah oh yeah okay you guys hold down that side I'm gonna get this big guy up here I'm gonna get this big guy up here come on let's get him out yeah no trying to take my headquarters out whoa Jay that was crazy all right so I need to put some more guys down or maybe we should keep getting these little capsules here come on let's get the capsules maybe the more capsules we get and I'm putting myself right in direct line of fire here I'm right in the middle of these guys right now we're going at it I feel like it's thousands of them against me you guys they're coming from every direction come on baby only three more left all we did a lot better this way if you guys man my boys get down get down my boys get down a lot better okay let's grab these all right we got some more back here I'm gonna need some health so I'm gonna go ahead and set up here oh oh oh it's that tank it's that tank it I need some health you guys or this is not gonna work let me go into Bilbo okay I got the Jeep down shoot at them another Jeep oh I need a little more I need a little more okay out of Bilbo oh I'm responding in a bit okay paratroopers put the pair tool is there okay we got the pair of troopers coming down all right I'll just respond you guys come on take it out come on they're trying to take our headquarters out there's many good I got so much bullets in a minigun it's a wrap let's go come on come oh you guys did awesome let me go ahead and grab these okay so let's see what we can put down we got about 40 seconds here to the next wave and I don't I feel like we don't have enough all right let me go on to build mo come on baby I need to build an eighth see every time we go on to the next wave they won't let me go into the old me enter what what I can enter to get oh this is so cool you can what oh here we go we got a hundred and five of them coming at us all right let's shoot up there where we at where we at let me get him close I'm getting them close I probably shouldn't do this out no fall no I'm probably shouldn't do this oh come on come on follow out I've destroyed it what come on we got to take this down we gotta take it down oh gosh come oh go go I gotta run run don't walk big fella no you're not going you're not going whoa we took the flame down all right let me grab all of these see if I can get some upgrades out here maybe I can put a Jeep down come on get them all get them all get them all baby get them all okay let's feel put the Jeep here okay chief is right there make these big guys now come on baby they killing my hand corner you know there we go okay how do i how do I like repair in the headquarters that's what I'm trying to do I need to repair this come on baby come on I got to do it whoa it's like fireworks out here it's so hard the second wave crazy they kill it my headquarters you know the second wing go ahead and put a jeep here come on get him get him baby Oh oh this isn't okay this is the take that try to get your boy down right here this is the one you know what let me go and get some more here so that's what's taking my headquarters down all right let's get this thing out of here I'm just gonna try to take us to 2,000 Hills on my hand for there we go nice as rain and capsules baby this is raining capsule yeah all right bill bolt let's see tower right here okay we got our jeeps good tower down there all right and then a tower here we telling that you guys that we can get past wave 2 I'll be so happy wave 2 is gonna be crazy though all right let me get some healthy I need some help thank you actually you need to lift amore off the net I write Jeep here okay here we go let me go ahead and pull out my minigun here all right high wave to I want to get past wait till we got a hundred and freakin five soldiers to get past and this helicopter let's try to get this helicopter down a little early in you guys hey we got a copter coming you guys be ready we get an attack from every side every side I need y'all ready okay what's starting there there we go good job good job and let me get these guys out here come on big fella uh-huh oh yeah oh yeah easy oh I'm gonna kill you before you killed me oh yeah I want to kill me uh yeah I want to kill me uh come on come on okay they're running off they're running off let me pull my mini gun out come on baby I stacked it in I stacked it in I know what I was doing your boy was being smart oh dang my mini gun is going okay there we go I think the wreck that my mini gonna shoot the backwards okay there we go come on come on come on let me go ahead and grab this nice what I'm gonna do is try to sneak another Jeep in here huh oh you think you slick up come on whoa trying to knock my headquarters out huh right here we go come on baby oh oh they're so close to my hand corner hey so close good well get these guys out of here all right let me put another down here hopefully that helps I should have put that helicopter out here we'll do it when we get some more of these here these these capsules come on they're gonna try to kill me come on out all right paratroopers what do we need him at we need him here can't get the paratroopers all right see boys about to respond I'm coming back out here come on baby what up guy what do I got whoa what is this that's just like nah come on the ground with that what okay let's get this out of here oh this thing is powerful come on this is the next one you guys focus on this one the nagging our headquarters now no no wait – is so freaking bored and we only have one more left come on baby just a little bit left just a little bit left we only got it down to help oh battle it's a battle let's go let's go wave three we only got four 83 left on the headquarters oh my gosh what a battle oh man I don't even know how to repair my headquarters wow you guys what a battle well thanks for putting a plane out here uh let me go ahead and go to build mo oh my gosh that was my goal right there you guys to at least get to wave three I don't know how I'm gonna survive wave three they don't give me enough capsules look I only got 760 I think like every wave after we beat every way we should get like 5,000 so we can rebuild your boy don't have anything I mean do I just what ought to okay let me enter this let me let your boy in there and look we're wave 3 right now 113 of them that we gotta keel and I don't have any capsules they're coming straight from my headquarters you guys they gonna kill you boy they coming straight from my head oh oh no you're not coming up here aah Oh mission failed okay my headquarters was destroyed we knew that was gonna happen but at least we got some wave three with some super hard to get to you guys super hard to get to I'm gonna go ahead and end this attack on toys right here if you guys enjoyed it please show you boys some love the support by smacking that thumbs up button subscribe if you haven't and I will see you guys in the next thing I love y'all man from the bottom of my part as


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