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Lebanon Civil War 1976 | The Agony of Lebanon | This Week | 1976

December 3, 2019

This was once the richest part of the richest city in the middle east now. It’s the front line of the war in the Lebanon Buildings where last year the money makers of the Western World? exchanged their millions another barricades of beirut the war has lasted 12 months it has ruined a country and destroyed a nation There is supposed to be a ceasefire in the Lebanon But it means nothing there have been 28 cease fires and each of them has been followed by even fiercer fighting It’s now a year since Lebanon’s social tensions finally and inevitably exploded into war until last year this corner of beirut was crammed with clubs bars and brothels Now the music stopped in the girls of play Instead the streets shudder under shellfire and snipers pick off the unwary with a single bullet So far the civil war has taken 17 thousand lives in the latest ceasefire at least 50 and sometimes 100 People have died each day The hotels which made beirut the tourist center of the middle East are now strategic forts one in [Street-By-Street] [Floor-By-floor] battle No one will ever know how many heroes died here in the holiday Inn The battle lasted three days and three nights and there were no prisoners at the end The blood of many wasted young lives has stained the Gaudy opulence of Beirut’s biggest hotel forever But the Civil war is not merely genocide in the name of competing gods this wasteland is called Guarantee No It was a shanty town [in] which [13,000] poor Muslims lived in Squalor Surrounded by Christians who despised them not for being Muslim But because they were poor three months ago the Christian Militia invaded the slum. It was a massacre One of those who led the invasion was danny shamoon was it not a ruthless operation No, it wasn’t it wasn’t ruthless there Just asked to give up their arms and go out of here peacefully they didn’t a very concise military action was taken and they were given free access and Transportation out of here. What made it seem, ruth is because we cleared the shanties out of here This is private property and it can be used now for development We desperately short of land [now]. I’m sure the people were used for proper development On a beach in the Muslim part of the city the victims of that concise military operation and our refugees Here these some children now Enjoy a freedom forced on them by a massacre in which many of their fathers were slaughtered Those who owned the Sunday afternoon chalets in which the refugees now live [belongs] to that society which created the slums which ignored their poverty Khadija Shabbiha is 12 years old she [was] captured by Christian [militiamen] [and] Guarantee nur and Paraded in a bus through the Christian streets around her slum for the people to jeer at then they were ordered out of the bus When we got out [of] the buses the falen just started to argue among themselves some wanted to kill us, but others did not Then some of them began to attack us with large canes, and they said to us things like You killed my brother. I must take revenge But others tried to keep them away from us Then we were led away and the people on the balconies started spitting at us others nearby began pulling our hair Half of the men that were with us were taken away, but those who were left behind Were made to stand up against a wall with their hands above their heads and then the falen cysts sprayed them with bullets washer the Sack of Guarantee [know] was soon avenged the Christian town of D’amour had a population of 30,000 it was pretty and prosperous now. It’s deserted and pillaged in Demo as in guarantee [‘no] religion was almost irrelevant near here Muslims and Christians still live in Harmony But d’amour was a stronghold of the right and in part this war is between the right and the left of the rich against the poor In the basement [of] the Arab university of Beirut, there’s a field hospital Here the victims of war have their broken bodies patched up so far in one year more than 25,000 people have been wounded These men have been fighting for the left against the right most of them. It is true worship Allah, but some of them believe in Jesus Christ Their war is not about God, but class For the doctor who spends his days mending mangled bodies the war is a terrible waste of human life What what happened to him he has got the bullet injured in his abdomen [as] you can see Most of the his intestins has been cut also in addition to his liver has been ruptured So we search at the edges of the liver in addition to his intestines. We did to him. What’s called laparotomy Acceleration of the Abdomen it was a big bleeding inside, and now he’s about 15 days in our hospitals now he seems to be so quite and when He Fac Mia the next year The commercial instinct of the Lebanon which helped fuel the fire of this war is not yet extinguished these traders Used to own elegant shops in the center of the city which is now rubble now. They do their business in the street there Lebanon the Lebanon of Commerce and trade of an economic free-for-all Where nearly anything and almost anyone could be bought where the rich made much money and paid little tax that Lebanon is dead In its place, there is anarchy Rubbish piles the Streets civil order has collapsed shops offices and banks are looted or closed There is no law no police Force. No army no government The Elegant flats in which lived those who made the [old] Lebanon are empty their owners have fled Those who grew rich in the Lebanon seemed unable to concede that their world would collapse? But now it’s controlled by those they had always ignored the center of the city is a racetrack for the dispossessed Kamiel Shamoon A President of the Old Levelin now leads the struggle of the right to preserve the past he would die to restore the old order We are [return] to a free enterprise and Lebanon has been built and has become [preverbal] and has become the country you might see in visiting all the mountains and become prosperous Thanks to the private initiative. This is a system. Which we’re not going to change why while there is room [for] everybody everybody wants to [it] really can work can make money can have a decent [a] [decent] living a living after all generally speaking we have a standard of living much higher higher than any country in the middle east unfortunately there were two kinds of people in Lebanon people who want to work and make [money] and People who wanted to make money without working In the eyes of Kamiel shamoon, it’s the Muslims who won’t work. It’s true That most of them are poor their wages are low their families are large, but they are the majority The Democracy of the old Lebanon much praised in the western world which relished the economic liberties it permitted denied them a voice When the tensions finally burst all restraint the poor took to the streets to fight for the future of their children Now said, I allow anything how my [middle] Mr. Moraga here is not between Christian and Muslims, but against our rulers it is not a religious struggle nor a communist dragon We want to end sectarianism in Lebanon we are fighting for the downtrodden to let them lead a decent life What about [the] hero? How are you, La Zonga? Now we know our Rulers are a group of people who live on corruption and bribery in their big commercial deals they have formed their on state within a state and They exploited us while we worked hard from morning [to] [night] to get our money We are angry because of this Because we didn’t get our rights with Marta Road, but in America here they used to eat luxurious meals while we lived on bits and pieces Kutiman armas [out] the tuna wishing planet, but then but oh no You should know that. It isn’t only the phalanges who exploited us. It was our own leaders in the parliament as well All of them neglected us. This is why we are carrying rifles. We are fighting our rulers We are out to get them and destroy them [leon] came in one hot woman on an inland The man who Guides the revolt of the left does not himself seek Social Revolution Democracy would be a victory We shall be opposed to any movement which Which is which will be for a totalitarian state. We don’t like here neither, and we don’t want any kind of of totalitarian State or the dictatorship of a class of [Incheon] military Junta or a one single party you want to maintain? Lebanon in the strict sense we’re up in Democracy you have been the leader of This Left-wing alliance for a year now in that time [15,000] people or more have died in the fighting often in bloody circumstances when you look back [on] this last year What are your feelings about that? What have you gave the three we have done? What we have? What was our own duty? We were always on the defensive [while] defending The integrity of this land Social [Democracy] would destroy the power of Lebanon’s right who won’t yield Outgunned they’ve now retreated to their strongholds and they threatened partition rather than surrender Much of the fighting is in the mountains in terrain which makes easy victory impossible those who hold the high ground are impregnable The Militia of the right are fierce in defense of the territory they still hold The right is fighting to preserve the old lebanon in the belief that if they lose their country will cease to exist for them Lebanon is a western outpost in an Eastern world They are proud to be lebanese not arab, and they will fight to the end to defend their faith We’re on the front line here. That’s right. Yes, [sir]. This is the one of the main positions on the front line facing the Villages of dany Shamoon is commander of one of the two main Militia groups which is fighting to strengthen the front line of the right We control the Ridge over there the Rocky ridge all the way up to the clouds They have control of the hills on the other side and in the clouds up there There’s a ski resort, and you control between here and there that’s very good But with the odds against you can you in fact hold on? Well, we’ll hold on as long as we can what do you need to be able to hold on we need a lot of support? From outside we need munitions Financial support and things like that so therefore coming with a boy the ceasefire here really doesn’t mean anything at all does it Well, it doesn’t In a sense, but the fighting that you hear now [is] only because the enemy is trying to improve their positions But you’re trying to improve yours as well. So try to improve us. Yes how much hope Do you have that the ceasefire is going to last and make it produce the kind of lebanon in which you believe that’s your answer There are [they’ll] [answer] [your] question These men belong to the Falange [Ester] party They are middle class and educated they know that outnumbered [no] they can’t win But they fight for the right with the same dedication as their enemy fights for the left and they will die in the same certainty that their cause is just Every single fighter we have is a volunteer. They’re not getting paid you can see the clothes are in rags They finance themselves, they purchase the guns themselves, and they’re fighting for a strong belief [this] is why we’re being able to hold up against such tremendous odds. What are their normal jobs. Can you go along the line ah? Gentlemen here is a lady’s hairdresser [charge] next to him is an air conditioning technician He’s he manufactures handbags The one next to him as a student and the gentleman of the binoculars is a student student – is could you ask Um perhaps the ladies hairdresser first of all. What is what is he fighting for? Munoz and swan with heroine t imagine as you live near what on eating let mother – [idEa] on believe me cuckoo [I] had the [terrible] and believe me banana, nada He says that he’s fighting for Lebanon for the lebanese principals and everybody who tries [to] destroy. I love him He’s gonna fight could you ask the two students at the end either of them? What do they regard as the enemy that they’re fighting who is the enemy uh? [until] [Caitlin] is badou Irishman [I] con helado well [Well] [Mark] [a] [Rebel] belong to Our [dooley] you [mean] on the resilience, or do I leave you? in this mind the enemy is world World Communism and the left being Financed by Libya how do you regard the the role that the Arab world has played in this? Well as military man. We have no opinion about the rest of the Arab world, but as lebanese citizens we find that we’ve been tremendously, Led down by by our arab Brethren and the arab countries that Lebanon has bought so much [a] Brain power into the development engineers doctors technicians of all is being supplied by Eleven for the development of the rest of the Arab world And I find it’s an absolute lack of gratitude on their part of the country which [is] given so much Towards development progress of the Arab world has now been completely neglected on [amis] this judgment of the actual situation here if Lebanon falls to the left then they really intro The war is not just about religion not just about class for the right has a special enemy amongst the left For the right the enemy is the [300,000] palestinian refugees who live in the Lebanon and help fight the left’s war What is the future of Lebanon the future of Lebanon depends on the presence of [Political] [Palestinian] armoured? Organizations here as long as they are here I? Doubt if there is going to be peace 11, do you? See that your war is a war against the palestinians rather than a civil war I say it has never been a civil war the truth. Is that we can know there will be their armored Palestinian organizations in Lebanon will be a permanent threat for peace and security for the peace and security of heaven It is true that the palestinians have led the left against the right and the war in the Lebanon is above all about them Nearly 30 years ago they fled from the state Which is now Israel as refugees they moved into other arab countries determined to win back the land which they believed to be theirs They took to arms But their host governments restrained their independent action thus the lebanon became their last refuge Now each man who dies for them in this war is a [martyr] for the cause of palestine another death in an endless tragedy? of it mary decided that [he’d] never [a] girl a No less than the survival of the palestinians as a political and military force is at stake in this [war] The palestinians know that the lebanese right would destroy their base in the lebanon They believed that the civil war is a conspiracy controlled by America designed to eliminate their revolution Thus the shockwaves of the war in the Lebanon [rumble] across the world The issues which make this civil war an international crisis a complex, but the dangers are obvious 30 miles to the east in that direction lies syria 100 miles to the south down the coast is the border with Israel The possibility exists that syria and israel could find themselves confronting each other here in the Chaos of the Lebanon Syria is already in the Lebanon the Palestinian, Militia Which syria controls [are] [siker] have surrounded the ports of tyre sidon and Tripoli they also encircle the [international] [airport] at beirut Syrian Army tanks are now massed inside the Lebanese border on the road from Damascus 30 miles from Beirut In response israel Syria’s enemy has done nothing But warn that syrian troops would not be permitted to cross an unspecified Red line in the south of the country Nor has the American sixth fleet stationed off the lebanese coast been used to deter [syria] America approves Syria’s action the most crucial issue in the middle East is the future of the territory occupied by Israel in the 1967 War and especially that part of it claimed by the palestinians if Israel is forced to give up the occupied West bank then arafat expects to direct its future But syria also seeks to be a powerful voice [in] that settlement Moreover Syria’s priority is to recover her Golan heights from Israel without war its thoughts on both counts Syria seeks to restrain the palestinians in the lebanon and hopes in return that America will push israel to surrender the Golan heights It was in the knowledge that syrian tanks might drive into beirut to stop the fighting that on april the 10th LeBanon’s divided politicians left their strongholds to meet in the no-man’s land between the two sides in the center of beirut A lot of all The hysteria of the Lebanon is frightening Reason is fled the guns rule here because the army is weakened divided were Gathered 15 rival Militias Muslims Christians right and left palestinians private armies numerous hoodlums and thugs all careless of human life Intent only on guarding their leaders. It was a dangerous hour The politicians of [the] Lebanon have for long been ensnared by a fossilized Political system which guaranteed permanent power to a Christian minority all factions bought votes Wallowed in power and ignored the social convulsions which were to engulf them in the crisis of the last year they’ve proved themselves Collectively to be an incompetent rabble but on this day driven by Despair They voted overwhelmingly to change the [constitution] to elect a new president in the hope of ending the war the meeting lasted 15 tense minutes afterwards in the panic of their departure a gun went off for a moment Mayhem Seemed imminent, then Mere Chaos was restored the meeting however solved nothing the Christian president hasn’t resigned Outside powers are still on the alert the peace of the middle east is still uncertain Today the fighting in Beirut has been as vicious as ever Even Syria must be daunted at the prospect of forcing a solution here with her army Syria does not leave this country and if she decides to keep her troops on the borders of Syria and Lebanon in order to Play a part in the decision that is made about the future of the Lebanon how will the left in this country react? [hey], we shall be against such a syrian decision, and we shall make a public opposition to Any kind of interference in your own affairs How optimistic are you that this truce will become a permanent peace? [I] [am] [not] optimistic now because [now] feminists and others Are profiting of the presence of the syrian troops? in order to make some Some little war here and there They are encouraged by the syrian presence do you think that with the [Alliance] which has been forged in this struggle with the palestinians that the palestinians will emerge from whatever happens much more Powerful in the Lebanon certainly they will emerge much more powerful. How will that express itself that greater power? They are more linked with people now Pristine ian Blond has been mixed with the [banishment] Lebanon will become certainly more arab as a state if as a result of the Negotiations that that may prevent the Civil war [going] on if as a result of those negotiations the left Emerges more powerfully as a force in this country and the Palestine liberation Organization also Emerges more powerfully how will you respond to that how will your forces respond to that situation? Well then then there’s going to be partition You won’t accept that that girl must be partition 17,000 people have died in one year, but the war is not over the issues that caused it are not resolved There are no new leaders. No new policies. No new system The people of Palestine still have no home the old lebanon is dead There is nothing yet to take its place and no expectation that peace is at [hand]


  • Reply محمد العمري June 23, 2019 at 8:27 pm

    18:00: "The land, the Palestinians believed to be theirs"
    Yes, Palestine is land of the Palestinians. From where have the Palestinians come? Have they fallen from heaven?
    There was no "israel" 70 years ago but the Arab population of the land was there before the Jewish settlers from Europe have arrived and before the British had occupied Palestine.

  • Reply محمد العمري June 23, 2019 at 8:37 pm

    If Christians were really persecuted in the Middle East then how can a small minority of rightist and fascist Christians massacre Muslims in Lebanon?

  • Reply Erik Muniz June 26, 2019 at 10:58 pm

    When people dont know how to live in peace and tolerance.

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    Tell me Chamoun although not English, his English almost sounds similar to that of an Englishman.

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    We the Lebanese people have learnt from our past from our forefathers. we know what a civil war can do at the end no one wins both side loses the dead and the alive. Them days are over we are united and stronger then ever. Some times we get bored and we shoot each other but that’s just for fun other then that it’s nothing personal we love each other

  • Reply أمير ابداح July 5, 2019 at 3:06 pm

    I have a met an old man. , who happens to be an plo fighter back then in Lebanon, his story’s and memories actually, very interesting, and he told me ,I joined the plo to fight Israel, but from 1970 to 1980 , al I fought were the Jordanian army and the Lebanese , not sure it’s the whole world wont let us fight Israel , ir what’s the real problems, this was his words

  • Reply Chris Van Bekkum July 6, 2019 at 7:10 pm

    Not at all "one sided"? NOT !!!

  • Reply Moe Bazzi July 10, 2019 at 3:19 am

    I lived in Wadi Abu Jamil just near the HoliDayAnn In the 1990. I use to go to HoliDayAnn And then next to it It was Burj Al Mor and down the Road it was the phonicean Hotel And the Saint George Beach and Swimming Pool. I Swim all the time On the Saint george Beach. I remeber the football Field Called Malaab al Kahoo. This was a very Damage Building and the War was brutual. Now i live in canada I left Beirut in the 1993 when i was 13 years old with my whole Family. I remember everything.

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    Arabs Destroying Yet Another Country

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    Your translation sucks ass you should feel bad. Fucking hell. I don't know if you've produced it I couldn't even stomach watching it till the end credits. -1

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    No one has won the war !! The Syrians , were the only winners in the Lebanese civil war .

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    I'm proud to be Lebanese I refuse to fight my own country men weather they are Christian or any other religion. Lebanese is one nsha alla ❤⛪🕌

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    These documentaries take me back to when I was young, I was always fascinated by their programmes and I'm enjoying going through the important ones…

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    Wherever Islam is allowed to flourish there are problems. At first they’re quiet but as their numbers grow so does their desire to expand all things Islamic. Then inevitably terrorism and war. It’s happens time and time again but the progressives still defend it, wrap them in a blanket of victimhood and encourage their numbers to grow.

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    Israel was a cancer planted by the British in the middle east 😠

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    Everything good that should have happened after and during the war stopped. Kamal Jumblatt died, Hariri died, and Saad is doing nothing. Soldiere have no money now.

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    Fun fact: Maronites used to be serfs owned by the wealthy land-owning minority we know as the Druze. During the Ottoman Era that is.

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    This is what happens when muslims reach critical mass

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    تدخّل الفلسطينيون في الشأن اللبناني الداخلي، فكانت الحرب الأهلية بما في ذلك تل الزعتر وبستان الباشا وصبرا وشاتيلا

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    Lebanese are till the moment take out international conflicts on thier Land as proxy war.

  • Reply Ola-Jide Chris September 5, 2019 at 12:27 am

    I researched what led to the war and this is what I found

    The PLO moved its primary base of operations to Beirut in the early 1970s, after Black September in Jordan. The presence of Palestinian forces was one of the main reasons that led to a Christian-Muslim conflict in Lebanon in 1975–1976 which ended with the occupation of Lebanon by peace-keeping forces from several Arab countries[citation needed], including Syria. Over the next few years, the Syrians and the PLO gained power in Lebanon, surpassing the ability of the official Lebanese government to curtail or control their actions. Throughout this time, artillery and rocket attacks were launched against Israel. Israel bombed targets in Lebanon and in 1978 launched a military invasion in to Southern Lebanon codenamed "Operation Litani".

    In 1978, and again in 1981 and early 1982, the United Nations sponsored a cease-fire, and Israeli troops were withdrawn. In 1982 Israel re-invaded Lebanon following the attempted assassination of its ambassador in London, despite being aware that the attack had been carried out by the Abu Nidal faction, which was at war with Arafat's PLO. The architect of the war, Ariel Sharon (then Defense Minister), presented it to the Israeli government as a limited incursion into Southern Lebanon but took his troops to Beirut. The invasion was code-named "Operation Pines" or "Peace for Galilee", and was intended to weaken or evict the PLO and impose Bachir Gemayel, head of the Christian Phalange party, as President of Lebanon in order to get Lebanon to sign a peace treaty with Israel and bring the country into Israel's sphere of influence. This plan failed when Gemayel was assassinated not long after being elected President by the Lebanese parliament under Israeli pressure.

    The Israeli forces invaded in a three-pronged attack. One group moved along the coastal road to Beirut, another aimed at cutting the main Beirut-Damascus road, and the third moved up along the Lebanon-Syria border, hoping to block Syrian reinforcements or interference. By the 11th of June, Israel had gained air superiority after shooting down a number of Syrian aircraft; Syria called for a cease-fire, and the majority of PLO guerrillas fled Tyre, Sidon, and other areas for Beirut.

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    Beautiful country destroyed by arrogant leadership…

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    True in 1976 and true today in 2019. Same problems, corruption, class divide, poverty, feudalism, religious divide.

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    Lebanon, a nation infiltrated by jihadis…..Long Live Israel & IDF…..

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    lebanon now is a very very peaceful country

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    How how how how how how did in God's sake uve put the war in Lebanon a out classes. About rich against the poor. You are nthg I'm convinced but a paid journalist to push an agenda. A dirty western agenda. So fucking forty that it takes humanity as its slogan.

  • Reply ziad elhelou October 2, 2019 at 11:39 pm

    The war in Lebanon first if all is an American and Israeli plan. It is a religious war btw Christians whove been masacred and killed through out 1400 years in this part of land. It is a war btw capitalist and communism. All parts of the world were fighting after they agreed on the playground to be Lebanon. Urea bad journalist

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    the funniest thing these days is that the Lebanese fighting Israel for the cause of the Palestinians, go figure lol

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    Western countries love war in Middle East always

  • Reply Patrick October 8, 2019 at 4:19 pm

    The underlying conflict was religious based not class. The leftists and islamists refugees/migrants fought the Christians. Eventually the Islamists turned on the Christian leftists after pushing back the Christians.

  • Reply DEZELL LEBANON October 10, 2019 at 8:50 pm

    since 1976 our history full of fighting because we are brave men in our brains and hearts don't try us or we will kill u😂😂😂🔫🔫🔫

  • Reply arktzen October 13, 2019 at 7:49 pm

    can someone who speaks arabic please tell me the name of the christian military commander. i can't understand his name. thanks

  • Reply Pingu Thing October 14, 2019 at 8:24 am

    So palestinian refugees turned Lebanon Muslim?. wtf

  • Reply Anosa Lover October 15, 2019 at 9:18 am

    نحتاج إلى ترجمه إلى العربيه رجاءا
    We need translate to Arabic language, please

  • Reply Anosa Lover October 15, 2019 at 9:20 am

    Is This happens just in 1876?

  • Reply Antoine Obeid October 16, 2019 at 3:59 am

    You should see lebanon now, more mess :p

  • Reply Wade Cahill October 17, 2019 at 11:03 am

    The civil war should be renamed the mafia war because it was all caused by corrupt greedy govenment officials ,nothing has changed lebanon is more corrupt than any other country in the world

  • Reply Charbel Azzi October 18, 2019 at 6:37 pm

    Im Lebanese and this whole video is wrong

  • Reply Andrea Minetto October 20, 2019 at 10:17 pm

    Islamic take control of these beautifull place so sad and now woman doesnt have anymore right and liberty
    Sharia is devil islam is devil

  • Reply SerpentInside October 21, 2019 at 8:36 am

    So wait. Lebanon accepted palestinian refugees, they then thanked their host country by going to war with them. Oh how nice.

  • Reply Soeni Rono October 21, 2019 at 12:30 pm

    Lebanon is dead!

  • Reply Nadim Kaakati October 21, 2019 at 9:53 pm

    Excellent documentary as someone who lived it. It's right on the money

  • Reply historypoliticsbb October 22, 2019 at 9:39 am

    Bernard Lewis's analysis of Western coverage was accurate. Dimbleby talks about 'right vs left' and 'class' and leaves out religion as the central cause. 40 years later people have a much better understanding of Middle Eastern politics.

  • Reply suhaila alelimi October 22, 2019 at 8:36 pm

    Watching this in 22oct 2019 in the middle of the amazing revolution in lebanon, were all Lebanese people ,elderly people ,university students, inside lebanon or abroad are United calling for a united lebanon no political parties no religious divide just lebanon. #لبنان_ينتفض

  • Reply NaBihoV October 24, 2019 at 2:59 am

    In case you don’t k now, it’s not poor and rich war, these guys in the video around min 10, they are not Lebanese they are Palestinians, and the war was because of Palestinians coming into Lebanon armed and wanting to take over just like Israel did to them, most of Muslims supported them cause of religion. This is the long story short, it’s not rich against poor, it can even not be considered a civil war the way it started

  • Reply Agent Smith • 2 years and October 24, 2019 at 1:58 pm

    Hela hela ….hela hela hooo

  • Reply Tamar Godalazian October 25, 2019 at 11:13 am

    And now a revolution is happening in Lebanon. Where people are fed up with the corrupted government and want change. It's truly remarkable where Lebanese have broken the barriers of religion and stand hand in hand to face the corruption.

  • Reply KEENoNMYRZRBACK Lol October 25, 2019 at 8:26 pm

    Thus is the bloody and shameful history of our beloved nation

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    Watch the Americans find a way to mention there country on this video lol

  • Reply magovic October 31, 2019 at 10:15 am

    It was not about class or the left.
    It was merely religious. Muslims against Christians.
    Islam could not stand a prosperous majority Christian country. They have to ruin it.

  • Reply Darrell Johnson November 1, 2019 at 6:50 am

    Groyup of lying media leave out the beginning and the muslims who started it

  • Reply motor head1 November 2, 2019 at 1:53 am

    Now about to happen again..

  • Reply Seham Alniag November 10, 2019 at 10:06 pm

    الحرب دمار مش للحجر كمان للبشر الحرب كانت مؤلمه ومقرفة انا عشتها وشفت الموت مية مرة وشفت الناس بتموت وأطفال ماتت من الجوع تحت الحصار ان شالله ما بترجع والله يحمي لبنان وبالنهاية ما حدا استفاد بل رجعت البلد للوراء رجاء لا تعيدوها

  • Reply Shrinkabull Anarchy November 11, 2019 at 1:50 pm

    They spoke to the wrong people. This story isn't even close to reality except the American & Syrian alliance

  • Reply Kamal Tato November 12, 2019 at 6:11 am

    Well now lebanon is the best country! Modern and old. Best cuisine. Best prople. Keep going lebanon. ♥️♥️♥️♥️

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    Who made this translation? In 4:36 she says "Phalangists" and the translation said "Falen cysts"

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    من يومها خربت الدني
    و اختلط الحابل بالنابل
    ما عد سمعنا ولا صوت
    غير صوات القنابل
    نفس الغلط عم نعيد
    و ما تعلمنا من الماضي
    يا خوفي يا رفيقي الشهيد
    تكون رحت عالفاضي
    جورج خباز. 😞🇱🇧❤

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    18:08 بيشبه بشير جميال

  • Reply Sun of Kurdistan November 30, 2019 at 8:27 am

    رحمة الله عليك يا بيك ياكمال جنبلاط

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    5:35 you should stop thinking that allah os the name of the muslims god ,allah translate it to english it will mean god ,its just a god in arabic😂

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    I would love to had 2 minutes in a dark alley with Danny chamoun… I would beat the living hate out of him

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