Lee Wheelbarger Check-In On Electric Blue Solar Yacht – Military Sorties And Such

July 27, 2019

dollars the other thing I saw is that next to the White House communications office when we were here on July 4th the Trump speech there were there was a single Avenger missile launcher with a generator and a tent so that was one July 5th that we saw that it was sick and then when we came up today to get to the war there are three Avenger missile launchers two gents three generators and a communications four 2's 250 communications Joker setting on the ground that by it all together so they got all kinds of crazy stuff going around Washington DC and back we had three black hawk swooped over top of the boat just a little while ago and then we had a Huey presidential Huey when we were coming up DOMA forever he was like 25 30 feet off the water and just came straight over top of us in fact that he was moving so fast and the blades were hitting through hard it actually shook the boat he went over so does this have anything to do with the escalation in Iran or North Korea and South Korea or the Hormuz Strait or any of that I don't think I don't think that's what this is I do not think that's what I I don't see I know that there are escalation going on I know that there increases in what's going on you know our training exercises that mean when we came up to eat toast you know we went by a variety of different military installations the security if there's inflation if this increased that straining that is going on because increase the number of aircraft flying is increasing and this is really what we're seeing is that during the Obama it mean straighten up here listen baby I got another client over me right now where where are yours is your yacht sitting currently if you could tell tell me yeah currently I am setting in the Washington Channel at the DC Wharf probably about a half a mile from the Washington Monument if you look where the if you look on a map I'm at the market pier is where we are tonight they will be here tonight tomorrow and tomorrow night and Sunday for hate backs out then we'll be back up here again in downtown DC again next week out Danny in DC for the last month working with people here doing a variety of different thing that proven the vessel and dealing with the kind of stuff that I'm telling you about so are you still doing the electric blue solar yacht updates and do you have subscribers or patreon visiting the yacht and are you hanging out what's going on let me put my headset in so it's a lot easier for me yeah we're not really we don't really have that many patrons anymore and we're not doing that many updates on the yacht I youtube well first off I got banned from Twitter no warning no nothing they kicked me off Twitter just simply because I said that Muslims were vicious and that was Twitter's reason for saying that though there was a hate crime well you do realize that there are billions of Muslims and most of them are not vicious well did you hear me yeah I got you okay I got three more of it I got three more of these helicopters flying over me again well if they're I yes they are if you look at their ideology and what they believe they believe that if you don't believe in Allah that you are an infidel and the way that you should be dealt with if you do not convert is to cut your head off now that's written in the Quran and so I consider anybody who says that if you don't believe what I believe I'm gonna cut your head off I consider that a vicious type person I think that's a vicious attitude you know I think that that that's something that should be condoned or allowed even if your interpretation of the Koran is wrong and I think it might be wrong but I do know that there are lot of all sects of Muslims that want to cut everyone's head off and we know that I mean we've seen the videos but in general the Quran is similar to the Bible where they have a bastardized God that says evil all the time so if you want to call out the Quran you might as well call out the Bible but the point that's important here is that yes but it does it doesn't it doesn't say it yeah the important thing goalie is you didn't say anything that derogatory and it's a freedom of speech and these pricks are you know what whatever you say whatever you do they'll just shut you off and they and then you have like there's no way to call anybody there's there's no reprisal there's no it's like it's their way or the highway right so so Twitter cut me off no warning just up and terminated my account YouTube D monetized me in November of last year and told me that I could be ramana tais in 90 days to this day still not Ramana ties so can't monetize through YouTube they wouldn't let me stream live they took that away from me and now that I'm here in Washington DC we've tried to stream multiple times it says that we're streaming live but you don't see it it that it posts it after after we've already you know streamed live like today you know things showed up an hour or four hours after we streamed them live so you know it's it's basically just major censorship they don't want what I've again connection loss they're waiting on you Lee if we can get you back here that'd be sweet yeah it's pretty crazy they're cut pretty crazy that they're cutting me off cuz I've got full strength on my phone and I'm standing right here I mean I've got I can see it I've got full strength on the phone so yeah they don't want me talking they don't want to hear what I've got to say now I know things that they don't work are dealing with any of the alphabet groups down there are you currently employed or are these other people that just don't want you to be saying yeah I'm meeting with the alphabets been meeting with the alphabets for thirty years so I can't come to Washington DC without you know having them seek me out so I've got people coming down you know we had meetings here today with people from the United States and Canada we've got people coming in from all over the United States again tomorrow and basically I'm doing a research and development of a variety of different things and also resolving some technical issues that some agencies have of in the area so when anytime I'm in the area or anytime they've got a problem they can't resolve my phone rings so there was an agency the other day they had a problem with one of the surveillance helicopters so I got called to go look at it so I mean that's the type of thing that you know people call me for so today we're on electric blue we've been operating on electric blue we've upgraded electric blue we have more Ray's on the front so now we've got six kW info silver array as opposed to four we have created two lithium iron phosphate batteries so we have 10 kW of lithium ion phosphate on the boat we're gonna add probably another 20 or 30 kW I just applied for a patent for a surveillance system that I designed I have well actually in the last week I've submitted eight patents to the US Patent Office the things that I've invented so taking care of that while I'm here in Washington DC and then tomorrow we have a planning meeting as to what we're gonna do in the future with both electric blue and me and research and development and some programs that we're taking forward to the US Army so explain what the benefit of the lithium phosphate battery is where you get them and and why you picked them well we chose lithium iron phosphate batteries for several reasons first off little lighter than LED acid back secondly a Alette the acid battery you can only take about half of the current out of or half the power out so you can only really go to like 50% depth of discharge with a I apologize we lost Li real quick here he'll be back li I know and you got me back yes sir I am okay so I don't know where I fell off but anyway a lithium iron phosphate battery can be cycled literally thousands and thousands of times where's that a lead-acid battery can only be cycled maybe 300 times you know to a 50% depth of discharge where lithium iron phosphate can be you know discharged to 80% depth of discharge with no degradation to the cell so there's lots of advantages to the lithium iron phosphate now we chose lithium iron phosphate as opposed to just a lithium battery or something of that nature where B we didn't want a battery like what's in a Tesla because we don't want the fires like they have in Tesla's oh and and the advantage of the battery in a Tesla is that yeah the the yeah exactly the battery that is in a Tesla has a greater slightly greater energy density but the problem is the volatility of the battery is much much worse so you've got a really really good chance of having a fire and the way that Tesla went about designing their battery pack I would have never done or used to allowed it's not a good way to do it but that's what Elon Musk wanted to do and so that's why we have all the Tesla fires and we knew that Tesla was going to have fires in his cars before he ever built the first one because of the violence of that type of battery so a lithium iron phosphate is a much much safer much better battery and will give us a lot better performance it doesn't win a letter acid battery as you continue to pull more power out of the battery the battery drops its voltage while you're increasing the load a lithium battery doesn't drop so much it pretty much just pours the voltage out and has very little difference in its operating voltage when you're applying the load to it so they're not as variable they're a lot more stable it's a lot easier and better to get the power out of them so that's why we chose a lithium iron phosphate technology or chemistry and you can get those there are a variety of different manufacturers that manufacturer lithium iron phosphate and and they use them a lot in electric vehicles because there's so much safer they're not nearly as expensive and there are a lot more reliable than they're like a let acid and again they're they're much lighter as well so there's lots and lots of advantages lithium iron phosphate sounds like a no-brainer now here's a little tip I want to give you I think that the audience is really they're missing Lee Weil Barger and you can still get patreon over at your patreon page Lee and you could still post videos they don't have to be up on YouTube just make your own personal videos and put them up there and we just lost the connection again I hope you're still listening it's been great to catch up with you Lee Weil Barger is an electric blue solar yacht in Washington DC doing what Lee does he's upgraded to the the trimaran he's got new lithium ion phosphate batteries that that are less likely to explode and we would really like to hear some updates from you so you got any closing words well you're welcome to call anytime let me know when you wanna chat I it's we've been really really super busy and it's a lithium iron phosphate not iron iron like as in it'll pumping iron or iron rail you know you know we're open to to talk to you or yeah they I haven't tested that battery I can't say that that's as good as the lithium iron phosphate the the Edison's it depends upon who's you get and you know soreness a force so I would have to look at that before I could give you a yeah yeah and well but it's the cycle life you know it's how long is that battery gonna last me you know if it's a lead-acid battery hey you might get five or ten years out of it but if it's a lithium battery you could get twenty to thirty years out of it so you've got to look at it over the long run as to what's gonna be cheaper in the long run as opposed to yeah well these are half-price of those they claim 45 years at max potential and up to 100 years if you keep it nice and you can replace the electrolyte quite easily on these batteries they're very expensive no they yeah yeah well you know you might be better off with the lithium iron phosphate I have to the and it look I don't want to talk bad about their battery because I haven't tested enough of them to have a negative response to them all I can say is that in the comparisons that I did between all of the batteries that are manufactured worldwide in all the different chemistry's I found for my applications for you know operating 100% solar powered boat as well as grid storage systems that we're doing for micro grids I found the most cost-effective and dependable solution was a lithium iron phosphate so that's what we chose on the boat so that's I know and as far as you know doing shows I don't know if I can do like a I mean we do have a patreon page but we haven't really done anything with it because you know we've travel now 1,600 miles on the boat we've done major renovations you wouldn't believe it it's you know unbelievable the renovations that we've done in the modifications and we've been putting in you know 10 12 14 hour days to try to get all this done my wife Lee cut out again it's been a pleasure talking to you and I'm sure you're about to come back we will be calling you regularly because people want to know where Lee wheel Barger is I'm sure so we're gonna be doing regular updates on the electric blue solar yacht and what you're up to you and your wife and your back so we're about to go cuz I need to get on with Matt powers right now but it's been a pleasure talking to you lady if you want to see Lee go check out his patreon comment below this channel and we'll be calling leap pretty regularly because he'll pick up and we can do an interview look look forward to it you take care of my friend I appreciate everything you're doing and keeping everybody up to date on what's going on in a grand solar minimum the crazy part about you know all the shows and everything I did is


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    Muslims follow and worship Muhammad. Their book is the Quran and while there are some foundations that are the same as the Bible (Abraham the Father of all Nations). Ishmael fathered the Islam β˜ͺ️ Nations. Muhammad – killed over 500 by sword and raped many young girls. Bad (cult) religion.

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