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Little Heroes 9 – The Police Car, The Stealer, The Fire Engine and Spiderman

September 13, 2019

[theme music] Man, I’m hungry. I wonder what
food I should steal today. Aha! Bacon looks delicious. [evil laughter] Stealer: What are you guys eating? Girl: Bacon. Stealer: Is it smoked bacon?
Girl/Boy: No. [explosion] Boy: What! Girl/Boy: Oh, no! He stole our bacon! Narrator: Meanwhile, across town… [recorder playing] Man, I should really get
the band back together. [ringing] [radio dispatch]
The bacon has been stolen! We need your help! Police: Nobody steals bacon on my watch! [siren] Police: Are you guys alright? Girl: A man in a cape stole our breakfast. Police: Oh, no! A cape?
Girl: Yes. Police: Oh, no! The Stealer is back. [suspenseful music] [burping]
That was delicious. I’m ready for lunch. Aha, a sandwich! [ominous music] Stealer: Do you put Cheetos in your sandwich?
Spiderman: I do. It makes it crunchy and delicious. -Mind if I have a taste? [explosion] [coughing]
-He took my sandwich! Narrator: Meanwhile, across town… [engine revving] [ringing] [radio dispatch]
The Stealer just stole Spiderman’s lunch. -Roger that. I’m on my way. [dramatic music] Police: I got here as fast as I could.
Which way did he go? -I don’t know. He threw a smoke bomb,
made me cough. He took my Cheetos and my sandwich. -Man, he really does have
some really sneaky tricks up his sleeve. But he is no match for justice. Spiderman: Thank you, little hero!
Go get my sandwich! [ominous music] Stealer: That sandwich was
great, but I’m still hungry. Never too soon for dinner. Mmm, that looks good! [ominous music] Stealer: Hey, fireman, I saw smoke somewhere!
Fireman: Where? Stealer: Right here!
[explosion] [coughing] Fireman: Oh, no! My dinner’s gone! Narrator: Meanwhile, across town… [dramatic music]
[engine revving] [ringing] [radio dispatch] Officer, copy?
Police: Talk to me. [radio dispatch]
The fireman got his dinner stolen. -I’m on my way. [engine revving] [dramatic music] Police: What happened?
Fireman: He got away! Police: Do you want to help me trap him?
Fireman: Yeah! -Follow me. I’ve got a plan. [engines revving] Narrator: Later that afternoon… [ominous music] Oh, I’m so full. I want dessert. Jackpot! [ominous music] [explosion]
[coughing] Stealer: Oh, man! How’d you guys do this? Police: You left the smoke
bomb at the fire department. Girl: Yeah.
Fireman: You’re under arrest! Stealer: Oh, man! I just wanted a piece a cake. -If you want something to eat,
you need to ask nicely. -Stealing is wrong. -I’m sorry for stealing. [All three]
We forgive you! Stealer: Now may I please have a piece of cake? [cheerful music] Stealer: Thank you for giving me
a second chance, little heroes. Girl: You’re welcome!
Police: Everyone deserves a second chance. Spiderman: Cake! I want cake! Police: We saved a piece just for you. [cheerful music] Click to subscribe Or watch more videos!

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