Loot Guide – Tisy Military Base [DayZ 1.03]

July 29, 2019

hey they're survivors and welcome on back to another lute tutorial covering TZ military base located in the northwestern side of the math generis of all of the military bases in generis tizzy is probably one of my favorites and one of the largest if we exclude Northwest Airfield so let's take a look at it we're gonna have six different zones starting with barracks we've also got the firing range to worry about the administration center located in the center the warehouse industrial buildings the helicopter landing pads and ten city of all of these we're gonna take a look slowly starting with the barracks as we go over the barracks location you're gonna notice one thing right off the bat we have a lot of different buildings that are all very dense with military loop that is why I say this is in the top two of spots to go but not the best location to go for loot in tizzy looking through these you're going to be able to find lots of ammunition high-tech scopes and night-vision goggles gear uniforms possibly even guns food or canteens the more you look around these areas you've got to make sure to not miss an oak or cranny check inside your shipping containers they do sometimes have great things for those of you in my comments that have been asking about how to find tents camo gear well brighten this building we found two of them you can take those on out and pop those up and set up your own base somewhere else ideally not where I did right outside the military facilities second up we're gonna be going over to the firing range now the firing range is a very pretty location if nothing more it's comprised of three main buildings one of them being just a basic industrial the other one being this huge very unique yellow administration building I can only guess what it would have been used for the geometry of this building is out of whack as you move around you're gonna notice there's not much loot it's not really worth your time unless you're going to be climbing up onto the roof to take some potshots at people coming on or leaving Northwest airfield heading towards those barracks kind of close to this front gate now on the firing range there's really nothing other than targets a great place to go roleplay but you're gonna end up getting enough experience shooting zombies that you're not going to need to come out here and practice your name unless you're really bored so just wrapping this segment up this is the only building you're gonna want to check out this big dome can look in building other than that this place isn't worth your time or your energy next we're going to go over the administration buildings a collection of three buildings prominently placed or right in the center of dizzy the first one on the far left is very vacant I'm able to walk in here and after looking around a little bit I find an assault backpack but further looking in the building yields almost nothing and it was not worth your time I would skip this building entirely unless just like the yellow building over at the shooting range you need to come up here and pop shots off of people another thing to keep in mind with these buildings is the danger of rooftop snipers once you've made your peace with the possibility of imminent death we head on down to one of the more popular buildings the military prison house this guy is gonna have loot stashed under the stairwell you'll want to check as well as the back room on the first floor and at the top of the staircase around the back here also a great place for campers to camp so be very careful when entering this building checking through the back room you'll also find some good stuff last building in the administration lineup if you could is this strange broken-down building most people might choose to skip I seem to have great luck whenever I go inside of one of these I'm finding gear left and right all over the floor this might just be the fact that people skip it due to its dilapidated state next up we go into the warehouses this is not a remarkable segment so we're gonna keep it pretty short just like in any city near the shipping yard you'll find shipping containers that may have military loot and the only guarantee need military loot spawn is this double hangar that's not very remarkable once more Dizzy's seems to have a lot of that going around the back here we get to a bunch of regular old warehouses nothing but zombies and disappointment I'd stay clear if you're especially considering its out of the way of all the other military locations on TZ why bother you've got better things to do like say heading over to the helicopter landing platforms now I say you have better things to do again skip this location unless you're in a tight pinch and you desperately need a gun this is just a waste of time and they're so far apart you're wasting energy as well running around up and down ramps you might as well just throw your hands up and walk out in the middle of North West it's not much up here but you do get a good view and you're not gonna see these structures anywhere else the only thing I'd recommend hitting is running into this guard outpost and seeing if there's anything just should you be around don't make this a stop it's not not worth your time if you are going to be pressed to loot this might as well check out the two hangers – double hangers make sure when you go through and loot these not only do you check the front but you make your way through to the back and check the back rooms that's where you're gonna find ammo spawns magazines bonds but you should see those lying around just about everywhere else steer clear and instead head on over to tent city this is the densest place in all of tizzy to find loot possibly even the densest place in all of Chernarus to find loot there's gonna be zombies there's gonna be players but you came out here for loot so get it and scoop but in all seriousness once you do clear out the hordes outside head on in grab yourself some guns grab yourself some gear if you have friends with you when you're looting a tent city like this try not to all be in different tents have someone watch out there's watchtowers all over the place don't risk life and limb just because you need a gun you don't need a gun you're in the north western side of the map if you don't have a Makarov already I don't know what you're doing come on go get yourself a Makarov or something maybe a cz scorpion you find in a guard come on guys once you need good stuff that's when you come up here but make sure you got your firepower thanks again for watching this video and a shout out to my patreon subscriber Topher you really do help me keep on going with this if you like this video and you want to see more feel free to drop some comments let me know what you want to see leave a like pop up the subscribe button and you will get notified whenever I send on out some new content until next time keep on surviving survivors I will see you around


  • Reply North Korean Ministry of Propaganda and Buttercorn July 29, 2019 at 3:23 pm

    I like Tisy but every time I go, I either die, or I find nothing

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    Watch out on your way to the base,there are many wolves spawns all arround and even inside the base,I have been attacked by a pack at least four times while walking up there

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