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Man claims he served in the Marine Corps but court documents say otherwise

August 13, 2019

the last November we ran a story about a man named Cody who’ve arth who lost everything he owned in an apartment fire we also claim to be a Marine who served in the Gulf War but since then some questions have been raised about his story some of them from a local veterans group that held a fundraiser to help Horvath get back on his feet is our Jeremiah Marshall now with the rest of the story that was Kody Horvath back in November after he says a fire damaged his apartment the nonprofit Veterans organization burn pits 360 helped him out when he approached them we don’t take this lightly this is an insult it’s it’s it’s a crime and it’s disgusting but according to federal court documents Horvath never served in the Marine Corps we hear who worked so hard every day we’re not on salary you know but the community was so lovingly supportive to have gone and gone above and beyond for him we went to Horvath home to get a comment here’s what he had to say have you ever served in the military before I can’t go into that right now Nueces County veteran’s officer Martin Longoria knows what to look for to verify claims of service Longoria says a good way to check to see if someone has actually served in our United States military is to ass for a dd-214 this document keeps a record of everything that that person in the military has done from the first day of service to the very last day but court documents say Horvath could not provide his dd-214 and that left a major red flag we asked Horvath for that documentation Longoria mentioned do you by chance have a dd-214 I had I’m sorry I don’t talk about you know we are we all served at one time or another and impersonating somebody that you’re not you know yeah I don’t I don’t know how you would how you wake up every day

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